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IPhone :: Talk On 4s And Read Text At The Same Time?

Can I talk on the phone and read text at the same time?

iPhone 4S

View 1 Replies (Posted: May 21, 2012)

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BB Tour 9630 :: Talk And Text Same Time
I am currently with Sprint and I am a TOUR owner. I wanted to know is there a way for you to talk and text at the same time? I can receive my messages while on the phone just dont think I can respond to them while talking.

Posted: Aug 27, 2009

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BB Curve 83xx :: Talk And Text At The Same Time?
For one reason or another I can text while being on a call. My blackberry has never allowed me to do that. I believe its because of the new OS 5.0 leak. Anyone else come across something like this?

Posted: Nov 30, 2009

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BB Curve 83xx :: Talk / Text Same Time?
I cant talk on the phone and send texts at the same time.The text wont sent through

Posted: Sep 8, 2009

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IPhone :: 3GS - Voice Control Has Eaten My Talk Time
Surely the whole point of having your phone locked, forcing you to have to slide your finger across the face, is so that you don't accidentally switch it on while it's in your pocket? Well, mine switches on accidentally all the time, since voice control overrides the lock. All that has to happen is the front button being pressed for 3 seconds (very easy to happen if the phone is in your pocket), then voice control can interpret the rustling in your pocket as a request to call any random person in your contact list. I've since discovered that you can disable voice dialing in the settings, but only if you enable passcode locking. I really don't want to have to type a 4 digit code everytime I turn my phone on.

A fix in the OS 3.1 update?
iPhone 3GS

Posted: Jul 7, 2009

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IPhone :: 3GS Battery Dead After 20 Minutes Talk Time
Bought iPhone about 3 months ago, love it. However, I don't talk very much and text even less. I rarely use it for the web.
I charge it overnight, every night and still by mid to late afternoon the battery meter reads 1/2 down. And 2 days ago the battery went completely dead with about 20 minutes of talk time. That's not as good as my original iPhone and not what was advertised by far.

Yes I checked to make sure it has a good connection when plugged in to charger at night. How do I determine if the battery is bad?

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
2gigs ram

Posted: Sep 9, 2009

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IPhone :: Use The Battery On Ipad To Extend The Talk Time On 3g?
Is there any way to use the ipad battery to extend the talk time on my iphone?

iPhone 3G

Posted: Apr 4, 2012

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IPhone :: It Drains 50% Battery In Half Day With 20 Minutes Talk Time No App Use Except Email?
I am not sure what happened I have not installed any new app or not using phone constantly. My bettery use to last for almost 2 days with my regular use and not I have to charge it everyday.

iPhone 4S

Posted: Jun 22, 2012

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IPhone :: Why Is Siri And Talk To Text Not Working
Why is my siri and talk to text not working...?

iPhone 4S

Posted: Apr 7, 2012

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BB Bold 9700 :: Talk And Use The Web The Same Time - AT&T
When I saw the AT&T commercial about a guy who talks on his phone while he surfs the web at the same, I thought 'let me try that on my 9700'. So right now as I type these, I'm actually streaming podcast, have my buddy on the other line, and here typing this. AT&T claims that Verizon, which their direct competitor here in the states, can't do any of these talking while surfing web. I have been a T-mobile customer for 4 years now and for the past 2 years I have been talking and surfing at the same time without a problem. I thought depends on the phone as well whether it can do this or not, not the network.

Posted: May 7, 2010

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Samsung :: How Much Talk Time Is In Blackjack
On cingular the rated talk time is 5.5 hours but I'm assuming that's for the regular battery. How much talk time can you squeeze out of the extended battery?

Posted: May 3, 2007

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Samsung :: D900 / How Much Is The Talk Time?
How is the talk time for the D900?I know i heard the battery life on it is really ******, so I realize that I need to recharge it daily; which isn't a problem. But how many minutes of talking can i get out of it before it needs to be recharged? ON AVERAGE?

Posted: Sep 27, 2007

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BB (RIM) :: Bold - 5 Hours Talk Time?
The Bold is supposed to have 5 hours of talk time.


Has this changed at all from the delay? That's quite a bit less than what I would be looking for - and probably the only factor that would make me look elsewhere.

