Lumia Icon :: Sound While Camera Auto Focusing?

Jul 22, 2015

I just purchased a Lumia Icon recently and on going through and testing out various functions, I noticed that the video recording has an odd noise whenever the camera autofocuses.

The device is up to date on everything, Windows 8.1 and Lumia Denim with the latest camera app.

Here is a sample of it (close range, but it does the same noise when focusing on anything )

Right near the end I switched it to manual focus (the "jump" in focus you see and possibly the sound when that happens), but then switched it back to auto which is the noise starting again.

This happens in both surround sound mode and not.

I'm just wondering if this is normal or not. All the sample videos I have looked for either have someone talking or music playing over the video audio itself, or else what is being recorded is noisy enough to possibly hide the autofocus noise if it exists.

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Galaxy S6 :: Camera Auto Focusing

May 11, 2015

Just got my phone replaced because the screen was sometimes unresponsive when layed flat on a surface. Now I got a problem with the rear facing camera. When I open the camera app the auto focus doesn't always work. As result I get very blurry photo's...

Made a short video to show you guys the problem:

This could be a hardware or software problem. I performed a hard reset and reboot but the problem still occurs from time to time.

I didnt drop my phone and I removed the plastic of the camera lens and led flash, so that cant be the problem.

Attached Thumbnails.....

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Xperia Z5 :: Camera Lost Auto Focusing

Mar 25, 2015

Suddenly my camera lost auto focusing. Marco icon will appear no matter where you try to focus, and it hangs (looks like waiting AF to complete) if you actually take a picture. Then CPU goes to 100% as you can feel the back is burning up. 

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Lumia 1520 :: Is Camera Focusing Properly

Sep 2, 2014

Just come back to my 1520 yesterday and updated it to Cyan 8.1 which means the current version of Nokia Camera, however, Ive noticed that the focus ring, which normally flashes as its focusing when you depress the camera button half way, sometimes just appears on-screen and no longer looks as if its focusing, but as if its already focussed and ready to take the shot. I have to close Nokia camera and re-open it again so it focusses, but any shots after the `st one.. the focus ring is just solid.

The Windows Camera still focuses as does ProShot.. however, I want to use Living Images in storyteller.Does this have anything to do with this "Burst Shot" thats supposed to be in the camera.

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Stopped Focusing Closeup?

Nov 3, 2015

I have had my phone for over a year, specifically chosen for the camera. The camera has recently stopped focusing on closeup shots, like taking a picture of a check for mobile deposits. It does this on manual and auto focus. It used to take perfect pictures. I have even done a factory reset on the phone to no avail.

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Motorola Defy :: Camera Module Makes Cracking Sound When It Tries To Auto-focus?

Apr 28, 2011

The camera module makes cracking sound when it tries to auto focus. Also when its started this sound from the camera hardware is heard.

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HTC One M7 :: Camera Not Focusing On Near Objects?

Jun 20, 2015

i got an htc one m7 last year and suddenly my camera's focus stopped working properly. i tried putting my finger in-front of it but it only focuses on everything around it instead of my finger itself. i also tried clearing the cache and data but still nothing.

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Lumia Icon :: Can Set Up Auto-reply To Texts

Sep 14, 2015

I've decided that I'll use a local SIM card when I get there, but I was wondering about what happens to the texts and phone calls that my US SIM card will receive while I'm away. Is there a way to set up an "auto reply" message to incoming texts that lets them know they won't be getting a response any time soon?

For my voicemail, I use ISeeVM, and don't know how to change my greeting there either--I tried, but it wouldn't let me preview, and I didn't want to save if it didn't actually record anything, so I just canceled out of it. I have the free version, so maybe I can't even record a new VM message anyway?

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HTC One M8 :: Camera Not Focusing Bright Objects

Jul 3, 2014

Question about photos taken with bright objects. Whenever I take a photo which has bright lights it ruins the whole photo. I tap in different areas to try refocus but makes no difference. Even at times part of the picture goes really dark.

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Xperia Z3 :: Camera Is Not Focusing Objects

Jul 3, 2010

I was excited about the phone when i first got, it does take terrific pictures.. but after I unlocked my bootloader, it does not focus anymore!! this is very frustrating. The only reason I chose Sony is because of the great camera that it has.. and now it's completely useless..

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Xperia Z2 :: Phone Camera Not Focusing

Dec 5, 2014

My camera doesn't focus, its fixed on a close up shot. It wont focus at all when I touch the screen, and I have read all the info on this Xperia Care Support Forum website and done everything people were saying but nothing has worked !

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Xperia Z3 :: Camera Focusing Not Working

Jul 3, 2010

I have the issue of focusing in Z3 D6653.When I brought any object to camera lens, it's just to focusing. I tried to focus it but just didn't happen anything. I tried to focus manually but nothing happens...

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IPhone :: 4 Camera Not Focusing Correctly?

May 9, 2012

Noticed that photos are soft. Not sure when this started. The lens covering is clean. I can see it try to focus, but it doesn't lock in.

What to be done?

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Motorola Defy :: Camera Not Focusing After 2.2.2

May 30, 2011

Just loaded 2.2.2 onto my Singapore region Defy. The OS upgrades are fantastic! My default camera now has a repositionable focus box!

Only problem is that it does not focus at all! Moving the box around does absolutely nothing! Additionally, if I use the flash, it just takes a all black photo!?

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Galaxy S6 :: Camera Focusing Right In Startup

Apr 4, 2015

Camera unit have trouble focusing right in startup? Mine sometimes takes a couple seconds to focus from a very fuzzy picture and then is like lightning....

