Nokia Lumia :: 710 Screen Brightness Flickering?

Apr 30, 2012

I have a problem with my lumia 710: when I scroll web pages or maps, I note brightness flickering on his display. The problem seems to be only when the luminosity of the screen is set on auto, medium or low.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5800 - Flickering Lines Appear On Screen When Brightness Low

Feb 10, 2012

I got a problem with my nokia 5800 screen, sometimes when my brightness is bellow 80% 2-3 flickering lines appear wherever I am ( home screen, watching a video, browser, call someone etc.). When brightness is at 80% its normal always (maybe of the high brightness I may not see the lines) However this is annoying and I want to know if I can do anything about it ! On top of that my phones shuts down suddenly on its own randomly! The phone is functioning well running app without any problem and watching videos !

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Xperia Active :: Changing Screen Brightness Started With A Flickering Screen

Feb 16, 2012

My Xperia Active is barely 3 weeks old, running Android version: 2.3.4 and latest build: 4.0.2.A.0.62. My screen brightness is kept at maximum, I have never dropped this phone or abused it and rest of it's functions are running fine. Barely a week in, it seemed to have a faintly flickering screen which I thought might have just been my eyes going. This week, the flickering has been replaced by what I would describe as "breathing" - screen brightness goes from max brightness (100%) to gradual dimness (about 78% brightness) to max brightness again - without me touching anything nor am I running out of power. This happens once in a while throught the day, not constantly. Rather alarming as I am getting very attached to this little phone.

I have been checking the SE forums since the 1st week of ownership, the flickering screen problem has been reported occuring to other SE phone models, including the Mini on which the Active has been based. I have wiped all data from my phone and gave it back to the seller for their tech to figure out. My last option if unrepairable, is to ask the seller to replace the unit. what causes the screen brightness to dim then brighten by itself (despite the latest build and software).

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Xperia Active :: Screen Flickering More Visible At Low Brightness

May 29, 2012

I bought my Xperia active last Monday. But last Sunday, I noticed that the screen flickers. I usually use the phone with the brightness setting set to the lowest and that makes the screen flickering more visible. And also I am kinda new in using Android phones and Sony Ericsson phones, so I am no expert in manipulating this device.

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Xperia Z2 :: Display Flickering Slightly In Low Brightness When Auto Brightness Off

Feb 27, 2015

My xperia z2 display flickering slightly in low brightness when auto brighness is off.........why is this happening is this normal??

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Nokia Lumia :: 920 Flickering Screen?

Dec 7, 2012

Just got my 920 and the screen is flickering noticably, its is bareable when i use black background, but with white background or watching pictures it is really bad :/

What is the proper action to take here? Do i wait for a fix and then download it or do i have to return the phone because it is a hardware issue? I also have a friend who got his phone a few days ago and it has the same problem but not quite as severe.

if i had to guess i would say this have to do with the dimmer componen for the background lightning of the lcd panel, but i have no way to verify this.Other than this i totaly love the phone so i hope this could be fixed with an update, dont want to spend any time w/o it

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 Screen Brightness After Update

Jan 31, 2012

I installed the 8107 and firmware update.I found that the screen brightness it is now too low on automatic and when I put it on medium or high setting the soft keys stop lighting up, they only worked when in auto or low mode which is too dim for my eyesight.I wasted my money RS:-29,000/-[Lots of problem in phone].First i have to buy my phone and i have to take some time out to tell u all problem.waste of money n time.I am nokia fan statring to till now.

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Lumia 1020 :: Flickering Screen During Low Battery

Sep 16, 2013

I have been experiencing flickering screen on my 1020 when the battery goes into the battery saving mode at 20% or less. I attached a couple of videos showing the huge contrast jumps on the screen.

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Lumia Icon :: Screen Flickering Since Denim Update

Feb 16, 2015

I get an occasional flicker of my screen since the Denim update. Maybe once every 5 minutes of use on average.

It's a bug I guess, but I'm wondering if maybe it's because I have the brightness profile too low?

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Nokia Lumia :: 900 Flickering Wallpaper Right After Pressin?

