IPhone :: Catches Fire While Charging

Jul 8, 2010

The customer wanted to exchange the iPhone obviously for a new, non-charred unit however the AT&T store in question was out of stock. An Apple Store did confirm to our AT&T connection that this did appear to be a defective USB port and not some sort of user error. Our source went onto say that the phone bezel was extremely hot (obviously), and it slightly burned the customers hand. The USB port in the phone was slightly melted and the cord was badly melted (as is apparent in the pictures).

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Motorola Fire :: Its Not Responding - Fire XT 311

Aug 15, 2012

i have a motorola fire xt 311 which after purchased developed touch problem and the service center got the touch changed. after it for few months the same was working fine, when i had to do a factory reset as the dialer app was not working and i could not see any contacts in the dialer.now as i was trying to set one of the pics i had taken as wall paper, did all that is needed, and was in the home screen waiting for the old one to change - nothin happened for about 20 sec and suddenl;y i got a call. answered it and after a while the phones get restarted automatically.after that when the same got restarted the patter lock screen came up and the touch was not working and i could not go in. how ever when a call come, u get a warnmning that the process "moto switch home" is not working, whether u need to force close oe wait. i gave force close and then the incoming call appears on screen and u can take the call(touch works for this alone). while in the call no other button responds.the sadest part is i got my colleague also to buy this phone and once he got his main borad as well as touch replaced, but this did not solve the issue, they are getting his phone replaced.

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IPhone :: 4 Catching Fire And Lack Of Support From Apple?

Mar 29, 2012

On Saturday when I was charging my phone I noticed a burning smell and immediately ran over to my iphone and pulled out the charger cable which was glowing red and smoke was coming from both it and my iphone 4. My phone although slightly fire damaged in the charger dock was still operational, however, when the battery ran out and I tried to charge again on a different charger it would not recharge. I took my phone into the apple store (Toronto Eaton Centre, Canada) and received terrible customer service. The 'genius' took maybe 5 seconds to not listen to my complaint before running off with my phone and charger and then coming back with a new handset and cord and asking me to pay for the replacement. I have since spoken to the manager of the store who was equally unhelpful or concerned about the issue and informed me that he couldn't help because they have since lost my old handset in the apple warehouse system.

I am not only concerned that my current handset could now catch fire, but I am also concerned at the level of disinterest from a company about what is clearly a dangerous fault. What could have happened if I was asleep when it was charging?

As a consumer, this is my first apple product and I had been looking at buying a macbook very soon, however following this incident where I have been penalised through no fault of my own for using a dangerous handset. Then the total lack of concern, apology or interest demostrated by apple has put me off ever using apple products again. I would urge others to be very very careful when charging their handsets as this could have been a lot worse. If your phone is damaged certainly do not expect any support or assistance from Apple.

iPhone 4

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Motorola Fire :: How To Upgrade To 2.3.5

Mar 16, 2012

i own a fire xt311 with gb 2.3.4 os, how can i upgrade to 2.3.5?

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Motorola Fire XT :: Can We Get Update Of 2.3.7

Oct 5, 2012

fire xt 530 having 2.3.5 os and fire xt 532 having 2.3.7 with new kernel I think Motorola at lest provide that update for fire xt 530/531 so atleast we have phone with new kernel.

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Motorola Fire XT :: It Does Not Power Up

Aug 26, 2012

I've been using Fire XT for some time and suddenly the phone powered off. After that I cannot start it in any way. The Power button does not work, when I plug the phone in the wall charger it does not power up and only the backlit of soft buttons is on with no other reaction. Plugging the phone to PC's USB does the same thing. Tried removing battery, SIM and memory card. Every time the result is the same.

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Nokia Applications :: Sky Fire Removed From Ovi?

Dec 5, 2011

why is skyfire removed ovi store?? Wanted it for n8 ....any direct download site for the browser?

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Motorola Fire :: Adding A Sim To Contacts?

May 4, 2012

I am trying to add a photo to one of my contacts as their display picture , but when I try to "set as contact icon" this message flashes up: "the set SIM contact icon is not supported" I have tried adding other photo's to my contacts, but I get the same message.

