IPhone 5 :: Rear Cam Not Working While Front Camera Working

Jun 28, 2014

i have i phone 5 about 2 years now , just yesterday i found the rear cam not working , black screen and show the last pic in camera roll in the left side , while the front cam (secondary cam ) working.

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IPhone 5s :: Front And Rear Camera Stopped Working

Dec 10, 2014

I have an iPhone 5S and the camera completely stopped working completely.The front camera and rear camera are just black. I've tried turning off the phone and turning it back on, restoring it, I've tried everything and nothing works. I did drop my phone about a month ago and cracked the screen but I don't think that has anything to do with it. Everything else works but my camera. One day my camera worked fine and the next day it didn't and hasn't worked since.

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Xperia Z2 :: Rear And Front Camera Not Working

Jul 3, 2010

My z2 cameras rear and front have stopped working for no reason, when I try to open the camera I get ' unfortunately, camera has stopped'. I've done a factory reset and I've also done the software update and nothing!

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LG G4 :: Rear Camera Is Not Working And Front Cam Pics Are Upside Down?

Sep 2, 2015

I just replaced the screen on my g4 with a screen I got from futuresupplier.com in china.

After powering up the rear camera is no longer working. The front camera does however it saves the pictures upside down. In snapchat the pic saves correct but in the camera app it saves them upside down. Why is this? Could this be a screen issue?

It may be possible the rear camera was damaged but unlikely. this phone was very easy to work on. Is there anything I can do?

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Both Front And Rear Facing Camera Not Working?

Sep 27, 2011

I took one picture with the phone and a day later the phones front and rear facing camera are not working. i called motorola and did a battery pull as well as factory reset and still not working.my next step is to go back to verizon wireless and see what they can do. did anyone have this problem?

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IPhone 5s :: Rear Camera Not Working?

Jun 4, 2014

All it does is turn off my phone or it will automatically go back to my home screen. My front camera works only on snapchat. I reset my phone twice and turned it off multiple times, I also took it to the AT&T store and they said theres nothing wrong with it but to just reset my phone. after i reset my phone twice it still doesnt work.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.1

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IPhone 4s :: Its Rear Camera Not Working Properly

Jun 21, 2014

My iphone camera stared acting wonky a few weeks back, as in lower resolution and faint lines showing up with an occasional half screen glitch (I'll attach a picture I took of one of these) but it would go away after I focused. Yesterday it stopped working completely though. I open the camera an its just black (no shutter). Front camera still works. On apps like snapchat it opens directly to the front camera and doesn't even give me the option to switch to the rear camera. I've tried everything, I opened the back and the lens isn't cracked from what I could see with a flashlight, it's not dirty, I've turned it on and off several times and force quit the camera app but nothing seems to work! I dot have a warranty and I still have 10 months to go with this phone

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IPhone 5 :: Rear Camera Stopped Working After IOS 7.1.2 Update

Jun 30, 2014

My rear camera is not working after I did 7.1.2 software update this morning. I see a blank screen when I click the camera app.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Cannot Switch Between Front And Rear Camera

May 22, 2012

I'm having a problem with my Xperia mini pro front facing camera, I can't switch between the front and the rear camera, the only camera that's working is the rear one, and there's no option for switching it, I just realized this problem today.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Can't Change Rear To Front Camera While Recording A Video

Nov 12, 2015

I just bought a SAmsung galaxy S 6 smartphone. While I am recording a video i cannot by any means change the camera to front facing.There is no option no icon only the capture icon on the left (in order to capture in a pic what i am shooting at the moment), the square icon to stop the video and the pause icon on the right corner.

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IPhone :: 4s Front Camera Is Not Working

Apr 17, 2012

When i switched to front camera from rear, i get black screen

Info:iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Front Camera Not Working?

Apr 21, 2012

my camera in front dont workin ? what i can do ? I reset it but its not working

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: 4 Front Camera Not Working?

Jul 3, 2012

Front camera is not working

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: 4 Power Button, Front Camera Not Working?

Apr 23, 2012

my out of warranty iPhone 4 power button stopped functioning all of a sudden and it also no longer made that "click" when pressed. What did I do?I decided to open up the phone and tried to do this, (at 4:30 is what I did)[URL]It basically shows a guy who bonded a very very small washer to the bottom of the power button. I tried this and it didn't work, probably because my washer was a was too big, i filed it down a bit, still didn't work, so I just put it back together, i noticed a few things:After Reassembly, this happened: power button still does not work, and doesn't "click"iPhone camera app shutter does not open and the bottom right "camera/video" icons just flicker, I've concluded this is because of the front camera not working.the ear speaker for phone calls is now "crackly".I noticed my WiFi and network signal isn't as strong, maybe a bar less on WiFi and a bar or 2 less on network.

