Motorola Flipside :: Cannot Find A Spare Charger

May 10, 2011

I bought this phone about three weeks ago from the AT&T store and purchased the proscribed "AT&T Zero" spare micro-usb charger that even Motorola sells on this very website as an accessory for the Flipside. I plugged the phone into my spare charger at work and discovered that I couldn't answer calls, could not navigate the screens without either looping behavior or the wrong "buttons" being pushed as I tapped the screen. As soon as I took the phone off of the charger, the behavior settled down. I took the phone and charger back to the store and demonstrated the same behavior to the salesclerk. He offered to replace the cable and/or charger and I insisted that we try the equipment first. The same behavior was exhibited with the new charger and cable, but, when he put the phone on his own charger (a Motorola branded charger), the phone worked fine. At home, as an experiment, we put my phone on my husband's Motorola BlueTooth charger, and that seemed to work as well.

My problem is, I cannot find a spare charger that will work on this phone. I am told that Motorola does not sell the branded charger separately. While the Rocketfish charger claims to be compatible, when tried in the store, the phone would not recognize the charger at all, or only intermittently. (I did notice on this board a tip about the cable being wire-tied perhaps being the cause of someone's problem - something to consider) I am left with two options, either carrying the charger around with me and purchasing the Motorola car charger for car trips, or buying a Motorola BlueTooth that I don't need just for its micro-usb charger.

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Motorola Flipside :: Flipside Stuck In Boot-loop?

Jul 17, 2011

Anyway I got my flipside from AT&T this friday and when i turned it on it booted up to the part where it ask me my motoblur account, while im setting that up it just shuts down, restarts and repeats. I've done the factory reset and used RSD lite and still no luck.

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Motorola Flipside :: USB Connection Not Recognized By Flipside Or Computer

Jun 26, 2011

I downloaded the MotoHelper_2.0.49_Driver_5.0.0.exe and installed it on my computer. However when I connect the usb cable to the flipside and the computer, neither the computer or the phone will recognize the connection until I shutdown, power off, then power on the phone. Then I only have a couple of seconds to click on the usb notification on the phone before it disappears.

This all started when I started searching for a solution to the low phone storage warnings I was getting all the time. The battery life also bites.

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Motorola Flipside :: Flipside Downloads Disabled

Sep 19, 2011

When I try to import contacts into motoblur my phone tells me downloads are disabled. How do I enable downloads?

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Motorola :: Milestone / Droid Spare SIM Storage

Mar 5, 2010

Need a place to store that spare sim card? Trim a space for it in the foam inside the battery cover door. A little Iso alcohol will clean up the leftover glue.

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Motorola Motonav :: Spare Mount For 765t?

Sep 8, 2012

I broke the mount to my 765t and wondered if anyone had/knew of a place to get a replacemnt. I have looked at several 'universal' replacements but none work quite aswell as the original.

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Motorola Flipside :: Shut Off At 20% Bat. And Will Not Turn On?

Jul 9, 2011

My flipside as i was loading a webpage just went black(while plugged into computer for charging). i hit the power button and nothing happended. So tried plugging into wall outlet and the green light will flicker a few times but will not charge. If i pull the plug out just a slight bit i can keep the green light but phone still does not charge. I have had previous problems of phone randomly discharging with 30 percent battery left. glitch? but the fact that the phone will not even power to charging screen indicates somethign must be wrong. I tried a friends charger of the same phone without any luck. Battery has not indicated any signs of wearing out. It would last as long as the first day i bought the thing. Anyone else had similar problems?

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Motorola Flipside :: Aplication Won't Install?

Nov 1, 2011

I am trying to install a relatively small application with a size (according to the Market) of 1.3MB. Every time I try to install, it says there is insufficient storage available. I have cleared more than 1.3MB of unused data and storage out to give me a total, according to the settings on my phone, of 15.5MB free space on the phone. My SD card has 1GB of free space. The market still says there is insufficient storage available to install this 1.3MB file. What gives? I've cleared more data out than that and it still won't install. I went from 9MB free space on the phone to 15. How is there not enough space? I've even turned the phone off and restarted trying to reset the RAM to no avail

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Motorola Flipside :: Unable To Reset?

