HTC One M7 :: Battery Down To 83% After 3 - 4 Seconds When Unplugged

Jan 2, 2014

Well I know of the HTC One battery issue but I have just had the weirdest issue. I have just charged my phone until it was 100%. unplugged it and opened an app. 3-4 seconds later my battery is 83%.

I already use gsm battery monitor and carat but these are reporting good battery life

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Battery Indicator Indicates Charging When Unplugged?

Jul 22, 2011

This seems to be a common occurrence, but I haven't been able to predict it yet. Sometimes, when I unplug my DX2 from the charger, the battery indicator continues to flash the little charging "lightning" symbol as if it is continuing to charge.

When I go to Setting-->Battery & data manager-->Battery usage it will show 98% for "Display" and nothing else listed. Also, even if the phone has been unplugged for an hour, if the charging indicator is still showing in the notification bar, the battery usage will show that it has been unplugged for 0 seconds.

I wonder if this impacts what level of charge the phone is saying it's at. In other words, if it says it has a 50% charge, is that about right or could it be 70% or 30%?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Battery Discharge Quickly Unplugged Right After Full Charge

May 18, 2014

I notice that when I do a full charge from a low battery once it hits 100% if I unplug the charger after i get 1% drain every 10 minutes in standby so I do a cache clean and reboot then it discharges normally after.

When I leave the phone plugged in lets say all night and it trickle charges for a few hours after being at 100% it will only discharge around 1% every hour on standby. Is there anything wrong?

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BB Torch :: Battery Dying In Seconds?

Sep 27, 2012

I have a Torch 9800 phone. Lately I have had issues with the phone dieing after a few seconds of looking at an app or taking a picture. My battery reads 98% and after looking at the app the phone shuts down in seconds as there is not enough power. Some times I can reboot the phone and it will show a high percentage then dies again. I have re installed the OS a few times now and have not added any apps. Is this the battery or the phone having issues? I do not want to waist money on a new battery if it is the phone because for the most part it keeps a charge only not when your using it for more than a phone.

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Motorola :: U9 Discharges Battery In Seconds

Aug 20, 2010

My phone worked great until I downloaded some music. I'd had it for a year and not tried that so decided to download some.It played a couple of songs then the battery died. Recharged the battery reinstalled it and the phone turned on but you could watch the battery drain...just gone in seconds. Tried another battery , same thing. Put the recharged batteries in my husbands phone [same model] and they were fine. Put his battery in my phone instant drain.Did I fry my phone or is it salvagable? HELP I want to use my phone again.Is there any hope? Is there any place to get parts to repair them or a place that repairs them?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Battery Started To Drain Within Seconds After Recharge?

Apr 21, 2012

My mobile battery started to drain within seconds after recharge . The mobile also restart often. Had given it for service in Bangalore. Workorder no.SE312AT210964. The service and after sales customer support is so pathetic. They kept mobile for 3 weeks and returned it saying battery is not in stock. How to escalate this ?

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Nokia :: X6 Bluetooth Connection To Hands Free Kit - Disconnecting Every 25 Seconds And Then Reconnecting 25 Seconds Later

May 20, 2010

Have just got my new X6 and its great except that i am having problems with my connection to my bluetooth car kit. It connects fine and has paired with it but it seems to disconnecting every 25 seconds or so and then reconnecting 25 seconds later. Its driving me bananas cos each time it does it the radio cuts out. If i am on a call it seems to keep connection. I fell i may have missed a setting somewhere but cant find anything about this.

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IPhone :: IPad Shows The Apple Logo For 5 Seconds While Charging Then Shuts Off For 10 Seconds?

Apr 12, 2012

The apple logo appears for 5 seconds then disappears for 10 then appears for five and so on. I can get it to the connect to iTunes screen but as soon as I unplug it from the wall it shuts off completely. A laptop with iTunes isn't enough to power it up.


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Xperia Z2 :: SD Card Had Been Unplugged

Jan 11, 2015

I bought a Xperia Z2 in August. And are using my SanDisk 32GB sd Card, which ik bought about 1.5 Years ago. I have 2 Gb of free space. But it constantly goes away, 'sd Card had been unplugged'. Restarted my Phone about a million times. Sometimes it works.. Sometimes not..

