IPhone :: Email Takes Forever To Send

Mar 17, 2010

the connection to Outgoing mail failed. cwmx issue?It's doing it on edge and 3G. Any ideas as to what is going on? I'll wait, go to something else, come back to email and get the message after a good bit of time. Even though I get the message, I go to the sent folder and it how's it went out.

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IPhone :: Cannot Send / Forward Email From 4 - It Takes Forever?

Jun 6, 2012

I just setup email for a company email and it does ingoing fine but sometimes I can forward but it takes forever and other times it won't send at all.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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BB Torch :: Cannot Send Voice Notes - Recording Takes Forever

Oct 9, 2012

I can't send voice notes. It records forever and does not all me to send. I can however receive voice notes.

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IPhone :: Takes Forever To Charge?

Apr 22, 2012

From having that message yesterday that my phone have to cool down before using, i kinda got irritated. Yesterday evening, I charged my phone at 7 having 28% and when i checked after an hour it was only 40%. Really? 12% in an hour, that's so slow to me. I'm hating on my phone. It keeps on overheating too. One time, it was so hot I can't even touch it.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold :: Backing Up Takes Forever?

Apr 13, 2012

Each time I try to back up my Bold 9900 it takes forever and sometimes back up is completed with errors. I guess I'm doing something wrong. I upgraded to software 7.1 and I'm using Desktop software 7.0 now. It is the back up of RMS Databases record that takes a whole day to complete.

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BB Bold :: Battery Takes Forever To Charge?

Jan 6, 2012

I have a Bold 9700 and I just upgraded my OS a few days ago. Ever since then my phone takes a really long time to charge or shows the sign that it's charging but it is not. Only when I put through the USB cable to the computer that it charges normally. I don't know what the problem is? If its charging normally through the USB then I guess the battery is functioning fine, right? so what is happening?

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BB Bold :: Downloading Flashlight App Takes Forever

Aug 13, 2012

I'm a newbie trying to download the flashlight app: [URL]. I keep getting stuck at the point where I'm being asked to download the latest version of appworld....then it takes forever and then what's downloaded has no name...just a version number. Last night is just sat there "downloading" - I left it overnight and it was still "downloading" in the morning!

My os version is v5.0.0.351

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LG G3 :: Camera Takes Forever To Save Pic And Load To Take Another

May 27, 2015

When I take a pic it seems like it takes forever for it to save the pic and load to take another.

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HTC :: Legend My Text Takes Forever To Load?

Jul 31, 2010

when i go to read my text from a specific person it takes a few seconds to load. its the threads that are 200 messages and up. I dont like that.

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Galaxy S6 :: Takes Forever To Open MMS Photo

Aug 12, 2015

It takes like 8 seconds to open a MMS in the default Samsung messages app? In Google messenger app from play store, its instant.

Also, anyway to hide the group conversation check box? I get it, we need to convert to MMS, but wish they just hid that line since its really annoying in the Messages app. I want to give it a shot before I disable the app and go to Google Messenger.

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Xperia Z2 :: Screen Auto-rotate Takes Forever

Nov 17, 2014

Since the update Screen Auto-rotate takes forever, if at all, can take any thing from 3mins to me having to use the red button to turn the phone off?

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Motorola Droid X :: After New Update It Takes Forever To Power?

Aug 16, 2011

Has anyone else noticed that after installing the update if I power off the Droid X and turn it on again it takes forever to power on. It keeps waiting forever on the boot animation. It didnt take so long before the update.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Trackball Takes Forever To Click A Web Link

Jun 30, 2010

When I try to click on a web link it takes three or four clicks for it to actually go through. Any solutions?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Media Link Takes Forever To Sync?

Jul 23, 2011

why does Moto Media Link take forever to sync my music? Its annoying, but I love having a phone that can hold music. I do like whats on Gingerbread, now that I don't have to find the album name, but still, it shouldn't take an hour +, especially when the screen says 20 minutes left.

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BB Pearl :: 9105 Giving Memory Low Message And Takes Forever To Respond

Oct 11, 2012

I have a blackberry pearl 9105 running version 6 operating system. My phone continuously lags and tells me that phone memory is low, please delete applications. My phone then freezes and takes forever to respond.

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IPhone :: When I Send A Picture Through IMessage, Sometimes It Takes Up To 3-4 Minutes To Send?

Apr 25, 2012

When I send a picture through iMessage, sometimes it takes up to 3-4 minutes to send. Sometimes when I text using MMS/iMessage, it takes a minute or so for the sending bar to make the swoosh noise. Kind of weird it takes that long to send a message, and it's not all the time. Is this normal? Any help would be great.

