Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Not Opening Facing Brod

Apr 29, 2010

Was listening to music and suddenly it turned off and then now not opening
facing Brod. This is the current log of my phone

ChipID:C802,EMP protocol:0401

OTP LOCKED:1 CID:52 PAF:1 IMEI:35887401480390 CERT:RED

MAPP CXC article: R1CA037 prg12004400_GENERIC_SO
MAPP CXC version: R1CA037
Language Package:S-ASIA-LEVAN
CDA article: 1204-0634
CDA version: R3A
Default article: 1200-5441
Default version: R1CA037

Operator: 000-00

Elapsed:11 secs.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - BROD / Anyway To Preserve Contacts?

Jan 31, 2009

My K850i has just suffered a BROD and I've finally had enough with this phone - not interested in flashing it unless I have to to get my data back. I'm just wondering if there is a way of getting the data from the phone back? I know stuff like music, photos and videos are on the memory card, but what about stuff like contacts? are those stored on the phone or the memory card? If they're on the phone, is there any way of retrieving them? Where can I download USB drivers for the phone and the Sony Ericsson Update Service - I've lost my CD's and the SE site doesn't seem to have them online.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Retrieve Data After BROD

Mar 18, 2009

Long time reader, first time writer.I've used my k850i as a notebook for a long time, and the idiot I am, I havn't backed it up. And now I got the BROD. They way I've used it, is I would create a text message with my note, and just not send it, so it would store the message with my note. Can I retrieve these in any way? They are VERY valuable to me. I've tried to only flash a new main via a2uploader, but without luck. I've been googling it for hours. If there is a paysite that will do the trick, I am villing to pay.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Phone Simply Not Power On / First Brod

Dec 22, 2008

I think I have my first BROD. I was using my phone as normal. Then I got a black screen when I was on the browser. I could see part of the screen though. I then re-started my phone and when I chose normal mode. It some how kept me on flight mode. I thought I restart my phone and again it put me on flight mode. Now if I re-start my phone the keypad lights up and I see the blue ring on my camera and thats it. It simply won't power on now. Is this my first Brod on my k850i?

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Sony Ericsson :: BROD On K850 Very Often

Sep 26, 2008

I have a k850 n is on the latest version but i keep getting BROD every single week... i have to flash it with SEUS everytime when it turn to BROD. anyone noe wat sup with my fone? download PSP Stuff here.

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Sony Ericsson :: Seus Can It Fix Brod? Firmware Is R1fa035

Dec 12, 2008

my phone get brod. but i seen the forum b4 about seus can fix this, any one can tell can this fix brod? my firmware is r1fa035 This message was posted from a E1

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Sms Not Going Through

Sep 24, 2010

im not able to send any texts from my vivazpro. it remains in my outbox. i checked with the network people. they said its nothing to do with my sim service.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Email Set Up

Aug 21, 2010

Could anyone help me set up a POP3 account on my K850i I have set up the incoming server and that works fine I can receive emails. I cannot send emails so the outgoing server is the problem. I have tried several different email addresses with no luck. I used the same settings as I use on my PC to set up the SMTP settings. When I try to send the screen doesn't respond and the mail stops in the Outbox.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i / Turned Off At Its Own

Aug 24, 2010

someone please help me on that:my sek850i was working properly just a while ago, but then it suddenly turned off by when i try to turn it on, its not working and when i plug it into the charger, a red light is coming out from the top near the on button.and the screen did not turn on.someone please help or tell me what happened

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Update To Three

Oct 31, 2010

i recently unlocked my K850i and it was originally on orange so when every time i go into games or the menu it says "orange browser" and "orange games" "orange downloads" and is there anyway i can update this to three?

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i How To Compose EMS

Oct 28, 2007

Can you compose EMS messages on Vodafone UK SE K850i's ? I can recieve them, and forward them but can not work out how to compose them. If I add an animation icon to a SMS the message automatically turns into a MMS.

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Sony Ericsson :: Is K850i Reliable Yet?

Jan 16, 2008

Now that US prices are approaching the $400 mark, I'm considering buying one. Have the many, many bugs been worked out of it yet?

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Display

Mar 1, 2008

I just bought a new K850i .. i was wondering if this is a problem only in my phone or its default for all the phone ..the problem is when i press the screen on the corner i can see the LCD bulging.. as in the color changes .. this normally happens wid any lcd when u press it hard but havent seen any thing like this on any other phone ..

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Sony Ericsson :: Anything Like LifeLog For K850i

Mar 11, 2008

The one feature i did like on the N95 was the lifelog which kept a record of all the things you did on particular days.Is there anything like that for the K850i ?

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Switches Off By Itself

Apr 9, 2008

After a long battle with my cellphone provider supplying Vodafone branded versions of the K850i, we managed to push them to provide us with generic SE software.However, now that I have the generic software, another problem has come up. The phone switches itself off for now apparent reason. This happens randomly throughout the day (about 3 times). Otherwise the phone is not damaged, does not give any problems, does not freeze, it just switches off. Usually at the time, the phone is in my pocket, but keylock is on, so it can't be me doing it by accident. Upon turning the phone on again - everything is well until the next time. My battery seems OK - no dirt inside phone, contact surfaces clean. SIM seems fine. Phone not damaged in any other way.Can X-ray/electrical interference cause something like this? This only happens at work, and I have not had it happen at home.Currently using R1EA031 S-CENTR-AFR version of software. Taking the phone in to the shop is an option, but I really do not have a lot of time to spend hanging around when I am not sure that the techs will Objectively find something "wrong" with the phone. Anyone else experiencing this? Anything I can look at myself?

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i / W580i - Which One Is Better To Get?

Apr 22, 2008

What's better?
1. Music Phone and a Digital Camera Cybershot
I'm not sure what music phone. Could be W580i. What do you think?

