IPhone :: Unable To Perform Updates And Getting Error 1656

May 8, 2012

1656 is my error code i cant restore or update my iphone

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Whats The 1656 Error Means On 3gs

Jun 10, 2012

i have an iphone 3gs and is not working its shoot down every 5-6 minutes and i cant restore and appears the error 1656

iPhone 3GS

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Nokia :: N97 :: Error / Web Unable To Perform Operation

Feb 27, 2010

I've not been here for long time.Okay, I've a problem with my N97 web browser. When I try to log on to my school email acc, the N97 shows the error above.....but when I refresh(reload content), then it shows the content. My n95 doesn't do that(same settings, same operator, same wifi)....so why?

I've done both hard and soft reset just in case, but none helped.I'm dumbfounded! I try to acces my school email via opera mini Which i installed on my n97, but it works fine....no error...! huh!

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IPhone :: Getting Error Message "unable To Perform In-app Purchase"

Jun 18, 2012

I have been trying to renew the subsription on the Sun app on my iPhone 4 but i am getting the error message "Unable to perform in-app purchase", I have money in my account, i have turned my phone off and back on and restarted it. Also my internet connection is fine. I cant work out why it won't make the purchase when i have had this app for a few months now and have always been able to renew my subscription each month without any issues

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Unable To Perform The 4 Unlock

May 14, 2012

My Iphone has been approved by AT&T to be unlocked. I've done the procedure recommended in their email more than 4 times, but it seems that nothing happens. I contacted AT&T again and they said I should talk to Apple because their part has already been done.

I was wondering if Apple is facing a delay in applying the AT&T IMEI requests?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3

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IPhone :: Unable To Perform Unlock Process On 3G?

Jun 17, 2012

how to perfform un lock my phone apple iphone 3g

iPhone 3G, Windows 7, apple iphone 3g

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IPhone :: Unable To Perform Sync - Getting The Message That It Cannot Connect This Device?

May 6, 2012

, its finding my phone but its saying it cannot connect this device... How do i sync..

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Nokia :: Ovi Suite Internal Error - Cant Perform Sync

Feb 27, 2010

Since I've updated Nokia Ovi Suite to the latest version (, due to an internal error, I can't perform sync, backup or install an available application update on my Nokia N85. Is it possible to fix it, or where can I download a previous version of Nokia Ovi Suite?

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Cseries :: Unable To Perform Operation

Nov 29, 2011

I have had my c5 for several months. i check my work email on my phone from their server via a web address. since last week i get the following message: web: unable to perform operationi don't have any problem when browsing any other website.I have cleared cache and cookies, nothing changed.

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HTC Desire :: Sync Error - No Email Program Associated To Perform Requested Action

Nov 30, 2010

I am getting an error message whenever I try to sync my Desire: "There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel." My phone was working fine with my old HP pc. win7 and office 2007. When I got my new Sony Vaio with win7 and office 2010. Is there anything I need to do on the office 2010 for it to Sync?

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Nokia :: E52 Search / Unable To Perform Operation

Jul 25, 2010

E52 Software 033.002 dated 2010-02-10 (custom version dated 2010-03-11)Connecting via WLAN I have no problems accessing the Internet or fetching POP email or using Skype, etc., however, I do have a problem using Google or Live Search via the "Search" function available from the Standby screen.

Entering Search to do a web-search via Google (or Live Search), after connecting to WLAN, I get this error: Search: Unable to perform operation.What's up? Compared to my E51, my 1st impression is that my new E52 is a bit erratic. Thanks for any tips on how to solve the search problem/issue (which works fine on my E51).

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Nokia E51 :: Unable To Perform Bluetooth Operation?

Jun 18, 2010

I have my nokia e51 and when i try to turn my bluetooth on it shows error "Unable to perform bluetooth operation". I have tried to solve the problem by reseting my mobile but problem still exists.Can you please help me out on this.

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Nokia :: Unable To Perform Bluetooth Operation

Aug 10, 2010

I just formatted my phone (both the memories).Now I am not able to use bluetooth as its giving me above error.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Unable To Perform ICS Update

Apr 12, 2012

The software is not yet released for my mini pro, and its not on the SI list, also, its not available on my Sony update service, but the thing is, I really want to do the update.

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Xperia Z5 :: Unable To Perform A Hard Reset

Oct 15, 2015

I came across a Z5 compact that has an error that may or may not associate with faulty finger print registry.

I was unable to perform hard reset to it. Since i am stuck on the pin screen and the pin on memory didn't work.

I have attempted many methods, including the *#*#7378423#*#* method, which worked fine with the familys other M5 model fine

Pressing power and + / - didn't get me anywhere but the device was not set in dev mode or debug in the first place. When I try to connect to pc, it require me to enter pin which I can not, before I can set up the factory reset, I didn't even manage to the Google method window after.

I would like some input on higher level methods than those can be found on likes if ifixit.

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Nokia :: 5800: Unable To Perform Bluetooth Operation

Jan 12, 2010

on my Nokia 5800 I always get the message 'Unable to perform Bluetooth Operation' when trying to turn on Bluetooth. I I already tried several proposed solution, without succes unfortunately.
* Remove battery
* Hard reset
* Soft reset
* hit it on the side as proposed somewhere in the forum.
I raised a request through Nokia support a week ago. They promised to contact me withing the 48 hours, but I have't heard anything from them.I have fw: 30.0.011. Altough Nokia site says there is a newer version I cannot update my phone yet (tried via Nokia update on PC and on mobile itself)

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Nokia :: 5530 Unable To Perform Bluetooth Operation

Aug 22, 2010

When I try to enable bluetooth on my 5530 XP phone (in Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Bluetooth), I get the error message "Unable to perform Bluetooth operation". Anyone else experienced this? I entered *#2820# and the phone says: "Buetooth device address c8979fd7f684". I think this means that the hardware is still ok and the aforementioned problem is probably due to some software issue, is that right?The phone is currently on firmware 20.0.080 and I am unable to update it to the current version (see another forum topic for that). The phone was purchased in central asia.Any help would be greatly appreciated. With the free Ovi Maps, I'd really like to pair my phone with a gps mouse and take full advantage of that. But without bluetooth, no chance

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Nokia 5800 :: Installation Saying Unable To Perform Operation?

