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IPhone :: Can't Restore My Backup Because Not Enough Space On Disk

Im using Iphone 4 32G and a windows XP. the space in my local disk C: is not enough to restore my Iphone but I already backup my Iphone and its on my C: So when I restore It copies the backup again on C: So what should I do? I need my stuffs back !

Info:iPhone 4, iOS 5

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IPhone :: Low Disk Space 1.1.4
I'm having some issues where I'm continuosly getting low disk space warnings when installing new apps. I know there were some workarounds prior to 1.1.3 (BossTool & SSH commands), but I can't seem to find anything referencing this for 1.1.4.

Posted: Apr 14, 2008

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IPhone :: Running Out Of Disk Space?
I am running a 1.1.2 OTB, currently activated and jailbroken. I added a ringtone today using the "change to .m4r and add to ringtone folder" and a little message came up right after I put it in. On the "Slide to unlock" screen, it suddenly said "You are running out of disk space, please delete music or pictures". I have 3.76gb of free whats going on? I remember reading something about how there are 2 partitions in the iphone and that Installer is by default in the small one.

My guess is that there is one part of the iphone for Apple Apps, ringtones, icons, things like that, and another part for songs, videos, photos, etc. Is this right? So how do I move the installer and all of it's apps to the bigger one?

Posted: Dec 26, 2007

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IPhone :: Disk Space Full
i can install 3rd party apps no problem, but just recently installed crash bandicoot via only problem with the game is it says my diskspace is full and cant save the game, i can play no problem. i tried using bosstools to move the app or whatever says i have 170mb out of 500 and and a whole lot of space on the media side. how to do fix this problem?

Posted: Aug 14, 2008

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IPhone :: Why Does Phone Keep Running Out Of Disk Space
I have a 32gig iphone and I don't have very much on it. Some days I can't even turn it on and I get a message that I'm out of disk space and I should delete some pictures. In settings, it shows that I have 0 space available. If I do a hard boot, it takes about 15 mins to turn on and then it's ok again again and shows 24gig available. This has been going on for a week now and I can't figure out why it keeps running out of space.

iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: Mar 22, 2010

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IPhone :: Backups Eating Hard Disk Space?
I downloaded a lot of data, including many topographic maps, onto my iPhone a couple of months ago. I realized a couple of weeks ago that my internal MacBook hard drive had jumped up by 40GB and my 320GB Time Machine drive was almost full. I tried to track down what was happening but could only find 9GB of excess stuff (videos etc) to remove from my internal drive. I replaced my internal drive with a 500GB and my Time Machine drive with a 1TB.

Today when I synced my iPhone, I noticed that the MacBook internal drive storage went up by a whopping 4-5GB just from the sync (the sync took hours), and about 10GB in a week. Naturally, the Time Machine drive increased correspondingly as well.

It seems that something with the syncing has gone out of control. The apps (and/or their data) are now taking up over half my 16GB iPhone 3G, whereas they only occupied a small fraction of the iPhone a couple of months ago (and I didn't add much app-wise). I really don't think my app data could really add up to about 7GB. There is something really haywire here. It looks like the iPhone data is somehow multiplying exponentially. I need to get rid of any excessive backups of my iPhone data, so where do I find this, and can I safely delete it?

I also have Mobile Me, in case that is having an additive effect on all this.Is there some way I can clean up all the excess that has gotten onto my Time Machine drive as well? I don't want to delete old Time Machine backups in full, but I would like to get rid of any excess unnecessary junk backups that are on there due to iPhone syncing, Mobile Me, or whatever.

Macs Since 1984!
Mac OS X (10.5.7)
Leopard on 12" G4 Powerbook 1.5GHz, and Macbooks 2.2 and 2.4 GHz

Posted: Jun 29, 2009

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IPhone :: Fixing Disk Space Error In Installer
Does anyone know how to fix the disk space error in 1.1.@ when downloading and installing applications, using the installer?

Posted: Dec 24, 2007

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BB Bold 9700 :: Used Disk Space App
You know when in windows on your pc. You look at C: drive and there is a kind of pie chart there saying how much is used. I know an SD card is not like a disk but it would be yummy to see a similar thing on my BB. Is there such an app? Or even anything similar?

