HTC :: How To Get Internet And Send MMS On Touch Pro Using Page Plus?

Feb 27, 2010

My wife has a Alltell HTC Touch Pro. We switched to Page Plus Cellular. Shee has great phone service but only is able to connect to the internet via wifi. She can not send or recieve mms or connect to the internet any other way.

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IPhone :: IP4 Randomly Not Registering First Touch When Loading Page In Safari

Jul 19, 2010

When my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.0.1) loads a new page in Safari it randomly sometimes does not register first touch if I try to scroll it. Afterwards everything is fine. Maybe page is still loading and lags somewhere in process.

Anybody experiencing the same thing?

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LG :: Ux840 How To Set Internet Up On Phone For Page-plus?

Jun 4, 2010

does anyone know how to set the internet up on this phone for pageplus i tried the settings i found here an thay dont work.

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Cseries :: Nokia C2-03 - Cant Open Internet Page

Oct 3, 2012

I cant open my internet page.

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HTC One M9 :: Internet Browser Opening Blank Web Page

Dec 3, 2015

when ever I try to enter a link (and/or any website, web search etc.) I get to a blank web page. only after I return to the previous page and retry accessing the website and loads properly.

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Xperia Z2 :: Internet Access Through WiFi - Web Page Is Not Available

Feb 12, 2015

I'm using my laptop as an internet hotspot using program mHotspot. I'm connecting to this network using another laptop and my Xperia Z2. I was using it for like 2-3 weeks already and everything were working fine but suddenly it stopped working correctly, I mean my phone doesn't have internet anymore. I doubt it'd be a problem with that program because my second laptop has internet access all the time with no problems.

Every time I'm trying to load some site (google, youtube, anything) I'm getting an error: This web page is not available. I can ony Reload or Show details. I click on "Show details" and it says that the server can't be found because the DNS look-up failed. There are some solutions to this problem but none works, I tried them already.

On the bottom of the page it shows Error code: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG.

Okay I get it, its something with DNS configuration but I can't figure out whats wrong. I tried changing DNS address in wi-fi settings but it didn't work.

Looks like its a problem only with my internet browsers (I tried using both Chrome and Dolphin browser) since other apps which uses internet connections (like Skype, Facebook messenger) works fine (except for that avatars are not loading at all).

Also I'd like to add that I wasn't changing any settings on the phone before the error appeared. I was browsing the internet at the evening and at the morning it wasn't working anymore.

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LG :: How To Get Internet Working With Alltel AX265 On Page-plus?

Aug 10, 2010

Does any one know how to get the internet working with Alltel LG AX265 on pageplus

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpressmusic - Set My Internet Home Page

Jan 17, 2010

how to change my home page to that other than provided by my network suppllier (3 mobile ).

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BB Bold 9000 :: Internet - Before Opening Another Page Return To ATT&T

Feb 11, 2010

I had a Pearl for 2 years and then it broke in July but my mom never stopped paying for the extra 30 dollars for the internet and stuff and then I got a Bold 3 weeks ago and up until like 5 days ago it let me on the internet. It will let me go to a site but then won't let me go anywhere else. For example it will let me go to and then I will google something and it goes to the AT&T world phone page and something pops up and says "A problem occured while trying to render the page" anyone know why it's not working?

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Galaxy S6 :: Set Start Page In Samsung Internet Browser

Jan 15, 2016

Is there a way to set the start page in the default Internet browser on a SM-G920T phone?

Whenever I exit the app and re-launch, it restores the previous session (i.e., it reloads the last page viewed).

I'd like it to always start on the page I've defined as my home page.

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IPhone :: Go Back To The Previous Page When Surfing Internet?

Jun 24, 2012

How do I go back to the previous page when surfing internet?

iPhone 4S

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Nokia Nseries :: How To Delete An Existing Internet Page (X7-00)

Oct 4, 2011

can somebody tell me how to delete an internet page which I have inadvertently installed twice ?

Nothing is said about in the manual of the X7-00.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Internet Book Marks On Home Page

Mar 6, 2010

Can I create a short cut or icon for my home page that points to a specific web page?

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Nokia Lumia :: Setting Internet Home Page On Windows Phone 7.5?

Apr 8, 2012

How do you set internet home page on Windows Phone 7.5 Nokia Lumia 900?Baseline information:Phone Manufacturer: NokiaPhone Model: Nokia Lumia 900Mobile Operator: AT&TSoftware: Windows Phone 7.5Phone Operating System version: 7.10.8112.7Zune software version: 4.8.2345.0Computer Operating System version: Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601)

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BB Curve :: Whenever Click On Browser And Try To Load A Page It Says 'Unable To Connect To The Internet?

Aug 20, 2011

I've got a blackberry curve 8520 and the other day, it completely wiped itself. I've managed to connect it back to my wifi but whenever i click on my browser and try to load a page it says 'Unable to connect to the internet, please try again later.' even though it says i am connected to the wireless.

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IPhone 5s :: IOS 8.1.1 / Internet Page Watching Video Is Held Screen With No Response

Dec 5, 2014

i'm a user of iphone 5s and updated ios 8.1.1,

but, the internet page watching video is held screen with no response

as i try to press the "done" button to turn off the current page, but it doesn't work at all.

i can't even leave the current page.

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.1

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BB Bold :: When Click On Internet Mail Account It Takes Back To The Setup Page

May 4, 2012

When I click on internet mail account it takes me back to the set up page what shall I do to set it up?

