BB Bold :: Wifi Not Turning On - 9000

Sep 8, 2012

have BB-9000,Its WiFI isnt turning on , its very long time since it was working i dont use it much,and today i tried to turn it on. My os vesion is- v5.0.0.822(Bundle 1385,Platform

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BB Bold :: 9000 Not Turning On Ran Out Of Battery?

Aug 6, 2012

my bold 9000 ran out of battery and it was left for some hours. now it does not turn on. I have put it on charge but nothing happens . A red light keeps on flashing . And it even does not turn green

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BB Bold :: Wifi Not Turning On

Sep 8, 2012

I have BB-9000,Its WiFI isnt turning on , its very long time since it was working i dont use it much

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BB Bold :: Turning WiFi Off Causes 990 To Shutdown

Jul 28, 2012

I'm having battery issues, it does not last for a whole day. I was told to make a few adjustment to my bb setup one of them was to turn off Wifi when I am not using it. Now I am not sure what I have done but every time I switch off wifi the phone switches off within a 1min. I cannot turn the phone back on unless I do a battery pull and connect the phone to charge. I have a BB Bold 9900 unbrand and unlocked, OS, currently using a T-mobile sim in it.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Restarts When Turning On WiFi?

Jul 9, 2010

My AT&T Bold 9700 restarts itself every time I try to turn on the WiFi radio to connect to a wireless network. I beleive i'm running the latest OS that AT&T has: v5.0.0.602.

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BB Bold :: 9000 Wifi Won't Turn On?

Jan 19, 2012

so i recently bought a blackberry bold 9000 wifi was working well until a couple of weeks ago. i tried to turn it on however it doesn't i says unable to turn on wifi its greyed out and a red "x" and then nothing on the second attempt it just stays greyed out . i upgraded the software, did a battery pull, ctrl alt delete, reset, wipe, try to turn on from manage connections, nothing seems to work.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Wifi Using Data Plan

Sep 9, 2010

Though I subscribed to my carrier for GPRS services, but the plan has a limit on the data. I have to pay additional if the data exceeds the limit. Therefore when I'm at hotspots or at home, naturally I would want to switch to WIFI to save on costs. Actually,you are right on switching off the data services, it would turn off WIFI as well. So I did a little test. I turned off the entire mobile coverage and left only WIFI on ( which means I'm only connected to my WIFI). I was still able to surf the internet and download both my office and personal emails.

So my only question now is (sort of getting a confirmation), there is no way to turn off the GPRS and leave both the mobile (voice) and WIFI on at the same time?

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BB Bold :: 9000's Wifi Doesn't Turn On?

Dec 31, 2011

My blackberry bold 9000's wifi doesn't turn on. When I try to turn it on, the blackberry restarts and then I find the wifi still off..

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BB Bold :: Wifi Wont Turn On 9000

Apr 18, 2011

yesterday i was workin on the wifi normally but today iam tryin to turn it on it wont turn on it just go gray then it is unchecked

i've tryed the following:

remove the battery for 1 mintue called my carier to check my service " every thing is ok" downgrade the device software " when try to turn it on the bb was restarting" upgrade it again removing all apps

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BB Bold :: 9000 Wifi Doesn't Seem To Work

Sep 19, 2011

Just bought an unlocked Blackberry Bold 9000 the wifi doesn't seem to work. I can connect to wifi hotspots but I can't access the internet at all it is always "unable to connect to the internet" What should I do to get this to work? I know I can connect to routers, my internet just refuses to work though.I don't have a data plan, does that mean I can't use my WiFi? My OS is 5.2

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Google Nexus 5 :: WiFi Keeps Turning On And Mobile Data Keeps Turning Off?

Jul 19, 2014

I got my Nexus 5 on the 2nd of this month. I'm on Android 4.4.4. Just today, I was out and about and I realized that, although I was going into settings and turning Wi-Fi off, it just kept turning it right back on! (I had been using the Wi-Fi at the mall, then later I went to a friend's house and connected to my friend's Wi-Fi, which did not work.) So, I turned on my data, only for it to turn off after I guess about 30 seconds. I turned it back on, went on WhatsApp, in the middle of replying to a text from my friend it goes off yet again! What the... So, I went into settings and turned data on, and Wi-Fi off. As I watched, the Wi-Fi switched itself back on, and, predictably, even though there were no wireless networks to connect to, my data turned off as well.

