Nokia :: E71 - Setting Maps Application On Wireless Connection / Loaded Maps Outdated

Apr 17, 2010

I am using Nokia Maps 3.03 on my E71 (language: German) plus Nokia Map Loader 3.0, but I am experiencing several problems: Nokia Maps goes online via Internet for a few seconds (which costs me) although I set it to my Wireless connection. How can I switch that off? Every time I load a new map (and voices) via Map Loader and then start the software on my E71, it tells me that the maps are out-dated and I need to delete them. But then I do not see any maps in the software, and also the load of the voice is gone.

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Nokia :: X6 And Loaded Ovi Maps / 3G Data Connection / Don't Have GPS Seems To Not Work

Mar 29, 2010

Hi have a X6 and loaded ovi maps, worked fine when I had a 3G data connection. now when i dont have one the GPS seems to not work. DO I need a 3G or wifi for it to work or does it work as a stand alone without any data connection.

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Nokia :: N85 - Updated Maps Application / Added Voice Navigation Closes Maps

Feb 4, 2010

I have a N85 Navi which I bought less than a year ago. I updated this week the maps and the application (latest version)and added one voice for the navigation. After this update when I open the Maps and select Settings and Navigation (to change i.e. voice), Maps closes automatically without any error messages. I can open all the other settings sub-menus. Any ideas why this is happening? Do I have the to re-install the application, maps and voices?

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Nokia :: 5800MX Maps Application - Only have 9 Icons On Maps Display Page Instead Of 10

May 3, 2010

I have finally moved into the 21st Century and have had my 5800MX for about a month now.Type RM-356 Firmware Version

I have a problem with my Maps Application. Firstly I only have 9 icons on the Maps display page instead of the 10 that is shown on the Nokia website, I have found I do not have the Michelin guides........any ideas why?

I cannot download the Here and Now 2.0, it states that the Installation failed and have tried many times to reinstall it. Does this have anything to do with the missing Michelin Guide icon not being there?

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Nokia :: Maps Gone After Update In Ovi Suite - Connection To Ovi Maps Server Timed Out

Jun 25, 2010

The maps in my Nokia X6 16gb are gone after i ran an update in which it says will delete the old maps and voices to replace newer ones. Upon completion of the update, when i checked maps that are available in my device,Instead of new updated maps, there is only 1 map left which is Hong Kong and Macau, and i don't live in either one of it. Tried downloading the maps through the Ovi Suite, always got the message "The connection to the Ovi Maps server timed out"

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Nokia :: 5800 XM And Maps - Which Map Already Loaded?

Feb 12, 2010

there are few things that should be better, for instance I can't use Ovi Suite as it doesn't support synch with Lotus Notes yet, so I still use PC Suite. Now I'm becoming crazy and maybe someone can give me some explanation. I tried to download the maps with the Map Loader, I can see on the left part of the window a lot of maps, but I do not se any info on which map is already installed ! Is it normal? And moreover, I'm not convinced by the amount of memory left on my SD card, the map loader show an amount and Windows a competely different.. who's lying?

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BB Software :: Loaded OS 5 On 8900 - Missing Memo / Tasks And Maps

Apr 5, 2011

I have loaded OS 5 onto my 8900 on O2, the phone crashed so had to wipe everything and load OS 5 onto it.Now I cannot find blackberry maps, memos or tasks? How can I put these back on? I can't find them on app world?

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Nokia :: X6 Ovi Maps Application

Jun 18, 2010

After much time spend on the ovi maps (trying to get it to work again) I thought I would post here.My problem is as follows, I initially had maps working on my X6 for approx 10 days, had Europe maps installed and Malaysia (as I am roaming here). Now I know that some devise had maps 3.01 installed and this had a 10 day license, I currently have 3.04 installed and when I open the maps application it just opens and closes!I did some searching on the net and tried various things, deleted the cities file folder and the qf file, reconnected to pc and opened ovi suite, the cities folder was re-created but not the qf file?I have checked/watched the installation of maps 3.04 and each time it says successful but when I try to open it just closes straight away and device says no application installed.I had a look at the installed apps on the device for ovi maps and says its there. The other strange this is that ovi maps is installed on the D drive where as every other app in on the C drive?Any help on this would be great as I am currently at a loss and frustrated!

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Nokia :: Which Device Is Best For Using Maps Application

Jan 25, 2010

I am replacing my N97 for the N900. I use Nokia Maps a lot and can't get info about the difference between these phones. Is it possible to drive the car and use the N900 as a navigator like the N97 ? Please let me know about your experience regarding Nokia Maps. Is there an upgrade for Maemo Nokia Maps in near future?

