Galaxy S6 :: How To Do A Hard Reset

Nov 4, 2015

i was on facebook and my s6 just randomly shut of and now all I get a a black screen with the galaxy s6 on the screen. I just purchased this phone back in September.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Recover Contacts After Hard Reset

Dec 1, 2015

I laid phone down today on a table. when I came back it would not recognize my fingerprint and I could not remember my code for when that happens. I usually write them down but forgot this time. so I did a hard reset of the phone and now I cant go any further in setting up phone. I put in my email address I used and it tells me to use an email account from which the phone had been synced before.i always use the same email but it still tells me that message had to change passwords etc to get into account but it still wont let me set up my phone..

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Verify Account After Hard Reset

Sep 1, 2015

After I hard reset my galaxy s6 it turns on well but when it get to the google verification i put in my email and password ...

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Hard Reset And Calculator App Is Gone?

Oct 29, 2011

had to do a hard reset and calculator app is gone , how do i get it back ?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Backing Up Before Doing A Hard Reset

Jan 24, 2013

I am not very well versed in computerspeak , and have never had to back up anything on my phone. I am having no luck in diagnosing a problem with my bluetooth(won't turn on) , Samsung has suggested doing a Hard re set ,in hopes of fixing the problem. I would like to back up ALL of my data , contacts , apps , texts , etc. , but have no idea on how to go about it. I did a search here and became even more confused ! Will I be backing up to a pc , if so will I need a physical connection , will I backup with KIEs , and again , how is this done , and what , if any apps should I get to make my life easier , by the way after this , I want to update the OS as I am using gingerbread.

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Galaxy S6 :: Prevent Hard Reset Data Loss

Dec 29, 2015

Just bought the device and I'm not sure because of teh missing SD card, how to handle my "best practises" for Samsung devices. Originally I stored music, videos, Whatsapp media, Titanium backups and so on on my external memory card. But this option is now gone. Is there any way to create a new partition as external sd card wich is recognized by apps and is not affected by hard resets (which is mostly necessary for custom rom updates) ? I don't want to get in a copy nightmare for every ROM update which requires a full wipe. Is tehre any solution? I can't be the only one who is thinking about this issue.

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Galaxy S5 :: Possible To Change Screen Lock Pin Without Doing Hard Reset

Aug 10, 2015

Is it possible to change the screen lock pin on a Galaxy S5 without doing a hard reset. I just starting using the feature today. I enter a pin and reconfirm it. Walked away from the phone and when I went back to it and enter the pin I chose it keep telling me "incorrect pin". Samsung and Google support are saying my only option is hard reset since your can no longer change it with Android device Manager and I do not have a "findmymobile" account setup already.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Hard Reset Samsung Phone That Has Broken Screen

Dec 9, 2015

The screen on my Galaxy S6 is broken and I want to hard reset it....

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Nokia Nseries :: Difference Between Hard Reset And Soft Reset?

Nov 22, 2012

What is the difference between Hard reset and Soft reset - for Nokia 5230?

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Nokia Lumia :: Hard Reset To Reset First Hotmail Account?

Jul 1, 2012

if i do a hard full reset will that reset eveything including the first hotmail live account i put in on the first day of activation because im not living in the same country anymore and want to start a new zune/marketplace account to buy apps i have no problem with hard reset IF It will work?

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Cseries :: How To Hard Reset C6-01

Dec 1, 2010

how can I perform a hard reset on C6-01? Not the one with 7370 code, the phisical one.

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HTC One M7 :: Why Can't Hard Reset Phone

Nov 12, 2014

My htc one(m7) started behaving strangely. It says htc sense has been stopped unfortunately ..... So I tried to reset it..... I pressed the power button +the volume down button and got the boot menu and when i choose the factory reset, it gets turned off then shows the logo of htc ... thats it and does not respond..... I have tried it several times and the result is same....

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Xperia Z3 :: Hard Reset By Itself

Jun 17, 2015

My phone was passcode locked because of sensitive emails for my work. When I took it out of my pocket this morning, it had reset itself and was optimizing. It had reset itself! 
I have a feeling it because a passcode was entered too many times and the phone reset itself. (Happened before as the touch is very sensitive) Or it is a bug and it rest itself which is highly unlikely. 
My question is whether or not I can get all my data, apps and contacts back.  I do not have the time or patience to set it all up again. 

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HTC One M7 :: Cannot Switch On And HARD RESET

Oct 25, 2013

Two months ago i purchased HTC one s. Last night i turned it off and later turned it on but it didn't turned on! I tried to give it a Hard reset but it didn't even switched on in the recovery mode. It is not showing a sign of rebooting. It is completely switched off. I tried to switch it on using volume down/volume up button with power button but it still not got ON!:-(I tried to connect it with PC but it fails to load..Only thing that shows the sign of life is it's charging orange light..Is my phone dead??? If so, then why HTC?I am so sad and tensed.

