Xperia Z2 :: SD Card Had Been Unplugged

Jan 11, 2015

I bought a Xperia Z2 in August. And are using my SanDisk 32GB sd Card, which ik bought about 1.5 Years ago. I have 2 Gb of free space. But it constantly goes away, 'sd Card had been unplugged'. Restarted my Phone about a million times. Sometimes it works.. Sometimes not..

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HTC One M7 :: Battery Down To 83% After 3 - 4 Seconds When Unplugged

Jan 2, 2014

Well I know of the HTC One battery issue but I have just had the weirdest issue. I have just charged my phone until it was 100%. unplugged it and opened an app. 3-4 seconds later my battery is 83%.

I already use gsm battery monitor and carat but these are reporting good battery life

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IPhone :: Unplugged During Update Now It Does Not Work

May 10, 2012

I unplugged my phone during an update, now it doesnt work. Im out of town and not at my laptop but I logged into a hotel computer and tried to restore twice but it didnt work.

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: 4s Unplugged From Computer - Won't Allow To View Some Artists

May 26, 2012

On iTunes - perfect order.iPhone uplugged from computer - wont allow me to view some artists.However in car (GMC) through the radio - it works fine.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Torch :: Jvm Error 17 Appeared On Screen After Unplugged Phone From PC?

Jan 17, 2012

the message jvm error 17 appeared on my screen after i unplugged my phone from my pc?it doesn't seem to have wiped anything off my phone but it did reset it self?

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Charging Intermittently And Acts Like It Is Being Unplugged?

Jan 2, 2015

My S5 recently has had issues with charging. I took it into the store thinking it was the charger that needed to be replaced. No. No visible damage or debris in the charging port or charger. No water or other damage - it has been kept in an Otterbox since the moment I bought it.

When I plug it in, sometimes it does nothing. No matter how long I let it sit or how full the battery is charged, it does not charge. I've tried different outlets, plugging the USB into the computer, charging with phone turned off, and pretty much all of the troubleshooting tips I could think of or find online. Other times it begins to charge only to stop and resume charging multiple times, as if being unplugged repeatedly. It does this so rapidly sometimes that it has killed my battery faster than not charging it at all. I was about to send it to Samsung when I decided to try it all again, including taking a needle to the charger and port to clear it out, when it suddenly worked again. Now, about a week later, back to square one. Sometimes it won't charge at all, other times it charges intermittently.

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IPhone :: 4S Unplugged During Sync Now Stuck On ITunes And USB Picture

Mar 29, 2012

My iphone 4s is completely frozen after i unplugged too early from itunes. I have tried restarting iphone and it still comes up every time I go into itunes it wont recognize my iphone.

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IPhone :: 4S Turned Off When Unplugged From Wall Charger - Cannot Restart

Apr 18, 2012

My Iphone randomly turned off when I unplugged it from the wall, and now it won't turn back on.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Battery Indicator Indicates Charging When Unplugged?

Jul 22, 2011

This seems to be a common occurrence, but I haven't been able to predict it yet. Sometimes, when I unplug my DX2 from the charger, the battery indicator continues to flash the little charging "lightning" symbol as if it is continuing to charge.

When I go to Setting-->Battery & data manager-->Battery usage it will show 98% for "Display" and nothing else listed. Also, even if the phone has been unplugged for an hour, if the charging indicator is still showing in the notification bar, the battery usage will show that it has been unplugged for 0 seconds.

I wonder if this impacts what level of charge the phone is saying it's at. In other words, if it says it has a 50% charge, is that about right or could it be 70% or 30%?

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Lumia 1320 :: Fully Charged When Unplugged - Screen Goes Black?

Jun 27, 2014

Had a 1320 sat on my desk, charging it for the first time. Battery is eventually full so I unplug the cord and the phone just dies, screen goes black.Try to power it back on and im greeted by the low battery icon. Have had it back on the charger for 3-4 hours but still gets the same message. I was able to set it up and it seemed fine until unplugging the cord and now it doesnt want to charge, did I get a lemon or what?

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Still Charging When Unplugged - Green Light Stays On

Jun 8, 2011

My X2 often thinks it is still charging when unplugged. Have to power cycle to resolve issue.

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IPhone 5s :: Unplugged During Download And Now Only Itunes And Plug In Pictures Show

Dec 4, 2014

iPhone 5s

tried to download new software

unplugged to soon

now phone is frozen

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1

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Google Nexus 5 :: Battery Discharge Quickly Unplugged Right After Full Charge

May 18, 2014

I notice that when I do a full charge from a low battery once it hits 100% if I unplug the charger after i get 1% drain every 10 minutes in standby so I do a cache clean and reboot then it discharges normally after.

When I leave the phone plugged in lets say all night and it trickle charges for a few hours after being at 100% it will only discharge around 1% every hour on standby. Is there anything wrong?

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Samsung :: SCH R451c - Unplugged Data USB Cord / Phone Continuously Trying To Power On

May 10, 2010

I had my Samsung SCH R451c hooked up to data USB cord and when I unplugged it it shut off, it continuously trys to power on but never does. I took the battery out, but no luck.