Jul 10, 2012

So my phone started acting badly, constantly apps crashing and needed to be forced closed. After several reboots I finally got to the settings and realized the phone was completely out of space (0.00 MB free). I found no cache in any applications, and started to delete data as much as I could, uninstalled Dolphin, etc., and after several reboots it still had no free space.So ... factory reset ... and disaster.The phone came back, but would only display the setup wizard, click done, re-display the setup wizard (perpetual loop). Eventually I did the hardware reset method, but got the same result. So I tried re-installing the latest update ROM.hat really should have worked. But it started installing it and fails with (Status 2) - whatever that means.I've managed to get around the perpetual-loop wizard, but I think it has no home application. I get a bar at the top that I can flick down, but no screen, no menu, no way to actually work the phone. I think if I could get something reinstalled on it it might work, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.

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Motorola Flipside :: How To Delete Data

Dec 26, 2011

I admit that I am having the hardest time learning how to use this phone and the user's guide is useless. My phone would not let me to a text today because I have too much stored data. I don't get it. I made about 4 texts since I got the phone and my contact list has about 20 contacts. Clearly something is downloading and saving, but I can't even find out how to delete old texts? I can't tell what application I actually need to be working or on, and there's a ton of them that I can't figure out what they do. I got this phone so I could get on line and google if I needed to, but there's just too much crap available that I can't follow understand. I realize I sound pathetic.

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Motorola Flipside :: Tell If A Phone Is Unlocked?

Dec 26, 2011

Got a Flipside that is supposed to be unlocked. How can you tell if it is unlocked or not?

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Motorola Flipside :: My Menu Won't Load

Sep 26, 2011

my brand-new flipside occasionally won't load the menu. i press the button to load it and the screen just goes black with only the white notifications bar at the top, as though it is going to load but never does. if i press the sleep button and leave it alone for awhile the problem usually goes away, but this can get to be quite a problem, as i can't set alarms or use my gps, etc

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Motorola Flipside :: Wifi Or 3g Data Default?

Dec 29, 2011

When I attempt to use an IP webcam program my Flipside does not default to using the Wifi network it is connected to, to broadcast the video. In order to get it to use the wifi network I have to put the phone in airplane mode and then turn on Wifi. How can I get it to use the Wifi connection without having to go to Airplane mode or otherwise disable my phones ablility to make and receive calls?

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Motorola Flipside :: Unable To Unlock Screen?

Sep 11, 2011

My boyfriend has had his Flipside for almost a year now. He has an ongoing issue getting the screen to unlock for incoming calls. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. He does not have any apps installed and, since the problem is intermittant, it's hard to figure out why the unlock slide doesn't work. I'd like for him to be able to unlock it with a different method, maybe by using the slide out keyboard. Any fixes/tips for this? It doesn't seem to be related to having water or grease on the screen

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Motorola Flipside :: How Much Memory Is Left After The 2.2 Upgrade

Aug 17, 2011

I upgraded my flipside with 2.2 and I initially had 60mb of internal memory left.

The 2.2 upgrade also came with the adobe flash 10.1 player. It cannot be moved to the sd card. Since then I have installed iheart radio and a market and a map update was installed. Now I have about 36mb left.

How many mb's do you have left after upgrading to 2.2?

Do you think this upgrade is going to be workable with the phone or will we just not be able to download a bunch of apps?

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Motorola Flipside :: Cannot Add Any Social Networking Accounts

Aug 26, 2011

I used to be one of the $UCKER$ loyal customers who upgraded my phone acocunt to a BackFlip last July 2010. I hated it, and now they do not even stock it. Well, I lost the phone so they sent me a replacement since my BackFlip was something I was paying for the Warranty on. So like, I got myself a brand new FLIPSIDE in the mail to replace my lost phone! I wasn't sure what to think, since everyone in the AT&T store told me to ask for something comparable, but NOT ANOTHER MOTOROLA (although the Atrix looked sort of neat, being a 4G phone and all,Anyway, I got the phone and logged on with one of two MotoBlur accounts I have. I forget if it is the newer one or the older one, but either way, it seems that so far, this phone is much better than the BackFlip.

