Galaxy S6 :: How To Send Photos That Are On Phone In Text Messages

Nov 22, 2015

I have tried several things like touching the + sign in the lower left hand corner of the text message that I am sending. This sends me to other icons and from there I am lost. I know I am probably missing something very simple.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Cannot Send Or Receive Text Messages With New Samsung Phone

Nov 28, 2015

I was able to send and receive text messages on my Samsung Galaxy SII which I have had since July 2012. I am on Bell network. A Bell customer service agent told me that Bell needs to update their towers to accommodate the programs that newerSamsung phones are using.

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IPhone 5 :: IOS 7.1.1 / Cannot Send Or Receive Text Messages With Photos

Jun 20, 2014

Using iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1.1. recently, I am not able to sent text messages with a photo attached. I get NOT DELIVERED. I cannot rec photos as a text either. I have deleted text msgs especially those containing photos, but I still can't send a text with a picture.

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Galaxy S5 :: Cannot Send Out Text Messages?

Mar 20, 2015

I can receive text all day long but when I try to send them out it says 'Error'

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Galaxy S5 :: Adding Photos To Text Messages

Dec 10, 2015

I used to be able to include photos in txt messages no problem but recently I get the messsage unable to attach file.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Doesn't Send Photos Or Video Via Text Message

Dec 2, 2015

When I try to send multiple photos with my new s6 edge it will only load one of the pics to be sent via txt. When I try to send a video it says it has to resize video so I allow it to do so. But then when I send the video it is half the length and very blurry.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Send Pictures Via Text Messages

Apr 28, 2015

I would like to know how can I send pictures from my Galaxy S6 Edge using text messages to my contacts.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Can't Send Or Receive Text Messages

Aug 26, 2015

Samsung S6 through Verizon. All of a sudden I cannot send or receive a text. Is it a setting or do I need to stop at Verizon and have them look at it?

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Won't Pictures Sent Through A Text / Messages Send

May 8, 2015

I was able to send pictures via text/messages ... did the update now I can not send pictures. not even getting an error message it just sits there like its sending but NOT..

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Galaxy S5 :: Can Receive But Can't Send Text Messages?

Mar 7, 2015

I can receive messages but cannot send them...

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Galaxy S5 :: Use Voice To Send Text Messages

Mar 7, 2015

Is there any way to use your voice to type text in Verizon Message +........... What about samsung message ??

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LG G3 :: Why Can't Send Text Messages From Phone

Sep 23, 2015

just switch from Verizon to metro PC everything works except I can't send text messages

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Galaxy S6 :: Unable To Send Or Receive Text Messages

Jan 18, 2016

I have a strange issue,if my phone hasn't sent or received a text for a few hours I am unable to send or receive text messages,turning on and then off aeroplane mode fixes it instantly.Its like my phone has "forgot" my network.

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Galaxy S5 :: Unable To Send Or Receive Multimedia Text Messages?

Dec 30, 2014

I am unable to send or receive multimedia text messages but I am able to connect to all my social medias just fine. I have plenty of data left and I am disconnected from my at home wifi.I've tried rebooting it and trying to send a multimedia message while connected to wifi and nothing has worked.

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Galaxy S5 :: Cannot Send Text Messages (but Can Receive) Even After Factory Reset

Oct 2, 2015

My Galaxy S5 was bought new and boxed on August 6th. After 5 weeks it started playing up as the ringtone would play over and over with every new notification (FB, Twitter etc) meaning I had to turn the phone off. A reboot and Zedge app delete sorted this out however now I find I cannot sent text messages but I can receive them. I can also post on all social media but not send a text.

I have twice restored the phone to factory settings which solves the problem for about a week, then it returns. I'm on 4G with Unlimited Texts and I'm not over my allowance. To date I have tried the following which didn't work....

* Switched the phone off then back on
* Installed the latest software
* Switched to Flight Mode then back again
* Checked the text message centre number (+447782000800) is correct
* Restored phone to factory settings (twice)
* Removed WhatsApp
* Removed all music and video media

I managed to get my text service up and running (so far) by clearing the message cache. Here is how to do it on Samsung S5 APPS - SETTINGS - scroll down to APPLICATIONS - APPLICATION MANAGER - scroll across the screen to the left to the 'ALL' menu - scroll down to MESSAGES - CLEAR CACHE. Finally re-start your phone to allow changes to take effect.

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Galaxy S5 :: Cannot Send Photos Through Email On Phone

Mar 5, 2015

I select a bunch of photos, and cannot send thru my main email, which is verizon. Yet when I select GMAIL to send the photos, it goes right thru. How can I fix this.