Posted: Mar 10, 2010

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Nokia N82 :: Error 15006 Not Enough Disk Space?
I managed very well to synch my N82 with our corportae Mail Server. Since some days, only email synch was possible (no contacts and calender) since today nothing works anymore. I checked my lg: Exchange Server Error 15006, what means (google) no synch, because disk space is full. The disc space in my mobile tells me 98 MB free what should be more then enough.Does anyone has an idea how to solve this problem?

Posted: Jan 8, 2008

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BB Curve 83xx :: How Do I Get Back My Disk Space?
The Weather Channel app has been deleted but that bug loaded snail robbed 3 megs of internal RAM and even a battery pull wont get it back. No I did not do a real battery pull, but used the QuickPull app. Do I need to perform a real battery pull?

Posted: Dec 19, 2009

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Nokia :: 5800 Ovi Maps Taking Up Disk Space?
so i got ovi maps working fine with my 5800 but on a couple of occasions it has failed but downloaded the maps.just wondering if the map loader stores map data on the hard drive temporarily? as i have noticed like 6 gb of space gone if so does anyone know where it might be?

Posted: May 11, 2010

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Nokia :: Low Disk Space Message / Email And Bluetooth N97
I have a N97 and i noticed that when i have around 200 stored messages in my sent and my received in box then i get the e-mail disconnecting and saying to me that it's been disconnected due to low disk space.So i tried changing the location of the folders for the e-mails and then i got a warning about the folders not being correct and had to restore them to the original settings.

I'm sure this is also related but some one tried to send me a small video via blue tooth and it told me that the memory was full but for the life of me i can't seem to change where a blue tooth message would go too.

i know i may have 2 separate issues here but it's all the same low disk space or out of disk space etc would seem that it's a problem so how can i go about fixng it, it's poor.

Posted: Dec 2, 2009

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Nokia :: PC Suite - Error Message Not Enough Disk Space
When I try to perform backup and choose a network path to save data, the error message "not enough disk space" is displayed, although plenty of free space is on the network disk and write permissions are set properly.

Posted: Jul 24, 2009

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Cseries :: The Disk Space Suddenly Dropped To 280MB?
I'm using C7-00, after upgrading to Belle the disk space was 329MB. When I opened the device manager to check the name of the OS the disk space suddenly dropped to 280MB. I checked all the folders but there was nothing wrong.

Posted: Feb 14, 2012

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Samsung :: Blackjack - Everytime Go Take A Picture - It Says - NOT ENOUGH DISK SPACE
I have a 1G memory card that I have all my pics and videos saved to. Everytime I go to take a picture, it says "NOT ENOUGH DISK SPACE". Whats up with that? I even cleaned out my text boxes, and emails. Thanks in advance.

Posted: Jul 23, 2007

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Nokia :: N81 8GB / Unable To Install Ovi Maps 3.1 / Getting Free Disk Space
One of my older phones i've recently upgraded it to the latest firmware v11.0.045 RM-179. I've been trying to install the latest ovi maps onto the phone but keep getting the error insufficient disk space. So far I've removed most of the installed demos off the c-drive that i know won't be used, but i've only managed to get upto 8mb free from a whopping 25mb c-drive!There isn't a c-drive cleanup program like we have on the N97 either. I've installed DrJukka to see what's on the z-drive but i've no idea what to clean up. I've removed all cache and privacy stuff from internet too.Anyone out there have any positive ideas on how i can free up some more disk space?

Posted: Aug 18, 2009

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IPhone :: Restore A Phone With Or Without Backing It Up And It's Saying The Disk Is Full?
Trying to restore a phone with or w/o backing it up and it's saying the disk is full. How much do I have to delete and where on comp do I need to do this? How do I know space has been made?

iMac, Mac OSX

Posted: Jun 5, 2012

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IPhone :: Not Enough Space On ICould For A Backup?
Both my mom and i have an iPhone 4. before we were on the same iCloud account but yesterday my mom made her own. So she can backup her phone to the iCloud. Also yesterday i got a replacement iPhone 4 because my lock button had broke. Everything on my phone is the same they used the iCloud to back everything up. However i want to backup my phone to iCloud but on my phone under the backup and storage, i have 3 phones therefore theres not enough space to backup my phone. I have my first iphone 4, my moms, and my new iphone 4. i already deleted my moms backup but there isnt enough room still. Is there a way i could merge my old phone and my new phones' backups? and what would happen if i deleted my old phones backup? i dont want to lose anything!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 17, 2012

