Cseries :: Restoring C3 To Factory Settings - Need Security Codes

Dec 15, 2011

I am trying to reset my c3 to factory settings. It says I need some security codes, my phones only like 2 weeks old and I have not put any passcodes on it or anything. How can I find out what this code is?

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Nokia :: X6 - Restoring Factory Settings

Apr 9, 2010

If i go to settings>phone>phone mgmt.>factory settings. what exactly is deleted from the phone?

For example does it delete personal files from the phone memory? does this affect the mass memory?

Do you want to get all the firmware updates for your phone? Get a SIM-free one!

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IPhone 4s :: Restoring To Factory Settings

Jun 27, 2014

I follow the steps provided here: iOS: Forgot passcode or device disabled. I connect my iPhone 4s to my computer and select the "Restore iPhone..." option and then select "Restore and Update" after I get a pop-up. Then iTunes says "Extracting software" and after that completes it gives me an error:

The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred(3004). Also keep in mind that I am doing this to get rid of a passcode so I cannot access the iPhone directly. I am running Windows 7 32-bit SP1. I have the latest version of iTunes.

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BB Bold :: Restoring Factory Settings On 9780?

Jul 29, 2012

How to restore the factory settings on a bold 9780? My screen in broken. I've got all the software loaded just cant find it anywhere.

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BlackBerry :: Restoring Factory Settings On 7100?

Mar 29, 2012

I'm trying to reactivate my old BB 7100 as a second phone. I need to erase huge amounts of current info contained on it - how do I restore to factory settings on this model?

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IPhone 4s :: Restoring To Factory Settings Without Internet

Jun 4, 2014

Im trying to restore factory settings on my iphone to send it off for trade in but it will not allow me to do this without an internet connection. The wifi on the phone doesnt work which is why i've got a new one. Is there any way to do this offline?

iPhone 4S

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Nokia N900 :: Restoring To Factory Defaults Settings?

Jan 4, 2010

Due to much meddling of my own my N900 is now in a very interesting (mostly usable) state. I was wondering if there is a simple way I can attach my device to my computer and restore it to factory defaults (software wise). Reflashing the device does [i]not[/i] restore all default settings. I want to remove all user added/edited files as well as restore the default partition layout of the device.

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IPhone :: Lost All Apps While Restoring To Factory Settings

May 10, 2010

I ran into a problem recently, I had to restore my iPhone to factory settings and in doing so I lost all my apps. I also got a new computer and don't have my old computer with all my apps on itunes.Basically I don't have my apps on my iPhone or computer.Is there any way I can recover my apps using my itunes account?

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BB Bold :: Restoring 9700 Back To Factory Settings?

Sep 29, 2012

How can I restore my blackberry bold 9700 back to factory settings? The phone has a mind of it's own, only some buttons are working and it keeps turning itself off, calling random people and so on and it's only been since the last update it did.. need to restore.

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HTC One M7 :: Restoring Notes And Tasks After Reset To Factory Settings?

Dec 14, 2014

Does HTC One back up standard notes and tasks which come installed with the phone? I had to reset my phone to factory settings due to "silence" calls outgoing and incoming. Restored using HTC Sync manager from computer but notes and tasks were not restored?

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IPhone :: Backup My Contacts Before Restoring To Factory Settings?

Apr 11, 2012

How do I backup my contacts to my computer (not i itunes - my software is corrupted) before restoring factory settings?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: How To Back Up Before Restoring Factory Settings

Jun 1, 2011

how do i back up before restoring factory settings?

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Nokia :: How To Retrieve Data After Restoring Factory Settings On 3600 Slide

Jun 18, 2010

I didn't realise my numbers were saved to the phone. Can i retrieve them?

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IPhone :: Can Apple Set A Check On 4 For Unauthorized User Before Restoring It To Factory Default Settings

Mar 27, 2012

I lost my iPhone 4 and it is showing offline on iCloude.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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Cseries :: Nokia C1 Restore All Factory Settings

Mar 12, 2012

I had Nokia c1. Got a problem like display lights are blinking i fought that its time to restore all factory settings.so i clicked the restory factory settings option its already 2days overed till now my phone didnt switched on.

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Cseries :: Nokia C3 - Restore Factory Settings / All Files And Features Gone

Jan 20, 2011

I just bought nokia c3 for a week, I accidentally click the restore factory settings and then entered the password, after that, all my files gone, the communities, ovi store, and other features of the phone. the original theme color on the phone is green, white and blue right?

Then after restoring the theme become gray and other features gone, and the worse thing that I cant use the internet although I have wifi connection. The goto address and other menu in the internet gone, the only remaining is home, browser and web services.

When I click home it says check home page address, when I click browser, it doesn't work
also the web services. The community, ovi store, and other features gone, all tones gone, all themes, all games gone, nothing left.