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Xseries :: How To Hard Reset X2-01

Dec 7, 2011

How can i hard reset my x2-01,because i accidentally deleted default games & bookmarks of image downloads, graphics,tones,themes etc...i want tell me simple procedure of hard reset..because it's keys are attached to each other can i push 3&* keys.

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Nokia N97 :: How To Hard Reset My Phone?

Jan 5, 2010

I need to know how to hard reset my phone,

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Nokia :: X6 Back-up And Hard Reset

Aug 14, 2010

i backup my phone everyday. Now ive have this freezing problem an my phone wont switch on. Just incase i want/need to do a hard reset, i want to know what the back up ..backs up?.....does it save contacts, images etc?.and IF i do a hard reset....what will i loose?

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Cseries :: Hard Reset Nokia C2-01

May 26, 2012

How to hard reset Nokia c2-01.

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Xseries :: How To Hard Reset Nokia X5-01

Oct 10, 2011

i really need to hard-reset my nokia x5-01.

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Xseries :: Nokia X6 Hard Reset?

Apr 27, 2011

Recently my nokia x6 was not working properly,when i switched it on it loaded but freezed on the homescreen. I tried switching on and off several times but that didnt work. At last i had to do a hard reset. I had not lost anything from my mass storage drive but i found that all the music that i had downloaded from ovi music store was asking for a licence and gave a message to get the license from internet. But then i found that internet was not working too. I have every setting from my operator nut still internet does not work.

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BB Bold 9000 :: How To Do A Hard Reset?

Aug 30, 2010

How do you do a hard reset. I am going to give my phone to niece and would like to set it back to factory specs.

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BB Bold :: How To Hard Reset The 9700

Oct 11, 2010

after i reboot the bold 9700, the phone hang on the theme page. i can't use the track pad & reset at the option. i have try many time to remove the battery to reset the phone but still can't use the BB phone. how to HARD RESET to the manufacture setting to this phone.

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LG G3 :: Forgot Password - How To Do Hard Reset

Mar 28, 2015

My nephew forgot his password so we have to do a hard reset to access the phone....

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Xperia Z2 :: Not Responding To Hard Reset

Sep 6, 2012

My z2 not respond to the hard reset. I press power and v- v+ but not see the menu reset

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Lumia 950 XL :: Why Can't Hard Reset Phone

Feb 5, 2016

during windows update today my 950 XL turned off (full battery). When I started it again it goes through boot process and starts with rotating gears (I guess it is installing update) but 2 seconds after i get sad face icon.

I tried to hard reset it holding power and vol down keys but it is never reaching the "exclamation mark" point. It just loops... I installed recovery tool on my PC but it is not recognizing the phone. Restarted PC - the same situation.

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Lumia 950 :: Hard Reset With SD Card

Jan 19, 2016

will doing a hard reset with my SD card in the phone wipe all the data (pictures, videos, etc.) off of the SD card? If I take the SD card out of the phone and do a hard reset, then put the SD card back in, will the phone recognize all of the pictures and data on the card? Will it know that they've already been uploaded to OneDrive and not create duplicates?

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LG G3 :: Constantly Rebooting Even After Hard Reset

Jul 15, 2015

Basically my G3 reboots itself every so oftern. At first I linked it to google maps as 9/10 times the phone would crash when I tried to use it.

Last night I did a hard reset (hold power button and - volume) and started from scratch installing one app at a time.

It was running fine until I installed spotify then it started again! It got so bad that the phone would restart as soon as I tried to unlock the screen. I uninstalled spotify, but am still having the issue, so it cant be spotify? Unless it has left a corrupt file behind?

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LG :: Hard Reset Code For An Env3

Apr 29, 2010

i would like someone to tell me what the hard reset code is for the env3 please

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IPhone :: How To Perform A Hard Reset

Jun 19, 2012

How do I reset my iphone 3gs back to the factory setting (out of the box)

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1

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Cseries :: C3 Hard Reset Itself For No Reason

Feb 12, 2011

My stupid phone has reset itself for no reason. Is there any way of getting any of the lost data back? Also the phone now wont allow me to connect to my wireless internet despite having received internet settings from my service provider.

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Xseries :: Make A Hard Reset For My X6?

Feb 23, 2011

I have a problem about switching on my phone (Nokia x6 16gb). When i see NOKIA screen on my phone while im switching on, it's freezing and not keep going. What should i do? Should i make a hard reset or something else? And if i should choose hard reset

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