Motorola Motocast :: Accessing NAS With FILES App?

Dec 12, 2011

I can access my NAS drive through my desktop PC using motocast but I want to access the NAS when the desktop is swithced off.I add server using FILES app.I have tried all addresses including router ip and other numerical addresses that are used and recognised by windows.It always asks for a password even though the only password I use on this device is the admin one to access the GUI of the router.Windows XP has no problem accessing this drive without a password or login, in fact it very easily appears in MY NETWORK PLACES.

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Motorola Motocast :: Two Phones Accessing Same Computer

Jul 16, 2012

Is there any way to have two different phones access the same computer using Motocast? Each phone has its own ID. I don't see anything that will allow more than one ID on the computer.

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Motorola Motocast :: Error When Accessing

Nov 18, 2011

I've installed motocast on my pc and it works great connecting to my Droid RAZR. But when I go to using a browser on my pc, as it loads the music I get an error.In Chrome the error is "An error has occured which prevents the application from running: cannot call method 'get' of undefined." In Firefox the error is "An error has occured which prevents the application from running: c: is undefined."In Internet Explorer the error is ""An error has occured which prevents the application from running: unable to get the value of the property 'get': object is null or undefined."It's only with the music (although I can see my songs behind the error message). The tabs for Video and Files work fine - in fact, using the Files tab I'm able to get to my music. None of these files are on a C drive, btw.They are all in Windows 7 Libraries for "Documents" "Music" and "Videos" but the actual files are on a D drive. I suspect there is something in the code for the Music tab that's having difficulty with that but obviously I don't know.

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Motorola Motocast :: Can't Play Avi Files

Dec 12, 2011

My Motocast worked fine up until today.

I can see all the files and even play music files no problem but when I click on a video file it does nothing. Doesn't even switch to the video screen, just stays on the menu. Why won't it play videos anymore?

WINDOWS XP MOTOCAST for Windows 1.1.58 Droid Razr

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Motorola Motocast :: Wireless: Can See Files But Cannot Open Them?

Feb 24, 2012

I set up Motocast wireless without any issues, but cannot access the files after uploading/syncing. I can see my files listed, but they will not open. I can access mymotocast from my desktop and open the files with out a problem. On my phone (Electrify) I can change tabs (files, music, videos) and highlight my desktop's name, but cannot change the layout (list or thumbs), or open any of the files. There should not be any DRM issues, as all content is either personal, academic, or work-related.The only interaction that I can get is when long-pressing the filenames a javascript prompt comes up: bookmark link or copy link. I am at a loss.

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Motorola Motocast :: How To Remove Files From Sync

Apr 8, 2012

When your PC searches for photos, music, files, etc and then makes them available for sync with your device, how to you:

A. Remove certain files so as they are not available

B. Cancel download of files on your device mid-stream

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Motorola Motocast :: Leaving Giant Files On PC

Jun 1, 2012

While tracking down a problem with a different program I stumbled across a large number of files apparently left by MotoCast. In my (XP) "Documents and settingsusernameLocal SettingsTemp" folder there are 445 objects that include the word "Zumo" in their filenames. They total almost 8GB. They appear to be artifacts of MotoCast left behind at every reboot. What are they? Why does MotoCast leave them behind and not clean them up on the "next" boot up? Can they be removed?

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Motorola Motocast :: Unable To Play Music Though Can See Files

Mar 14, 2012

Trying to get moto cast to work I can see pictures, videos and music...It will not play music files just starts like it would then get the constant blue circle that just goes around and around and song never comes on.

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Motorola Motocast :: Get Rid Of Ghost Files Clips In Music?

Mar 6, 2012

Have a new RAZR bought in Israel 1 month ago.Loaded basic audio files to My Music.Had to delete them all. Now the My Music folder shows the files there yet grayed out and none of them usable.I can only think to delete my music app and reload it to clear out the ghosted files . (if delete / reload is even possible)I am able to load other files and play them though.The internal memory was formatted and the SD card also yet no change.Tried to find the files yet do not know where they may be cached / records of the old files held.Also, Is remove and reinstall My music app straight forward such as delete and reload it?

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Motorola Motocast :: Files Deleted On PC Still Showing Up On Bionic

Jul 6, 2012

I shared a directory on my PC via Motocast, but files I've deleted are still showing up in the Droid Bionic when I connect to Motocast and browse that shared directory. If I add new files into the PC directory, they show up immediately on the Droid Bionic, but deleting them does not make it disappear on the Bionic when I browse that shared directory.

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Motorola Motocast :: Razr Maxx - Pdf Files Dont Download?