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Sony Ericsson :: X2 / Aspen Can't Send And Receive Mobile Phone Text Messages?

Nov 18, 2010

1.X2/Aspen can't send and receive mobile phone text messages Is there phone menu settings?
2.With WLAN-enabled mobile phone, open the WLAN if the way to access the Internet, then browse the web or other access, GPRS/EDGE/3G network traffic would not be taking it?
3.X2/Aspen how to Android series of mobile phones in the mobile terminal as the temporary closure of access to GPRS and MMS.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Is Phone Not Able To Send Sms Messages With 2-3 Bars Of Service

Apr 5, 2015

My wife is sitting next to me with an iPhone 6 and never has an issue sending sms from our house. I can get a message out 25% of the time with my Galaxy S5? My old S3 never had this issue. Does the antenna stink on my S5, or is there another issue?

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BB Bold :: Can Send Text Messages But Can't Receive Any Text Messages

Nov 19, 2012

I can send text messages but can't receive any text messages (sms). Ideed, i have a message like that : "message memory full" i delete a lot of messages, i don't have any video or pictures, my memory is not full, so i don't understand why it's like that. I have this probleme for 4 days ant it becomes very annoying. delete any message cause i delete three-quarters of messages..

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Galaxy S5 :: Retrieving Deleted Phone Stuff (Photos / Messages / Music)

Oct 26, 2015

Recently deleted all my photos, messages, music in my Samsung S5. How can i retrieve them.

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Galaxy S6 :: Can't Make Phone Calls / Send Messages Or Surf On The Internet

Apr 24, 2015

I have this problem since I bought my S6. The thing is that I can't call anyone or text or surf on the internet. It doesnt happen all the time. But when it happens, I need to restart the phone so that I can do these things. It happens when there is no reason. Imagine that I lock my screen. Then I take my phone and want to call or text or surf on the internet, it won't let me. The signal level is ok. I have changed my sim card. There were 2 updates, I installed them but still happens.

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Galaxy S5 :: Where Are Text Messages Stored On Phone

Jan 10, 2015

Where are my text messages stored on a Galaxy S5 phone that has no memory card?

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Phone Takes Long Time To Send Pictures Via Text?

Jul 27, 2015

takes forever to send a pictures thru text messaging

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Open Deleted Text Messages On Phone

Jul 7, 2015

I deleted a thread of messages then realized I needed them.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Isn't Attaching Picture To Text Messages?

Dec 9, 2015

I have a s6 and i can't attach a file to a text message (picture) how can I fix this?

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Galaxy S5 :: App That Will Allow Text Messages And Notifications Go From Phone To Computer?

Jan 27, 2015

When working from my computer and so not to have to go to my phone, is there an app. (that will sync with my phone app.) or method to receive and send texts from my computer. Will it have a pop-up box on my computer?

Will it also show and save the texts on my phone?I am on verizon with an S5. I use the standard messaging app on my phone.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Lock Text Messages From Being Deleted On Phone

Sep 18, 2014

I see the option for locked messages on the drop down menu inside the messaging app, but for the life of me I do not understand how to actually LOCK a message. It's not really a big deal cause I wouldn't use that option much anyway, but it just irks me not knowing. I watched a tutorial on Youtube and the guy on the clip had different options than what my S5 has?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Unable To Send Text Messages / Opened Received Messages

Jul 24, 2010

Just recently I have had some problems sending normal text messages..The problem is when I want to send a text I go to my contacts and try to send a sms message, but instead of opening up a conversation window I get taken straight to my recieved messages... I havent had a problem replying to messages after people have texted me, its iniating the converstation thats not working.

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Nokia Nseries :: Send Text Messages On The Grounds That "Text Message

Jan 24, 2012

So my N79 is refusing to let me send text messages on the grounds that "Text Message: Not enough memory to perform operation. Please delete some data first". So I went through and got rid of a heap of stuff - songs, videos the kinda things that are big files, and still no change.

My phone memory has 368kb free and my memory card has 3734 mb of free memory.Was working perfectly fine yesterday with more data and my phone stores about 1000 messages pretty easily, several videos, songs etc..

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IPhone :: Can't Receive Any Text Messages From Other Persons But I Can Send Messages To Them

May 26, 2012

I can't really receive any messages. It's all delayed. I'm from Philippines. my iPhone had been unlocked since my mom bought it in USA. I can't receive any messages here in our province but when I'm in Metro Manila, it's working.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Screen Resize When Try To Delete Text Messages On Phone?

Jul 23, 2015

When I'm trying to delete text on my S6 edge, the screen keeps resizing to large. Is there anyway of stopping this from happening?

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