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Nokia Online Services :: Unable To Send Contact Form On Support Page

Jul 15, 2012

My N9 got bricked when I tried to upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 a few days back, and when I tried to using the contact page at I got errors saying I had not filled in the message and version number fields, although I had done so.

I tried on 3 PCs, 2 with Windows and one with Kubuntu, tried using Firefox and Opera on all of them, with varying installs of Flash and all that (including the latest) if that should matter at all...

My N9 issue is resolved now thanks to some un-bricking guides and software... so altough it still does freeze and reboot quite often (not as often as with older firmware though) it's finally usable again, but I'd just thought I let you know about my contact issues in case anyone else have the same experience.

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HTC :: Pro Touch 2 Not Able To Recieve Or Send MMS

Jun 6, 2010

I have an htc that is unlocked from tmobile to att but Im not able to recieve or send mms. Is there something I can do to fix the problem??

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HTC :: Connecting Touch Pro 2 To Rogers Internet

Jan 4, 2010

I live in Canada and have a data plan with Rogers. Up to a few days ago I had a Samsung Jack and internet on it was just fine. I received HTC Touch Pro 2 with WM 6.1 on it. I have problems connecting it to the internet, and Rogers sent me a link to some 3rd party site which is no loger up and running. I can't copy the settings from Jack, as for whatever reason it just doesnt let me open & see the settings. If I go to settings-> connections --> communicationm manager -- data connection, I see that it is set to 'turned off'. If I flick it to 'on', it displays a short message saying 'the phone is inspecting the configuration' and then quickly reverts to CONNECTIONS window, which allows me to :

- add a new connection
- add a new VPN server connection
- edit my proxy server
- manage existing connection

As for existing proxy server, I created a new one called ROGERS and have entered the following settings in the advanced tab for WAP settings

SERVER: Port: 9201 (this port came as default)
user name: wapuser1
password: wap

I found these settings somewhere, cant recall where.

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HTC :: Touch Dual Can't Get On Internet Or Receive MMS

Jan 30, 2010

I just got HTC touch dual as a gift.I know that it's an old phone but so far I kinda like it except I can not get on the internet or receive MMS. I am on T-Mobile US. I have searched but did not find a definitive answers. Could someone please list step by step of how to enter/configure the internet and MMS on my touch dual?

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Xperia Z2 :: Touch Screen Lags While Internet Is EDGE

Nov 7, 2014

I have a strange problem with my Z2 6503 android 5.1.1 ,While I'm using internet and the network coverage is EDGE my screen touch go crazy and lags then it stop response, so I manualy set the network to WCDMA to avoid such problem, How can i fix this issue ?

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BB Tour 9630 :: Way To Have Web Page Bookmark Shortcuts On Home Page?

Jun 1, 2010

I have a new Tour Blackberry 9630. Is there a way to have Web page bookmark shortcuts on the Home page? I have tried several copies, moves etc and can not seem to make it work. Want to be able to click on a bookmark and have it open Internet and go to that page.

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IPhone :: Moving Native App Page To Page?

Jun 17, 2010

This sounds totally "noobish" but, for some reason my "Weather" app has jumped from the homepage native app group on my 3GS to the second page. Is there anyway to get it back on the homepage where it belongs? I've tried to drag it drop it on the homepage but it no workie!!


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IPhone :: Organizing Applications - Page 3 To Page 2

Jul 30, 2010

On my iPhone4, I have 3 pages, 1/2 filled with apps. Is there a way to move an app from like page 3 to page 2? (The reason this came up is because I have my sports apps all together on page 2, and another sports app on page 3 so I can't seem to get it over to put it with the others.)

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IPhone :: Home Page Starts At Page 2?

Apr 12, 2012

my home page starts at page 2. page 1 now has spotlight search. how do i restore?

iPhone 4S

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BB Curve :: Send One A Red Cross Comes Up But Internet?

Oct 11, 2012

My bbm and emails arent working, when i send one a red cross comes up but my internet on my phone is still working, anyone know whats wrong with it?

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Nokia X3 :: Internet Settings - Use Web / Send MultiMedia?

Apr 3, 2010

I just bought a Nokia X3, and unlocked my AT&T GoPhone sim card to work with the phone, but I can't use web or send MultiMedia text messages; Anyone know what Internet setting I need to plug in manually for the phone? Phone doesn't manually have the settings, and AT&T customer Service was of no help at all.

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BB Curve :: Can't Get Internet Or Send Photos In 8520?

May 5, 2011

I have an orange Blackberry curve 8520 and i have now changed to 3. Since changing to 3 I am unable to get internet on the phone. I don't know what I need to do to set it up manually.

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Nokia :: Unable To Send Messages Or Access The Internet

Mar 27, 2010

Today my nokia e63 ran out of battery charge and as I was in town there was no way I could charge it. As I got home put my phone on charge and turned it back on, after a few minutes I decided I would send a text until I realized my phone would not let me do so. I had full signal and have tried to send a text in multiple areas around the house where I have signal. My girlfriend is on the same network as me and is having no problems at all. This all happened after my phone ran out of charge, is this a known issue? Does anybody know what might be going wrong with it?

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Nokia :: 6760 Slide Won't Access Internet Or Send Mms

Jun 24, 2010

I've just bought the 6760 slide unlocked from Vodafone. I want to use my 3 mobile sim. It's good to make calls, sms etc but won't allow me to access the internet or send mms. So I'd obviously need to change the settings but I have no idea how to do this.

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