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Motorola Fire XT :: Unable To Update To 2.3.5.I

Jun 3, 2012

I'm unable to update to 2.3.5.I tried the moto software update tool but it doesn't do anything.

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Motorola Fire :: Can Update MotoSwitch UI To 2.0?

May 3, 2012

I Have an Motorola Fire XT316 and i would like to know if i can update MotoSwitch UI to version 2.0 like in Defy MINI and MOTOLUXE, and if the answer is NO, i want to know why.

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Motorola Fire XT :: How To Go In 'safe Mode'

Dec 7, 2011

an application is making my home screen unresponsive. i am able to receive calls and disconnect after talking through touch screen, but cant use my touchscreen for any other operation. also my battery is getting drained extemely quick.

can you guide me "HOW TO START MOTOROLA FIRE XT530 IN 'SAFE MODE'"??

I want to start in safe mode, uninstall the applications and then restart the phone so that it can used normally.

really dont want to do factory reset as all my important contacts and messages are there and dont want to lose them for such a small reason.

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Motorola Fire XT :: Can't See Picture On Pc After Taken More Than 20 Pictures

Jul 18, 2012

I have problem, when Im using take picture from camera, I can see the picture on phone and on PC to, but after take more than 20 pictures I can't see my picture on PC, I must restart it to see that complete, they are only 19 picture I can see on PC before restart but after restart I can see all of it, and I have a problem to with search soft key on phone, when charge is work fine but when charge or unplug the headset search soft key doesn't work...can you fix that problem, and can you give indonesian firmware for backup because my place is long distance from Jakarta (Im from East Borneo,Balikapan), and it took me 2 week to waiting my phone upagrade it..

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Motorola Fire XT :: Does ICS Update Exist For My Device

Feb 16, 2012

will ICS update come to Motorola Fire XT (XT530), will it support ICS update.

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Motorola Fire XT :: Its Unlock Before Receiving A Call

Mar 6, 2012

Sometimes it happens that, when i receive a call, I am unable to unlock the phone using the slide.

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Motorola Fire XT :: Wont Load Because Memory Is Low?

Jan 19, 2012

fire xt350 wont d/load because memory is low.I have an 8gb sd card installed and the notification light wont stop flashing and I cant d/load anything because it says no memory..

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BB Bold 9000 :: Some Websites Not Even Work / Where Can I Download Add Ons For Fire Fox

Jul 6, 2010

I have a Bold 9000, and some websites don't even work when I'm browsing. I'm assuming it's because they have javascript, flash, or whatever. Also, some pages I browse tell me I'm using an old browser and should update to a newer one. Right now, the "support javascript" and all those boxes are checked. I'm using Firefox. Are there better mini browsers to use? Where can I download the add-ons like javascript and such?

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Xperia Ray :: Alarm Clock Cannot Fire When The Telephone Is Switched Off?

May 10, 2012

According to the documentation, the alarm clock cannot fire when the telephone is switched off.

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Motorola Fire XT :: XT530 Video Recording Not Working?

Dec 10, 2011

have an XT530 , runs 2.3.4.The default camera app , does not record video , when i switch to video mode and touch the record button a mesage "Cannot record video now" is displayed.Have i got a faulty piece or is video recording not available for this motorola phon

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Motorola Fire XT :: Phone & Contacts Gives Blank Screen?

Mar 17, 2012

I'm really tired to find the way to fix the dialer and contact blank screen. I factroy reset the phone more than 3 times but its just standing for a week or some. I don't have plenty of applications installed, i just use gmail and a FB messenger. Tell me the use of the phone that can't dial anyone ! I just bought the phone a month before, but its starts bugging me everyday.

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Motorola Fire XT :: Can't Get Past The Screen With Unlocked Padlock

May 30, 2012

I purchased the Motorola Spice xt531(called motorola Fire in the USA) yesterday and can't get past the screen that has the bar showing the padlock(it's unlocked), the other side of the screen shows a speaker. I am a USA resident living in MX so I don't speak much spanish.