Temporary solutions:A walk around camera fix is that i installed "camera plus pro" and this allows me to take photos and video. If I switch to the front camera it freezes, again confirming the front camera is not working.What should I do next?So I obviously did something when i took my phone apart and put it back together. I did open it up again and confirmed that all the flex cables and connections were seated properly.I ordered these parts from eBay: Power ButtonPower Button Flex CableBack Camera Lens With Flex Ribbon Cable Feedback If anyone has any ideas, feedback, suffers from the same problem, please feel welcome to continue the discussion. I will be posting a reply after I receive my parts from eBay also.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: My Bottom Speaker And Front Camera Not Working?

Jun 9, 2012

I have an iPhone 4. My bottom speaker and front camera do not work. I've taken it to an at&t store and they attempted to repair it, but were unsuccessful. I was wondering if apple had a solution or if I could trade in my phone for a new one.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone 5 :: IOS 7.1.2 / Front And Back Camera Suddenly Stop Working

Sep 2, 2014

Few days ago, my front and back cmaera stop working. I tried all the possible options but still having the same problems.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1.2

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LG G4 :: Front Camera Is Not Working At All

Oct 11, 2015

I have an LG G4 and the front camera doesn't work at all. It happens with all the apps that access the front facing camera. I think it had something to do with a snap chat update a few weeks a go. I have been having this issue for 3 weeks...

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Nokia :: N95 8gb Front Camera Not Working

Feb 11, 2010

my n95 8gb front camera is not working. wen i take front camera, i can see, only wallpaper and the options around like 03M, 9999 photos can be take, the title camera and its icon above and options and exit below. wen i click the middle button i can hear camera sound. also i am able to use zoom in and zoom out option. but nothing comes on screen.i can see only theme wall paper. i cant see any image. i tried updating software. what could be the problem? is my camera dead for ever? bt my main camera is working perfectly.

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Nokia :: N97 Front Camera Not Working?

Jul 19, 2010

I discovered today that when I take a picture with the front camera. It flips the image so when i hold my phone portrait mode and take a picture. The image is flipped upsidedown for some reason. Also on my main camera, my recent images appear to have a blackspot in one particular spot, i took other images and in the same area, there is a black speck on my photos


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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Front Camera Not Working

Oct 10, 2012

My front camera not working in Neo V.lost its launch in all applications.Launching the camera without a memory card is not helping too.

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Xperia Z2 :: Front Camera Not Working

Jul 31, 2014

Front camera not working.

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Xperia Z2 :: Front Camera Not Working On Phone

Jul 24, 2015

front camera not working and i dleate data and restart it and its not working give me black screen and crashed photos

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Xperia Z2 :: Front Facing Camera Not Working

Aug 1, 2015

my front camera is not working i cleared cache disabled and enabled repaired using pc companion

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Motorola Xoom :: 32G With ICS 4.03 - Front Camera Not Working?

Feb 29, 2012

I have OCS pushed to my device (WiFi only) in late January. It's been working well.But today I noticed when trying to do Skype that the front camera no longer works. I deleted Skype and a number of other apps thinking they might be the problem but no change.If I start the camera app it just presents a blank screen and then Stops. I deleted all the application data for the camera and the cache and restarted it. Now the camera works and shows an image from the rear camera. But as soon as I try to switch to the front camera, the app hangs as above and won't start again until I Force Stop it and delete the application data.

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Motorola Droid 3 :: Front Camera Not Working?

Apr 30, 2012

Recently I cannot switch from Rear camera to front camera. Worked previously. When I go to switch in the camera app, I get an error "camera unable to initialize". Have to reboot to get camera to work. I cleared cache and data from Camera app but nothing.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Sk17i Front Camera Not Working

Nov 10, 2012

my front camera on xminipro is not working ,ive done factory reset already a few times but still the icon is missing.i have not done any upgrade on my phone either.and also can i do the update using my sd card,instead of usb cable?

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Lumia 1520 :: Front Camera Not Working - Screen Is Just Black

Jan 2, 2015

My mom has a 1520 that has a front camera not working. Whenever she opens the camera app, wechat, skype using the front camera the screen is just black. Is this a hardware issue?

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Lumia 1520 :: Phone Front Facing Camera Not Working

Aug 11, 2014

I am on W8.1

Just noticed that my front facing cam isn't working when I toggle it in the menu, both on phone's cam and Nokia cam. The screen appears black momentarily, and then it revert to homescreen.

I am not sure if it was this way when on W8.0 'cos I didn't test it then.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Software Update On 701 Front Camera Is Not Working?

Dec 22, 2012

i update my phone software belle fp1 to fp2.now i can't use front camera to take picture & video.how can fix it.

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Nokia Pictures/Videos :: Front Camera Not Working On C5 - Unexpected Error Occurred

Jan 17, 2012

When I open up my nokia c5-00. Front camera there is a message "Unexpected error occurred. Restart phone." and the front camera doesn't come up.

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Lumia 1520 :: Front Facing Camera Stopped Working After Denim Update

Mar 15, 2015

Just realized that my 1520 front facing camera isn't working after denim update.

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