Jun 2, 2012

I am on my third Nokia Lumia 900 now and all three have had an issue with the wallpaper "flickering" into vertical streaks right after I press the power on button. Has anyone else noticed this problem?The flickering doesn't stop the phone from working in any way, but it does make me wonder about the build quality.

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Lumia 950 :: Phone Screen Colors And Brightness

Nov 18, 2015

Lumia 950 in my hand. Feels much lighter than my Lumia 930. Slightly larger in my hand but definitely thinner overall. Love the matte white finish. It's very elegant looking and gives a nice grip while holding it.

All of my settings and contacts synced perfectly (including my alarms).

AT&T HD Voice does work and is active. You'll see the text "AT&T HD Voice" when making a phone call to a compatible phone (my wife's 950 in this case). LTE remains active during the call.

Screen is not as good as the 930. Much dimmer overall. I'm not impressed with that as it's going to make using it outdoors a lot worse. Might have to pressure Microsoft to push a firmware update or something. The colors look accurate and vibrant, but dimmer is not better in the cell phone world. I turned off automatic brightness and set it to 100%. The photo below tells the story.

By the way, the photo below was taken on my wife's 950. The 930 is on the right.

I just tried some more stuff, including dropping the brightness slider down to 0%. I then pushed it back to 100%. I did not use the brightness button in the action center. It seems brighter now. I'd probably say it's about 90% as bright as the 930 all though not quite.

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Lumia 1520 :: Turning Down Screen Brightness

Jun 25, 2014

I have a question regarding adjusting the screen brightness. I am visually impaired and I want to turn it down as much as possible since I am using Narrator the screen reader in Windowsphone 8.1 so I get Everything in speech.

Well, if I turn the screen brightness down to low, is it easy for someone to see what I am doing or is there an app that will let me almost do the screen dark? On other platforms there are.

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Lumia 1520 :: Flickering Display On Nokia Phone

Sep 22, 2015

I have a flickering display problem on my Nokia Lumia 1520 which makes the phone totally unuseable because when the flickering starts, all the buttons on the screen become frozen and half the time this happens I'm forced to power off the phone after which it works as it should for a while, then the flickering starts again. Is this a hardware or software issue?Please check this video of the flickering.

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Lumia 1520 :: Doesn't Reduce Screen Brightness

Sep 6, 2014

As you know WP users when our phones gets low battery our buttons turn off (Back, Home, and Search buttons) they turn off but not on my 1520 anymore they still light even when battery is low I went to Display settings the "Battery saver brightness" option is activated this option used to turn them off when my battery gets low also it doesn't really reduce the screen brightness as used to do the brightness still as the same it doesn't reduce it or something.

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Lumia 1520 :: Brightness Settings And The Screen Sensitivity

Jan 29, 2014

Don't know if this was posted before, but I've found out that the screen sensitivity issue is related to screen brightness settings. If I switch auto brightness off and set it to medium, then the issue disappears. However, if I set it to high I can reproduce the issue immediately.
Touch sensitivity in settings is set to normal.

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Lumia Icon :: Redish Screen Tint When On Lowest Brightness Setting

Mar 4, 2014

When looking at something white on screen, do those white areas have a redish tint at lowest brightness setting? I notice this with my Lumia Icon, but not with other Lumia Windows phones. I just want to be sure that this is normal, as I'm still within the return window with VZW. If I set the brightness to medium or high, whites lose their redish tint and look normal.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E7 With Flickering Screen?

Feb 1, 2012

i bought nokia E7 last week and today is just driving me nuts. the nuts have been flieckering since morning...i cant make call, read messages or anything it would just turn blank...

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Nokia Lumia :: 710 Turned Off Brightness Auto Adjustment

Mar 1, 2012

I have already turned off the brightness auto adjustment, however I still notice the screen brightness change slightly when there is movement on screen, for example when you use finger touch and move on the screen. ( very noticeable when background is white).I tried to live with it however find it very annoying when you play on a white background game. Like the free game Penguin ( which is similar to Tiny Wing on iOS).

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Display Fault - Screen Flickering And Lines Moving

Dec 25, 2010

There seems to be a fault in N8 where the screen is fine but if you look closely/in pure white or grey backgrounds I can notice the screen flickering where the lines move from the bottom all the way to the top really fast.

