Xperia X10 :: Set Up A Contact Group Or Send An SMS Message To A Contact Group?

Aug 24, 2010

I have an Xperia X10 Mini, and for the first time ever of using a mobile I want to set up a contact group for all the parents of my kids' football team so I can send out a single message to multiple contacts in one easy go. However, I cannot seem to find a way to do this with an X10. On my old Nokia, it was really easy, but having come into the modern world and finally upgraded to a smartphone, I would have thought this would have been a no-brainer!

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IPhone :: Create A Contact Group To Send A Text Message?

Mar 24, 2012

Can I create a contact group to send a text message?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Send Mass SMS To Contact Group

Dec 13, 2013

What I'd like to do:
1. I have a group in my contacts.
2. Send an SMS to that group in hangouts.

What I can do at the moment is write an sms and add people individually. That might be fine if I only want to message a few people, but not if I want to message 10 or so. So how can I select a group? Tbh this is my first android phone, been using an old Nokia 5800 before and there was an option to select groups in the sms app.

Can't find an option to email a group in the gmail app either.

Using Nexus 5 - 4.4.2
Hangouts 2.0.217

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IPhone :: Add Another Contact To A Group On A Text Message?

May 30, 2012

How do I add another contact to a group that has already been used on a text message?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone 5s :: Cannot Add New Contact To A Group List For Text Message

Dec 12, 2014

I can not add a anew contact to group list for text message ....

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.2

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: How To Make A Contact Group

Nov 25, 2011

Could anyone tell me how can i make a contact group on my Neo V?

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Xperia X8 :: How To Send Message To Group Of Contacts

Jan 12, 2012

How can I send a message to a group of people? So that I can do a group message.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: How To Group Contacts To Send Message

Mar 10, 2012

I want to group contacts to send message quickly, Who know this and instruct me

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IPhone :: Send A Group Email To All Members Of A Group?

Mar 19, 2012

How do I send a group email to all members of a group? There doesn't seem to be a "select all" function.

iMacG5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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IPhone :: How To Add A Contact On It To A Group

May 17, 2012

I can not add a contact to my group on my iphone4. How do i do this.?

iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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IPhone :: Create Contact Group

Mar 22, 2012

cant create contact groups? I'm sick of adding people to emails/textx one by one!

What's the hold up?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Create A Contact Group?

Jun 12, 2012

How do i create a group in my contacts

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BB Pearl :: Unreachable In BBM Group But Not Contact

Jan 26, 2012

I have a pearl 8230 and recently joined group but two contacts are unreachable even though I can bbm alone. We have deleted and reissued group several ways and I have updated my blackberry as well.

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Xseries :: X6 8gb How To Start A Contact Group

Mar 23, 2011

I can't find how to start a contact group on my X6 8gb phone?

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IPhone 5c :: Creating A Contact In A Group

Dec 3, 2014

while you can create a contact within a Contact Group in the Contacts app if you go to the Phone app and select Contacts and the try to add a new contact to a Group which has been selected as the active group that new contact is NOT created as part of the Group. It is added as part of the All Contacts group. This occurs on iPhone 5C running IOS 8.1.1. Seems to be a bug.

iPhone 5c, iOS 8.1.1

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IPhone 5s :: Can't See Group Replies From One Contact

Jun 3, 2014

I can't receive group texts from one of my contacts. Regular texting works fine, I just can't see her replies in group messaging. She can see mine. Already checked settings and everything there is normal. Group messaging is on, so is iMessage.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.1

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Add Vibration Pattern To Contact Group

Jul 30, 2015

I want to add a vibration pattern what i make to a contact group, how to do?

I also want to make the ringtone silent in this contact group but this can also not?

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IPhone :: Adding New Contact To Particular Group By Default On 4S?

Mar 15, 2012

Is it possible when adding a new contact on the iphone 4S to have it default to a particular group of contacts? The reason for asking is that my wife and I both have iphones, and in Address Book on our home iMac all our contacts are mixed up, but then we each have a group.

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IPhone :: Assign A Ringtone To A Contact Group?