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IPhone :: What Are The Model Numbers/codes For Factory Unlocked 4s

Mar 12, 2012

What are the model numbers/codes for factory unlocked iphone 4s?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 3GS Restoring JB IP To Factory

Aug 30, 2010

I am selling my JB iPhone 3GS. I want to wipe it clean though.What would be the best way to restore it/wipe it clean? If I do, does it lose the JB?

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HTC One M7 :: Restoring Erased Factory-installed Apps

Nov 25, 2013

Using a 3rd party software I accidentally erased some factory-installed apps, like the calculator, flashlight among others. I know there other similar apps in the market....

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IPhone :: Restoring To Factory Setting Will Install IOS 5.1 Over 5.0.1?

Mar 15, 2012

If I restore my iPhone back to factory settings will it install ios 5.1 on the device? Right now I have ios 5.0.1 on the device and I don't really want 5.1.

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IPhone :: No Service After Restoring 3G To Factory Setting

Jun 23, 2012

I have NO service after i reset my phone to original settings, now I only get the emergency call display and request for a new sim card with no number

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1, NO service at all

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IPhone 4s :: Restoring To Factory Setting Through ITunes - Cannot Activate

Jun 2, 2014

I just reset my phone back to its original settings. I cannot now reactivate it. It keeps telling me that I cannot use thhe appleID that I am signing on with. This is my apple ID that I have always used.

iPhone 4S

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IPhone 5s :: Stuck At Activation Screen After Restoring To Factory Setting

Jun 5, 2014

I had deleted my Apple ID and created one same Apple ID again. After i restored my iphone to factory setting, it stuck at the activation screen, even if i filled in the correct Apple ID and password, it shows "cannot use this Apple ID to unock this phone'.

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop OS Upgrade - Restoring All Apps And Data After Factory Reset?

Apr 6, 2015

Verizon Samsung S5 with Kit Kat and want to update to the latest Lollipop. The question is about restoring all the apps and data after a factory reset after the upgrade.

1. I have moved a lot of programs to the SD card- do I need to move them back to Device Memory?
2. If I sign in with my Google account after the Factory Reset after the OS upgrade, will all the apps automatically be restored/installed?
3. I have the Google backup set automatically and restore automatically- will the data and settings be restored as the apps are restored once I log into my Google account?
4. What about all my internet email accounts (Comcast, GMail, etc.)- will they automatically be restored for the messages that are on the S5 and automatically connected to the accounts or do I have to reset these up again?
5. The S5 is also my work email, which is an Exchange Server- will the Factory Reset mean that my IT dept. needs to reestablish the connection between the S5 and the Exchange Server or will that happen automatically (if emails are part of the automatic restore?)
6. I have Keis 3 installed on my computer- should I use this as a backup and restore instead of relying on the automatic Google backup and restore?

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BB Bold :: 9650 - Restoring Factory Defaults To Remove All Personal Info?

Jul 12, 2011

How do I restore factory default settings and remove ALL personal information (i.e.: calendar, contacts, etc.) from my BB Bold 9650?

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Cseries :: Restoring Ovi.com Contacts Into C7?

Nov 30, 2011

The contacts in my C7 are lost. Fortunately i can see the last update in ovi.com.However, there is NO way by which I am able to restore them. When I try the 'Manage..' -> restore option, I get the following "Your device is partially configured. Please complete the configuration by synchronizing the device or remove it to add another." No clue about what and where is this 'partial configuration'.There is no waythat I can find to export these contacts so that I can try to import it into ovi suite on my laptop (I did not have a backup on my laptop till now!)

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Cseries :: Restoring Applications After Reflash On C6-01

Jun 27, 2012

I had to erase everything from my C6-01 because of some issues I had. The problem now is that my old applications that came from Nokia package disappeared (such as Nokia Store). About Nokia Store, I have tried various ways to reinstall it, guided by the pieces of advices I had found on this site, yet nothing works for me. Plus, I cannot seem to resize my pictures when I set them as wallpapers. Everything went haywire. How I can restore my applications?

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Cseries :: What Is The Security Code For A C3-01

Mar 16, 2012

what is the security code for a c3-01? ( Ive never used it so it should be set at default?) I dont want to try because I read the phone can lock up if you enter the wrong one more than 3 times?

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Cseries :: C3-00 Security Code Not Been Accepted?

Oct 5, 2010

i bought a nokia c3-00 yesterday, on changing the security code the phone now ain't unlocking using the new security code. I have tried all the procedures of turing in off, letting it stay idle but the phone aint accepting the new security code or the default one...

I have all my data on the phone and now i cant access it. What should I do?

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Cseries :: Can't Remember C3 Security Code

Oct 17, 2011

can't remember my c3 security code.

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Cseries :: Nokia C7-Security Code?

Feb 16, 2012

I purchased this phone before 3 months.Never used or changed security code.One week ago I updated the sotware using nokia suite..But afterthat when restarting the phone , it asks security code..i typed the default seurity 12345..but it doesn't accepts. change or reset.Product Code-059B7V9 Model-C7-00 Type-675

Moderator's note: we have removed the IMEI number from your post because Nokia does not recommend users to post sensitive information.

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