IPhone :: 4S "Could Not Scan For Wireless Networks"?

Jul 4, 2012

I got my iPhone for Christmas, and it was connecting to available WiFi, switching from 3G to WiFi, fine until May. I have tried the recommened resolutions on the Apple site, such as Resetting Network, turning on/off WiFi, but none have worked.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 4S Could Not Scan For Wireless Networks?

Apr 8, 2012

What I don't understand is why the wifi isn't working? I just got the iPhone 4S yesterday, I already have an iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 is consistently using my home wifi while I am at home perfectly. My iPhone 4 is updated to the latest software too iOS 5.1. My iPhone 4S will not connect to wifi. I am entering the right WPA user & pass. It is updated with iOS 5.1.

My iPad, iMac, Macbookpro, & iPod ALL have no trouble connecting to my home wifi. I do not understand how this is a wireless router issue when it works with all of my other Apple devices BUT the iPhone4S? I have tried everything under the sun, restart reboot, turn off, turn on, switch network off, switch it on, reset this, reset that?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: Could Not Scan For Wireless Networks?

Apr 10, 2012

So, I got my iPhone 4s brand new from apple.com (UK) on christmas day, from then I had no problems at all with the iPhone although a week or so ago I lost my connection to WiFi. When you go to Settings>WiFi usually you will be given quite a few options ( your own WiFi and neighbours), this has always worked for me but now it doesnt, I get the message 'Could not scan for wireless networks'. I've looked in the forums for resolutions but nobody seems to have any although this problem is popping up for quite a few people! I dont have access to an apple store for help from an assistant which makes my situation even worse! I have never dropped my iPhone 4s and have never put it in water either, so has anybody ever had this problem and found a fix? I have also tried reseting my iPhone completely and done the same with my wireless 02 router! Turning on and off again, most things you could think of i have tried!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Message On 4S - Could Not Scan For Wireless Networks

Apr 17, 2012

I've already done a hard reset, and I've also reset my network settings, but my wifi is still having problems. Also, this is for every single wifi spot. Whenever I go to the wifi section in my settings, my iPhone 4s will continue to search for wifi, and it won't stop! If I try to connect to the wifi by using the "other" (which you have to type in the name of your wifi), a message pops up saying "could not scan for wireless networks". Another thing to add is that it's not my wifi because none of my other family members have problems connecting to the wifi on their iPhone 4s'! I am at 1.1 gb of my 2 gb monthly allowance while I still have 20 days left, and I also just noticed that since this problem started, my phones battery life is shortened 2 to 3 hours!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Unable To Scan For Wireless Networks?

Jan 30, 2012

My sony experia mini will not connect to wireless networks. It says it is unable to scan and then wireless turns off automatically. A lot of the time it is unable to connect to 3G either.

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IPhone :: 4s Cannot Scan For Wifi Networks

Jun 2, 2012

I hgave reset network, reset phone, hard soft shut down, plugged it into the router-time capsule, and nothing. It just keeps on spinning around and around. I do not have a VPN network, but I tried that, and still nothing. My office is where I have wifi-plus their are 10 other wifi's in the building it used to pick up, now nothing. Even at home nothing. Just spinning and spinning.It is 2 weeks old. I bought it in Canada, and am now in Africa. I purchased it factory unlocked, and it is running the 5.1.1 software. I don't want to take my phone to the apple resellers, as I bought it at an actual Apple store, and I don't trust the guy here in Tanzania. Is their anything that I have missed that I could possibly do? If you say fixed or static IP, I have no idea how to do that so if you could explain where that said IP is so I could utilize it, and how do I input it to my phone. I'm thinking that is my last hope. Other than that the chip or antenna are fried somehow-even though it is brand new, and has had a case on it the whole time.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Make The MiFi Wireless (or Any Permanent Wireless Network) 2nd To All Other Recognized Networks?

