IPhone 6 Plus :: How To Know If Auto Brightness Is Functioning Properly

Dec 2, 2014

How can we tell if the auto-brigtness is functioning properly?

iPhone 6 Plus

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Xseries :: Mobile Is Not Functioning Properly It Auto-starts Voice Training?

Aug 19, 2012

I have Nokia 5130c-2 Mobile, last three days onwards my mobile is not functioning properly it auto starts voice training , low volume and keypad is not function.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Auto Brightness Is Off / Phone Occasionally Dims Display On Full Brightness

Sep 28, 2015

I'm running stock 5.1.1, and even though my auto brightness is off my phone occasionally dims my display when it's on full brightness. It's not running particularly hot (37 degrees C according to my battery widget) so I don't know what's causing it to dim.

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Xperia Z2 :: Display Flickering Slightly In Low Brightness When Auto Brightness Off

Feb 27, 2015

My xperia z2 display flickering slightly in low brightness when auto brighness is off.........why is this happening is this normal??

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Galaxy S6 :: Brightness Changing Randomly Even Though Auto Brightness Is Off

Apr 25, 2015

My S6 keeps randomly changing brightness even though auto brightness is off. And so I found this option via search within settings, which may very well be exactly what I was looking for but couldn't seem find it in the settings menu in developer option(which has already been enabled).....

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IPhone :: 4s Not Functioning Properly?

May 10, 2012

I got a contract iPhone 4s with Orange UK locked with the operator. As I need to visit India and was a gift for someone I did not open the box and unlocked outside (As operator will not unlock untill 3 monthes) by just giving IMEI no.After unboxing, when we tried to use an Indian operator sim card , it did not work with the message showing please use authorised sim card. Afterwards,I tried my other O2 UK sim card which worked perfectly with configuring IPhone as it was just using first time. Now, when I am trying my Orange sim card which came with phone or any other sim card, it does not working.Shold I swith to 5.1.1 or?Does it properly unlock?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Siri Not Functioning Properly?

May 16, 2012

My Siri will not do anything just keep saying I'm not able to help you right now try back in a little while and it's been doing this for the past week

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Updated 4 To 5.1 And Now Bluetooth Is Not Functioning Properly?

Mar 19, 2012

I recently updated my IPhone 4 to 5.1 and now Bluetooth is not functioning properly in my two vehicles. Both vehicles see and pair with the phone as before, but when I receive or make calls the audio only comes through the phone - nothing through the speakers. Also, no one can hear me speaking unless i speak into the phone. I've noticed a few threads about problems with Ford MySync but neither car is a Ford. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Auto-brightness Actually Work?

Mar 24, 2012

When I bought my first iPhone (4) I never knew the auto brightness actually works straight away when you walk from a bright area to a darker one, or vice versa. I had an issue with the home button and later my Phone provider swapped a new one for me. This replacement iPhone 4's auto Brightness actually dimmed in lower light areas noticably and in real time. It was really handy and the way it should work.

I recently upgraded to iPhone 4S, and noticed that the auto brightness doesnt change. I checked with my wife's iPhone 4S too and its the same problem. So, I want to know, does it actually change like the miraculous replacement iPhone 4 I received or is auto brightness a "meh" function that I shouldn't expect it to change. The reason I am asking is because I find in darker rooms, the iPhone is way too bright and I have to keep changing the brightness manually.

Everytime I do this I always see the Auto Brightness funtion on and its starting to bug me that it doesn't work like my old iPhone 4 did. Can someone explain if Auto brightness actually work?

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IPhone :: How Does Auto-brightness Work

Jun 4, 2012

On my iPhone 4s i have turned the auto brightness feature on but it does not seem to work so i wanted to know how to make it work. when i have my brightness on 100% it does not work and then i tried puting it on 50% but it still does not change automatically like it should.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Xseries :: Left Speaker Not Functioning Properly

Jul 8, 2011

I had visited Nokia Care Center five times, at the very first time left speaker was not functioning properly, they changed the speaker but phone was not packed properly. Today I facing speaker problem again as well as phone packing is loose.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Emails Not Functioning Properly

Aug 12, 2010

This is my third blackberry and I love them and will never change to any other smartphone. I tried an Android phone and it just doesn't compare to the stability and e-mail functionality of a Blackberry.

However recently my phone (a Bold 9700) has begun to experience some e-mail problems. I can receive emails just fine but I cannot for the life of me send an e-mail! I have deleted all my accounts and reentered all the info but I still cannot send any emails. I also can not set up a microsoft exchange account. It does not even give me the option. Please help! I need do be able to send emails for work purposes.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E71 , KEYS NOT Functioning Properly?

Jun 17, 2011


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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Tapatalk App Not Functioning Properly

Jan 27, 2016

So it logs me in, but it loads infinitely and nothing ends up loading in entirely. I've tried uninstalling it, deleting the data/cache but no luck

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Can Turn Auto Brightness Off And Save Battery On IPhone

Jun 5, 2014

I turned my auto brightness on and I was wondering does it save the battery¬ .

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IPhone :: Auto Brightness Option Gives A Very Dim Screen In A Dark Room

Aug 18, 2010

On my 32G iphone 4, the auto brightness option gives a very dim screen in a dark room. Tried to search a little, seems many users reported the same behavior. I wonder if this is the same to every iphone 4 out there. This is very annoying, making the phone almost unusable in dark environment.

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Nokia :: 5530 - Music Player Stopped Functioning Properly

Aug 16, 2010

Not long before receiving a notice about an update for my Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, the music player stopped functioning properly. If I try to play a song from "All songs", I get the message "File is corrupted, Operation cancelled."