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Nokia :: Maps Application - How To Update

Apr 26, 2010

Nokia 5230 V12.0.089.I have the latest maps installed on Drive "E", after deleting the old ones, and have used them, but when I connect to Maploader I get the following message:

"You have connected at least one phone (USB Drive) without a valid Maps drive. Either you are using an old Maps version - then you must update your Maps application or reconnect your phone in Mass Storage mode - or you have never started your Maps application - then you have to start the Maps application once and restart the Map Loader."I have a valid maps drive and the maps have been used.Having updated the maps, how do I update my "Maps application"

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Nokia :: Can't Install Maps Application

May 6, 2010

Phone 6650 fold. I have problem with application maps updater. I can't install maps application. I have error :

"Unspecified error [1]"

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Nokia :: Updates To Maps Application

Apr 12, 2010

It's becoming clear that after adding support for the e71 and e66 no other "old" device will be migrated to the last ovi maps.these older devices will stick to 3.01 and the 10$ annual fee per region.ok let's accept this but...

it has been widely reported that the routing algorithm has some flaws in choosing the best route. there are many examples in this i expect that it will be impoved in the future.these improvements will be only for devices running 3.03 and later or will be they be backported also to 3.01?this is quite important because a bad routing algorithm is very bad for a navigation application even if it is "cheap".

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Nokia :: N97 - Cannot Download New Maps Application

May 31, 2010

I've recently had my N97 software reflashed by a service centre as it kept crashing and was running really slowly. It's got the latest firmware on it but for some reason I can't download the new nokia maps v3. I'm still stuck with the **bleep** v1! Called Nokia, they promised a call back within 48 hours, that was a week ago!

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Nokia :: Where Is Maps Application On 6600i

Feb 6, 2010

I purchased a new Nokia 6600i which should have the maps application installed according to the manual and reviews I have read online but I can't find it on the phone.Where is this in the menu and what is the link called?

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Nokia :: N97 - Updated OVI Maps Application Closes By Itself

Feb 7, 2010

N97 sim free (on Orange), version 2.0 software. Updated to OVI maps, the free ones from this site. Installed ok. When I open the app, it opens fine, then closes by itself after about 10 seconds! I have deleted and re-installed the software, I deleted the CIties file and QF files.

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Nokia :: N97 - Updated Maps Application Cannot Be Installed

Feb 8, 2010

I have just performed a firmware update and have downloaded and installed all other SW updates available, however although it has downloaded Ovi Maps 3.3 will not install.

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Nokia Applications :: Lost Maps Application?

Jan 7, 2012

I lost my map application on nokia 500 and I can't get it back, first I experienced a problem with the check in service now the whole application is goneeven though I downloaded nokia maps v 3.08 from the internet and after installing it it wont open idk what else to do

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Nokia :: 5800 XM / Ovi Maps Ask For Connection Always

Aug 18, 2010

I have a Nokia 5800xm, I use ovi maps mostly off-line but every time I search or turn ovi maps on it keeps asking me for a connection?can someone please help me, its very annoying

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Nokia X6 :: Maps 3.04 Connection Error On It?

Aug 23, 2010

I came across a weird problem with online connection. I use a Nokia X6 (16GB) + external bluetooth GPS receiver for faster and more accurate positioning.When I open MAPS and I have bluetooth GPS ON it's impossible to connect to online services like weather, michelin, OVI placemarks sync.It seems the app can't handle a BT and WiFi connection at the same time. Most of the time it can't connect and some times ti crashes.If I turn BT GPS OFF then connection is normal.

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Nokia :: N97 - No Internet Connection For Ovi Maps

Jun 17, 2010

No Internet connection in ovi maps, though web works without problems. Program settings/navigation is configured to proper access point. But ovi maps connects to other access point which doesn`t work.

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Nokia :: E55 Ovi Maps 3.03 / No Online Connection Possible

Jan 21, 2010

I have just downloaded the latest version of Ovi Maps 3.03 for my Nokia E55. Navigation seems to be working fine, however whenever choosing any functionality which requires the program to go online, it fails with the following error message:"Something went wrong and the connection failed. Please try again" Has anybody got an idea, how this can be fixed? Is this a known bug?