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Motorola Fire XT :: Calendar App Not Working After Software Upgrade?

Jan 16, 2012

I have a Motorola Fire XT and recently upgraded software with Motorola Software Update application. It upgraded my phone to Android 2.3.5, but after that I noticed calender application is not working, it says "The application Calendar (process.com.android.calendar) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." and asked to force close. I have tried several times, but failed.

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Motorola Fire XT :: Flashlight App That Can Use The LED Light Of The Rear Camera?

Mar 16, 2012

I want to know if there is a flashlight app that can use the LED light of the rear camera of the Fire XT. I've tried almost all the apps that show up at the Market but no one seems to work with it.I also need to know if there is possible to make videocalls using the Fire XT front camera. I've tried Skype and others but they can't handle/find the camera.

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Motorola Fire :: How To Turn Off Predictive Text Input

Jan 31, 2012

I am using Fire xt311, I am writing messages in another language than english (but with english letters)- the T9 (predictive text) is always filling the word for me. Is there a clue how to turn off the predictive text input (without making user dict)?

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Sony Ericsson :: C902 Flash Camera Wont Fire?

Nov 15, 2010

My C902 flash Camera wont fire at all!

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Motorola Xoom :: Tablet Competition: Kindle Fire Captures >50%?

Apr 29, 2012

Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Amazon Kindle Fire 29.4% 41.8% 54.4% Samsung Galaxy Tab Family 23.8% 19.1% 15.4% Motorola Xoom 11.8% 9.0%7.0%tp://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Press_Releases/2012/4/Kindle_Fire_Captures_more_than_Half_of_Android_Tablet_Market

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IPhone :: 4s Charging Cable Has Burn Mark On It And It Has Stopped Charging Correctly

May 31, 2012

I have an Iphone 4s that was purchased a few months ago. The charging cable all of a sudden would not charge my phone and I noticed there is a burn mark on the inside of the plug that goes into my phone. Is this cable covered under applecare plus warranty and should I be worried there is a problem with my phone?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: IP4 Plug Into Usb Port It Will Show That Its Charging Not Still Not Charging

Jul 13, 2010

When I plug my iphone 4 into the usb port it will show that its charging, but all by itself it will all of a sudden be not charging within a minute. anyone else having this problem?

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IPhone :: My 4 Says It's Charging When Plugged In, But Not Actually Charging

Apr 27, 2012

my iphone 4 says it's charging when plugged in, but not actually charging, have reset iphone and tried on several different chargers but still not working! tried the new update, but my itunes won't download it!

iPhone 4, Windows Vista

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Eseries / Communicators :: Plug USB On PC (Win7), Charging Started, And After Few Seconds, Charging Stops?

Apr 11, 2011

I have Nokia E72 and I have problem with USB chargin. Now the phone is with low battery and the Power Saving mode is automatic activated. I plug USB on phone and PC (Win7), charging started, and after few seconds, charging stops. I try to restart phone, PC and plung and unplug UBS, but the problem still exist. This situation I have in the car too

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Lumia Icon :: Charge Light That Stays On When Charging And Goes Off When Charging Is Complete

Feb 26, 2014

I have both the DT-900 wireless charging plate and the DT-901 wireless charging stand. They both have a charge light that stays on when charging and goes off when charging is complete. I've notice that with the Icon the light never goes out when the phone is fully charged. When I charge my 822 the light goes out when it's fully charged.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Not Charging - Turned Charging Indicator Led On With Berrybuzz And Light Didn't Turn On

Jan 1, 2010

I plugged my bb into the wall and for a little bit it was charging fine but then the symbol disappeared. I unplugged and plugged back in which made the clock pop up so I know it connected right. But its still not charging. I turned the charging indicator led on with berrybuzz and the light didn't turn on when I plugged it in.

Meterberry says the temp is 111 degrees. I don't know what the 'normal' ranges are. I'm still under my 30day warranty so do I take it back? Is anyone else having this problem? Its done this before and it eventually charges but something is going on....

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