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IPhone :: Mail Taking Forever To Check / Send

Jul 22, 2010

I have five email accounts linked 3 Gmail, one MobileMe, and one Live.It's taking like 2-3 minutes to send an email (even one with just a few words), and when I open Mail, and hit the refresh button, its taking several minutes for it to go off "Checking for mail". Any ideas? I've tried resetting network settings.This is an iPhone 4 w/ iOS 4.0

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BB Curve 83xx :: 8330 Take Forever To Send Pictures

Feb 27, 2010

I have a bb 8330 and I noticed that it takes forever to send pictures, and I mean forever. Probably about 2 minutes. Dont let me send more than one mms or email with pics at a time because it may take about 10 minutes for them all to send. This has never happened with my old palm centro, where sending a pic was instant. Just curious if something is wrong with my device, or is this normal.

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IPhone :: Send Photos Though IMessage It Takes About 5-10 Mins To Actually Be Sent And Sometimes It Does Not Get Delivered?

May 20, 2012

I have an iPhone 4s and whenever I use iMessage and send photos though iMessage, it takes about 5-10 mins to actually be sent and sometimes it does not get delivered, what's some reasons ?

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Cseries :: Nokia C300 Slowing Down And Taking Forever To Send Messages

Dec 14, 2012

I got this phone less than a year ago, and it was great until recently, when it started slowing down and taking forever to send messages, and close screens etc. Is this a problem with the memory, or is the phone getting too old now?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Cannot Send Photos Via Gmail - Sits In Outbox Forever

Apr 24, 2011

Whenever I send photo's via Gmail they sit in the outbox forever. I have to kill the Gallery or the Media Storage service and then the photo will go. Regular emails go fine. I have tried resetting all the cache on each of the applications and still nothing. I also reformatted my storage and still the same problem.

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BB Curve :: Unable To Keep Email Message Forever

Apr 5, 2011

My Blackberry 8520 is now showing email messages of 1 month only. I have checked the email setting which is configured to "keep messages" as Forever. Earlier on the same device i was able to see all the email which i have got thorughout year. Phone has 97814897 Bytes memory Free.

Platform version :

App Version : (1385).

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BB Bold :: Camera Takes Pictures But Can't Send

May 10, 2010

I had something happen to my Bold yesterday and last night I noticed that all my pictures in the Media folder were gone and now my camera can take a picture but that is all. I can save or send and it says my SD card is like not there. I can save a picture if someone sends me on in a text message and it asks where i want to save them and it will take me there but I can access them after that unless I save another picture from another person

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BB Software :: Takes So Long To Send Message On It

Apr 30, 2010

whats wrong with this thing it takes soo long to send messages on blackberry messenger,im on tmobile and have curve 8900 AND YES i did restart the phone / resend service books

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Bold :: BB9790 Can't Delete Forever On Email Server

Sep 27, 2012

Can I 'Delete Forever' on my email provider server from my BB Bold 9790?

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Galaxy S6 :: WhatsApp Message Doesn't Send Immediately But Takes Up To 30 - 40 Seconds

Feb 23, 2016

With the latest mm but also with the beta when I send a whatsapp message it doesn't send immediately but takes up to 30 -40 seconds. This happens only on the first one because if I send other messages after that they are sent immediately.

I'm sure it's not a connection issue since telegram works like a charm.

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HTC One M7 :: Mail Sharing Via Voice Recorder App Suddenly Takes Ages To Send?

Mar 23, 2014

This changed recently, can't remember when exactly. last 2-3 months?

Before that, the recording was sent immediately. a few seconds. Now it takes at least 10 minutes until it arrives!! This happens only in the voice recorder app.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Takes Long Time To Send Pictures Via Gmail

May 13, 2011

my phone takes very very long time to send pictures on phone via gmail. I have sort of good connection and i tested uploading pics on facebook and picasa with out any problem, but with gmail it just stays at sending and some times it even don't show that status in gmail client. It is so frustrating. I have reset my phone manytimes and I have updated software.

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Lumia 950 XL :: Messaging App Takes A Long Time To Load Or Texts Are Slow To Send

Jan 31, 2016

I just bought a lumia 950XL dual-sim from Microsoft, and it is a great phone. However, I am having a lot of issues with the messaging app right now. It takes a very long time to load the app and the individual conversations. When sending texts it takes 3-10 seconds before sending. I deleted all the texts on my phone, which I had backed up and loaded.

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Phone Takes Long Time To Send Pictures Via Text?

Jul 27, 2015

takes forever to send a pictures thru text messaging

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BB Bold 9700 :: Opening Emails - Takes To The Previous Email

Jan 2, 2010

Earlier today, my BB started doing something weird. When I get a new email, I highlight it and press the trackball to open it, but it opens the previously received email instead. If I hit the back button (taking me back to the email list) and then hit the new email again, it still takes me to the previous email. The only way to open the new email is to scroll up to the date and then back to the email, which will then open the correct one.

Also, if the new email is highlighted and I delete it, it deletes the previous email instead.

I've tried a battery pull and it doesn't help. I'm on a TMO 9700 running OS .330.

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