Mar 20, 2012

I just picked up a MiFi 4G device and I carry it at all times. However since it has a cap on data per month I want it to be secondary to several other unlimited WiFi networks such as my office WiFi, home WiFi, free WiFi hotspots, etc. Is there any work around to make the MiFi wireless (or any permanent wireless network) 2nd to all other recognized networks? This is the ideal set-up for my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 WiFi. I don't want to have to turn the MiFi on and off constantly, I want it on in the background as a seamless secondary option. I appreciate any insight and find it odd that you cannot prioritize networks. Meaning if I "forgot this network" and start over will the 1st joined or most recent joined become primary when there are multiple networks available?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Could Not Scan For Wireless Network

Apr 19, 2012

yesterday i'm using apps to connect to internet. but suddenly it stopped. it disconnected from wifi.

afterthat i cant connect/find to any wifi network. but my other device still able to work with wifi around. i try use 'other' from wifi menu. and search, it turned out 'Could not scan for wireless Network'

i tried reset network, but it wont works. i am using iPhone4S 32gb

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 4s Can't Scan Wireless Network

Jun 14, 2012

im been try on

1. Network Reset

2. Restart iPhone

3. Update to the latest version 5.1.1

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Unable To Scan For Networks

Nov 26, 2011

i had my x10mini since last christmas and about 2 months ago i had problems with my wifi whenever i go to turn it on it says `unable to scan for networks` and yes i have updated it.im starting to think to swap it for a blackberry

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Unable To Scan For Networks - Cannot Access The Internet Now

Jan 6, 2011

When i turn wifi on it says 'unable to scan for networks' so now i cannot access the internet now.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Wifi Keeps Turning Off After "unable To Scan For Networks" (2.1)?

Sep 30, 2010

After the update, all of a sudden I get the problem that as soon as I turn on wifi I get the message "unable to scan for networks" and then it switches wifi off.

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BB Curve :: Scan For Networks Always Said "no Network Available"

Jul 21, 2011

When trying to scan for networks always said "no network available" because I want to listen to fm radio

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Xperia X10 :: "Unable To Scan For Networks"

Jan 17, 2011

I have an xperia x10 on at&t (still only with android 1.6) and it has been working fine until a couple of days ago. My wi-fi has been working fine (except for the occasional "unable to start wifi") until one day it just stopped working. I was connected to my home wifi network when all of a sudden it just disconnected. I proceeded to go into my settings to turn it back on, however, when I checked the box, it turned on for about 5 seconds then turned off and said "unable to scan for networks." I have tried everything I can to get it back to working. I have tried:

-Taking out the battery, sim, and memory card for a few minutes. replacing them all and restarting the phone. -doing the above but while everything is out holding the back key for 30 seconds, then putting everything back in and holding the power button for 10 seconds. -Plugging the phone into my computer

The only thing I haven't done is the factory reset. I do NOT want to do this because I have heard that it only sometimes works and if it doesn't work, then I cant't get any of my apps or anything back on my phone and it will be completely useless to me. I do not want to lose all the data on my phone because I have no internet currently, and therefore can not backup anything.

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HTC Desire :: Saying "unable To Scan For Networks"?

Aug 10, 2011

Does anyone have any ideas why my Desire has suddenly started saying "unable to scan for networks" I don't think I have changed anything, the WiFi widget keeps turning itself off, and my home network is still working for other gadgets.

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Xperia Ray :: Can't See Wireless Networks

Jun 21, 2012

I have some problem with my Wi-Fi I can't see wireless networks.I noticed that My Ray Wi-Fi turning off by itself 15sec after I'm turning it on

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BB Torch :: Use Only Saved Wireless Networks?

Mar 5, 2012

Can I set my wireless to 'on' and have it not search continually for a wireless network, but only log on and use networks I have previously 'saved'?

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Sony Ericsson :: Wireless Networks Down

Mar 12, 2006

I've been searching for a little while now but i can seem to find anything Is it possible to use a cell phone to discover wireless lan's? With some sort of software or tricks not olny for SE but for all cellphones, im just curious about this subject.

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Nokia E71 :: No Longer Displays Wireless Networks?

Feb 11, 2010

For whatever reason my e71x no longer displays wireless networks. I have no made any adjustments to the device that should cause it to no longer register wireless networks. Any idea on possible fixes?