However, so far, each time I go into ACCOUNTS and try to add either my Facebook or my Twitter account, it fails every time, after sitting there saying "Adding Your Facebook Account..." for a very long time, the bar slightly moving. But then it fails. Epic Fail.So I can download the Apps off of Market and run Facebook and Twitter that way, and get my updates like that, but my AT&T Social Networking App is useless (off of Market), or the Updates app or the Happenings app that both come with the phone. Both are useless. All three are useless. I don't know why on Market if you go to ATT's site, they have a new Social Networking app, but I can't use it without adding the Facebook or Twitter accounts in the Account section of the phone, which it still fails to let me do.I have the phone set up and running nicely, and there have been no issues so far, except that it keeps running out of space on the tiny little MICRO SD card that came with the phone 2 GB. I assume that is the same with the BackFlip? But I NEVER ran out of space on the BackFlip. maybe I upgraded my SD card or something and just blanked on it, but I doubt it. But anyway, I have gotten all the major issues I had with the BackFlip solved with this phone, even though it certainly is not a great phone. I am thinking maybe I should just factory reset the phone and start over wtih a brand new MotoBlur account and see if that fixes it.... but I don't want to lose all my phone numbers. So I guess I need to know:

Is adding Social Networking accounts to the Accounts menu in the phone an issue with this phone? And if I had to waste all the time I put into this phone to do such a stupid thing, how would I backup all these phones and apps I do like? I love how the Live Wallpapers works on this phone over the BackFlip. But I also hate how the AT&T store I saw this phone at to report the phone lost or stolen (and was told I couldn't order a replacement there at the store, but call them on another phone.... I don't own another phone, not even a land line this IS my lifeline so I had my parents do it, wheeeee anyway, I have once lost the phone and had it replaced by going to the big new store in San Francisco, so this is a refurbished replacement phone, and I noticed even with another Motoblur account, it DID NOT FIX THE ACCOUNTS ISSUE -- so both my MotoBlur accounts have this issue) - the AT&T store doesn't STOCK this phone even anymore! That's how fast this stupid line of phones seems to have gone down the drain in about a year. Wow. And I started the "ADD ACCOUNT" for FACEBOOK in my ACCOUNTS section of the phone when I began typing up this forum message.Still shows the bar SLOWLY moving to the right but I am sure it will fail when it eventually gets tired. It does this every time. I just UNINSTALLED the FACEBOOK and TWITTER APPS that I got off of MARKET..Wow I got to format this entire message and it STILL IS TRYING TO ADD MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO THE ACCOUNTS SECTION OF MY PHONE!! I am on WI-FI AS I DO THIS TOO. Oh yeah I guess that is IMPORTANT, TOO. I am using Wi-Fi as I do this, so I am not having any connectivity issues. Everything else works fine connective-wise. So how could my Apps work for the social networking but not the social networking accounts that are supposed to be built in features to this line of social connectivity phones??

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Motorola Flipside :: Can't Sign In To Your Blur Account

Jul 1, 2011

what to do when u cant sign in to your blur account when it says temp.out of service

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Motorola Flipside :: Incompatible Apps In Market?

Oct 31, 2011

how to make my Flipside install apps that the market says is incompatible but really are? My bank just put out an app and the market says it is incompatible. I also have an Alabama EMS app that the market says is incompatible, but I got the developer to send me the .apk and it installed and worked like a champ!

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Motorola Flipside :: Calendar Data Lost - How To Recover

Oct 2, 2011

Yesterday all of my calendar data disappeared. How do I recover it? I do not sync the phone with anything. I did not clear cache. I did not clear data. The calendar is the one that came with the phone, and is version 7.

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Motorola Flipside :: Loads Texts/contacts Slowly?

Aug 13, 2011

My 3-month-old Flipside loads text messages and my contacts very slowly, to the point where it can take in excess of five minutes to create and send a text. I know the problem isn't too many texts in my inbox, since I delete them frequently & usually only have one or two brief conversations in them. When I start typing a contact's name in the sender box, my phone doesn't automatically search my contacts for autocomplete (or does so very slowly), even if I hit the OK button, which has occasionally sped up the process. Therefore, I have to go through my contacts manually & send the message from there. But this is still a problem, since my phone loads my contacts slowly, also. I do have a lot of contacts, probably around 800, because my phone is synced to my Facebook & Twitter accounts. However, I can't un-sync them because then I can't have Facebook or Twitter on my phone--there's no way to have site access without syncing my address book. This is getting to be very frustrating & super inconvenient.

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Motorola Flipside :: Doesn't Recognize Sandisk Sd Card.

Aug 25, 2011

I have purchased a Sandisk 16 gb sd card from an AT&T store for my Flipside. After a few days it does not recognise it.