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IPhone :: When Try To Restore Backup ITunes Shows That The Backup Is Corrupted Or Not Compatible With 4?
I have updated my iPhone 4 to 5.1.1 and I can't restore my backup files because when I try to restore my backup iTunes shows that the backup is corrupted or not compatible with the iPhone

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 3, 2012

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IPhone :: When Setting Up 4s, Should I Restore From Icloud Backup Or Itunes Backup From Old Phone?
When setting up my new iPhone 4s, should I restore from icloud or itunes backup? Or set up as a new iPhone? The phone number is staying the same from my iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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IPhone :: Restore From Backup - How To Make ITunes Revert To An Older Backup To Get Text Messages Back
I cleared a conversation by mistake earlier today. Plugged in the iPhone this evening, it synced and backed up. I didn't mean to let it do that! Now it means that if I restore from backup, it will restore with the conversation deleted. Is there a way to make iTunes revert to an older backup so I get the conversation back?

Mac OS X (10.5.1)

Posted: Oct 15, 2008

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IPhone :: Restore Old Mobile Backup From ICloud Backup To New Phone?
how can i restore old mobile backup from iCloud backup to new phone?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 1, 2012

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IPhone :: Sync Backup Creates Other Space
I have been having this issue ever since I have gotten the iPhone 4. Its really irittating because my 4 is only 8GBs. Every time I connect my 4 to my computer, iTunes pops up and it syncs it and go through the steps of sync and backing up. But when it does this, my other memory space goes up. Every time I use my iPhone 4 then need to put more music or something it goes through that synchronization process and back up, which then makes my other space go up more. Now I only have 1.1GB of space left. I been having this problem and trying to figure out what is the problem. But when today I connect it I notice it goes up when backing up and all that. I have research a lot of people have the same issue but its because of something else, or because they "Jailbreak It" which mines is not. My iPhone 4 is on the latest ios5 which is 5.1.1.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 24, 2012

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IPhone :: Pictures Gone After Backup / Erase / Restore From Backup
I have lost ~20 pictures I took during my family's 4th of July event this weekend. It was the first time they have met my 17 month old daughter. Normally I wouldn't sweat loosing pictures, but these are very important to me.It restored every picture up until the backup I did before I left Sunday morning. I have tried A few different backups, one I made before I erased and synced my phone(new computer, old one was my work computer, no access to it).

Posted: Jul 6, 2010

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IPhone :: How To Backup / Restore Only SMS And Restore Them To New Installed IOS4
I'm planning to restore my iPhone while updating to iOS 4 since I've bee using the same old backup for 3 years or so now, installed a bunch of thing etc... so I want to start from scratch.

The only thing I don't want to lose are my SMS.I also don't want to jailbreak my iPhone.
What are the solution to backup only my SMS (so not regular iTunes backup) and then restore that only to my freshly installed iOS4?

Posted: Jun 14, 2010

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IPhone :: Restore From Backup Doesn't Restore Apps
I finally updated my iPhone to 5.1. I waited so long because of the fiasco updating my iPod Touch when 5.0 first came out. I thought it worked, I was pleased Apple worked out the bugs. Lo and behold, all of my apps and folders disappeared before my eyes. No problem I thought, I did a back up. Restore from back up. Fifteen minutes later, it looks exactly the same. Isn't a backup supposed to be of everything on the system so that if something goes wrong, you just revert back to the back up and either try again or wait for the process to be fixed? Seriously, get your stuff together.

Posted: May 3, 2012

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IPhone :: Factory Restore / Restore From Itunes Backup
if I restore factory setting to my iPhone, is it still possible to restore the backup from itune/ icloud to get the purchased apps and other informations?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

Posted: May 19, 2012

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IPhone 3G :: Backup Takes Over 2.5hrs - Free Space 92%?
I have an iPhone 3G 16GB. It is on OS 3.0.1. I have been trying to back up that phone for a while now on both iTunes 8.1 and iTunes 8.2. It gets stuck around 60% and never moves for a long long while - over an hour and half. Today, I won the battle of wits and found out that it takes over 2.5 hours to backup. The clincher is my iPhone is about 92% empty! Any idea why it is taking such a long time? I have my iPhone password-protected, so the backup must be getting encrypted, I can understand. But even then, 2.5 hours for backing up about a GB is just not happening to a phone on this side of the millennium.
iPhone OS 3.0.1

Posted: Sep 2, 2009

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IPhone :: Upgrade To 4 Os And Cant Backup Data Due To Low Disc Space
Is there a way to update the operating system without backing up my iphone? i only have 3 gb of space left on my harddrive.