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Xperia X10 :: Cannot Find Notebooks Wireless Networks

Jun 15, 2010

My XPERIA X10 can not find my notebook wireless networks in other word it can not find ad-hoc wireless networks.

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HTC :: Xv6800 VZW Can Not Get Phone To Detect Any Wireless Networks

Jul 18, 2009

I just got a used xv6800 off ebay, so I don't know what ROM or radio upgrades were done. If you can tell me how to check on this I would appreciate but it is not my main question.I can not get the phone to detect any wireless networks. I have tried both at home and at a cafe, nothing shows up when I search for networks - "no visible networks detected." Was wi-fi somehow disabled on this phone? I am thinking maybe the past owner upgraded something which disabled it? I know VZW is the worst carrier in this regard, but that is why I got this phone - because i thought I would be able to get on wifi hotspots, which are all over my city, and not pay data charges.

WM6.1 pro
ROM:3.57.605.1 Date: 7/21/08
Radio: 3.37.75

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Nokia :: Wep Key To Short / Long - Cannot Connect To Wireless Networks

Mar 5, 2008

I cannot connect to wireless networks using my N95 8GB, up to date with firmware 15.0.015. The problem is that when I select my network, and I have to enter the wep key, I can only enter 5 characters. My key is 11 characters long, and the setting of the router is 64bit WEP. At work, we have a key that is 6 characters long, also here 64bit WEP. Even if I change on the phone to use 128bit instead, the keys instead are to short, and I cannot continue. If I add the connection point via the browser, I can enter the keys (no length restriction) but when it verifies it tells me that the key is wrong.

the phone is really worthless like this. After having it for reparation for 2 out of 3 months of owning it, having to buy garmin to be able to enable navigation and hotpoints, and now, not being able to use internet, I close to selling it and get back to SE, even if I'd prefer using Nokia, who in the past, always has satisfied me.

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HTC Desire S :: See Inside Wireless And Networks Menu, A VPN Settings

Oct 24, 2011

in my HTC desire S, i can see inside Wireless and networds menu, a VPN settings

what is VPN and how to make use of it?

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HTC Desire :: Battery Consumption - Maps / Use Wireless Networks

Jan 19, 2011

Had my HTC Desire for about a week now; brilliant phone Although the battery life is not poor (lasts about a day and a half/ two days with little use), when I check to see what is draining the battery, it seems to always be maps that is the culprit, even though I am now (knowingly) using the maps application or GPS etc.

I have done a little research and it seems that is could be the 'use wireless networks' option that is causing this so I have just now disabled this and will see how it goes. Any reasons as to why maps might be showing up as using the largest (if not, second largest) chunk of battery power?

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Nokia :: N95 2GB Possible To Connect Phone To Cisco Leap Wireless Networks?

Jun 8, 2010

Is it possible to connect N95 2GB phone to Cisco Leap wireless networks? I am trying ot connect to wifi at my workplace but unable to connect.

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Sony Ericsson :: C905 - Wireless (WiFi) Not Detecting Any Networks

Mar 31, 2009

My C905 Wireless is not detecting any networks. It displays "Searching" and does not say No Networks Found anymore. It just sits on Searching. It has work in the past.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Wireless Networks Sections Shows WIFI Chechmark

Jun 16, 2009

This is going to stir a bunch of crap I can already tell. But when I ran a comparison between the BOLD and the Tour, under the Wireless networks section it clearly shows a checkmark for Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g on the Tour. So either this bad boy is going to have Wi-Fi, or Blackberry incorrectly labeled it on the site.

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IPhone :: 4s Is Not "seeing" Any Wireless Networks

Jun 9, 2012

good morning. my iphone 4s is not "seeing" any wireless networks. the message I got is cannot scan for wireless networks

I have tried most all setting without success.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Intel Pro Wireless Not Compatible With 4 Wireless Hotspot

Mar 21, 2012

Intel Pro Wireless hooks up then disconnects within seconds. I'm told it not compatable with hotspot is there a fix?

Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: How To Do Scan And Download

Apr 15, 2012

How do I scan and download

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: What Is The Best Bar-scan Program

May 7, 2012

what is the best barcode scan program?

iPhone 4S

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