Nokia :: 5800 XM Shortcuts

Jan 6, 2010

the shortcut suddenly stopped working and I am not able to select Profile from Homescreen. When I tap at the top centre (where the Calendar and profile shortcut usually found), I am able to feel the touch vibrate. But I am not able to see any dropdown showing different profiles.

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Nokia :: 5800 XM - Shortcuts On The Screen

Apr 8, 2010

My phone has a bug, i try to set my home screen up so that the short cuts would show and my email notifications as well.. Instead i can set up my contact with the pictures, but not the installed shortcuts like music, web,etc... I am really fraustrated with this, as i have to keep going into applications to click on my email to retrieve my msgs and to play music as well..

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Nokia :: Some Buttons And Shortcuts Are Not Working On My 5800

Apr 22, 2010

The numberpad and the contact list buttons are not working on the home page. The shortcuts disappeared on the home page, it's just 4 blank icons now I can press the buttons, but nothing will open

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpress Music Blue - Scrolling Contacts Bar At The Top And The Shortcuts Along The Bottom

Jul 20, 2010

The other day i got a nokia 5800 refurb in brighthouse for 30 and was just wondering if i can have the home screen like the X6 With the scrolling contacts bar at the top and the shortcuts along the bottom

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Nokia :: 5800 - Home Screen Shortcuts Completely Disappeared - Stopped Recording All Phone Calls

Feb 6, 2010

1. Home screen shortcuts completely disappeared, no explanation and no clue how to get them back, tried settings, they don't work...

2. Can't update, need a server profile settings, WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY

3. Nokia ovi maps requires licence when it clearly says free on the description...

4. My phones stopped recording all phone calls, tried the log, nothing works

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Nokia :: First Set Of Shortcuts Gone Missing

Aug 18, 2010

When I tap my screen and choose adding shortcuts only my second page of shortcuts show, where the Facebook app. are. My first page do not show, where phone and contacts are. I had these before but now I can not figure out what to do to get the phone shortcut on my desktop.

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Nokia :: X6 How To Create Shortcuts Up To 20

Apr 25, 2010

I can only set four shortcuts at the home menu, how can I create more? As i heard you can create up to 20?

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Nokia :: Media Bar - Can I Add / Remove Shortcuts?

May 4, 2010

Excuse me if there is already a topic on this, I haven't searched. But does anyone know if the media bar on this phone can be customised? By that I mean can I add to or remove shortcuts?

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Nokia :: 5230 How Can I Edit Shortcuts?

Apr 6, 2010

Does anyone know if I can edit the shortcuts ? I want to have the family contacts as my shorts

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Nokia :: 5530 Shortcuts Bar Is Near Top Of Screen

May 11, 2010

on my 5530 the shortcuts bar is near the top of the screen.on all the other 5530s i have seen (inc pics) this bar is at the bottom of the do i move it from top to bottom ?

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Nokia :: Home Screen Shortcuts

Jul 15, 2010

I am in the messaging application, click to update mailbox and while it is trying to update the email application crashes and closes completely. I am returned to the home screen but now the shortcut I had for my email account inbox is gone, replaced by a shortcut to the music store. I had to manually fix this several times but then I discovered that just leaving it after a while the correct icon would reappear.

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Nokia :: Start Screen Shortcuts Gone

Jul 1, 2010

I've got a X6 since a month or so and I always left the start screen settings in place. Recently, the shortcuts on that screen have gone. Only the phone and menu buttons at the bottom are visible. I've tried setting the Theme to no avail.

I've also tried a hard reset (soft wouldn't do it), and that works fine. But when I restore my phone, the same problem persists. Even when I do not restore the phone settings, but only contact, messages, etc, the shortcuts on the start screen are gone again.It feels like there's some corrupt data in the backup. Anyone got another tip?

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Nokia :: E72 Application Shortcuts Have Disappeared After Updated To 031.023

Jun 24, 2010

I have just updated my E72's software to version 031.023 and my shortcut applications have disappeared from the 'home screen' and when I go into settings - modes to try and fix nothing happens when I press 'Application Shortcuts' .I liked my E72 but it is really starting to annoy me for various reasons (especially OVI maps). I totally regret buying it. I feel a rant coming on!

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Nokia :: N900 Shortcuts Disappear And Not Restorable

Jun 10, 2010

I stumbled upon a weird problem on my N900 lately. I have finished updating some applications, such as fMMS and the IM-conversation plugins, and afterwards, half of my widgets and shortcuts were gone. I was able to restore them, put I am unable to restore my "Calculator" shortcut. The program is normally listed in the menu, but it does not appear in the shortcut list when editing the desktop.

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Nokia Nseries :: Cannot Add Shortcuts Onto Main Homescreen

Oct 2, 2012

I did a software update via Nokia Suite as it said it had some new themes. While this was installing my N8 ran out of memory and the installation failed. When I checked my N8 the homescreen widgets and shortcuts had disappeared.

I have tried to re- add them but they do not appear on any of the homescreens.

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Nokia Nseries :: Cannot Add Shortcuts To Home Screen

Jul 21, 2012

Has anyone experienced this problem before? When I try adding any shortcut to the home screen, it shows a "running circle" icon on the home screen. Looks like it's loading, but it's just like that forever. This happens to all available shortcuts and most of the widgets except for Clocks and Map Apps.My phone is updated to the latest Belle.

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Nokia Nseries :: What Is The Difference In Widgets Vs Shortcuts

Oct 31, 2012

On the 700 what is the difference in Widgets vs Shortcuts? One just seems to be smaller.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia Publish Shortcuts In Manual?

