BB Torch :: Screen Light Turns On 5-10 Seconds After Hit The Lock Button?

Jan 19, 2011

When I hit the lock button, my screen turns off, but turns back on only 5-10 seconds after by itself and then stays on until the battery dies. It does stay off if I insert it into a Blackberry belt holster, so as long as I leave it there, it's fine, but I want to take it out and not have the battery drain so quickly.

The only way I can ensure the screen is off when not in the holster is to power off, but I need my phone to be on 24/7 for business.

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Samsung :: Captivate - Back Light For The 4 Buttons Below The Screen - Turns Off After About 2-3 Seconds

Aug 14, 2010

I just got my new Captivate and it is a very nice phone. I have one issue with it and wanted to know if it is normal or do I have a defective phone. No matter where i am and what type of light I am in (i.e sunlight,darkness etc) the back light for the 4 buttons below the screen (Home, Menu,Search and back) turns off after about 2-3 seconds which is very quickly. It comes back on if I touch the buttons or if I touch the screen. I see a backlight timer for the screen but not for the touch sensitive buttons. Is it normal that the backlight for the buttons goes out in 2-3 seconds? Of do I have a defect?

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IPhone :: My Phone Turns On, Turns Off, Turns Back On Then Off And When I Get To The Lock Screen It Says Low Battery But On The Top Which Has The Percent Bar Says 100%

Jun 18, 2012

My Iphone (white) turns on then off then on then off then on then off! Finaly when I eventually get to the lock screen it says: conect to power but I charged it last night and the percent bar (top right) says 100% . Now it says to charge with itunes? What am I supposed to do!

iPhone 4, I don't know what the problem is?

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Nokia :: 5800XM Screen Turns On For 30 Seconds And Then Turns Off

Jan 10, 2010

Over the last 3 days ive noticed my phone using a lot more battery than it usually does, i can usually get upto 2 days battery usage when its used frequently, but it has been getting less than a day over the last 3 days.

I turned the phone off with the power button and tried to turn it on again, The instant i press the power button the screen turns on (stays black but becomes a dark grey with the backlight) for about 30 seconds, but nothing else happens, the screen turns off after those 30 seconds and its back to square 1.I have tried turning it on again without a sim card, or memory card, or both and still the same result

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BB Torch :: Deactivating On/off Button While In Screen-Lock?

Jun 25, 2012

Is it possible to deactivate the On/Off Button while the device is screen locked?

A User have a problem that he puts his Blackberry in his pockets and it could be that the on/off Button gets accidentally pushed for some seconds and the Blackberry turns itself off.

Now he wants to disable the button while in screen lock.

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BB Torch :: Screen Lock Button Is VERY Sensitive

Oct 13, 2010

The screen lock button is VERY sensitive. I unlocks in my pocket and pocket dials or even turns off all connections.

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BB Torch :: Can Stop The Lock Button From Locking The Screen

Aug 31, 2011

Is there any way that I can stop the lock button from locking the screen. I find my left hand is to close to the button. Can the phone be set so that when the phone is put into the holster it would lock the screen.

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BB Curve :: 8520 - Screen Turns Blacks For Few Seconds

Mar 25, 2011

My curve 8520(23BCFD52) has a wired problem. When I am using my phone, al of a sudden my screen black(dead) for few seconds , all keys are working at that time. after a few seconds my screen comes back. my phone also hangs all of a sudden.all this started to happen after I loaded my memory card.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Screen Turns On Every 15 Seconds While Phone Is Charging

Apr 22, 2015

My S5's screen turns on every 15 seconds or so while the phone is charging. Its not that big a deal, but I can't imagine it causes the phone to charge faster when it is turning on the screen all the time.

What's odd is that it stops doing it when my phone gets to 90%-charged. From 90% to 100%, it doesn't do it, but any percentage lower than 90%, it turns on about every 15-20 seconds and stays on for like 2 seconds, turns itself off, then turns on again 15 seconds later.I have browsed through the Settings pages, but can't find anything that looks like a way to stop this.

