Nokia :: 5230 - Unable To Set Ringing Tone Or Message Alert Tone In Profiles - Reads Error

Aug 11, 2010

I had bought nokia 5230 recently. I have a problem in setting ring tone and message tone.When i trying to set ringing tone or message alert tone in the Profiles(General) it showing an error message as "Not enough memory to show all ringing tones. only tones in read only memory will be displayed". But my phone memory has 50.1 MB free space and My memory card has 1.2 GB memory space.

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Nokia :: 5230 Message Alert Tone

May 13, 2010

I own a 5230, I want to assign one of my own music songs from library to be the message alert tone. I can find no option to allow for this, only to assign to ringtone or to an individual contac.

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Nokia :: E 63 - Standard Ringtone Via Profiles / General / Ringing Tone

Jan 6, 2010

I have set a standard ringtone via Profiles / General / Ringing Tone. The phone will not use this ringtone , so I went to Settings / General /Personalisation / Tones / ringing tone and if I make this tone same as Profiles then all my calls go to Voicemail. What am I doing wrong ?

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Nokia :: 5800 Message Alert Tone Selection Error

Apr 7, 2010

I have an 5800 xm blue. you could select message tone before but i turned it off only to vibrate. now i got this really cool tone I want to use but when switching msg tones back on it gives me a warning-----not enough memory to display all ringtones, only tones in read-only memory will be displayd. -------- why can't i select and set a msg tone in my music gallery like a ring tone? And how do i get the msg tones to work properly. My phone memory is 48mb free from 86mb?

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BB Bold 9650 :: Wrong Alert Tone For SMS Played - Song Tone For Email Alert Came

Jun 26, 2010

This is only the second time this has happened since I got the phone a few weeks back.I have all of my messages set to different specific ringtones. My SMS to one, my MMS to one, my email to one etc. So tonight I rcvd an email and instead of playing the tone it always plays that it is set for (one of the generic preloaded notifier tones)... it played my SMS tone (which is an actual song tone) to alert me to my email.

And NO I didnt recieve a new SMS at the same time. That folder is empty and the only red star alert was on my email envelope. Like I said this is very, very few and far between but why would this happen??I went over every one of my sound/alert settings and they are all the way they should be set for my liking.

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Nokia :: N8 Message Alert Tone

Aug 17, 2010

can we set the message alert of this N8 to make audible sound every 30 minutes or even 5 minutes interval? like if i don't have the phone near me, and i will not be able to check it for new message and it will alert every 5 minutes until i am able to get to the phone and read the message?

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Nokia :: X6 Message Alert Tone?

May 18, 2010

I've noticed today that when i recieve a text message, i don't get a message tone/ alert. I have checked and double checked that the phone is on loud, i have turned the phone off and even taken the battery out, but it hasnt solved a thing. I now only know if i have a message once i have gone in to my inbox.

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Nokia :: Message Alert Tone Not Working

Jun 7, 2010

nokia 5230, is that my phone doesnt play the message alert tone, when in the settings, it says it is on. Because i put a mp3 tone as the message alert tone, but then my friend texted me, so i didnt get to see her text until an hour later. i tried testing my speakers, nothing is wrong with the speakers.

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Nokia :: 5800 Message Alert Tone

Feb 23, 2010

I am wondering if it is possible to customize the message alert tone for the Nokia 5800 with my own ringtones that I have purchased - not the default ones that come with the phone. I seem to be able to change the ringtone for calls with my own ringtone files but not for the message alerts.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Weird Ring Tone / Alert Situation - Changes As Soon As Take Out From Holster From Set To Default Tone

Jun 14, 2010

So the 'Normal' profile of my 9700 (Phone) is set up to play ALWAYS simply because it is on my desk in the office, it is not in the holster, and I want to hear when it rings.
I also have a ring tone that I downloaded (not the default).I noticed that when the phone is in the holster and it rings, as soon as I take it out from the holster the ring tonne changes from the one I set up to the default AT&T ring tone.

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Nokia Nseries :: Can Assign Mp3 Song For Ringtone But Not For Message Alert Tone?

Feb 20, 2012

Can I assign mp3 songs as a MESSAGE ALERT TONE. I can assign an mp3 song for Ringtone but not for MESSAGE ALERT TONE it only lists AAC tones.

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Xseries :: Text Message Tone / Alert Has Gone

Jan 21, 2011

A few days ago, the text message tone mysteriously disappeared from my phone, along with the little envelope that would pop up on my screen to let me know there was a text message. I only know if I have a new message by going into the messaging screen and checking my inbox.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Sms Tone Still The Message Alert When In Vibration

Jul 19, 2010

when im the normal profile everything is fine, but when i switch it to vibrate for work and school, my gfs sms tone is still the mgs alert and still plays thru

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Switch Off Text Message Alert Tone?

Oct 26, 2011

I've got a Nokia 2730 classic. It is set to "Silent" on the display so it vibrates on receiving a text message which is what I want it to do. However it also still bleeps twice. How do I turn off this additional bleep so that "silent" actually means "silent"?!!

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Cseries :: C3-01 Message Alert Tone Too Long / Stop After 30 Seconds Or So

Mar 27, 2012

I've recently purchased the C3-01 Touch and have set music files as ringtone and text alerts but when I receive a text the music file goes on... and on.... and on.... and on... Its a 4 minute track (WMA file if it makes any difference) and i though that if I didn't pick my phone up after 30 seconds it would just stop but it doesn't, it keeps playing and vibrating causing the battery to drain pretty quick. Is there a way to set the Message / Text alert tone to stop after 30 seconds or so?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cant Hear Message Alert Tone At Full Volume?