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IPhone :: Unplugged During Update Now It Does Not Work

May 10, 2012

I unplugged my phone during an update, now it doesnt work. Im out of town and not at my laptop but I logged into a hotel computer and tried to restore twice but it didnt work.

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: 4s Unplugged From Computer - Won't Allow To View Some Artists

May 26, 2012

On iTunes - perfect order.iPhone uplugged from computer - wont allow me to view some artists.However in car (GMC) through the radio - it works fine.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Torch :: Jvm Error 17 Appeared On Screen After Unplugged Phone From PC?

Jan 17, 2012

the message jvm error 17 appeared on my screen after i unplugged my phone from my pc?it doesn't seem to have wiped anything off my phone but it did reset it self?

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Charging Intermittently And Acts Like It Is Being Unplugged?

Jan 2, 2015

My S5 recently has had issues with charging. I took it into the store thinking it was the charger that needed to be replaced. No. No visible damage or debris in the charging port or charger. No water or other damage - it has been kept in an Otterbox since the moment I bought it.

When I plug it in, sometimes it does nothing. No matter how long I let it sit or how full the battery is charged, it does not charge. I've tried different outlets, plugging the USB into the computer, charging with phone turned off, and pretty much all of the troubleshooting tips I could think of or find online. Other times it begins to charge only to stop and resume charging multiple times, as if being unplugged repeatedly. It does this so rapidly sometimes that it has killed my battery faster than not charging it at all. I was about to send it to Samsung when I decided to try it all again, including taking a needle to the charger and port to clear it out, when it suddenly worked again. Now, about a week later, back to square one. Sometimes it won't charge at all, other times it charges intermittently.

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IPhone :: 4S Unplugged During Sync Now Stuck On ITunes And USB Picture

Mar 29, 2012

My iphone 4s is completely frozen after i unplugged too early from itunes. I have tried restarting iphone and it still comes up every time I go into itunes it wont recognize my iphone.

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IPhone :: 4S Turned Off When Unplugged From Wall Charger - Cannot Restart

Apr 18, 2012

My Iphone randomly turned off when I unplugged it from the wall, and now it won't turn back on.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Lumia 1320 :: Fully Charged When Unplugged - Screen Goes Black?

Jun 27, 2014

Had a 1320 sat on my desk, charging it for the first time. Battery is eventually full so I unplug the cord and the phone just dies, screen goes black.Try to power it back on and im greeted by the low battery icon. Have had it back on the charger for 3-4 hours but still gets the same message. I was able to set it up and it seemed fine until unplugging the cord and now it doesnt want to charge, did I get a lemon or what?

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Still Charging When Unplugged - Green Light Stays On

Jun 8, 2011

My X2 often thinks it is still charging when unplugged. Have to power cycle to resolve issue.

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IPhone 5s :: Unplugged During Download And Now Only Itunes And Plug In Pictures Show

Dec 4, 2014

iPhone 5s

tried to download new software

unplugged to soon

now phone is frozen

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1

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Samsung :: SCH R451c - Unplugged Data USB Cord / Phone Continuously Trying To Power On

May 10, 2010

I had my Samsung SCH R451c hooked up to data USB cord and when I unplugged it it shut off, it continuously trys to power on but never does. I took the battery out, but no luck.

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IPhone :: 3gs Screen Shows ITunes Icon With USB Cord Unplugged And Won't Startup

May 7, 2012

I just turned on iPhone 3GS and saw notice to update it which I did. After updating the screen shows a iTunes icon and unplugged USB cable. Not sure what is going on and wonder what to do next. I've tried to restart by holding down sleep button and home key in various ways I remember as helping to start up an iPhone when it is stuck, but so far no luck. I tried to upload an image of the screen that I took with PhotoBooth and saved to iPhoto, but it will not upload for reasons beyone me.

iPhone , MAC, Mac OS X (10.5.2), portable

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HTC One M7 :: Why Does It Take 5 Seconds For SMS Conversations To Appear

Oct 31, 2014

I recently noticed something has changed when re-opening my SMS app. It's now consistent when every time i open it, it takes around 5 seconds when it's empty and says "no messages found", and all conversations suddenly appear only afterwards. Extremely annoying to say the least. Even did a factory reset to try changing it but still the same.