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Nokia :: 3710 Adjusting Screen Brightness

Jan 30, 2010

Does anyone know how to adjust the screen brightness of the 3710 fold phone (the inner screen)?

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Nokia 3710 :: Adjust Brightness Of My Display Screen?

Aug 1, 2010

Is it possible to adjust the brightness of my display screen?if yes, can you please guys give me the steps please. also, there are no 1 and 2 keys for one touch dialing.

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Lumia 1320 :: Display Get Flickering

Jan 3, 2016

Nokia Lumia 1320 display get flickering as i checked same display on different mother boards is working fine.

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Lumia 1520 :: Why Phone Capacitive Buttons Flickering

Jan 5, 2015

Recently the back, and start buttons on my 1520 have not been turning on, or flickering. The search button has not shown any signs of the issue. The buttons still work, and have no functionality issues.

It started randomly, and I notice if I press on certain parts of the phone, the lights may go on or off. They may also go on or off of their own accord.

I had dropped my phone a few days prior, but there was no visible damage, and the issue was delayed.

I'm assuming this is a hardware issue and I would need to replace it in order to fix it, but are there other possibilities?

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BB Torch 9800 :: Screen Flickering On Active Call Screen

Aug 23, 2010

Just recently noticed that my phone screen will flicker and a small red light will flicker (very dim) to the right of the LED when I am on the active call screen. It is most notable when I am making an outgoing call, when the phone status is reading "calling." The screen seems to flicker and the dim light flashes to the right of the LED,

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IPhone :: The Screen Is Flickering?

May 14, 2012

I am having problems with my iphone 4s...the screen is flickering and i dont know what to do....i did a reset of the phone and that did not work..

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Curve :: Why Screen Is Flickering

Jul 3, 2011

Why is my screen flickering?

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Cseries :: C2-03 Screen Flickering - Going White For A Second Or Two

Jan 9, 2012

Every now and then, the screen of my C2-03 is going white for a second or two. That happens without user interaction. How can I stop this?

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Google Nexus 5 :: 5.1 - Screen Flickering On / Off

Apr 13, 2015

Sometimes when I touch power button to start using the device, only empty standard ( factory standard) wallpaper shows up, no user interface at all. What is more the screen keeps going on/off uncontrollably about once per second. There is no way to interact with the device. Only thing that works is to press power long enough to get "turn power off" option and restart.

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Galaxy S5 :: Screen Is Flickering And Freezing Up?

Nov 12, 2015

For the past three weeks my S5 has been flickering and the screen will freeze up. When I try to text the screen shakes up and down and I can't type the letters. When I'm on wifi it "seems" to work better, but when I'm not on wifi it's definitely much worse. Any screen that I go into it does this and it's getting worse. Sometimes it will freeze and I just have to leave it for a few minutes before I can do anything on it.

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IPhone :: 4 Screen Flickering Then Turning Off?

Jun 23, 2012

I got home one afternoon put my phone down went back to it and pressed the home button and it seemed that it turned itself off so I tried turning back on, didn't work so I hooked it up to my laptop tried turning it on again it came on but I got a WHITE screen. So after that I decided to leave it for a bit I went to it after it started working fine...until 4 days later. I was on instagram and all of a sudden the screen starts flickering like crazy and then it turned itself off, I did what i did last time and just left it for a bit it came back on working fine. And then about 2 days ago I was listening to music and the screen froze then started flickering (getting quite annoyed at this stage) and then turned off, this time I tried turning it back on straight away only this time it worked. And that brings us to this morning, i was on facebook and about 5 minutes later it starts flickering and freezing once again and then turned itself off. So i hooked it up to my laptop I then got it to turn on for like 6 seconds then the screen started to dim and turned off. That brings us up to now about 10 minutes ago i tried turning it on, it turned on but I got a PURPLE screen and it just stayed like that until i turned it off.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Xseries :: X2-02 Restart And Screen Flickering?

May 28, 2012

I have the latest software 10.91 installed and tried reinstalling it. Also tried factory restore. Nothing worked. Problem is the same.

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