Samsung :: Which Models Are Supported By PC Studio?

Jun 18, 2010

I am looking at finding out which models are supported by the samsung pc studio.I finally installed my SCH-T509 phone without issues to the computer via the usb data cable. Then I installed the Samsung PC studio. IT would not connect to the program.I would like to download the photos from the phone.

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Samsung :: Supported Phone Models For Bitpim - Access Data

Oct 18, 2007

i have the samsung Upstage. And i was looking at the supported phone models for bitpim and i didn't see my phone on there. I don't know if i looked at a recent version of it or not. But i wanted to be able to access my phone data. It took me forever just to find out about bitpim. SO is there any other programs out htere that i can use to do this?

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Samsung :: Galaxys / What Are The Models?

Aug 14, 2010

I know there's 4 of them and I'm trying to figure out the 4 different models available in North America. More importantly, I'm trying to figure out which ones will be available here in Canada.I know that there's an Apollo version coming to Telus.

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Samsung :: Access To Locked 3G Models

Apr 29, 2009

I am looking for somebody who have access to locked A series Samsung 3G phones. I need to test some solution for this mobile phones. Contact me if you have access to them. I will provide you with solution free of charge!

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Samsung :: I600 - Asian Vs European Models?

May 10, 2007

Are there are any differences between the Asian and European versions of the I600? Is that fancy new plug-in (the animated one) in both of them? I'm interested in the phone and might buy one later today, but the store only has the European version.

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Samsung ::GT-S5233A Different Star Models Available Worldwide?

Jul 20, 2009

I recently purchased a Samsung Star mobile, model number: GT-S5233A, which comes WITHOUT a stylus. Now I know there are different Samsung Star models available worldwide, which have more features in them (e.g. call recording, handwriting recognition), which my GT-S5233A does not have.Can I upgrade my phone's firmware to get these extra features?

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Samsung :: Differences Between American D900 - Black Carbon- And Asian - Other Models

Jun 16, 2007

I recently ordered the D900 from because samsung's site was not working, and to my dismay I found that they would be sending me the Asian model instead of the American model. Samsung's site finally worked by the time it was too late to cancel my other order, so I now have two D900's coming to me next week. I plan on returning the Asian model for a refund and keeping the American model. Are there any physical differences in the two models that I should be able to notice? I want to return the first one unopened, so is there any other way to tell besides turning them on what the differences are?

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Samsung :: PC Studio - No Communication Is Available

Mar 29, 2007

Just got a USB cable for my t209 phone. The drive by CC emulates com3 as the comm port. PC Studio I has com3 as a supported port in the setup. Put when I start the program, it states it is offline and not communication is available.

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Samsung :: Download For PC Studio

May 6, 2007

Where can I download PC Studio?

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Samsung :: SGH-P107 / PC Studio II

Jul 5, 2007

Already tried searching through the forum boards for this answer so perhaps some folks out there have some answers.I wanted to save my photos and text messages to my computer so I bought a USB cable off Ebay. Plugged it into the computer and to my phone which happily beeped and started charging.Downloaded the driver for the USB and EasyStudio. Couldn't get it to work.Downloaded PC Studio II and still haven't been able to connect.Phone is P107, computer is XP, I know the computer can "read" the phone since it beeps and charges but for the life of me, I can't seem to get the phone to show up on the file manager.on EasyStudio, the file manager button is clickable while on PC Studio II it is grayed out.I've tried different COM settings to avail.

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Samsung :: Sgh-778 - PC Studio - Software

Jul 28, 2007

I have a samsung sgh-778 (basically same as sgh-770). the 'pc studio' software is very cool. there are lots of manipulation you can do with it that cannot be accomplished simply via copying to/from the microSD card. but this software is cumbersome to use. the different functions e.g. creating a video, creating a SMS, email, managing/editing photos, videos, syncing, etc. - they are all different small programs. but you cannot launch them directly. you have to use a 'launcher' program, which is nothing but a window of icons. what's worse is that the launcher can only be operated using a mouse. if only there were a way to launch these programs using the keyboard...

Q: Does anyone know how?