May 28, 2012

I am using a Razr Maxx (VZW) and am having the following issue with Motocast:When I attempt to download (or "download and open") certain pdf files from my remote computer, although it says "Starting to download (file name)" on my status bar at top of screen, then says "Motocast :: Download completed" on my notification screen, the files dont appear to be anywhere on my device. They should be going to My Files> Internal Phone Storage> download> Motocast> "Computer name"> "Documents" (which is name of folder synced with motocast). The files are all on my MacBook Pro's Documents folderEverything including music, pictures and all other file types seem download to the phone perfectly. There is one folder where several pdf's in that folder, and certain subfolders only (not all subfolders) just dont download. The download status seems to appear and disappear very quickly on these files that dont work, compared with the files that do work where the download status appears quickly (not as quick) and shows the download status bar reach completion.The files download to: /mnt /sdcard /Download /motocast /computer name / folder name / file nameI have tried to remove the folder in question from motocast then re add it with no luck. There are just some pdf files (and of course the most important files to me) from one folder that wont download to the phone

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Motorola Motocast :: Wireless Includes Wrong Files In Music?

Sep 1, 2012

MotoCast Wireless needs an option to only use music files from "my_music/folder/path/" or, alternatively, only use music files from my iTunes library.As it stands, MotoCast Wireless settings ask nebulously for the paths to, "[any and all] folders containing media and documents you want to be remotely accessible."Because some programs keep files that are technically "media" type files in the documents path, my MotoCast Library online shows up with a pantload of "songs" by "unknown artist".My meticulously maintained music library has ZERO tracks by "unknown artist". Ditto for "unknown album". Same for "songs" with no name or no genre. MotoCast is, without asking me, including all sorts of sound effect and video clip and other mish-mash of media riff raff that it has tumbled upon in my document folders..It's nice that you want MotoCast to be an all'round helpful product, but the document functions need to be separated from the music and the pictures, and each of those should be separated from the documents.

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Motorola Motocast :: Doesn't Open Picture Files On Razr?

Sep 16, 2012

Motocast doesn't open picture files on RAZR M.

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Motorola Motocast :: AC3 Formatted Files Can Be Played While Others Give An Error About Needing An AC3 Filter?

Apr 28, 2012

I find that some AC3 formatted files can be played while others give me an error about needing an AC3 filter. I find this generally on the higher bitrate videos. For example one is ac3 @ 192k and it plays just fine while another is 640k and says i need an ac3 filter. to play any obviously ffdshow is installed and working to play any ac3. I am confused, I have mainly avi and mkv files.

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Motorola Motocast :: Can Play Movies Through MotoCast But Not Music

Dec 8, 2011

I have it set up on my PC where I have 3 folders shared. I have a Movies folder, I have a TV Shows folder, and I have a Mixsets folder. I like to listen to DJ mixsets that can be rather large, anywhere from 50MB to 150MB in size. I can access my movies/tv shows off my PC at home just fine when I'm on a wireless network. I just go into Gallery>MotoCast and there i have my TV shows in one folder and Movies in another folder. The folder I named Dj Mixsets does not show up in either Gallery or Music app.That's fine cause when I go to the Files app, I can see all three folders on my PC. From there, I can still access my TV Shows and Movies just fine. But when I try to listen to any of the mixsets, it says Cannot connect to network, please try again. This is weird cause the Droid shows my home PC as "Online". Is it because the music files are really large that it won't play? MotoCast can play larger size video files no problem.

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Motorola Motocast :: Device Motocast App Missing After Update?

Jul 24, 2012

Motocast app was preloaded on new razr. I manually loaded motocast software on desktop and laptop. Motocast working great for getting pictures to and from desktop & laptop. I called tech suppoirt for email problem and was told to update my device to the latest OS. I did this and after rebooting device, there was no motocast app/logo and no USB selection window. I now can not download pics and can only upload files from my desktop and laptop.

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Motorola Motocast :: Get ITunes Playlists To Show Up In MotoCast?

Apr 29, 2012

Droid Razr; using MotoCast Wireless. XP computer is on all the time, no trouble connecting. Music, photos and documents all present and available all the time.But my iTunes playlists are not. Major bummer. MotoCast playback quality is far superior to G-music, but I really need my playlists!Itunes data folders are all in the normal places. The MotoCast docs clearly say that iTunes playlists are usable and in one place says expressly, "Note: Currently MotoCast Wireless supports playlists from iTunes only."

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BB Curve :: 9320 - Accessing The Media Files?

Nov 1, 2012

I have several image and music files on my BlackBerry and have regularly made use of each (I have had this BlackBerry for just shy of 2 months), using my windows laptop to transfer the files via the USB cable.Today, however, when I plugged in the USB cable and went into the BlackBerry's folder on my laptop, all the subfolders appeared only as shortcuts (although they still worked fine) and after disconnecting, my BlackBerry seems entirely unable to locate anything I have saved on there. I even tried taking a new photo and the device immediately "lost" it.

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LG :: Xenon Accessing Files With Built-in Browser ?

Jan 1, 2010

Does anyone know if it's possible to access files on my memory card with the LG Xenon browser ?Say I want to put html files for offline browsing, is it possible ?

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BB Torch :: Accessing Files & Folders On Home Network?

Sep 16, 2011

Torch 9810 - when I'm connected to my home network using the wifi mode on my phone, will I have direct access to files & folders on my network PC's?