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IPhone :: It Gets Hot Even I Use It For Few Seconds

Jun 8, 2012

The phone gets hot even I use it for few seconds

Info:iPhone 4

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HTC One M7 :: Screen Keeps Lighting Up For 10 Seconds Or So

May 10, 2013

This morning my screen will not stay off. Every few seconds it lights up for 10 seconds or so. It's completely frustrating. I've uninstalled every app I can think of that would have anything to do with custom notifications, screen lighting or the lockscreen with no success.

Between this and the phantom mail alert sound I can't kill I'm about to reset it factory defaults and set it up one app at a time to ensure I get it right.

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LG G4 :: Why Bluetooth Turn Off After Few Seconds

Dec 9, 2015

My LG G4 (H815, T-mobile) has suddenly started shutting off Bluetooth within 6-8 seconds of turning it on. I've tried power cycling, removing the battery, booting into Safe Mode, clearing the BT cache, clearing the entire cache partition, no joy.

It's running Android 5.1. I thought the phone came with 4.4 (I got it about 3 months ago), so maybe an OTA got pushed to the phone last week? I really don't want to factory reset and hope that works.

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HTC One M7 :: Why Gmail Vibrating Every 5 Seconds

Nov 15, 2014

Every email I receive thru gmail it vibrates, not just once but non-stop until I read or delete the mail. It vibrates every 5 seconds sort of like as if I had an incoming call.

Have searched this forum and elsewhere and have found answers on how to stop just one vibration, which others have had problems with, but even those tips don't work.

And the weirdest thing is it even overrides the silent function when nothing should vibrate. This only occurs with gmail. I have tried turning off ALL notifications for that account to no avail.

This is a replacement HTC One that I just received thru verizon. This only happens with gmail, no other apps.

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Galaxy S6 :: Cycling On And Off Every 3 -10 Seconds?

Jun 29, 2015

Why is my S6 cycling on and off every 3 -10 seconds? Have tried safe mode, reset and factory reset to no avail.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does It Take 30 Seconds For A Text To Go

Jan 5, 2015

My S5 takes 30 seconds to send each text using the stock app as well as 3rd party apps. This has been going on for while. No, I don't have that text delay thing turned on. I even activated it and deactivated it but no change. Cleared the messaging cache, cleared the browser cache, deleted almost all the texts, the little circle just spins 30 times before it finally sends it. What else could I try?

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IPhone :: Cannot Get The 4s Backlight To Go Off After A Few Seconds

Apr 3, 2012

I cannot get the iphone 4s backlight to go off after a few seconds. How do I fix this problem.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 3Gs Restarts Every 30 Seconds

May 2, 2012

I have purchased my I phone 3Gs in India From from Croma Store. It was purchased in December 2011. The problem is that since last 10 days my Iphone is switching off and restarting every 30 seconds. I have reset the phone then too the same problem persist. Can any friends over here hlp me out to solve this pro blem. It is just 4 and half months and i am facing this problem.

It shows 2012-04-29-175145.panic.plist in diaggonist list

Info:iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: Why Is My 3gs Re-booting Every 30 Seconds

Jun 13, 2012

my iphone recently started re-booting itself every 30 seconds or so. this will go on all day until the battery dies. i have tried letting the battery run completely flat then re-charing it but it still continues to re-boot on and off the charger. i have also tried to updat my software and restore the phone using itunes, but in both cases when the phone re-boots it is unable to continue with what it is doing as the phone will not stay switched on for long enough to let it complete.

iPhone 3GS

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BB Storm :: Will Only Charge For About 10 Seconds?

Jun 5, 2011

I've been having this issue with my phone for a couple weeks now. Originally I thought I had an issue with my battery and I replaced it. Once I replaced it, my phone would only charge after I tried about 10 different times. It would have to stay untouched and anytime the cord was touched or moved it would stop working.

Over the past 3 days though I cannot get it to charge more than 10-20 seconds no matter how much I try. I put my barttery in my girlfriends storm and it charged fine so I know it is something to do with the phone. It also has the same issue when I charge it with my computer.

Is the USB port shot and will I definitely need a new phone, or might there still be some way to save it?

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