IPhone :: My 4s Won't Play The Song I Choose

May 18, 2012

I will choose a song and it will either play nothing or a totally other song.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Choose A Song I Want As A Ringtone And Not The Ones That Are On There Already?

Apr 10, 2012

How do i choose a song i want as a ringtone and not the ones that are on there already

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: How To Choose A Music Song As A Ringtone

Apr 10, 2012

How do i choose a music song as a ringtone instead of the ones already on the phone.

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: When Playing A Song In Any Of My Playlist, The Next Song Does Not Play Consecutively

May 26, 2012

when playing a song in any of my playlist either on my iphone or pc, the next song in the playlist doesn't automatically play, is there a setting that needs to be done?

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Play Song From One To Another Via Bluethooth?

Apr 9, 2012

How to play song from one iPhone to another iPhone via Bluethooth and AirPlay?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: It Keeps Playing Same Song And Won't Play Next One

May 5, 2012

My new IPhone 4 keeps playing the same song and won't play the next one! I have reinstalled the software and reset it, but still no luck.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: My Ipod On It Will Play The Same Song Over And Over?

May 14, 2012

Why does my ipod onmy iphone play the same song over and over until i manually start another song, and then it will play that one over and over?It won't play albums or playlists.

iPhone, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Move A Song From My Play List To Ringtones?

Mar 14, 2012

How do I move a song from my play list to the ringtones. I thought I downloaded a ringtone but it went into the playlist.

Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone ::IiP4 And Acura USB Fail - Will Not Play A Selected Song

Jul 19, 2010

I have an Acura ZDX and was able to pair my 3G / iOS3 both via BT and USB successfully. Now with my iP4 I can pair and use my iP4 as an iPod via BT, using the iP4 to change songs; under USB it seems to connect and load the data and songs, but it will not play a selected song using the Acura NAV monitor to select. Anyone else who has an Acura have this issue? Anyone else having similar computability issues with their car?

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IPhone :: Music Player Will Only Play 1 Song At A Time After 5.1.1 Update?

Jun 10, 2012

my phone appears to have updated itself (I assume due to my wireless connection) and now I have update 5.1.1. However, my music player once again will only play one song at a time.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Music Player Not Playing Any Song - Play / Pause Buttons Not Working

Mar 30, 2012

I only have purchased songs on my iPhone. The music player has jammed--won't play anything. I can see the songs but the play/pause button does nothing. I can advance to the next song (still doesn't play) but I can't move back to the previous song. I've tried resetting to no avail.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Nokia :: E 72 Poor Quality Of Camera - Keep Asking To Choose Shooting Mode When Choose Snap Mode

Jul 12, 2010

I have just upgraded my Nokia N73 to the E72 and am very very disappointed with the picture quality of the camera.

It does not appear to be the same quality as the Carl Zeiss lens of my old N73 and many pictures seem to be out of focus. It has annoying habit of when i try to take a quick snap of continually asking me to chose a shooting mode and the therefore the moment has gone. I also use this camera function for my work and unless I can find advice on taking better quality pics then it will have to go back.Is mine a faulty unit or is there a knack of taking a picture without the camera moving which I think is causing part of the problems.

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Cseries :: Play Song With Album Picture?

Dec 23, 2012

Can my C3-00 phone play a song with a picture of the album next to the title? If yes, how to add a picture to the song?

The attachment below is an example. I got the song fromm someone else, and I don't add anything to it, just put it in the phone. But when played, a picture show next to the title of the song (not the album picture, maybe the picture of the website where to get this song.

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Xperia PLAY :: Song Album Art Not Showing

Sep 9, 2011

Y does all my album art not show in my music player?Even the default songs that are in my phone doesnt even have the album art but it use to have before?

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BB Curve :: Cannot Play Any Song - No Sound For Ringtone Also

Apr 2, 2011

When I try to play a song in my bb it keeps on telling me that I can't play that song! and I don't know why! And every time I am changing my profile to medium from the silent mode it doesn't play my ringtone. It doesn't play any sound at all!

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BB Bold 9000 :: Whenever Play A Song It Doesn't Go Through The Headphones

Aug 29, 2010

My Bold 9000 doesn't play music through the headphone jack, Whenever I play a song, it doesn't go through the headphones. Is there an option or something I need to choose, or should i go through the headphones automatically if there plugged in? Software is the newest 822 from AT&T.