Jul 2, 2012

assign a ringtone to a contact group, how do I do it ?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Torch :: 9810 Can't Save Contact To Group?

Jul 4, 2012

I have a BlackBerry Torch 9810 . I have problem with the contact.I don't have problems with the new entry, I have problems with adding an entry to a group (no saving possible).

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BB Torch :: How To Add People To Group Contact List

Sep 15, 2011

I have a problem adding people to my group contact list. Whenver I update and add someone to my list, the list can't be saved.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Make A Contact Group?

May 20, 2011

I am trying to make a contact group...when I add the contact how do you select which number it uses if you have muliple numbers in it. I have contact with land lines as well as cell...I want to only send to cell

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Motorola Droid X :: Add Someone To A Group From Contact List?

Jul 16, 2011

Ever since the update to 2.3.3, I am unable to add to my current groups with additional contacts. Has anyone experienced the same problem? If so, how do you add someone to a Group from the Contact List?

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BB Torch :: Blocking Calls From Contact Group List

Jul 19, 2011

I'm new on this black berry phone, how do I block calls from the contact group list?

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IPhone :: Setup A Group Of People From Contact List?

May 6, 2012

How do I set up a group of people from my contact list so I can continue to send texts to this same group of people without having to re-enter names each time. I am looking to send out available shifts to staff members as a group (not all people have smart phones) The Group has 30+ phone numbers. I have tried different apps however not everyone receives the messages.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold :: Editing Name From A Group Created In Contact List?

Oct 5, 2011

I am a user of blackberry 9900. My first query is about the group i have created in the contact list.

I can create a group but when i try to edit or delete one person ,it prompt for save, discard or cancel. I am able to click on save but it never comes out of that screen. Even if i close it forcefully and go back to contact tab it opens the same screen and will not let me edit the name or delete it.

My second query is about the 3G service. My service provider is Airtel in India.

They informed that this set is not compatible with 3G services hence you can connect to laptop/desktop to access your internet but will not work on mobile.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Put Telephone Contact In Group?

Mar 31, 2012

How do I put an existing telephone contact into an existing contact group? I don't want to create a new group.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Change The Picture Of A Contact Group?

Jul 24, 2011

Is there anyway to change the picture of a contact group? I like sorting my contacts into various groups and use the feature a lot. It would be nice to give each group a different picture instead of the grey head outlines that are next to each group. When I go to Edit Group, it only lets me change the name. Is it possible to change the picture or at least turn the picture off?

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Motorola Droid Razr :: App Reccomendation For A Group Contact For Gmail?

Aug 22, 2012

Does anyone have a app reccomendation for a group contact for Gmail? I want to forward messeges to a group and putting each contact in is a PITA.

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IPhone :: How To Send Group Message

May 14, 2012

Just want to send a group message.

iPhone 4

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IPhone 6 :: How To Remove Past Group Texts From Contact Results In IMessage

Dec 3, 2014

I send a lot of group texts and the groups vary quite a bit. I have not set up the various combinations of recipients as actual "groups" in iMessage. Let's say I sent a text to Tom, Dick & Harry. Then the next day, I sent a text to Tom & Dick. Then the next day, I sent a text to Tom, Dick, Harry & Jane. If I now go to send a new message to just Tom, his contact now appears fourth on list of contacts when I type "Tom" in the "to" line, behind:


Tom, Dick & Harry


Tom & DickĀ


Tom, Dick, Harry & JaneĀ

It's even worse because in some instances, I've included names like Tom in over a dozen random texts involving many people. It's like iMessage is claiming I want each of those group texts to be saved as an actual "group" or at least saved in the results when I'm typing in someone's name for a new text. I DON'T want that. I may have sent a text once to Tom, Dick, Jane, Mary, Ted, Bob & Homer to meet me by the third base line at Cellular Field but obviously I'll only actually need to use that group once because everyone knows with a group that large, there's only a slim chance everyone will get out of the Cell alive anyway. I just want to send Tom a text, after he lost a bet and had to go to a White Sox game, and I don't want to have to scroll past all the random "Groups" he's been in just to find his contact.

iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.1

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