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Lumia Icon :: Auto Sync Pictures To Desktop

Feb 23, 2014

I just got my Icon yesterday and it is my first WP so it is taking some getting used to, coming from Android.

My main question at this point is the ability to automatically sync pictures to my desktop. My last phone was a Motorola Razr Maxx which automatically downloaded all photos I took to my desktop as soon as it connected to my wifi. Is there an option similar with the WP8? I have Google Drive and just set up One Drive but I would rather have it hit my wifi to copy files down locally. I know I can do it manually but I like not having to worry about it.

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Lumia Icon :: Sky / OneDrive Video Auto-upload

Feb 25, 2014

I have my Skydrive / Onedrive storage settings set up (in Settings/Photos + Camera/Auto upload/Skydrive - turned on, and best quality (needs wifi) set for both photos and videos.

For some reason, videos are not uploading, even when i'm connected to WIFI. Is there a max file size for uploading? If I go into Pocket File Manager, I can copy/paste a video file into my Skydrive folder, but this doesn't seem to be the best way to do this. The files should auto-upload based on the settings Ive selected.

Also - If I delete my low res photos from within pocket file manager (not DNG, the 16mp jpg files), will they delete from my photos app?

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Galaxy S6 :: Camera Not Focusing When Enter Snapchat

May 24, 2015

For some reason when I enter snapchat the camera starts hissing and sometimes it refuses to focus. This happens in the camera app to but less often. Also, it only happens with the rear camera.

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After Upgrading IOS IPhone 5 Back Camera Stopped Focusing

Dec 3, 2014

After upgrading ios my phone back camera stopped focusing

iPhone 5, iOS 8.1.1

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Auto Focus Not Working

Dec 14, 2014

My 1020 photos are appalling at the moment. They are just unfocused. Took photos of my daughter seeing Santa yesterday, no time to fiddle with settings. Ended up with awful out of focus shots, friends Iphone pics were fab. So fed up, I nearly missed the pics altogether because of the loading screen.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Camera Focusing Noise Comes Through When Playing Video Back

Nov 6, 2015

I've noticed when recording a video and I focus on something close the focusing noise comes through when playing the video back. When I move away from the object I can hear the camera ree focus but the buzzing is not loud. The refocusing noise is only loud when I focus on something close.

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Nokia :: 5530 Flash Mode Light Turns On When Camera Is Focusing - Annoying To Take Photo

Aug 22, 2010

When i put the flash on off mode the flash light turns on when the camera is focusing and it is annoying if you try to photo a person , as the light hurts the eye , is there a way of turning it off completly.

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Lumia Icon :: Bluetooth Connection - Not Getting Sound From Headphones

Aug 3, 2014

I switched to a new bluetooth headphones and the new headphones show connected to the Icon but I am not getting sound.. I am not able to test the old headphones to see if they still have sound as they will no longer hold a charge.

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Lumia 1020 :: Hissing Sound When Camera Is On

Jun 1, 2014

Just noticed today when I was in a quiet room - whenever the camera is in use/on I can hear what sounds like a faint fan-like hum/hiss coming from the camera.

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Lumia Icon :: Why Cannot Chose Different Alarm Sound With Windows 10 Mobile

Jan 8, 2016

Alarms worked the 1st week but quit, and no longer able to select sound....

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Lumia 1020 :: Camera Opening And Closing Sound

Feb 2, 2014

Got a new Lumia 1020 on Jan 25, 2014.I hear a sound when I open the camera. Also when I press the back button to exit the camera app, when the lens closes, there is a sound.Is it normal with all other 1020 phones?

Also a gentle tap on the back of the phone near the camera hump, and I can hear the some mechanical sound.Does the camera rest on small ball bearings? Is this the sound of those bearings?

I travel to and fro my company by bus. The bus usually travels at 60kmph on an average. So due to road patches and connections, etc vibrations travel to the passenger.Does this constant travelling in the bus have any kind of damaging effect on the ball bearing system. Will the springs and vibration dampening capacity of the lens reduce over a period of time?

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Lumia 1020 :: Why Does Camera On Phone Have A Chirp Sound

Mar 5, 2015

There is a sound like a "chirp"of a bird during capturing images, the moment the shutter closes. This sound is apart from the "click"sound. And the chirp sounds again after capturing during reopening of the camera after capture.

I am thinking this will be a future squeak sound. but nothing affects the focusing on video and on photos.

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Nokia Lumia :: How To Disable Camera Shutter Sound In 710

Apr 12, 2012

How to disable camera shutter sound in Lumia 710?

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Lumia Icon :: Camera Not Installed

Jun 2, 2014

After Today's update I hade to hard reset due to Microsoft account issues. After phone rebooted most of the stock Nokia apps like camera were not installed, also I'm missing the ME tile. I've done reset twice and same thing happens.

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Lumia Icon :: Camera Slideshow Of Pictures Taken

May 4, 2014

How to do a slideshow of pictures taken? There is no Play/Start Slideshow option in any Camera apps.

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Lumia Icon :: Why Does Computer See Phone As A Camera

May 20, 2015

I have an older Dell computer with Windows XP. Professional SP3. When I plug my Lumia Icon into the computer it recognizes it as a camera. I would like to plug the phone into the computer to put music on the phone, how can I get the computer to see it as a phone, or storage device rather than a camera? I have an older Android phone that I can plug in and have it recognize as a phone/storage device.

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