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Nokia Nseries :: Make Alarm Play Entire Song?

Feb 5, 2011

When I set a .mp3 as my alarm, it plays only the first minute of the song. Is there anyway to make it play the whole song?!

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Song Red In Playlist And Wont Play?

Apr 25, 2010

Some songs in my playlist are red and wont play if I click them but they will play if I click on them in the all songs playlist. any ideas?

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BB Bold :: 9900 - Sound Cuts Out While Song Continues To Play?

Nov 29, 2011

While playing music on my BB, every now and then the sound cuts out while the song continues to play. Increasing or decreasing the volume has no effect. I always have to stop/pause the song and then press play again.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Make Google Play Song Into Ringtone On Phone

Nov 28, 2015

Downloaded a song and it went into my Google music and want to use it as a ringtone, but it won't let me...why?

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Moto X Pure :: Next Song Button Not Shown For Music Play?

Jan 19, 2016

I have Moto X Pure with android M. When I listen to music on Music Play it gives me controls on the moto active display screen. A thumbs up,previous track and pause option but it does not give me a next track option. I find this funny because next track is the option that I think would be most useful. How to add the next track option or how to customize the options?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Find A Song Bought On Google Play On Phone

Jun 20, 2015

How do I find a song I bought on Google Play on my Galaxy S5 phone? where is it?

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Motorola Droid Razr :: It Skip Song While Play Music

Jul 17, 2012

while Play Music it randomly skipping songs? It just started today.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: How To Play Video Song In Keypad Locked Condition

Dec 9, 2011

is there any facility to play video songs in keypad locked condition?? i know you say that what is meaning of keypad lock in video song.but some of video song i want to hear in office at there i can't see video i must lock the keypad.I tried to do that way but when light off songs automatically stop.

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IPhone :: Updated 4s To 5.1.1 Software And Then Music Stopped Playing The Right Song For The Song I Click On?

May 9, 2012

updated 4s to 5.1.1 software and then my music stopped playing the right song for the song I click on

iPhone 4S

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Moto X (2014) :: Song From Google Play Music - Making Custom Ringtones

May 28, 2015

So I bought a song from Google play music, and I'm trying to make a custom ringtone out of it and then use Google hangouts. However when I ever I try to set the ringtone for my contact in Google Hangouts, new ringtone doesn't make any sound in the application.. I wanted to work what I can do? I've tried everything ll..

32 gig custom made 2nd gen Moto X by moto maker running lollipop 5.0

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IPhone :: Buy A Song From ITunes And Its Only Plays 30 Seconds When I Paid For The Whole Song?

Jun 13, 2012

For two songs now i have bought on itunes it only plays for 30 seconds, which is annoying becuase im buying the song not just a preview and its a waste of my money. Its starting to get really annoying now and feel i should get refunfed for the songs that its doing it to. Why would i just want 30 seconds of a song...Can you help me in anyway or figure out why its doing that. I know its not a ringtone its the real song.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.1, iphone 4 and macbook pro 13'

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IPhone 5s :: IOS 8.1.1 / Song Doesn't Switch To The Next Song

Dec 3, 2014

I downloaded this free music downloader app in the App Store and I downloaded music but, every time a song ends it doesn't switch to the next song!!Whys that??

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.1

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BB Bold 9700 :: Remove World Traveller Song Only That Song Not All Sounds

Apr 4, 2010

I'm trying to remove the music demo-world traveller song from my bold 9700 but, i only want to remove that song. If i remove: net_rim_bb_medialoader_ringtones_480x360_03_b.cod

I remove all the sound in the phone that i have set for my different messaging services. Does anybody know if there is a way to do this?

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Galaxy S6 :: Iheart Radio Stop Playing After Song Plays Or Even Mid Song

Aug 19, 2015

When listening to iheart radio it will stop playing after the song plays or even mid song. No continues play. It started around the time i updated.

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Motorola Motoactv :: Song Automatically Repeats Rather Than Advancing To The Next Song?

Nov 23, 2012

When I'm playing music, the song automatically repeats rather than advancing to the next song. How can I get it to advance to the next song?

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