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Motorola Flipside :: Micro SD Card Doesn't Seem To Fit In Slot

May 10, 2011

I just received a replacement refurbished flipside that came with a micro SD Card that was NOT already pre-installed in the phone. When I went to try to put it in, it doesn't fit right! It seems to be too small and moves around too much in the slot. Am I just doing something wrong? How is it supposed to fit in that slot? There is a little rubber tap that says "Lift Here" -- I do that and put the micro SD Card in the slot, but the card is just to small!

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Motorola Flipside :: UnableTo Connect With Yahoo And Facebook Apps

Jul 30, 2011

Trying to get Yahoo! Mail, Facebook for Android---Won't Connect Download from Google Servers. I went to the yahoo web address, then it prompted to sign in to my Google account and it never connects to Google servers and tells me "there is no network connection" but I am connected to the wireless server...I verified it on my phone and obvious surfed the internet. What gives? Any suggestion?

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Motorola Flipside :: Can't Send Or Receive Text Messages Due To Low Internal Memory

Sep 15, 2011

We got a Flipside for my husband in April, 2011. Since then we have had to do 3 hard resets and he still can't send or receive text messages due to low internal memory. Today, it can no longer connect to the internet. I connected the phone to the computer to try to troubleshoot it and that doesn't work. I really want to throw it out the window! We have always owned Nokia phones and never had this problem. We got the Flipside when his Backflip started acting up, The next day - the Backflip started working.

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Motorola Flipside :: Error : The Application Contacts (process Com.motorola.blur.contacts) Has Stopped Unexpectedly

Apr 28, 2011

When I view my contacts and pull up the menu to choose settings. I go to choose AT&T Address Book - You can change your address book settings. When I choose it I get the error : The application Contacts (process com.motorola.blur.contacts) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. The only thing odd I can find is that com.motorola.settings.anr.

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Motorola Flipside :: No Longer Able To Use The "social Networking" Stuff?

Aug 29, 2011

So it seems after the froyo 2.2 upgrade, i'm no longer able to use the "social networking" stuff on the Flipside. I've got address books and contacts, and the Facebook app itself works, but the social networking app doesn't.

I was fond of using the "update status" app to send status updates to both Twitter and Facebook. It no longer works. At first, it just failed to send, but now it gives me an error "Data services are unavailable".

I've tried a number of things to reset stuff, but nothing seems to work.

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HTC :: Nexus One How To Save Spare Battery

Mar 28, 2010

Ok I just ordered Nexus one + spare battery I do not need the spare battery unless I am travelling. So how should I save the battery....for the laptop I usually remove it and use it once every 2 weeks. Do I do the same for the cell phoen battery?

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Nokia Nseries :: Buy N8 Spare Parts ?

Sep 26, 2012

I unfortunately torn the two silver clips that hold the case and the screen on my Nokia N8.I asked the Nokia support if it possible to order these spare parts and Nokia told me to ask for my local Nokia Care Center. I actually bought the N8 two years ago at Orange, so I went to see them and they told me they don't have and cannot order this kind of stuff. Is there a store or a shop online where I can buy these Nokia N8 Spare Parts ?

PS : I cannot send photo or video of this part as it's against the guidelines of the Nokia forum. I just hope this time my post won't be deleted.

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Xperia PLAY :: Can Get A Spare Volume Button Set

Aug 11, 2011

where I can get a spare volume button set? I don't know what happened, or how, but my volume buttons fell off and are gone somewhere. It looks like it would be an easy fix if I could just order the buttons somewhere.In the meantime, I downloaded a software solution (volume +), but it's pretty inconvinent to not have hardware volume controls.

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IPhone :: 4 Video Shooting On Vacation With Spare Laptop?

Jul 9, 2010

My 'home base iTunes' for my iPhone 4 is my iMac at home. All my music, existing video, etc. are on here.I am planning on bringing and shooting some video while on vacation. I only have the 16GB so I am thinking I will need to transfer a day's worth of video to a laptop I intend on bringing on the trip.Will I be able to 'empty' the iPhone's daily videos to iTunes on this laptop without screwing up anything related to my home iMac/iTunes/iPhone setups? Is there any additional steps I need to perform on the laptop before I go?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Charge A Spare Battery Separately?

Aug 28, 2012

Can I charge a spare battery separately from the phone while the main battery is inside the phone itself?

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