Galaxy S6 :: How To Turn Off Or Adjust Capacitive (hardware) Button Lights On Phone

Apr 12, 2015

I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but I believe that these instructions should work on the S6 as well. On the Note 4, there was an option to adjust the Capacitive buttons lights - always on, always off, 1.5, and 6 seconds. On the S6, this option was removed from some variants (I believe that the AT&T version still has this option). If your phone doesn't have this option, then you can change the capacitive button light settings through ADB.

1. If you haven't done so, you will need to set up SDK on the PC/Mac first: Installing the Android SDK for Windows, Mac and Linux: A tutorial | Android Central

2. Enable Developer options by going into settings-about phone,and press on the Build Number 7 times.

3. Plug in the phone into the computer. Wait until the phone is recognized in the File Explorer (in Windows 8 on the Metro Screen, type "File Explorer", and select it). It should say Samsung-SM-G925V (or similar) in File Exporer

3. Go to Settings-Developer options, and enable USB debugging. A pop up menu will prompt you if you want the computer access, so select "Yes".

4. Go to the Command Prompt(in Windows 8 on the metro screen, tpye "command prompt", and select it) and type "ADB devices". You should see a device connected.

5. On the Command Line, Type "adb shell settings put system button_key_light 0" to disable capacitive lights.

The options are:

"adb shell settings put system button_key_light 0" -> always disable the capacitive button lights
"adb shell settings put system button_key_light -1" -> always enable the capacitive button lights
"adb shell settings put system button_key_light 1500" -> always disable the capacitive button lights after 1.5 seconds
"adb shell settings put system button_key_light 6000" -> always disable the capacitive button lights after 6.0 seconds
"adb shell settings get system button_key_light" -> get the current setting (standard: 1500, ie. 1.5 seconds)

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Turn Off Light For Capacitive Buttons

Apr 11, 2015

How to turn the lights for them off? I can't find it in the settings

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Manage When Capacitive Buttons (settings, Home, Back, Search) Lights On?

Jun 27, 2012

how to manage when capacitive buttons (settings, home, back, search) lights on, because, when I use my Moto in night, I need to guess where is Home and Back buttons.

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Galaxy S6 :: Turn Off Touch Key Lights?

Apr 1, 2015

I can't find the option anywhere in settings to turn off the backlights for the back and recent apps button. It's normally under display (like my Note 4) but it's missing.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Turn Off Phone - Power Button Not Working

Dec 31, 2015

The power on/off button doesn't work. I can't turn the phone off

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Xperia Z2 :: Phone Won't Turn On - Red And Green Lights Blinking When Put On Charge

Jul 3, 2010

Then i try to charge phone, it start blinking red and green lights. Can it be a battery problem, because then i try connect my phone with computer, PC comparison is trying to connect a phone about every 5 seconds, but wont connect.

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Motorola Droid 3 :: Capacitive Button Back-light?

Aug 3, 2011

From day one the D3, i received on july 8th after placing a phone order, seemed to have really dim button backlight. Well after a couple weeks i went into a VZW store to purchase an extended battery and noticed that the D3 they have out on display has very bright buttons. I've been very busy at work so i finally got around to seeking some tech support and thy are sending me a CLNR to replace mine. I wished i had sought out tech support a couple weeks ago so i would be getting a new phone and not one someone else returned.


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Motorola Razr :: Wake Up Display Via Capacitive Button?

Jan 31, 2012

To use it one must press the power button,operation that almost all the time requires the use of both hands,and then swipe ur finger to unlock the screen.And u have to do it tens or maybe hundreds of times daily.Or having the phone in a car holder;that holder needs to be awful sturdy so u can just press with one finger the pwr but I couldn't pull it off. I need to grab the phone with my big finger and then using the index finger tri to find the little pwr button.I have to admit that I'm a big fan of physical buttons(I still weep after my Nokia 9300i) but also the solution provided by Galaxy S II with its physical home button sounds ok to me.I think that giving the user an option to keep or not the home button active would be a nice feature on the RAZR.

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HTC One M7 :: Capacitive Buttons Don't Turn Off

Aug 8, 2013

I know some have mentioned they don't turn on unless it's really really dark. But for some reason mine won't turn off. Even when it's in sunlight.

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Nokia :: 5530 XM Hardware Display / End Button Lights Up

Jun 5, 2010

When I put the battery on,the End button lights up, and when I try to turn it on there's no display. Any suggestions or tips on how to fix this?

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Increase The Brightness Of The Back Button Lights?

Oct 2, 2012

How to increase the brightness of the back button lights of Xperia Neo ?I hav unlocked the boot loader and then after trying so many custom roms , flashed the official sony rom ICS 4.0.4 , build no : 4.1.B.0.587 !!!the lights were bright wen I used CM9 and want the same brightness for this one too?