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IPhone :: 3gs Screen Shows ITunes Icon With USB Cord Unplugged And Won't Startup

May 7, 2012

I just turned on iPhone 3GS and saw notice to update it which I did. After updating the screen shows a iTunes icon and unplugged USB cable. Not sure what is going on and wonder what to do next. I've tried to restart by holding down sleep button and home key in various ways I remember as helping to start up an iPhone when it is stuck, but so far no luck. I tried to upload an image of the screen that I took with PhotoBooth and saved to iPhoto, but it will not upload for reasons beyone me.

iPhone , MAC, Mac OS X (10.5.2), portable

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Blank Sd Card Notification, When There Are Items On The Card

Mar 7, 2011

i have had my sony ericsson xperia 10 mini pro for nearly 2 months now, recently though i cannot play any music or use the camera because it keeps saying please insert memory card even though there is a memory card in,which has been working fine up until now. I have tried everything but with no joy.

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Xperia X8 :: Move App From Phone Card To Memory Card?

Nov 22, 2012

i have a xperia x8. i have 2 gb memory card,ok.hen i download apps, they're going to the phone card and it size very small. i want to move these apps from phone card to memory card.

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Xperia Active :: No Sim Card But Sim Card Running Other Telephone?

Jul 1, 2012

last days my active updated İcs but not like, down to GB(.42).succesfully but no sim card ,sim card running other telephone(w810i) so repeat pcc and sus repair same problem so sim card and now service menu bootloader unlock allowed:no how problem fix

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Xperia Z2 :: Accessing SD Card Using OTG And Card Reader

Dec 2, 2014

When connecting via a card reader OTG cable phone does not see it as a USB flash drive sees...

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Xperia Z2 :: SD Card Cannot Be Used At All

Feb 21, 2014

I just recently purchased brand new Sony Xperia Z2 (mobile phone), opened it and found out that it's USELESS BRICK !!!

I have only internal memory to use, and SD card can not be used at all, I can download something or take picture, but it is not possible to rename, delete nor move it from the phone, the only way to do ANY at all crap with this so called new phone is when I safely remove SD card and connect it to PC, this lasts now over 5 months !!!

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Xperia X10 :: Add All Of Contacts From Sim Card?

Dec 28, 2010

I didnt add all of my contacts from my sim card, but now i cant figure out how to access it through my phone again to add the rest of them.

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Xperia X10 :: 16 Gb Card Is Not Working

Dec 30, 2010

i just put in a new 16 gb card and my phone said its detected and everything works fine, but when i put music on there through the usb port connection it says its there, but when i take it off , the music files disappear some how , for some reason medascape cant find them and when i plug it back into the pc the files arent there either. ive tried formating the card but windows says its unable to. also in the LOST.DIR folder on the SD card theres 647 mb worth of data, is this normal as the 8 gb that came with the x10i has the same folder but its empty. the transfere rate of the card is about 68kbs.

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Xperia X10 :: Get SD Card To Function Again?

Feb 3, 2011

I unmounted my SD card and replaced it in my phone. now it keeps on saying - Checking for errors....... it doesn't allow me to access the SD card or connect it to my PC. What do I do?

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Xperia X8 :: How To Unmount SD Card

Feb 20, 2011

I mounted my SD card to my PC, and I have no idea how to actually unmount it, there is nothing in the instructions about it.Any time I take my phone out of my pc, the SD card doesn't work within my phone as if it is trapped to my pc.

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Xperia X10 :: It Does Not Turn On When Sim Card Is In It

Mar 25, 2011

Last morning my Xperia did not turn on when I had charged it up. I tried to take out the sim card, and then it turned on! So I turned it off again, as told "by the phone", and put the sim back in place. Tried to turn on, but nothing happened. Then I found my old phone, and tested the sim card in it, and it worked just fine.

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Xperia X10 :: Cannot Read SIM Card

Apr 16, 2011

In Contacts, at the top above "My number" it says "Cannot read SIM card". I got a new SIM card in case the old one was faulty but it's just the same. Rest of phone seems to work OK, including Contacts I've added.

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Xperia X10 :: Cannot Read The SMS From SIM Card

Mar 1, 2010

I have just moved from K810i to X10.When the SIM is placed into the X10, it fails to detect the SMS Messaging ->Menu ->Settings ->SMS Settings, Manage SIM card messages.All it does is show a perpetual small ring that keeps circling and the word retrieving.How do I read the SMS from my SIM? Its on MAXIS and Digi?

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Xperia X10 :: It Doesn't See SD Card

Nov 25, 2010

After updating to 2.3.3 my phone no longer sees the SD card.When I go to settings > storage, it says the SD card is unavailable.When I connect my phone to my computer with a USB cable, my phone just says "please insert memory card and reconnect USB cable"

I tried restarting the phone, then I tried restarting it again without the SD card and again with the SD card... Still doesn't see it.

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Xperia X10 :: SD Card Not Recognized?

Aug 10, 2011

My Xperia X10 mini isn't recognising my SD card all of a sudden. It's the original SD card that came with the phone and I've also bought and tried a brand new Sandisk SD card, but still no look. Message is ''Removed SD card' even when card is mounted. Can't format the card as it's not mounted, tried formatting via PC too but again PC won't recognise either new or original SD card. Can't run phone updates as need a memory card to do that too

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Xperia X8 :: Save App On Sd Card?

Sep 11, 2011

how can i save app on sd card?

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Xperia X8 :: SD Card Second Partition?

Oct 28, 2011

What is the use of sd card for second partiton? And Can I do it myself without going to a Handphone shop to install this software?

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