May 7, 2011

I love my nokia e71. In fact I prefer it to the iphone, blackberries, and android based phones that i've tried. But it became much more intuitive to use once I learned the various keyboard shortcuts that were available with it!! Reading through the entire manual and various help dialogues, I was still in the dark about many shortcuts available on the phone. Why does Nokia keep such essential features of their smartphonen as hidden features??

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E7 - Home Screen Shortcuts

Nov 10, 2011

I want to add a shortcut on my homescreen, but only 1 not 4 at a time... If I add "Shortcuts" to my homescreen, it can only be 4...

For eg. I only want to add "New Message" as 1 shortcut. Then maybe have an option to make the other shortcuts "None"... in the shortcuts widget.

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Nokia :: 5800- Themes Effects Not Working On 5800?

Mar 29, 2010

I'm comparing to my 5530, On the contacts bar it nicely blends into the back ground, on the 5800 is a dirty oversized white block with the contact in the middle, no blending in or anything, same on the email, a horrible big white square, nothing blended in, I've tried different themes, and reflashed but no good.

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Nokia N900 :: Standard Apps Have Been Replicated - Shortcuts Not Working?

Jan 26, 2010

Odd thing I noticed last night with my n900, in that the shortcuts that I had on the desktop would no longer open the relevant app, so I could access Phone etc.When I deleted the shortcut and went to re-add it, the Phone (and Contacts, Conversation, Clock, Photos etc) all had 2 entries for shortcuts. One of which opens the app, and the other does nothing.I've now gone through and replaced each one with the one that works, but I have no idea what caused this. Has anyone else found this?If tnis post is a cure to your issue, please MARK IT AS SOLUTION.If this post has helped anyone in any way, PLEASE SHARE YOUR KUDOS, by clicking on the GREEN STAR.

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Nokia Nseries :: Does Having More Home-screens And Shortcuts Use More Phone Memory

Nov 18, 2012

Does having more home-screens and shortcuts use more phone memory?

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Nokia Applications :: Can The Size Of The Icons/shortcuts/widgets Be Increased

Oct 31, 2012

Can the size of the icons/shortcuts/widgets be increased?

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Nokia Nseries :: Installing Widgets/shortcuts To The Home-screen?

Feb 7, 2012

Just updated to Belle this morning & having a problem installing widgets/shortcuts to the home-screen. It worked at 1st but now it stalls & the little circle just keeps spinning forever & does not do anything.

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Nokia :: E72 Replaced Memory Card / Lost Shortcuts On Main Screen

Jul 10, 2010

I just got my E72. Replaced the memory card with a bigger one, then did an update...Now, I lost my shortcuts on the main screen.Bad news is that the old memory card is formatted, so I cant just reinstall by using that. I also tried a soft reset, which gave me the message: "Close all active connections" without any connections being active.

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Nokia :: 5530XM - Disconnecting From WLAN / Unable To Put Shortcuts On Home Screen

Mar 17, 2010

My 5530XM is acting up again (v.11 firmware). The symptoms are random disconnects from WLAN and, after doing a soft reset, unable to put shortcuts on the home screen (using the Shortcuts theme). I really think the problem is with the memory card because I can't turn the phone on with the card inside.

Is there a way to scan/repair problems with the memory card? I really, really want to avoid a hard reset. Last time I did that, I lost all my apps from the memory card (I have the Games Edition). I can try using PC Suite or Ovi Suite to back up my memory card apps, but I don't trust the suites that much. What I'd like to do is drag and drop my memory card apps to another location in my PC, but I cannot see the memory card apps in Windows Explorer.

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Nokia :: 5230 Restarting Defect - When Change Setting Like Home Screen Shortcuts

Feb 20, 2010

I bought a Nokia 5230 in Jan this year. There was no issue for the first few days... Then suddenly it started restarting . Radomly. First when I enabled bluetooth. Then later on it would restart when I changed a setting like Home Screen Shortcuts or Personalised the General Profile ... etc. I am using a SanDisk MicroSD 4 GB card brand new clean formatted. I have only put in music from NokiaMusic and OVI store apps. It has nothing to do with software installed. There is some really wierd problem.

..So , I went to the Nokia Care store countless times, and they re-installed and updated the phone software and gave it to me.. still the same problem.. SO then they sent it to the Delhi Head Office and I got a replacement 5230 !!! And guess what still the same problem !!! Random restarts. I feel there is some issue with the phone software or firmware or there is some issue with the phone accessing its memory card , I dont know. I have the latest firmware update for this phone V12.0.089

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Nokia :: Could I Use Firmware Of 5800 (RM-356) On 5800 (RM-428)?

Jan 28, 2010

I just bought Nokia 5800 in America. I'm originally from the middle east and I need to write in Arabic when I chat or send messages. the problem here is that the phone reads Arabic but I can't write in Arabic. my question is "Could I use firmware of Nokia 5800 (RM-356) on Nokia 5800 (RM-428)?

If not, could anyone help me and get me the firmware that support writing in Arabic?

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Cseries :: More Than 4 Shortcuts On C5-03?

Dec 31, 2011

I want to add more than 4 shortcuts on my c5-03?

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BB (RIM) :: How To Change Top Five Shortcuts?

Jun 22, 2010

So i have the blackberry curve 8530 and iv'e been trying to figure out my top five shortcut's on the home screen with no luck at all. could anyone help me with this? (sorry if this is already discussed ; didn't find anything when i tried to search) PS: is there a task manager program out there any were ?

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LG G3 :: Restoring Deleted Shortcuts

Apr 6, 2015

I just deleted the stock internet shortcut from my home page (I normally use FF/Chrome but sometimes have issues with these so the stock is my backup browser) but now I can't find it in the app drawer; I have looked for hidden apps etc. but still no joy.

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