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Accessing Root Files From PC Or Mac / Titanium

Dec 15, 2015

I'm trying to back up Titanium Backup folder from phone (nexus 6p) without luck, I have USB debugg in developing section of phone + MTP enable to transfer files, I could see the internal memory with all the goods but not my root files, when use root explorer I could see " Titanium Backup folder ", My concern if I need to wipe phone I want it to have back up, any other way to accomplish this ? I do have a back up in the cloud, would I be able to use cloud backup file if need to ?

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Motorola Motocast :: Set It To Not Ask To Install Motocast?

Jul 4, 2012

After updating to ics motocast wants to install on my pc and does not give me an option to say no and not have it show again, like the vista start screen. I decided to install motocast and just ignore it but when I rebooted it started my browser with a video for backup assistant after looking thru msconfig and regedit I believe this program to be malware like microsoft security 2012 or many other softwares that use extortion to sell their product. I am not questioning the validity of the backup software but rather the way it like motocast doesn't give me an option. When I called Verizon they said it was a Motorola problem so can someone please tell me how to get this MALWARE from loading! I did get the browser to stop loading after removing all of motocast via add/remove.

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Motorola Motocast :: It Doesn't Do Anything (Mac) "wait While MotoCast USB Loads Your Content"

Nov 21, 2011

A family member has a new Motorola Droid Razr, and we are trying to get MotoCast USB to work. We have installed the software on the computer (a Macbook Pro) and skipped the wireless setup (because we are only interested in USB syncing at this time). But when we connect the phone, all we get is a message, "Please wait while MotoCast USB loads your content."

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Motorola Droid :: Accessing Facebook Wall On It?

Aug 11, 2011

I am not able to access my facebook wall on my Droid. I can go to freinds and see their walls. When I try to load my wall, it says no content.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Accessing /sdcard-ext From Applications?

May 10, 2011

I use a couple of applications that find their resources in the sdcard, but I like storing my files in the external sdcard. I'm a user that comes from the Samsung Captivate, so it was never a problem for me because Samsung phones access the external sdcard by means of a symlink from inside the internal sdcard doing something like/sdcard/external_sdBut with the Atrix is completely different since the mount points are/mnt/sdcard and there's a symlink to /sdcardAnd the external sdcard is/mnt/sdcard-ext with a symlink to /sdcard-extIs there a workaround for achieving what I need to do? I believe it's not possible to create a symlink because of the filesystem used in the sdcard, but I might be wrong.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Accessing Phonebook Over Bluetooth?

Oct 4, 2011

Hey everybody. I recently got my photon 4g, and when I went to pair it with my car, I noticed I'm unable to access the phonebook from the car.With my Evo 4g I was able to view call lists and the phone book itself with no problem.When I paired the photon, it successfully paired, then the photon prompted me that the vehicle was requesting access to the phone book access profile. I clicked "always allow" (or always accept, I can't recall at this moment) and let it be.

But anytime I went into the phone via the radio, there are no phone book entries, just the option to enter numbers's a 2012 chevy with Onstar, so I'm using the bluetooth functions of that radio. Calls still work, but since it isn't reading the phone book, it just gives me a number when someone calls, as opposed to the name. For the time being I'm back to using my evo, since I can't recall everyones phone number off the top of my head. I'd love to figure out whats wrong, since I adore the photon, but need the names (so I don't answer the wrong calls lol)

I tried deleting & re-pairing, I've tried copying my contacts to the SIM in case thats where it was trying to read from, all to no avail, then doing the pair process again, still no luck.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Accessing The Contact While On A Call?

Aug 12, 2011

how to access contact details while on a call with that same contact ?

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Motorola Milestone XT720 :: Accessing The Home WiFi?

Apr 16, 2011

I have 2 Milestone XT270s--one accesses Home Wifi and the other was until several days ago. First it had intermittent problems accessing, now it indicates the WiFi is out of range. What is causing this and how do I get this phone back on the Home Wifi?

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Motorola :: Motocast Not Starting On Mac

Sep 10, 2012

I am running OSX Lion. I installed it and nothing happens when I click on the icon.

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Motorola Xoom :: Motocast USB For FE

May 25, 2012

There is a lot to like about the tablet, but some features I'm disappointed in. I was looking at the "supported devices" page for the Motocast USB software and it does not include this tablet. At the bottom of the page, it also says "MotoCast USB software works with most but not all of Motorola's Android devices." Is it possible to use it on the FE?

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Motorola Motocast :: Cannot Set Up Wireless

Nov 16, 2011

I just got my Droid Razr yesterday. I was able to connect it to my PC (windows XP) via USB and transfer some songs. But I cannot set up Motocast wireless, however. Every time I try, it checks for a wireless connection, then goes to a set up Motocast wireless screen. It sits there for a couple of seconds, then the programs just exits.

I have read through the forum, and based on some other recommendations I saw there, I unistalled Java, and went to and downloaded the latest version. I have disabled my Windows Firewall, and stopped Real Time Protection on my Microsoft Security Essentials. I also unistalled the Motocast program, which had first loaded from my phone, and downloaded Motocast from [URL]

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