Jan 30, 2012

had new phone a couple of weeks very nice but cant hear message alert tone at full volume when its in my pocket and no symbol on screen when screen locked.

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Nokia :: 5800 Default Ringing Tone

Apr 13, 2010

How can I find those default ringing tone in my phone and delete them? for example, at profiles> personalise> ringing tone there's a list of my sound track some are stored in memory card and some default (Chipper.aac, Diplex.aac..Etc) stored in phone memory. There is another mp4 file (freeheart.mp4) which I cannot find anywhere else except in the profile personalisation. Cannot be found in the file manager too.

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Nokia :: E72 - Ringing Tone Option For Contacts / Missing

Feb 28, 2010

My E72 having this problem to assign individual contact ringing tone. In the contact option, there is no ringing tone option.

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IPhone :: 4 Suddenly Becomes Silent, No Message Alert Tone,music,incoming Call (internal Speaker)

Jul 4, 2012

my iphone 4 suddenly becomes message alert tone,music,incoming call(internal speaker)i tried to reset it several become ok for sometime but it will have the same problem again..

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Nokia :: No Incoming Email Alert Tone On E72

Jan 9, 2010

i have set up my e mail no problem on my E72 with an incoming alert tone but for some reason when i recieve an e mail i get no alert tone or icon on my screen. All other ringtones etc are working fine.

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Nokia :: N97 Mini - Voice Martin - Keeps Talking Whenever I Get A Call And My Ringing Tone Starts Off

May 5, 2010

I purchased a nokia n97 mini phone a couple of days ago, and im annoyed with the built in dude voice "Martin" that keeps talking whenever i get a call and my ringing tone starts off.. it just lowers it and pronounces the name of the caller with this robot way of talking.

I cant seem to disable it cuz i cannot neither delete it, lower its volume to 0 nor find a "turn off" option in the "Settings -> Phone -> Speech

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Nokia Nseries :: Remove Email Alert Tone From It?

Nov 12, 2010

i find the email alert tone really annoying as the fone syncs every 5 minutes.

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Nokia :: Disable Random 5230 Warning Tone

Mar 2, 2010

The phone makes annoying warning sound / warning tone every now and then, apparently due to 3G / gprs connection background status changes (lost / got connection / put connection on hold / whatever). It is definitely not due to incoming sms message or alarm clock etc. This kind of semi random noise especially as it can happen during the night for no apparent reason.

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Nokia :: 5230 Nuron - How To Change Settings For Hangup Tone

May 17, 2010

I can not seem to find a setting on the phone to change the hangup tone. When I am on the phone and the other caller hangs up I hear a bunch of beeping tones. This is especially annoying when wearing a bluetooth headset.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72 : Unable To Hear Message Tone?

Aug 24, 2011

whenever i receive messages on my e72 first i will be able to hear the message tone but after a while i wont be able to hear the message tone. Then wen i switch off and switch on my phone, i wil be able to hear my tone back. So i thought at first that it might be a software i updated my software to far it was working fine and now sdnly its back to how it used to be....has anyone faced a similar problem to mine?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Ringing Tone Delay When WiFi Is On?

Feb 11, 2015

Basically, when a user dials my number, it rings on their end a few times, and whilst it rings on their side I can see the incoming call displayed on my phone however my phone only starts to play the ringtone after about 3 or 4 rings. This happens no matter what ringtone I choose, and I have increasing ringtone disabled.

I'm not sure if I said all of that right, but I hope you understand. This issue has only been happening when my Wifi is switched on. Currently using, CyanogenMod12 nightly.

I've changed the SIM card, and still it persists. The sim card works fine in other phones.

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IPhone :: Doesn't Play Any Tone While Ringing, Only Vibrates

Jun 14, 2012

My phone is constantly on vibrate and won't play ringtones, text tones or keyboard clicks. It does however play the tone for my alarm clock! The tab on the left hand side of the phone is switched to loud and so is the bottom icons where the up menu is hidden (near the screen orientation)Also I have checked and double checked all the settings for tones and they all work fine when I am in it, but as soon as a call comes in it only vibrates!

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Tri Tone Alert Keeps Going Off?

Jun 20, 2012

Tri tone alert is not one of the options I chose on my phone but it keeps going off. There is nothing displayed on screen when it does this.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Incoming Calls Go To Busy Tone Instead Of Voicemail After Ringing?

Feb 12, 2010

this is a serious problem. my voicemail is not working, if somebody tries calling me, its rings, and i can answer, but if i dont answer, it goes to the busy tone instead of voicemail. please someone help this is really bad if someone needs to get in touch with me!

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Xperia X10 :: Ringing Tone / Vibration Not Stopping When Call Answered

Sep 15, 2010

Sporadically when a new incoming call comes in my X10 mini pro is still ringing, after answering the call, i.e. I can talk to caller but the ringing tone and vibration alarm is still activated / on and therefore the conversation is almost not understandable....

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Xseries :: Change The Email Tone To A Custom Tone?

Jul 26, 2011

Nokia X2-01 V08.63

How do I change the email tone to a custom tone?

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