This is really inconvenient. What could be causing the problem? I don't think I've downloaded any apps recently, but they do sometimes update. It was working fine on Thursday, but I've had my data off since then. I also booted into Safe Mode, and the problem doesn't seem to persist.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Wifi Connection Dead Error

Aug 25, 2010

I've bought a unbranded Bold 9000 (made in Canada) a couple of days ago and after setting up everything okay (.822 OS included) and using WiFi nicely I suddenly got the wifi connection dead error

I've tried:
- reading every thread about it
- several 5 min+ battery pulls
- reinstalling the OS
- delete apps

and no solution so far. Is there any way to fix this without sending it back to warranty?? (I bought it online at a HK shop) I think I'm about to cry now

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BB Bold 9000 :: Device Wont Connect To WiFi

Jul 24, 2010

I have a blackberry bold 9700 and I got it a few days ago and every since then I've been trying to get the wifi working.The phones unlocked by the way. I set up the WiFi fine but in manage connections I have my network in green beside my WiFi and a white tick to the right and its supposed to be a green checkmark. I am assuming.

No matter what I do my WiFi symbol wont light up white its still gray and I set up the WiFi and it says it successfully connected but still no WiFi. Is it my phone settings or my internet or my phone I don't know right now. I have a linksys router and I'm with rogers andnew to blackberrys.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Wifi Support Without Data Plan

Apr 26, 2010

I am looking to buy a second hand bold 9000 on 3 network. What I would like to know please is whether I can use the wifi to access the internet and email from my wireless router free of charge or do I have to have a data plan to do so. The idea I have is to use the limited internet and messaging that 3 offer on top up whilst mobile , but to only use wifi indoors.

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BB Bold :: Phone Turns Off When Turn On WIFI In 9000?

Apr 4, 2011

I have a BB Bold 9000, and it was working fine, i even updated and it worked great for months.and then last week when i tried to turn on the wifi to search for a network the phone got frozen for a few seconds and restarted it self continuously, like 4 times in a row. since then Im unable to turn the wifi on. bluetooth and service provider are working fine. Just wifi is causing troubles.I even tried to restore it to default settings using the lastest BB desktop software and no results.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Turn Off The Network Internet Services Without Turning Off The Wifi Function?

Mar 2, 2012

I have the blackberry 9900 and want to turn off the network internet services without turning off the wifi function. My mobile carrier is vodafone and even when I am connected to wifi, my credit is being used up. How do I disable the internet function but still use wifi? When I try disabling data services, wifi doesnt connect at all?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Soon To Be RIP - Possible To Use Bis (push) Email On Phone Via Wifi And Keep 9100 (will Be BIS) For Just Playing

Jan 26, 2010

I know im gonna get the bb 9100 if it ever releases.... but heres my quandry(sp?)? Since this is the first bb with wifi, when i move my sim card from the 9000 to the 9100 is there any way to use bis (push) email on the phone via wifi and keep the 9100(will be BIS) for just playing/going out with?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Why Cant Rim Develop A Bold 9xxx With The Body Of Bold 9000

Jan 23, 2010

Why can't RIM develop a Bold 9xxx with the body of the Bold 9000 with larger memory, Trackpad, better camera? They've done it with the Tour and Curve. Plus they've got all the parts available already, just need a little engineering to fit the trackpad and everything else. C'mon RIM. We know you can do it. I'm sure you'd sell millions of them.

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Xperia Z3 :: Wireless Connections (WiFi / Bluetooth / WiFi Hotspot) Not Turning On

Jul 6, 2015

My wireless connections(wifi, bluetooth, wifi hot spot) are not working , when i try to turn any of them on nothing happens and its not turned on

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BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 VS Curve 8530 / Does One Perform Better Than Other?