Posted: Jul 10, 2008

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HTC Evo 4G :: Since The Update, The Talk To Text Feature For Text Messages Is Gone
Since the update, the talk to text feature for text messages is gone. Does anyone know how to get it back, or an app that does the same thing?

Posted: Aug 5, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Tether And Talk At The Same Time?
we all know from at&t commercial that the 9700 on at&t and t-mo network can talk & surf at the same time. what about tether & talk? can any1 who has a 9700 confirm this capability? yes or no?

Posted: Jan 6, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Talk And Surf At The Same Time
What can I expect from returning my 8520 and upgrading to Bold 9700. I realize it is 3g which I am craving...I need to be able to talk and surf at the same time.

Posted: Feb 4, 2010

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BB Bold 9700 :: Can Talk And Surf On Web At Same Time?
Cuz I just saw one of those million 3g commercials with at&t vs verizon. At&t claims u can talk and surf on the web cuz of its 3g. Well can u do that with the 9700? How about t-mo, can the 9700 do that on t-mo?

Posted: Jan 3, 2010

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BB (RIM) :: 8800 - How To Check The Total Talk Time
I know i can find from phone menu, but that total time can be reset, i want find some where show me the time can not be reset?

Posted: Jun 2, 2008

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BB (RIM) :: Call Drops After 4 Hours Of Talk Time
Me and my girlfriend stay on the phone almost 24 hours a day. even during work hours. every 4 hours we have to hang up the phone and call each other back. if we dont then the call will hang up on its own. she has at&t and i have t-mobile. why cant the call stay connected at all times beyond 4 hours? anyone notice that? is this a setting on our blackberrys that does this or what?...she has the blackberry bold i have the blackberry curve 8310

Posted: Apr 4, 2009

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Xseries :: Find The Total Talk Time In X6?
How can I find the total duration I have been talking through my phone so far?

Posted: Jun 8, 2011

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BB Bold 9000 :: Talk Time Battery Life With, ?
I'm only getting about 2.5, sometimes slightly more, hours of talk time on a FULL charge. This is garbage. Anything I can do to improve this? Bluetooth and Wifi are turned off.

Thinking about getting that extended life battery that fits in the factory battery door, but $50 for 15% improvement isn't very enticing...

Posted: Mar 14, 2009

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BB Bold 9000 :: Email And Talk On Phone At Same Time
I'm planning to purchase a Bold next week. Is it truethe Bold is the first BlackBerry that is capable of sending emails (not simply typing emails) and talking on the phone (or sending a text message) at the same time? Older models were not capable of sending emails and using the phone line at the same time because they could not use EDGE for emails and GSM/GPRS for phone calls simultaneously.

Posted: Jun 13, 2009

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Sony Ericsson :: Good Talk And Standby Time
My brother is due his upgrade on the 6th of next month and he's looking for a phone that has very good talk time and standby time, he's not bothered about having any other features because he only uses his phone as a phone, what would you guys be able to suggest?

Posted: Feb 8, 2008

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HTC Evo 4G :: Voice To Text / Talk To Text, Not Working EVO When On 3G?
i have an EVO and the talk to text function will not work with any app or with text messages while connected to 3G with strong connection.

-I have the WiFi turned off while i am connected to the 3G network

-the talk to text function works fine while connected to WiFi

error message 1: " There is a problem with the network connection "

error message 2: " connection problem " (when using an app)

Posted: Nov 1, 2010

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Nokia :: 6500 / Time Text Arrives Show Text Received Hour Earlier Than Actual Time
My Nokia 6500 slide shows texts have been received an hour earlier than they have i.e. the time on my phone isfor instance10:00am and a text is sent at that time the phone says it was received at 9:00am. How can I fix this.

Posted: Apr 17, 2009

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IPhone :: Does Any Model Allow User To Set Text Alerts Indefinitely Until The Text Message Is Read
I'm thinking of abandoning the I-Phone altogether because of two annoyances that get only worse, not better, with time. But if any newer I-Phone (I currently have the 3GS) has removed these annoyances, I will upgrade.

1. I want txt alerts to continue (every minute or two) until I have opened and read a text message. Does any model I-Phone allow for this?

2. I want to disable predictive text as I don't like the I-Phone algorhthym for this -- it causes me endless grief. Which model allows for this?