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BB Torch :: LED Light Shows For About 5 Seconds

Oct 25, 2011

My phone just went off on its own. The LED shows for about five seconds on n off when i plug the phone to a wall charger. I have pulled the battery and reinserted but nothing changed. I charged it over night and the phone flickered on and off this morning the went off again to its off status.

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BB Torch 9800 :: Pressing End Button Will Shut Down Cellphone Even In Lock Screen

Aug 13, 2010

I just found that it's not just OS6.It's better on BOLD because pressing "end" button while in Standby mode will just wake the device.Is there Standby mode in OS6? on Torch? When you are composing email/txt msg, once you touch the "send" icon on touchscreen the msg will just be sent immediately. I hate this because I might hit it randomly. Is there any way to add a confirmation window there?

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IPhone 5c :: Screen Suddenly Turns Black With White Apple Logo For Few Seconds

Jun 26, 2014

My 3 months old iphone 5cĀ screen suddenly turns black with the white Apple logo for a few seconds then returns to normal almost everyday especially while playing game like Dead Trigger 2 or while using the camera and sometimes while browing the web and after disconnected the call. The problem started since last week the screen just shows a sign connect to itune, after several attempts i succeed to restore it. Since then this problem occurred, the first time it happened the screen just black and I tried to switch on the phone but it doesn't not on and when I pressed the home button and the power button then the phone switch on.

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BB Torch :: Lock It On The Top Of Handet And Within Seconds It Unlocks Itself Again?

Jul 3, 2012

I have a Blackberry Torch 9860 which has just started a problem with unlocking, you lock it on the top of handet and within seconds it unlocks itself again, is there a way of stopping it from unlocking the keypad? it always used to be ok until today

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BB Curve :: It Turns On But Black Screen Red Light

Jan 25, 2012

my phone turns on but i cant see anything.. its just a dark screen.. re-booting has not worked.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Rebooting / Screen Goes Black / Red Light Turns On

Jan 20, 2010

So I bought my AT&T Bold 9700 last month when it first came out, and have had no troubles with it so far. I've tried searching for a thread like this but haven't found any.My 9700 just randomly "rebooted" this morning, where the screen goes black and the red led light turns on for a couple of seconds. This has happened to me before on my old 9000, where after it would then start up again. Nearing the time when I replaced it, it would do it quite frequently (and to think it just started getting really bad AFTER the 1 year warranty on it expired!). So back to the 9700, the progress bar that comes up when you're starting up the device would then come up, and sometimes load for about half an inch, sometimes only up to an eighth, before the whole thing would start again - the screen would turn black, the red led turns on, and the progress bar would come up again.I pulling the battery out for a few minutes and putting it back in but its still doing it. I then pulled it out for about an hour and its still doing it again.

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Cseries :: C6-01 : Does Not Allow Side Unlock/Lock Button To Show Flash Light After Long Press?

Sep 17, 2012

My C6-01 Phone, after updated to Belle, doesnt allow Side Unlock/Lock button to show Flash Light(Torch) after longpress. Is it a bug or what.?

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LG G3 :: Screen Turns Off Whenever Cover Sensor On The Top While On Lock Screen

Jan 10, 2015

I have an LG G3 and every time I am on the lock screen and I cover the sensors (I think it is called the ambient light sensor or proximity I am not sure) the screen turns off, even if I use the physical power button and not double tap to wake. It makes it difficult to use while in an arm band case, also when trying to check it while keeping it inside my back pack since it keeps going off until I take it out and unlock it.

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BB Tour :: Indicator Light Will Light Up Red For A Few Seconds Then Shut Off

Jun 28, 2010

When I plugged in my blackberry to the wall charger to charge, the indicator light will light up red for a few seconds then shut off, then it will light up again then shut off, keeps doing this, does this mean it is charging? I left it charging over night and tried to turn it on in the morning but it was still completely dead. Sometimes the charger has problems making a connection, and usually I can see when that is happening from the lightening bolt sign when the phone is on So I'm wondering if it was just because it wasn't making a connection before that it didn't charge and if the red light on and off indicates that it is charging or not?