Mar 4, 2010

Quick question. I am starting a new Job and they are getting me a superbasic Perl. I need this for work and so I will be forking some dough out of my pocket to get one of the two following phones: Bold 9000 (I'll pay 100$ Canadian, not Us) Curve 8530 (pay 24.99$ Canadian). I am very used to the Iphone and HTC Touch Pro 2 (not trying to start a flaming/argument/anything else , its just what i'm used to). I am very used to browsing with the other phones and I have heard that BB phones are not up to par, so my expectations will be low. Out of the two phones however, does one perform better than the other (Curve 8530 vs Bold 9000)? Out of the two phones, which one do you recommend overall. I have read that the Bold 9000 even though it is older, it still outperforms the 8530...

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BB Bold 9000 :: Seeking Help For Broken Bold 9000 Screen

Aug 30, 2010

I dropped my BlackBerry Bold 9000 on the weekend and damaged the LCD screen. The device still works, but two thirds of the LCD is now white and there's what looks like an inkblot on the left side of the screen. I'd like to try to fix it, but don't really want to shell out a lot of $ to do so --- I'm a month away from upgrading.Does anyone have any suggestions, or perhaps a dead BlackBerry with a working screen that you're willing to part with? A DIY repair -- this is out of warranty anyway -- looks straightforward, but I'm not sure I want to spend the $100 or so for a new OEM part to replace the LCD screen.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Scratches On Bold 9000 Keyboard?

Feb 6, 2010

The top row of my keyboard has fine scratches on it, is there anyway of polishing these out?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 Does Not Save Pictures

Jan 11, 2010

My Bold 9000 is one month old and stopped saving pictures taken with the camera. Have tried the battery pull trick several times.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 Not Connecting To Internet

Jan 26, 2010

I have a bold 9000 and I can not connect to the internet. Carrier is AT&T and I live in the North East (NYC area). Worked fine up until yesterday (Jan 25). Now gmail, facebook, browser - none work. I've tried the battery pull, turning on/off the network, run a diagnostic test from mobile network options. In the mobile network test i get the volling anomolies "Blackberry PIN-PIN: No" and it says can't connect to my email (gmail).

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BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 Red Light / No Power On

Sep 18, 2010

A few days ago I pulled my phone out of the holster and It was really hot and when i looked at it i realized it was off, and wouldnt turn back on. just a red light comes on like normal upon a battery pull but after it turns off the red light comes back on again once more then stays off for good. unless i plug it in then it comes on and goes off all the time. I got it powered back up yesterday but then it did it again. Today I plugged it in and I saw a picture of a battery come up on the screen showing it as empty, i was hoping that meant it might charge up. but no such luck. My main objective is just to get the phone up long enough to back up the info on the phone.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 Vs Curve 8520

Mar 14, 2010

I have the possibility to buy the BB bold 9000 and the curve 8520 almost at the same price. What would you suggest?

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HTC One M8 :: WiFi Has Been Turning On By Itself

Sep 16, 2014

For some reason my WiFi has been turning on by itself. Also after updating my hangouts app, there is a minor bug. Every time I press the home button, the keyboard still shows up.

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Galaxy S6 :: WiFi Keeps Turning Itself On?

Jul 16, 2015

I have the Galaxy S6 and my wifi keeps turning itself on. I have the "always scanning" option off, as well as connections optimizer turned off. Yet, WiFi keeps turning itself on.

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Galaxy S6 :: WiFi Keeps Turning On?

Nov 8, 2015

My WiFi keeps turning on. I've turned it off. Even in advanced.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why WiFi Turning On And Off

Feb 7, 2015

I had this phone since May and kept it in perfect condition but It all started Thursday, i got home and noticed my phone switching on and off wifi, not updating apps, no fb messager notifications, getting hot and losing alot of battery life, and not searching for update.

I have T mobile and people say just turn off smart Wifi switch and i did but my phones slow with those problems while on Wifi still even with a 100+MB connection.

When Wifi is off though it works perfectly...

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Isn't WiFi Turning On

Apr 4, 2015

When i try to turn on my wifi button, sometimes nothing happens, the other times it quickly turns on then off. This means i am not even able to scan for networks. Also makes the whole phone lag.Sometimes if just says "turning on...." but nothing happens

When screen rotation is turned on on the wifi page, the screen rotates 90 degrees but leaves the left side of the screen black, then after 3 seconds properly rotates. The only way to back out of the wifi page, is to continually press the home button, the back button doesnt work. When not on the wifi page the phone doesnt lag anymore.

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