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Lumia 1020 :: Navigation Button Lights Not Glowing

Dec 26, 2014

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, those that were celebrating

I got a Lumia 1020 a few days ago, and have noticed the lights of the 3 buttons at the button aren't working. I can't remember having seen them glow. Even last night, the didn't seen to be working in the dark.

I am currently using DP, could that be the reason?

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Soft Button Lights Not Always On?

Feb 26, 2012

I've had my Bionic about a week. The 4 soft buttons along the bottom of the screen (is there a common term for these?) are not always lit up. They all light up or they all don't, it's not just one of them. They're lit when I wake up the display, they'll go off after a while, sometimes just stay off briefly, other times stay off for a while. Is there any protocol for when the lights should be on or off? Is this a defect I should be concerned about?

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Nokia Nseries :: Button Lights Not Giving Light

Dec 15, 2011

One day when I work up I noticed that the 3 buttons and the shortcut key light wasn't on.And I tried hard reset, update to the latest version, but all didn't work.

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Galaxy S6 :: Capacitive Buttons Not Lighting Up

Apr 27, 2015

For some reason, my capacitive buttons next to the home button aren't lighting up. Did Samsung do away with this? Since I'm used to the way they work, I know where to push the button to go back or to open recently opened apps but I'd like to have them lit if I could.

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Galaxy S6 :: Capacitive Buttons Faulty

Jan 11, 2016

I bought new lcd..because my old one cracked. The process of change run smooth.. But when i turn on phone my capacitive buttons doesn't react. The lighs turn on when phone Boots and shutdown.

So my questions are:

-can be lcd defective?
-only thing that communicate is lcd flat cable connect to mainboard?
-buttons zone are controlled by digitizer right? Or are related with power board where buttons are?

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Galaxy S6 :: Capacitive Buttons Light

Nov 29, 2015

I don't know if I post this in the right section. I just wanted to let others know that I've found a way to disable the light from capacitive buttons even if the phone is not in Power Saving Mode, and ofc without any third party software.You dial *#0*# and you go to the bottom and press "Black". Now, if you hold the power button you can chose to restart the phone and the backlight will stay off. If you press volume up key after you pressed "Black" it will just exit.At first I was thinking I broke my phone. Then I realise how it works.

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Galaxy S6 :: Capacitive Buttons Not Working

May 24, 2015

I have the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S6

A few different times now the capacitive buttons stopped working. They don't light up, they don't work, and there is no haptic feedback from them. It always happens after a restart, but not the first restart.

I have tried factory reset and that didn't work. I had to flash my phone using Verizon's repair assistant to fix the problem.

The second time it happened I thought it was due to installing that Galaxy Lights app everyone is talking about. I booted into safe mode, uninstalled the app and restarted. Once I did it worked for a few more days before it happened again.

A few minutes ago it happened again. This time I haven't installed that app or any other apps that would affect the buttons. I am rooted with Ping Pong but I haven't done anything other than remove a few bloatware items and use Titanium Backup.

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BB Torch :: Front Panel Bottom Button Lights Staying On

Feb 25, 2012

I'm having an issue with my new Torch 9810 where the 4 front control keys remain illuminated after the touch screen dims out (phone answer key, blackberry key, return key, end call key). The only way to fix it temporarily is doing a battery pull but after about an hour it happens again. Really drains the battery down fast. I've gone as far as deleting all the installed apps, checked for updates etc but still ongoing. Phone is only 2 months old. Please help. ThxTorch 9810O.S 7.0 bundle 1328 (v7.0.0.254)Rogers wireless

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BB Torch :: 9810 Front Button Back Lights Stay On

Aug 2, 2012

I have a 9810, and the Call and BB menu button backlights are always on. I've tried numerous battery pulls, reinstalled the OS, repaired the OS, changed my backlight settings. Security wipe and re install. I don't know what caused it. Nothing had been installed on the phone for the past couple months, and it only started 3 days ago. Screen Lock does nothing.

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Sony Ericsson :: Zylo Front Panel Button Lights

Nov 19, 2010

I have a real problem at sliding when I slide down the buttons are enlighted(the control ones : up, down, left, right, answer, hang up and the other two ) , BUT when i slide up they are not anymore I also tried to see in the dark how do i manage to use the cellphone and it does't work quite well I hope you can find something that will help me I also have to tell that I updated the cellphone once to the final update and I also master reseted it.
I added two pictures that I think would help you understand the problem. I hope you will find a solution that will work for this. I surely don't want to wait 2 weeks before it comes out from the service for it because this minor problem.