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IPhone 4 :: Won't Stay On Unless Its On Charge But As Soon As It Turns Off Lock Screen Is Frozen

Aug 30, 2014

My iphone 4 wont stay on unless its on the charge and when it is on the lock screen is frozen so i cannot get into it and also while im on the lock screen it shows the date and time way diffrent then what it really is.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Screen Turns On After Turning Off When Pressing Power Button

Jan 13, 2016

Having issue when pressing the power button, the lockscreen will come back on for about 3 seconds and then turn off again. I can't figure out what is causing this to happen.

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BB Torch :: Device Does Not Turn On, The LED Light Turn On Red For About 15 Seconds And Then Off

Dec 12, 2011

my device does not turn on, the LED light turn on red for about 15 seconds and then off, the only thing I can see in the screen is the battery charging symbol when I plugged it in for about 3 min and then nothing, I try another battery and is not it.

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BB Torch :: Back-light Led From Return And Call End Button Is Not Working?

Jan 22, 2012

i have a torch 9800 os 6.0 bundle 2949 my backlight led from return and call end button is not working?

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BB Torch :: Lock Button Is Getting Messed Up?

Apr 20, 2011

The Lock button is probably the most used button on the phone and mine is starting to feel weird as if its getting loose or jammed. what should i do if it stops working or if it gets worse (more jammed)?

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BB Torch :: Disactivate The Oh-so-sensitive Lock Button?

Jan 5, 2012

I want to disactivate the oh-so-sensitive lock button on my torch 9800. I found a whole bunch of apps that overide the "unlock" part of that button via a slider, but all use the same button to lock. I pick it up, it locks, I put it in my pocket, it locks, it unlocks, I put it in the cradle at night and it locks...annoying to say the least. Is there a way to disactivate that button or is there an app that will render it useless?This is a work phone and it took my long enough to convince them in getting me a bberry instead of an i-phone, so I'd really like to fix this problem.

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Galaxy S6 :: Is It Possible To Have A Light-up-lock-screen Functionality Option

Jun 1, 2015

I've just left iOS for Android and the thing I missed the most from my iphone is the light-up-lock-screen functionaly in which I don't have to pick-up my phone to see the notification light up on my locked screen. Instead of this cool feature, my S6 gives a vibration or the LED lights up without automatically light up the screen which is annoying cause I need to pick up my phone and hit the home button to see the notifications.Can I had this feature on my besides that superb S6?

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BB Torch :: Screen Turns On By Itself

Jun 28, 2011

Has anyone had the issue of the Blackberry Torch screen turning on by itself - without an email/bbm notification? I simply push the lock button on top of the phone, but from time to time the screen just turns on. Wondering if there's something wrong with the phone???

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RIM :: Blackberry Torch Lock Button Stuck/sticking?

Jul 26, 2011

My girlfriend has a blackberry torch which is suffering from a problem in which the lock button is not as responsive. When you click it, it's not making that click sound that you get when you click the mute button that is on the opposite side at the top of the phone.

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Xperia Z2 :: Bluetooth Turns Off Automatically Just After 10 Seconds

Jun 8, 2015

The bluetooth turns of automatically when i turn it on just after 10 seconds. And when i send a file also after short time it turns off by itself....

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IPhone :: It Turns Off Then Within Seconds Its Turning Itself Back On?

Jun 12, 2012

I try to turn my Iphone 4S off, i swip the "Turn off" bar, it turns off, then within seconds its turning itself back on. Why does this happen? I've looked through my settings and theres nothing that i cn find that would make this happen. I dont normally turn my phone off, so i've only just noticed it does this.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Xperia Z2 :: Won't Respond When Push Power Button To Light / Wake Up Screen

Apr 8, 2014

So. My Xperia is on (I can hear the notification ringtone go off whenever my phone gets a text message or a Facebook message) but it won't respond when I push the power button to light/wake up the screen. This started happening at 9PM and it is now 1:30AM. I don't know what to do.

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BB Torch :: Not Showing Loading Screen And Turns Off

Nov 1, 2011

I took my phone out my pocket to find it was off and wouldn't come back on so I took the battery out, left it out for a bit and then put it back in, it booted up and worked fine for 5 mins and switched off. Now I can get it to show the loading screen and then it turns off. what can I do

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