Posted: Jul 18, 2010

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IPhone :: Backup / Restore / Then Restore From Backup?
I need to restore my iphone. I have backed up. Is this as simple as 1. Backup iPhone; 2 Restore; 3. Restore from Backup?

Windows Vista

Posted: Aug 2, 2010

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IPhone :: Updated To 5.1.5. And Restore My Backup, But Backup Was Not Available?
I just updated to iOS 5.1.1 on my 3GS phone, previously using 5.0, while plugged into the computer and iTunes 10.6.3. I had the phone set to backup to iCloud, and ran a sync operation before updating.Does that not also create a backup?When the restore process began, it asked if I wanted to set up as a new phone or restore from backup. However the list of available backups did not have anything from today.The last one listed was from October 2011.So I cancelled that operation, went through the new phone setup and then it asked if I wanted to restore from iCloud. So I chose the most recent iCloud backup which was from around 6 AM this morning. Now it is in the process of downloading all my apps, pics, and perhaps music as well. I don't know but it's going to take HOURS to finish this.

Anyway I opened some apps that have already downloaded, and some app data appears to be intact. But other apps have nothing after October 2011. And I'm talking apps that have tracked my fitness and workout progress over the past 6 months, bike rides in the past few months, car fuel fillup and maintenance history since October, I'm talking LOTS of data that appears to be gone.What did I do wrong here? Did I not do what I should have done regarding backups? What is the point of backing up to iCloud if it's not going to back up all my app data?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.3, 16GB Black, 05.13.04 baseband

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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IPhone :: Restore From Backup Didnt Restore Everything
I just upgraded to 2.0.2 from 2.0.1 and used the newest backup I had. I noticed a lot of things didnt transfer over (SMS, email settings, pictures, wifi settings, bookmarks, and recent calls). Thankfully, my contacts and calendar events did transfer over. My camera and photos apps were crashing. I imported the remaining 2 pics using iPhoto and deleted them from the iPhone and that fixed the crashing problems, but I lost all the pictures I had taken. Anyone else having problems like this? Is there a fix?

Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Aug 28, 2008

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IPhone :: Restore From Backup Vs Restore As New Phone
I need some education. I'm ready to install 3.0.1, but I want to understand the various ways to do it. Back when folks were upgrading their 3G's to 3.0, there was a lot of talk about 'restoring from a backup' potentially causing the battery issues - and restoring as new fixed the problem. What are the various ways to restore? It's not immediately clear to me in iTunes. I really only see 2 options:

1. Restore as a new phone - ie: reformat the phone, manually set up settings, userids, etc, re-download and install apps, re-sync music and video, etc. This would be the same set of steps used when I get a new phone.
2. Restore from a backup - ie: install the update and then overwrite all settings and apps from a backup image. I'm assuming that this doesn't restore music and videos.Are there other options/variations? What's the safest way to do the 3.0.1 update to avoid POTENTIAL issues?I apologize if this is remedial - I'm an Apple newbie..

Windows XP Pro

Posted: Aug 3, 2009

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IPhone :: How To Restore To Backup After A Factory Restore
I have been using my iPhone 4 as an iPod for a while because I'm waiting for AT&T to unlock it. I wanted to restore my phone to backup in my computer, but the restore button only restored my phone to factory settings, and it now tells me to activate the phone but I don't have the original SIM. Is there a way to restore to backup without activating the phone?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 9, 2012

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: 'Backup And Restore' App Won't Let To Backup Text Messages
My 'backup and restore' app won't back up my text messages... it backs up the other things on the list for example the contacts, call logs, brower history etc. I would like to save the messages before I update my phone.Or unless there is another way of saving my messages, i.e. saving them onto a pc or something.I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro.

Posted: Dec 7, 2011

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