The install for pc studio is 71MB - seems large for simple mobile phone syncing software. there are 364 files spread over 23 folders. 79 exe's and 161 dll's. could any of those by superfluous? no way. but seriously there has got to be a faster and easier way to do stuff with this samsung software. the functionality is awesome but the 'pc studio' seems like an unfinished work. even the way the programs respond to the keyboard. you press Alt and nothing happens. you have to actually hold Alt down and at the same time press 'F' in order to get an Alt-F menu to drop down. imagine if microsoft word behaved like that? i have actually edited the .rc files of these programs by hand to add in keyboard shortcuts so i can do things without having to rely on a mouse or trackpad/joystick.

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Samsung :: Blackjack And PC Studio

Aug 7, 2007

Please excuse my lack of knowledge as I am new to this .I just received the Samsung SGH-i607 (Blackjack). I installed the "Getting started" disk that came with the unit. The active sync seems to work. I also downloaded a program from the att/cingular site that permitted me to copy my existing ring tones from my desktop. Both programs are disabled from automatically starting up.Now, I just received and installed the Samsung PC Studio and it's creating a bit of confusion for me. I can't get the program to talk to the phone. The phone is recognized as it displays SGH-I607 (connections set to modem)connected but the menu selections on PC Studio are faded out. After reading a number of articles, I gather I'm to reconfigure my USB connections to PC Studio. Here's the problem, I can only select between activsync, Modem, or Mass Storage as PC Studio is not available on this menu.

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Samsung :: Pc Studio For A707

Sep 3, 2007

I recently purchased the data cable for my phone. It came with the Samsung pc studio 3.0 software. I ran the software on my pc and it seems as if the install went fine, but when I plug the phone in Windows recognizes it as new hardware and wants to search for drivers. I have tried reinstalling the software but my pc doesn't seem to recognize it. The phone itself says its connected but when you click the connect button on Pc studio it says not connected.

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Samsung :: PC Studio Via USB Says 'Not Connected'

Sep 22, 2008

My SGH U900 is connected to the PC via USB but PC studio says 'Not connected' .I know there's no problem with the cable because it says 'PC studio USB connected' (or something like that) on the handset! Now this was all working up until the other day,I don't know how to fix this! Will someone plz save me before I go ape-**** and destroy everything whilst laughing maniacally!

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Samsung :: Eternity And PC Studio

Nov 16, 2008

I am trying to get the software to sync with the new eternity over BT. It is able to find the phone and connect over BT and I can explore the phone but it won't sync. I get the error that sync failed.

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Samsung :: Delve - PC Studio 7

Dec 29, 2008

Out of frustration with the lack of support for the Delve and PC Studio 3, my web hunt began. I came across the Samsung Mobile Innovators website looking for some info about whether or not they intended to support the Delve with this software, and what do I find, but PC Suite 7!

The current version is 7 and has a few new options from version 3 including a "install applications" and "backup" area. I haven't been able to play with it because the Delve is still not supported, but I thought I would throw it out there for those of you that have supported phones. One note, I did have to sign up to download the software, but it's a painless process.

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Samsung :: Alternative To PC Studio 3?

Apr 12, 2009

I would like to know if there is any alternative to Samsung PC Studio 3? Another way to uploaddownload music photos etc? Or another way to backup my phone book - but not to the Outlook program, I would like to backup to Exel file.

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Samsung :: PC Studio Works For GSM Only

May 26, 2009

Its to my understanding that PC Studio 3 only works for GSM phones.i was just curious about the capabilities for PC Studio 1 & 2.unfortunately BITPIM doesn't support my samsung cdma phone (SCH-R210).

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Samsung :: PC Studio Download Link

Jun 27, 2007

I asked in, but no answer was given. I figured it'd be better to start a new thread anyway, as that thread already had its own topic.I need to re-install my PC Studio on my Vista, because when I try to launch it, it says "Please reinstall". Simple enough, right?May I have the link again, please?

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Samsung :: Folders Used By PC Studio While Syncing

Jul 9, 2007

What are the actual folders that Samsung PC Studio uses while syncing?I am not able to sync my A706 because I don't have those folders. So, if I manually created them I think I would be fine.

