Nokia Music :: Download History Does Not Work Properly?

Feb 27, 2012

I would like very much to download again the files I have downloaded, but it seems quite frustrating when trying to do that. When accessing ovi music throught Nokia Music Player then accessing Download History I can only download albuns that do not need to be full downloaded, that is, some of them needs to be fully downloaded and other not, besides that problem when I click download to get an album I have to refresh the page as it wont allow me to download again, it seems to have many bugs, bugs that did not exist when downloading the album not from the history.

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Nokia :: N97 Didn't Work Properly After Update To 2.1 - Charging Light Did Not Work Get Black Screen

Aug 18, 2010

I updated my N97, and after that my phone did not work properly, the old version was 2.0 and the new is 2.1, the charging light did not work and i get black screen when i turn my phone on.

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Nokia Music :: Can't Properly Sync 5530 Music Files

Jan 8, 2010

I just bought a Nokia 5530 Xpress Music and tried out syncing my phone's files using Ovi Suite so I can easily retrieve them if ever they get deleted when I update my phone's firmware. When I synced my files, everything else worked fine except for the music files and these are the following problems I encountered: Ovi Suite did not only copy my phone's music files to my pc, it also copied all the music files of my pc to my phone at the same time. This shouldn't happen right? Because I'm only trying to sync my phone's files to my computer, and not transfer files from my computer to my phone so it should only copy all the songs in my 5530 to Ovi Suite.

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Nokia Lumia :: Delete Music+Videos History On 920?

Nov 12, 2012

Is there a way to delete the History file in the Music+Videos app? I can delete the IE Browser History, but cannot find a way to delete Music+Videos History.

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Nokia :: GPS Navigation Does Not Work Properly On E72

Jul 16, 2010

In Maps when I find a place to go to and press ok it says Waiting for GPS. And never finds it. I need to restart the phone, then it works ok, but only for one route. New navigations are not possible again.

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Nokia :: E72 Keypad Not Work Properly

Jun 4, 2010

I got my new e72 (fw up to date 031.023)a couple of days ago and i already found a HUGE problem with the keypad. The keys which have a number (R,T,Y,F,G,H,V,B, N and M) do not work properly!

I found that when typing at a regular speed these keys do not get registered all the time. At first i thought i was nuts and that i just "havn't gotten used to the phone yet" probably to satisfy my emotions of just having bought a completly new phone, having "upgraded" from the e71. For instance.. Without thinking please try typing these words, as you would normally with two thumbs:

I also found when the words start with a number key, everything is okay. But when you press those keys in the middle of a word, or at the end of the word they don't get registered very often (this does not happen with the e71)

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Nokia Nseries :: 5800 XM Does Not Work With Car Kit Properly?

Jan 30, 2012

After recent upgrade to v 60.0.003, my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic does not seem to be working properly with my car bluetooth kit. It connects to the car kit alright, and the incoming call's ringtone is heard on the car kit and the call can also be accepted by pressing the green button on the car kit but the call voice (both mike and speaker) remains with the phone and does not come over the car stereo. If I look at the phone screen during the call, there is an option to activate the speaker but none to transfer the call to bluetooth device. I have tried fiddling with options in Accessories - > Car kit, as well as the bluetooth options, to no avail. Tried re-pairing but that didn;t help either.

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Nokia Applications :: 701 Ovi Store Not Work Properly

Feb 5, 2012

my nokia 701 showing some problem while i open store..... When i try sign in my account in store it show msg that there is some problem try again later.

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Nokia :: 5230 Best Earbuds Do Not Work Properly With Device

Jun 17, 2010

My best earbuds do not work properly w. this device.These are the v-Moda vibe duo and they work really well in any device i;ve ever plugged them into.i have 3 of these. I use my phone a real lot for music and the earbuds that come w. the Nuron are cheesy sounding and cheaply made.i thought this device would work fine w. standard earbuds.I;ve tried diff settings.the sound is muted and garbled until I press the speaker button and keep it held and then it sounds great obviously this isnt an option.what gives? does this phone require some proprietary earbuds? if so, that is really lame IMO.

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Nokia :: 5800 Alarm Does Not Work Properly With V40 Firmware

Jan 17, 2010

After doing the update to v40 my alarm does not work properly (on both my 5800's), when the alarm goes off and the stupid orange and red bars come up saying snooz and stop they do nothing ! I hit them and the alarm just keeps going and going, I have to hit the red menu button and it goes to snooz mode, is there a way to revert back to v31 as I really do not like this newer v40 firmware.

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Nokia Music :: Unable To Download Music For Ovi Unlimited Music?

Jul 31, 2012

I have taken a nokia N8 belle version phone 3 months back, last few days I am unable to download music from OVI music, my phone came with 12 months subscription.

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Nokia Music :: Ovi Player Not Working Properly?

Aug 12, 2011

When I open my Ovi Player, I can access my music ok, but when accessing Ovi Music, the program goes on loop saying "automaattinen sisäänkirjaus epäonnistus, kirjaudu sisään itse". I've uninstalled the program, installed the new one - the same continues. Also the Nokia Musiikkauppa page keepson reloading itself endlessly on Internet Explorer. With Firefox works fine!

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Nokia :: N97 - Menu Button And Touch Screen Not Work Properly

Jul 1, 2010

It keeps telling me that the c: memory is full and that i should delete some items, however when i try to, there is hardly anything on the c:. Also the phone only works sporadically for about five minutes after switching on and after that the menu button and the touch screen do not work properly and i am unable to make any calls or texts, but can still recieve calls.

Also it is telling me that the sim memory is full and remains full despite deleting text messages. Has anyone else experienced such problems or know how i can fix these problems?