3. I want my battery to last a minimum of 2 days without charging (I've tried all the usual ways of reducing battery consumption and the result does not meet my needs). Does any model I-Phone allow for this?

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.3.2

Posted: Jun 2, 2012

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72 - Total Talk Time (incoming And Outgoing) Reset?
I updated my firmware to 071.004 and my talk time is reset to "0". Previously I had like 64h of total talk time. How can I restore it? I do have nbu backup file, but I can't restore it

Posted: Jul 22, 2011

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Sony Ericsson :: Cell Phone Average Life Span (Talk Time)?
Does anyone know the average life span (talk time) of a cell phone (sanyo). I heard the avg is 170 hours of talk time. Is this true?

Posted: Jan 7, 2007

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BlackBerry :: Fab Ten Talk And Text?
We received two Blackberry Curves today. The sales clerk told us that our plan includes 10 National Fab Ten talk and text. for each of our phones.We were told we could register our 10 fab ten online. I have been attempting to set up these two phones. I cannot find WHERE I can input the 10 numbers we were told we could. It took over 2 hours just to register to this forum, with much frustration.

Posted: Jan 29, 2011

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Samsung :: M620 - Talk Time - Battery Life - Reception - Touchpad - Stopwatch Function
This samsung phone might in fact be the worst phone ever made.

1. ONE hour talk time battery life, unless you use the external battery wallet.

2. worst layout ever. It takes a billion key-presses just to hit the most commonly used menus. Using some functions such as setting an alarm requires you to flip between the front and back screens way too many times.

3. By far the worst reception of any phone i've ever used by a landslide. I get randomly dropped every 30 minutes and I live across the street from the cell tower. My other phones have dropped me maybe twice a year. Yes, this samsung has dropped more calls in one night than my last two phone had in 4 years combined.

4. touchpad is highly prone to error, which I guess is to be expected because most touchpads i've had are terrible

5. terrible finish. even with the protector that comes with it the entire outter shiny paint chipped after one week. My other phones that are 3+ years old aren't chipped yet, and I don't even have a protective case for those.

6. No stopwatch function. I mean seriously... was it too much to ask for?

7. even when you're using only the tiny 0.2 inch tall screen, the large back screen stays on, albeit without the backlight. This is probably the reason why the talk time is so terrible.

8. No stopwatch function. I mean seriously... WTF?

9. speaker phone volume is ridiculously low. Even with it on speakerphone, the sound output is still quieter than my nokia in normal mode. You can't even tell it's in speaker phone when you put your ears to it.

10. and because all lists have 10 items... No stopwatch function.

Posted: Aug 25, 2008

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BB Pearl :: Doesn't Recognize Home Talk Talk WiFi Router
My BB Pearl 8120 picks up wi-fi fine, but I have just replaced my home router and it doesn't recognize it when I scan for networks, All other wireless devices in the house (TV, laptop, I-Pad, son's phone) connect no problem.

Posted: Mar 16, 2012

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Talk To Text App - Where To Get
I tried searching for this but couldnt find any answers. i was playing around with my buddy's droid and he has a program where he can talk and it converts it to a text message. is there any program/app like this for the storm 2?

Posted: Sep 6, 2010

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Nokia Nseries :: Connecting N8 To Internet Via Talk Talk Router?
connecting nokia N8 to internet via Talk Talk router with WEP. I have just updated my Nokia's software and now I can use an internet because I'm getting error. I can connect to the router, there is a status "connected" but then the internet not working.

Posted: Apr 29, 2012

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BB Curve 83xx :: Looking For Free Vlingo / Talk To Text?
I'm new to the site, I just got my first blackberry about a week ago, an 8330 on the virgin mobile network here in Canada.I have already done the upgrade to OS 5.0, and love the differance. a friend of mine who has a Storm found vlingo app, but they want to charge 19.99 for a year of service. I have searched the forums some now and can't seem to find a free version that works on my phone. just wondering if someone might know where i can find it, or atleast a free alternitive?

Posted: Feb 23, 2010

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Voice To Text / When Talk, It Cuts Off On After Only A Short Pause?
I just got my Razr Maxx and have a question about the voice to text. When I talk, it cuts off on me after only a short pause. My friend has this phone and it doesn't cut off on her that fast. Is there a way to set the length on how long it stays on before it cuts off?

Posted: Jul 9, 2012

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