If I try the same through Albums, Playlists, Genres or Composers, I get the same message.

If I try to access anything through Artists, I get the message "General: System Error"

Podcasts works just fine.

I can play music tracks if I browse my files on my memory card, and play from there.

I have tried using Nokia Software Updater and reinstalling the newest update, and reseting my phone to factory default.

What should I do?

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Nokia Online Services :: Home Screen Not Functioning Properly On My C3

Dec 30, 2011

Home Screen not functioning properly on my C3 !

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Constant Reboots - WiFi Drivers Not Functioning Properly

Apr 16, 2012

As an update, I got my phone to quite boot looping by wiping system, cache, and data. I then reinstalled 2.3.6 via computer. This has fixed everything except my wifi. I unistalled logcat and then found highlighted in red that my wifi drivers were not functioning correctly. This does annoy me but I can still use my phone!

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HTC :: Nexus One Auto Brightness

Apr 9, 2010

I have the phone setup to auto brightness. sometimes the brightness will go up and then go back down. is the sensor just sensitive and detecting the angle changes of the phone relative to the room lighting?

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Galaxy S6 :: Auto Brightness Is Off

Apr 22, 2015

My S6 keeps randomly changing brightness even though auto brightness is off. And so I found this option via search within settings, which may very well be exactly what I was looking for but couldn't seem find it in the settings menu in developer option.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Disable Auto-brightness In ICS

Jun 7, 2012

I have been reading a lot about the Neo V and I am thinking about buying one but I have just found out something really disturbing: you cannot disable the light sensor. The auto brightness feature works in a way that is undesirable to most people because the screen is too dim when in a dark room or viewing a dark video. (I looked at a friend's Xperia Play, which I think has this same "feature"... it was so dim in a darker room that it was really unpleasant to use - is it the same with Neo V?)

I have read that the only possible way to get around this is root your phone and install an application that disables the light sensor.

Of course I do not want to root the phone because I do not want to risk my warranty. But this auto brightness feature bothers me so much that I might just not buy the phone at all because it would be really annoying to have this nice phone, but with a dark, dim screen. I know, it saves battery life, but what's the point of having a nice display with a dim screen.

Has this changed at all with the ICS update?

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HTC One M9 :: Auto Brightness - Dim Screen For Certain Apps

Aug 27, 2015

I have an strange, occasional problem with screen brightness. This problem has survived a factory reset and flash from Android 5.0.x to 5.1.x. I had also recently cleared the partition cache.

My screen sometimes goes very dim. I keep brightness on Auto. However, when this happens, cycling brightness to full makes no difference to the dim screen. Furthermore, the screen is dim only in some instances, such as: ChromeNova Launcher home screenSome other apps (can't recall which)

In other places, I see full brightness. For example, the notification shade is in full brightness (or whatever Auto sets it too).

The other day, I was outside in bright sunlight. My browser suddenly went dim, almost unreadable. I clicked home - dim. I pulled the notification shade down - full brightness. Pulled notifications back up - dim again. On restart, everything is fine again.

I use Screen Filter, but it was not on. In fact, turning it on darkens the screen even further.

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Galaxy S6 :: Auto Brightness Not Working

Nov 14, 2015

I have the TMobile S6 variant that I've had for about 6 months or so and noticed a few weeks back that that auto brightness does not work. it stays very very low even in very bright settings, I always have to go in a manually change th3 screen brightness. Is there a fix for this in an update or something because I seem to be the only one with an S6 having the issue although it has been reported for the Edge only.

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LG G4 :: How Is Auto Brightness Work In Daylight

Jul 28, 2015

Iam thinking of using auto brightness because of the dynamic lighting I experience during the day.

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Galaxy S6 :: How Does Auto Brightness Work

Sep 13, 2015

When I set the phone to auto brightness it gets dimmer then the manual value that I set, but even when auto brightness is on I can still move the brightness slider and it affects the screen brightness despite it being in auto brightness mode.

I would like to know by how much percent does the screen get dimmer in auto brightness mode compared to what's set manually via the brightness slider?

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Galaxy S6 :: Auto Brightness Switching Itself Off

Apr 24, 2015

I have started getting a problem with the auto brightness switching itself off.

I keep switching it back on and then after a periods of time... Can't be specific but when I come out of an app or having been watching a video and go back to the homescreen it's really bright and the auto setting is off again.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Disable Auto-brightness In It Without Rooting?

Jun 2, 2012

How to disable auto-brightness in xperia neo v without rooting

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Galaxy S6 :: Auto Brightness Randomly Turning Off

Apr 28, 2015

It seems my auto brightness is randomly turning off. Sometimes when the device is powered on and I'm using it and sometimes when its off. I don't know why my phone just decides to unchecked auto brightness but its annoying especially when I'm reading something and my phone just decides to blind me at random.

I'm on AT&T if that is important information....

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LG G3 :: Adjusting Brightness On Its Own Even With Auto Settings Checked Off

Jul 20, 2014

Ok I've noticed and I have my auto brightness checked off and my brightness level at 70 percent.. Why is it that I notice on home screen and while using apps that my back light dims just a tad every so often.. Its like the screen dims about 10-15 percent quite often.. The first phone I exchanged for another one and this one does the same thing. Only thing I did n changed on the phone is that it's running Art.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Auto Screen Brightness?

Jul 12, 2014

auto screen brightness when I am outside and receive a call is so bad that I cannot see who is calling me . So I use max brightness when outside . Is there anyway way to change/adjust the auto screen brightness

P.S. I am using a nexus 5 ...

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