BB Bold :: BBM Automatically Deleting People From Contact List?

Aug 8, 2012

It keeps deleting people off my bbm when I am not even touching it. Say I switch off my phone to goto sleep and turn it back on when I wake up it auto deletes someone off my contact list on there.

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BB Bold :: Deleting A Contact List In 9900?

Jul 30, 2012

I have 2 contact lists on my 9900. Both with the same name, one will all my contacts in and one with only 36 in. I want to remove the small one as that is the one synching with Outlook, not the big one.

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BB Bold :: Deleting Contact List Of Removed Email ID

May 11, 2012

I had deleted an email id from my handset. However, its contact list is still there in my phone and I want to delete it as well.

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BB Torch :: How To Add People To Group Contact List

Sep 15, 2011

I have a problem adding people to my group contact list. Whenver I update and add someone to my list, the list can't be saved.

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Xperia X8 :: Forward Messages To A Few People In Contact List?

Apr 11, 2011

I got a chain message last night.. and i didnt know how to forward it on to a few people as it said send this on to 10 people!

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IPhone :: Setup A Group Of People From Contact List?

May 6, 2012

How do I set up a group of people from my contact list so I can continue to send texts to this same group of people without having to re-enter names each time. I am looking to send out available shifts to staff members as a group (not all people have smart phones) The Group has 30+ phone numbers. I have tried different apps however not everyone receives the messages.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Contacts List Will Automatically Deleting?

Jun 5, 2012

i am started to using I4s 2weeks back. i lost my warrenty papper,whenever i connected wifi to phone my contacts nos which i saved in my contacts list will automaticaly deleting( if 100 contacts is there after connect to wifi its comedown to 63.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Xperia X10 :: How To Get Full Contact List To Send SMS To Selected People

Sep 11, 2010

I have the Xperiia x10 I bought early June. I cant get a full contact list to send a message to selected people. I have to remember the name and then find it, one by one. All my previous phones let me tick each person on my contact list and then send. I want a full contact list to go to for my SMS. Also, I cant send a business card, phone keeps going to bluetooth.

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HTC One M7 :: Contact Last Names Written In Symbols And Letters In People List

Mar 15, 2014

I just switched from a Blackberry to HTC Desire 601. In my contact/people list my contact's last names are written in symbols and letters. Never seen anything like it!

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HTC Tattoo :: Displays 'Unknown' On Incoming Calls From People In Contact List?

Mar 29, 2010

Does anyone know how to solve this problem:My HTC Tattoo is acting like it doesn't know people in it's phone book When I get a call from a friend, it displays the generic 'Unkown' image instead of that person's name and photograph.This is really starting to bug me as I screen my calls and if I get an unknown caller I tend not to answer it - and at the moment I can't tell the difference between people I know and people I don't

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BB Torch :: Deleting A Contact List?

Nov 11, 2012

My contacts displays everything twice. I have noticed that there is a contact list for an email that does not exist anymore. how to delete the second contact list and the invalid email associated with it.

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BB Torch :: Deleting Email Addresses From Contact List?

May 5, 2011

I recently needed to re-add all of my email accounts, doing it in a hurry I forgot to un-check 'sync contacts' when setting up my hotmail email. I now have 300+ random email addresses in my contacts list that I cant seem to get rid of. I had a look on desktop manager and all i could do was delete all -therefore including the numbers in my contact list too...obviously i don't want to do this....just want to get rid of all of these email addresses! I have tried deleting the email account and this also doen't work!

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HTC One M7 :: Contact List Disappeared - Not Automatically Showing

Apr 7, 2014

For the last few weeks I will save a new contact and then when I go to my contact list, they are not there. But if I hand type their number in the keypad, it will pop up. Why are they not automatically showing anymore? Then a few days ago, I was messing with the settings to try to fix this and I quadrupled my contacts. Every email address I ever sent to popped into my contacts. How do I get rid of those?

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Cannot Transfer Contact List Either Automatically Or Manually

Apr 10, 2012

I cannot transfer my phone's Contact list either automatically or manually from my Atrix 2 to my new Toyota Camry. Any chance Motorola has a patch or software update in the works? FYI, my wife's older cellphone will allow manual transfers to the Contact list so I know its not the car's problem.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Past Calls List Deleting After Reboot?

Feb 3, 2010

my 9700 is deleting my past calls list whenever I reboot either with quickpull, or battery pull. Is there a setting or something I can use to keep this from happening?

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BB Bold :: Deleting Duplicate Contact Informant?

Jul 7, 2012

A glitch occurred on my contact list several blackberry's ago where some contacts have been duplicated 500 times. Now that I have a new blackberry I really want to get rid of these duplicates so that I can actually persuse my contact list. Is there a way to select multiple contacts to be deleted? It will take me way too long to delete 1500 duplicate contacts one at a time?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Contact List Gone

May 2, 2010

I own a BB bold 9700 and last night I exchanged phones with a friend, the sim and memory card was removed and then reinserted back in, when i turn on the phone, I realised that all my contacts were gone. I don't know what happened? Those that has to do with a different sim card inserted into the phone? Is it some kinda BB security lockdown software? I'm using the Celcom-Vodafone (Malaysia) package. Please help, I really need to get this working.