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Nokia :: Ovi Maps Still Needs Connection With GPRS

Aug 25, 2010

Before I went to Spain I downloaded the maps of a part of spain and switched of automatic connection to the internet (Allways ask). For the determination of the location only the internal gps is switched on. I don't want any roaming connection to internet during my stay in Spain.Starting OVI maps pops-up immediately the question for a connection to GPRS which I canceled.It is, if a connection is made to GPS, possible to find my possition but finding a route to a address doesn't work. All I get is the question to connect to GPRS and if I canceled that nothing happens, in other words it was not possible to search for a location / planning a route.Do I something wrong or is this standard behaviour of OVI maps?

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Nokia :: E66 Ovi Maps Without Data Connection?

Jul 16, 2010

My phone/GPS usage does not justify spending $30/month ($360/year) on a data plan.My E66 with the originally installed Nokia Maps will display my real-time current position on US maps without any data connection. This works just fine to me in the US. However I want to add Belgium and England to my map set.Question 1: Will I lose any existing functionality if I install Ovi Maps? Does Ovi Maps require a data connection to track your current position? Question 2: Are there any easier ways to do what I want to do (add Belgium and England to my map set so that I can find my current position as I can do with US maps).

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Nokia :: Ovi Maps Without Internet Connection

Apr 9, 2010

I'd like to use Ovi Maps without any SIM card inserted. But I fail to obtain "green bars" and GPS fix.With my sim inserted (and the internet connexion available), I don't face any problem using Maps as I get the fix in 3 seconds.

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Nokia :: N900 - Maps Application Waiting For The Phone

Mar 30, 2010

1- I have installed PC SUIT suitable for nokia N900
2- Also installed nokia map loader version 3.0

Now all is fine. Isn't it? So they said first start nokia map application till it load completely then close it. I did. Then connect ur phone on PC SUIT MODE and also I did that. Then all I get on nokia map loader app is "Waiting for the phone" thats it and phone already connected I tried in both modes pc suit and mass storage but still the same "Waiting for the phone" and I am waiting too.

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Nokia :: N97 Mini - Installed Maps Application Not Found

May 1, 2010

I would appreciate your help to identify the maps I have installed in my Nokia N97 mini. Through the Nokia Map Loader was not possible. Can you guys please help me?

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Nokia :: N97 And GPS - Take Forever To Register Sattelites For Maps Application

Feb 22, 2010

Is it normal for the N97 to take forever to register sattelites for the Maps application. And I have uninstalled the old version, and installed the free update. It still seems to me there is some left of the old app, like my last position, history etc. is that normal? I need guidelines for the best way to use the Maps and the GPS.

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Nokia Navigation :: Maps/GPS Application Hangs And Freezes?

Oct 17, 2011

I just bought an N97 (not mini). After about 20 or 30 seconds the Maps/GPS application hangs and freezes. I then cannot exit the application. I have to restart my phone to use the application and then again for a few seconds. I have hard and soft reseted my phone, removed the maps folder and the application and downloaded/installed them again. To add insult to injury the Nokia people in MALTA say they cannot help me out because my phone was bought from the far east and is a different version?

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Nokia Applications :: No Maps Application/launcher For Asha 303?

Jul 21, 2012

I just received my Nokia Asha 303 which I have won from a competition, and I was surprised to find out that what everyone on the Internet has been saying was true: NO Nokia maps for Nokia Asha 303 units here in the Philippines.Is this some sort of factory defect, or was it intended to be like this? My colleague and I can think of one good reason why it could be intended, but I won't mention it anymore.I just get irritated by the fact that all the other countries have this functionality, and I am not able to enjoy it simply because I reside in the Philippines. Will there be a software update soon that will address this issue? If not, will there be in the future?

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Nokia :: Maps 3.01 / Maps Load Screen / Empty Map / No Keys Work

Jan 22, 2010

I updated today to Maps 3.01. (To be noted that Ovi Suite still considers there is a new version of Maps available and would download and install 3.01 again any times I click on update.) When starting Maps the load screen with progress bar appears, then I can see an "empty" map. No keys work. After a few seconds (around 10 or so) the phone restarts.I deleted Cities folder and the file QF, rebooted, reinstalled etc. nothing helps.

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Nokia :: 5230 Ovi Maps And Data Connection

Jun 19, 2010

I found that even if I set Ovi maps to "offline", it still sends and receives packet data while the gps is in use. I started a route and after stopping it, I checked the "Log' and I can see more data send and received recorded. I do not have a data plan and would like to know if I am incurring charges in this case. I have a-gps and gps set, so I'm guessing these packets might be due to a-gps? Without a-gps and with gps alone the performance will be pretty bad, right? I have t-mobo and nokia 5230.

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