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Samsung :: SGH-U600 / PC Studio 3.2.0 Vista

Aug 7, 2007

Just saw this on support web site for those with Vista issues. Give it a try.

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Samsung :: D900 - PC Studio 3 And MMS Managment

Aug 12, 2007

Is it me or is it that we can't use the MMS manager of the PC Studio 3 Message Manager with the D900? I need to copy off some of the things I received but I can't get it to connect so that i can use that. On the same note, I can't get it to send using the MMS Composer either since the program says not connected, even thought the main screen says that it is.

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Samsung :: Restore SMS To Phone With PC Studio?

Aug 15, 2007

I´ve just moved all my sms to my computer (cut and copy with PC studio) and now i want to store them back to my phone, but i cant find the way! Does anybody knows how to do it?

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Samsung :: D807 - Not Working With PC Studio

Oct 16, 2007

I have vista, and downloaded the vista version of PC studio, but every time that I connect the phone (which works), open PC studio (which works), Open multimedia manager (works) and click view phone, it says the other program is busy, click switch to to activate the busy program, when I click switch nothing happens.

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Samsung :: T619 / PC Studio No Longer Available

Nov 21, 2007

I just tried to re-download Samsung PC Studio, but I did not see it under my phone's (T619) support download page on Just out of curiosity I also checked the A707's download page, and I saw no download link there either; just the user manual.Is it possible that PC Studio is no longer available for download? If not, where can I get it?

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Samsung :: PC Studio 3 - How To Manage SD Card

Jan 1, 2008

I have a P310 and I'm putting some music on it for the gym. Though the Studio 3 seems pretty easy, its left me quite confused. Is there a way to manage the SD card? I started putting music on it, and it ran out of space real quick. Then I noticed that all the PC Studio did was use up the phones memory. I did however realize that you could just separately manage the SD card separately, but that intern left the music I put on, in an entirely different area. I would have to go to "memory card" in order to access my music. To me it seems very troublesome to have to go to memory card, add every song onto a playlist, just so I can listen to the music with the functions of a mp3 player.

So if anybody has some experience with Samsung PC studio 3, could you please help me out. Or perhaps you guys can recommend a better program that allows you to manage media, and to be able to set up a play list for your phone via pc.

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Samsung :: PC Studio GPRS Internet

Jan 21, 2008

How do I connection my PC to Internet using Samsung-X820's GPRS Connection?

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Samsung :: Anyone Got PC Studio To Work With Phone?

May 29, 2008

Has anyone got PC studio to work with this phone? I installed it and tried to update it but no luck. All of the boxes remain greyed out.

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Samsung :: D900 PC Studio Troubleshooting

Aug 12, 2008

I'm having an issue with PC studio with my new d900 i have bought. It's running firmware D900XAFL2 which i flashed on myself.When I try to synchronise my contacts I select Windows address book and Outlook express(cause i dont have outlook) , and just chose to sychronise contacts (and whilst i do this pc studio constantly reminds me that outlook is not installed and the world is going to end as a result)So anyway, i click the synch button, and in no time at all i'm presented with the comforting "synchronisation failed" message, and when looking at the log it shows nothing, no items transfered, no items failed.

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Samsung :: PC Studio For Eternity / A867?

Jan 5, 2009

The Samsung SGH-A867, known as the Eternity, supports the use of PC Studio for data transfer and PC Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. Samsung has released new software called “Samsung New PC Studio Version” which enhances support for direct Outlook synchronization and is now available for use with the SGH-A867 (Eternity) ONLY, at this time. Please access the Samsung Download Center for the Eternity to download the application.

Tip: If you are not using the PC Sync feature to synchronize data between MS Outlook and your handset, but are using the other applications such as Phone Explorer, etc. with PC Studio 3 (HG5) you can continue to use this. If however, your primary purpose is for synchronizing your data with MS Outlook, please download the new software. Note: Installation of the New PC Studio will not remove PC Studio 3, both applications can be present on the same computer. I searched this forum but didn't see anything related to this.

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Samsung :: How To Put Pc Studio On This Hand Held

Jan 20, 2009

Does anyone have any info on how to put pc studio on this handheld? Can it even work on it? What kind of programs can I put on it? I can only access the sd card but that's it.

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