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BB Bold 9650 :: Contact List Is Gone

Aug 29, 2010

I just got a new Blackberry Bold 9650. Since my old phone was so old, the contact list couldn't be transferred. I spent hours and hours putting all of my numbers in by hand and all was well. After I did that, I added my Yahoo email account to the phone. Now the phone numbers I hand puched are gone and all of the contacts are from the email account. My call log lists the names of the people who have called me, so I know the info is somewhere on the phone but I can't find it. I even deleted the email account, but the Yahoo cantacts are still there and the others are still not.

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BB Bold :: Can't Call From My Contact List

Oct 7, 2010

I have BB9700 with OS 6 version which I installed a week ago.Since I installed this new version, I started to face a problem, if I am on the contact list, I can never edit or call any of my contacts, regardless whether I press the blackberry button or do the green key button.I am not able to do any calls to any of my contacts unless I go to the history and search the contact to call them.

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BB Bold :: Get Contact List From 8310?

Jan 3, 2012

My blackberry fell off my bed and now it will not turn on. I am ready to upgrade to another phone, but i would like to get my contact listing from my old phone.

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BB Bold :: How To Delete A Contact List

Nov 26, 2011

Somehow when I sync my Bold 9700 to my Outlook for Mac (which is linked to my Google mail account), the contacts in my device are duplicated as part of a Contact List that I never created. What's even weirder is that the name of that contact list is named with another email address, which was once from one of my contacts. Confusing?

Anyway, I cannot find anywhere in Outlook or Google, or on my device, an option to remove the bogus contact list.

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BB Bold :: Move A Contact From One List To Another?

Nov 8, 2012

How do I create a new contact list for my e-mail and how do I move a contact from one list to another?

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BB Bold :: One Contact List Is Lost

Dec 5, 2012

After I ran the latest update on my 9930 phone.. I lost one of my contact lists. I have three emails tied to the phone, and all three show up in emails and calendar. When I go into the Contact Options and view Contact Lists, the main one no longer appears. How can I get that one back? I have tried everything and it was there before the update.

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Edit My Contact List

Mar 11, 2010

How do i edit my contact list? when i got the phone, i put in the sim card it asked me if i wanted to import contacts and i said yes now i have duplicates.... (example: there would be a "John Smith", and then another one that says "Smith; John") i've been playing around with the bb key and options and everything.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Contact List BB Messenger Gone?

Jul 25, 2010

This morning i got a message that my BB messenger should be updated.After the update and installation it gave a few errors (forget to make screenshots) but since then my contact list is gone.

Lateron when i logged in again it asked me to look for my ' old '' contacts. I waited a few minutes and nothing happened so i decided to reboot my BB. After that my contact list was still empty and now i dont have my friends pins saved somewhere.Anybody got an idea of how to get the old list back?

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BB Bold :: Contact List Did Not Fully Transferred?

Sep 3, 2012

I followed the instruction to swith blackberry devices but not all of my contacts transferred over. I believe only the contact in the SIM card is available in my new blackberry. Is there anyway to transfer the rest of the contact over?

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BB Bold :: Retrieve Lost Contact List?

Jun 22, 2011

My BB bold experienced a "JVM error 517" problem so I had to reinstall my phone firmware however doing so erased everything on my contact list. Any body knows how to retrieve my contact list?

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BB Bold :: Remove A Contact List From Mobile?

Nov 16, 2012

how do I remove a contact list from my mobile

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BB Tour :: Retrieving Contact List On Bold?

Sep 26, 2011

My entire contacts list has been wiped out as I changed my password and was unable to remember the new one. After 10 attempts, everything was wiped out. Is there any way, I can retrieve the conatct list data.

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BB Bold :: Sync MS Outlook Contact List?

Oct 10, 2011

I would like to sync my MS Outlook contact list to my phone but to do this my computer tells me I need to turn of Wireless Syncronisation. I have followed all the steps a million times and searched my entire phone, there is no mention of wireless synchronization in any of the menus.

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BB Bold 9700 :: OTA Update Contact List Duplicates?

Jun 23, 2010

Checked for updates last night and woke up this morning with a notification that an OTA update is available for T-Mo. I went ahead and let the phone update this morning and it took about an hour. so i just went to send a text message just now and i type the person's name in that i want to send it to and notice there are duplicate entries in my phone book! What gives?! Can someone help me out here as to getting back single contact entries? NOTE: NOT ALL CONTACTS WERE DUPLICATED. NOTE: I was currently operating on the .586 OS now i'm at the most current version .7something

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