Feb 24, 2010

I cant seem to install anything on my 5800XpressMusic for a sudden, it keep saying "Unable to perfom the operation, another operation is in progress" when I try to install any application, I dont have any other progress in use, why does it keep saying that when I dont!?I do have the latest software installed.

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Nokia :: Music Store Unable To Perform Operation

Jan 26, 2010

After i have upgraded to V40. there has been problem with music store usage. Frequently it displays "Unable to perform operation". I have to restart it and sometimes it works fine i think it has become too moody after my update.. jokes apart, i really need some fix since i have a hell lot of free music left for download. any thoughts on it? also can i use the OVI maps for navigation without getting connected to Internet? i was just curious to know about it may be its a noob question but i wanted to clarify and was not sure to create a new post with it.

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Nokia Online Services :: Ovi 'unable To Perform Operation'

Oct 18, 2011

Is any one else having the same problem with Ovi? I can't sign in to Ovi Store via any app, Facebook or just the store. I haven't done anything new to my phone (E7) but since last night I haven't been able to access any Ovi based sites.

I am not intending to do anything to my phone to try and fix this problem until I've left it for a while for Ovi to fix the problem themselves, as I suspect that it's something that's happened their end. To back up my theory it would be good to know if others are suffering in the same way?

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Nokia :: 5800 Music Store / Unable To Perform Operation

Jan 18, 2010

Recently i had a problem with nokia music store. Last time when go into the music store will lead to store selector then i need to click nokia music store Singapore then just will load to the list of music and log in link.But now I only can load till store selector then when I click for Singapore it will prompt me error message :
" music store: unable to perform operation".I bought this phone around half a year so don't think that my free 1yr membership is expire and I called to to nokia care center and this operator ask me to use other way to log in music store like use e.g.. GPRS ( GPRS very expensive, normally I'm using Wifi to load in music store) she not solving my prob ..anyone can help me .. ? do i really need to bring down to nokia care center which is quite far for me >.< Can i reinstall music store?

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Perform Search/call A Contact?

Oct 26, 2010

On the N8 user guide page 37 & 38, it is written that we can call/search for a contact by entering the contact first or second name characters by selecting each number key once for each letter but I am unable to do that on my N8.

There isn't any soft key to activate/deactive the "Contact search" under option which is also written on the user guide.

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Perform Bluetooth Operation - 5800 XM

Aug 10, 2010

I just formatted my phone (both the memories).. Now I am not able to use bluetooth as its giving me above error...

FW Ver 51. Updated today only

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Nokia Nseries :: Internet Radio - Unable To Perform Operation

Oct 13, 2012

I just started using Internet Radio this week. Tonight I was picking a station on my favorites list and hit cancel while it was loading, since then no stations will load, they have quick timeout errors. I tried unistalling Internet Radio and reinstalling but this does not work. It seems something is hung up or frozen somewhere. If I click on genres same thing, nothing loads, but if I "Go to Station" and type in the web address it plays, but I dont have the thousand of lists of radion stations to view anymore.

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IPhone :: App Updates A Window Appears Saying An Error Has Occurred

Mar 21, 2012

trying to update my apps and window appears saying an error has occurred

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)

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IPhone :: Error Occurring After Downloading Updates Of IOS 5.1 Over Wifi Connection

Mar 24, 2012

I have an error after downloading update of iOS 5.1 on my iPhone 4s over wi-fi connection, after it gets downloaded it says preparing updates then there comes error message saying, "error occuring while updating..." and yea my iPhone is jailbroken...

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Unable To Download Old Updates?

May 5, 2012

i recently changed the emial i use but now i cant update my apps because it says that its on the old email still. i can download new apps i just cant update any of my old ones?

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IPhone 4s :: Unable To Receive Email Updates Or Connect To Internet

Dec 10, 2014

I have an iPhone 4S with 8 Gig memory, 1.1 Gig currently free. I recently converted to ios 8.1.2. Subsequently, the phone has stopped working on my wireless network, neither receiving or sending email, nor connecting to the internet. The router diagram shows that I am connected via WiFi, but when I try either of these functions, I simply get into a continuous loop.

I have already attempted this with and without connection to the iCloud drive, rebooting everything (router, modem, iMac, iPhone). I have one other iPhone (same specs) and an iPad mini, that both work on the network. The iPhone giving me the problems works fine on the Verizon network and on other WiFi networks.

iPhone 4S, iOS 8.1.2

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BB Torch :: How To Restore 9810 After Error JVM - No Updates Available

Nov 29, 2011

After error JVM, I need to reload n update the software. But the desktop software prompts no upgrades available. How do I restore my blackberry 9810?

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BB Curve :: No Downloads / Updates From App World - Error ID 30702

Dec 30, 2011

I am not able to get into my world to update my apps either download apps. I get this message: "There is an issue with the current session. Please login to continue. (Error Id: 30702)." I don't get any options to login blackberry app world.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Unable To ICS Updates?

Jun 13, 2012

I am using Xperia pro and my SI Number is 1250-2220(South Africa) and am still stuck on ginger bread in this century, I would like to know when is sony gona roll out ICS update for 1250-2220(South Africa)? I cant use gingerbread anymore at this time and i cant comprimise my device's warantee by rooting it

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