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Galaxy S6 :: Capacitive Keys - Any Way To Reduce Sensitivity

Apr 24, 2015

I'm finding it really annoying that sometimes when typing part of my palm hits the corner of the phone which brings up the multi task window. Is there a way to reduce the sensitivity of the keys?

It would of been good if they only work when hitting the centre of them and not the edge of the phone.

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Galaxy S5 :: App Turn Off Button Is Greyed Out

Oct 27, 2014

Ive searched the forums and everybody says to turn off the app you got to application manager/all then hit the turn off button. Well, my turn off button is greyed out. I've cleared cache, cleared data, cleared defaults. I've turned off flipboard and google newstand.This piece of crap app is still running and draining my battery.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Turn Off Multitask And Back Button

Jun 21, 2014

I have recently switched to from the iphone 4s to the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Everything about the phone is great except the annoying multitasking and back button that i keep accidentally "touch" when playing games, watching full screen vids, etc. Is there a way to make the side "buttons" less sensitive or move it to the home button like the iphone? This way, I can hold the phone with both hands and not accidentally stop what i'm doing by literally/barely grazing those two corners.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Duplicate Backlight Reflections Of Capacitive Keys

May 6, 2015

I got an S6 Edge Gold phone last week and noticed a weird duplication of backlight reflections of the capacitive keys.

There is an original light, and then there are two more reflections which is very weird. I can tell they are reflections because as I tilt the phone those two reflections change angles while the original light stays in its spot.

The issue is also with the notification color lights. When ever it blinks I see two reflections (one above and one below). So it looks like a grain of rice instead of a small circle.

Please see the image below for a better understanding:

My inspection of the device tells me that theres something wrong when the different layers of glasses were stacked. I have looked at some other Edge phones and they don't have this issue.

I have also seen that when very bright light shines in all angles and when the phone is tilted (with screen turned off) and observed carefully I see diagonal lines on the entire screen with a space of about 5mm each. It is very hard to see them, and when I turn the screen on I can't see any flaw.

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LG G3 :: Where Is Power Button On Phone To Turn It Off

May 6, 2015

I have never had to turn off my phone and I don't know how.

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Lumia 1520 :: Why Phone Capacitive Buttons Flickering

Jan 5, 2015

Recently the back, and start buttons on my 1520 have not been turning on, or flickering. The search button has not shown any signs of the issue. The buttons still work, and have no functionality issues.

It started randomly, and I notice if I press on certain parts of the phone, the lights may go on or off. They may also go on or off of their own accord.

I had dropped my phone a few days prior, but there was no visible damage, and the issue was delayed.

I'm assuming this is a hardware issue and I would need to replace it in order to fix it, but are there other possibilities?

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IPhone :: 4 Will Not Turn On Only Led Flash Lights Up

Jun 24, 2012

My iphone 4 wont turn on but the led flash stays on... What could this problem be?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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Galaxy S6 :: Power Button Not Working Can't Turn Back On

Oct 30, 2015

It appears that the power button on my Galaxy S6 isn't working anymore. I have faulted this with samsung and they have asked me to send it to them for repair. Today, I was going to back up my phone but my battery went flat before I could do this and now I cant get the phone back on!! Some have suggested holding down the volume up button then plugging in the usb lead while connected to a computer, it didn't work. I have also tried the volume down button and the home button at the same time while plugged in via usb, this didn't work either. how I can get into recovery mode without using the power button, I really need to get the phone back on, the battery is sealed in.

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BB Bold :: 4 Flashing Red Lights Won't Turn On 9000

Nov 25, 2012

i bought a bold second hand ages ago and it was working fine until one night when i came in to find my phone switched off with 4 shortish/medium flashing red lights in a sequence, hasnt been dropped or waterdamaged and i had no apps on it and the stock os as i only need it for emails and texts. i cant get it to be recognised by the computer and i know the wire isnt faulty as i borrowed my friends 7230 wire (mini usb is the same for both models) and her 7230 and her husbands 9000 is recognised with and without the battery by my pc and hers.ive tried the following:1. battery pull - 1 long red light then the continuous four medium flashes over and over, same when i plug it into a pc (no red light or battery icon at all when plugged in without a battery)2. using desktop manager - nothing happens no device detected3. using the jl_cmder - no device detected4. using apploader by itself - no device detected/ no way to get past the usb/com port screen as the 'next' button is greyed out5. using apploader through command /nojvm - no device detected/no way to get past the usb/com port screen6. quickly switching phones with my friend when her phone is recognised without a battery and a update is prompted, it sort of works by letting me choose the os but then says no device detected

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IPhone :: Screen Lights Turn On And Pays For Itself

Apr 12, 2012

I bought my iphone 4s in Miami, about a month ago. My phone screen lights turn on and pays for itself by now. Is this normal? Is there a solution?,I am now in my country

Info:iPhone 4S

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