2. K850i
5mp + Mp3 + Awesome Design

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Box Icon With H / What It Is For?

Apr 23, 2008

Anyways, everything seems to work fine as of right now. I am extremely happy with my phone. With that said I do have a few questions.

1. I have an icon at the top left of the screen next to the signal strength. Its a box with a letter H inside. What is that?

2. I have firmware version r1ea031. Should I keep this or update to whatever the newest firmware is? I am a newbie when it comes to all this high gadget stuff. Also I am in the US right now but will be moving back to the Philippines at the end of may if that makes any difference.

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Sony Ericsson :: Gadgets On The K850i

Jul 2, 2008

hello people am new to this site but ive being looking on utube and seen all the fancy gadgets on the k850i phone like the one where you shake the phone and stuff and the rotating pictures on the main screen like the arrow and the apple mac symbol can anybody let me know how to put it on mi phone and if there are any other gadgets out there i would love to know about them cheers

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Where To Get Housing From?

Jul 9, 2008

There is post saying about where to get different housings for the K850i, but there all in the USA. Now if people don't know, if you order something from USA to england it charges on top of the orders total price. I have been looking for a housing for the K850i, as my own has be battered and scratched. see the color I have been looking for is the green housing; but if there is anyone out there that know where I could get the black quicksilver housing. Please help me in finding English site that sells the housings for the K850i.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Connection With PS3

Sep 8, 2008

My friend just bought a PS3 and I know that I can connect my K850 to his PS3 but I don't know how. I tried to search for devices in the PS3 but it just say "Scanning" for hours and do nothing. What do you think? maybe he needs to update the firmware of its PS3? or it doesnt matter?

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Vs W890i

Sep 10, 2008

I'm thinking about buying a new phone, but I can't really decide between these two phones.
Mainly, I would use it as a music player, but as I know, w890i has a really crappy camera, so my main question is: How is the w890i's music quality compared to k850i's? Is it a way better?Because if not, I think I should buy the k850, it costs more only 30 euros.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850 Vs K850i

Sep 18, 2008

I can't be bothered to look this up. I'm feeling lazy today.Can anyone tell me some major difference between the K850 and the K850i. I'm curious, and want to know.Another question: Are the difference significant if I want to flash them? (I have the K850i, mistook it for the K850)

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Sony Ericsson :: SE K850i Sometimes Turns Itself Off

Sep 27, 2008

My daughter has a 850i that she got from Orange about 6 months ago. She says that it sometimes turns itself off, she can't hear callers etc and it's generally a pain. Will a firmware upgrade sort this out? I don't know what firmware she has on it now but presumably there must be a newer one available that might sort out these problems.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - How To Change CDA?

Nov 3, 2008

How can I change the firmware in my k850 to Hong kong version? Now is:
MAPP CXC article: R1FA035 prg12004404_CHINA_SO
MAPP CXC version: R1FA035
Language Package:APAC-ANZ
CDA article: 1201-0176
CDA version: R11A
Default article: 1200-5441
Default version: R1FA035
download PSP Stuff here

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Menu Need To Mod

Nov 3, 2008

I Have Been Made a Menu By Menu Editor 4 my K850i Which Is Working But Evertime When I Turned Off Mobile Then Again Turned On and Then Tried To Open Menu It's Show ""Errors Occur In The File.This May Render The Menu Unusable."" After That I Pressed Ok Then It's Worked Good But Contects R Not Open Directly I Have Been Post Below All Items If Any 1 Can Mod This Menu Realy Appriciate It.

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Sony Ericsson :: Acoustics For K850i

Nov 9, 2008

i recently got into modding my k850i, i have flash themes and all i need now is the accoustic files for my phone, i found out the best one is " w980_for_K850_beta_3_by_Luhcass_(loud)" and i have downloaded it from someone on esato, but i just wanna know how i install it. where do i put it, i have a2 uploader and just need to know where the files go. and does it replace the original sound files put there by SE ,and can i still play music via headphones and loudspeakers?

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Sony Ericsson :: Modding K850i?

Dec 6, 2008

I've been away for a few months and on my return I've noticed loads of drivers and stuff for the K850i popping up here. Some of the stuff I've read sound exciting, but I have no idea how to do it. Is there a tutorial somewhere which explains the how to, and I mean for complete idiot who knows nothing about it.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i / Sms Goes To Outbox Without Being Sent

Dec 11, 2008

All of a sudden all outgoing SMS in my wifes K850i goes to the Outbox without being sent and is queues there. This happened after a network down time, she doesnt remember if she pressed some buttons while retrying to resend. After the network went back up there all her sms goes direct to outbox when she sends. SHe can receive text and she can receive and make calls but cant send sms, Shes away in the province for a week more and I cant check her unit for her. SHe tried moving her sim to another phone and can send sms from there. Anyone with a K850i with any idea what she may have pressed, or setting she may have changed?

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i New Mod SoftKeys

Dec 12, 2008

Left key[....]_SOFTKEY_HOOK_IannVF_.rar.html
Right key[....]_SOFTKEY_HOOK_IannVF_.rar.html 100% Working.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i LG Renoir Or Something Else?

Feb 9, 2009

I am looking for a phone that has good picture quality and is also reliable, i have heard that the k850i is very unreliable and that you keep having to send them off for repair, have also heard lots of other bad things about them, also have heard bad things about the picture quality but thought i would ask on here for some opinions.I am thinking of getting either a K850i, N82, LG Renoir or something else.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Dead

Feb 17, 2009

I woke up with my 1 month old K850i dead as a brick. Taking out the battery, memory or sim card didn't help. It doesn't even react when I'm connecting the power cable. Is there anything I can do other than sending it in?

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