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Nokia Online Services :: Remove All Download History From "My Stuffs"

Jul 13, 2011

select all/remove all download history from "My Stuffs" at [URL] Because it got me so frustrated when I've gotta manually tick 10 apps per page and then click "Delete selected", "Next" and repeat the same steps over and over again.

Is there any way to "Select all" or at least "Select all 10" and then "Delete selected"?

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Nokia Navigation :: Map On Nokia E6 Does Not Work Properly

Dec 5, 2011

My map on Nokia E6 does not work properly. when I compare it with my friends, when he click on the map icon, there is some icons for driving, walking and .... but mine directly go into a map without any options! my other options like driving and weather is ubder application folder seperately.

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Nokia :: 5530 - Music Player Stopped Functioning Properly

Aug 16, 2010

Not long before receiving a notice about an update for my Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, the music player stopped functioning properly. If I try to play a song from "All songs", I get the message "File is corrupted, Operation cancelled."

If I try the same through Albums, Playlists, Genres or Composers, I get the same message.

If I try to access anything through Artists, I get the message "General: System Error"

Podcasts works just fine.

I can play music tracks if I browse my files on my memory card, and play from there.

I have tried using Nokia Software Updater and reinstalling the newest update, and reseting my phone to factory default.

What should I do?

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Nokia Music :: Free Music Player To Download To Replace Useless Anna One On My N8?

Sep 3, 2011

Can anyone recommend a free music player I can download to replace the useless Anna one on my n8?

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Nokia Music :: Download Themes/skins On 2730c For The Default Music Player

Oct 29, 2012

Can we download themes/skins on nokia 2730c for the default music player.

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Nokia Music :: Cannot Recall Account Details So Unable To Download Music On N8

Jul 24, 2012

I can't remember the account name and password which bind to my n8 mobile, therefore I can't download music any more. I tried to "forgot password", but cannot find back the account name. If I login with other account, I can't download music. What can I do?

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Nokia Music :: Can't Download Music From Ovi Music Store

Nov 1, 2011

i cant download music from ovi music store whenever i tries. It shows tht redeem ur voucher. This problem only i'm getting since i updated symbian anna and ovi music store turned into nokia music store. How cn i get it back or the voucher number which it shows me during access.

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Nokia Music :: Unable To Download Music Using OVI Music In UK

May 25, 2011

i just came to UK yesterday, i was able to download music from OVI in india, but now the phone is asking for the voucher number?

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Nokia Music :: Download Music Store Application On 5130c-2?

Nov 14, 2010

How can i download music store application on my 5130c-2?

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Nokia Music :: Unable To Download Music, Asking For Redeem Voucher?

Sep 30, 2010

i have x6,as the sms service not avilable at the place so i m not getting sms from nokia at the time of the problem that exist is when ever i click to download , always asking for redeem voucher.but i have ovi music unlimited edition mobile device.

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Nokia Music :: Unable To Download Tracks Using Unlimited Ovi Music?

May 19, 2011

i have a serious issue with my unlimited ovi music account.i have purchased an n8, just 5 days back.Tried to download music using the ovi player, but everytime my machine would hang.Then I tried downloading using the ovi suite, I have tried to download almost 20 tracks (1 at a time) and have succeeded in downloading only 2. Every time it is able to download approximately 33-50% after which it gives an error message "Download Failed".

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Nokia Music :: Updated To Belle, Cannot Download Songs With Ovi Music

Jun 19, 2012

after updating to belle, i am not able to login to my ovi music. It shows error message that " We are having trouble determining that this is your registered music edition mobile. Please check it is and try again using different GPRS connection or WLAN". my nokia account username is rohit.shirate.

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Nokia Music :: N8-00 Belle Refresh Ovi Music Unlimited Download?

Dec 25, 2012

I am getting this message below if i didn't log in ''You can't use this mobile for unlimited downloads.Your mobile is already registered for unlimited downloads. If you are trying to activatea new unlimited download subscription PIN you need to use the new OVI musicUnlimited edition mobile that came with it.''if i log in with my nokia account ''you can't use this nokia account to download music from nokia music. You can only download music if you log in with your Come with nokia music username.''At first, there were no such problem but after this four month of subscription i amgetting this type of message. And i have no music username at all. But iuse to download music in my nokian8-00 belle refresh before hard reset.

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Nokia Music :: Voucher Number To Download Music From Ovi Store?

Mar 6, 2012

i have nokia 500.i need a voucher number to download music from ovi Store.Moderator's Note: We have removed personal information from this post because we don't condone sharing them on a public forum.

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Nokia Music :: Unable To Download Music From Ovi Store

Oct 30, 2012

i am Not able to download music from ovi. they want user name bt i haven't usernam. what can i do

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Nokia Music :: Unable To Download Music From Registered PC?

Aug 20, 2011

I am not able to download music from my registered PC. The error which I get while downloading the music is "The download process failed to start. Please refer to Troubleshooting guide in Help".I have made a complaint on 30-Jul and still not able to download any music because of the pathetic service of Nokia I have lost more than 5-6 weeks till now (Including the same issue which I faced in March). My Subscription will end in another months time.

I have provided all the information which nokia support has requested including screen snapshots of the error and still nothing is done to fix the issue. I have been asked to re-register my PC and re-install the software couple of times which I have done but the issue still persists.

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Nokia Music :: Unable To Download Music From Ovi Player?

May 6, 2010

I am trying to download music from OVI PLAYER.I have got a 1 year subs license since i bought and X6 and it comes with it.
The problem that i am facing it cannot download a song and the error message given is THE NETWORK CONNECTION TO THE MEDIA SERVER COULD NOT BE MADE.

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Nokia Online Services :: Download Music From Ovi Music On PC?

Jan 8, 2012

i want to download music from ovi music on my pc, but don't have credit.I use a Vodacom usb modem. Must i put money on my phone or on my usb modem.

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