Galaxy S6 :: How To Disable Sound / Notification Receiving Emails

Oct 14, 2015

I've have really tried to disable getting a notfication when recieving an email (gmail account) on my s6. Eventhough I've tried to turn the sound off in settings and anything else I could think of, I'm still getting the same sound notification as recieving a text message.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Disable Receiving Emails On Phone

Mar 25, 2015

I do not want to recieve my e-mail on my phone....

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LG G3 :: Disable Email Notification Sound

Jun 8, 2015

I just got an LG G3, and I have a Yahoo email account set up on it. I need it to display the number of unread emails on the icon (I think the little circled number is called a badge?), but do NOT want my phone making a notification sound every time an email comes in. This is really annoying in the middle of the night, especially when it's from spam emails.

When I go into the email app, and choose <menu> --> Settings --> <email account name> --> Notifications --> Notification Sound, a list of folders at /storage/emulated/0 appears instead of a list of tone sounds and a None option. I don't know what to do at this point to disable the notification sound.

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HTC One M7 :: Possible To Disable Battery Notification Sound On Non-rooted Phone?

Aug 7, 2014

How to disable low battery notification sound (I also don't like the pop-up window) on HTC One (M7)? My device isn't rooted.

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Enable Texts But Disable Image / Sound Notification

Aug 18, 2010

I want to use crunchsms for txt messages.I know that I should disable sms in the firewall so I dont get duplicates. My question is however: Can I keep sms enabled on both but just disable the message notification symbol and sound?I want to do this because my theme's homescreen shows my sms's and blocking them would make it look weird.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Disable SMS Pop Up Notification

Feb 24, 2015

Last night my phone started notifying me of SMS messages by a new pop up at the bottom of my screen. I use Hangouts and couldn't find anything in the settings in there so I switched over the the standard android messaging. I turned off all notifications and the pop up still was coming every time I received a message. This almost appears like is a system notification, since it is the same style as other pop ups. (ie: "copied to clipboard" when you take a screenshot) I have attempted to attach a screen shot of the notification. Hopefully it worked. How to disable this notification? Nothing has worked yet.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Disable Notification Banners

Jun 18, 2015

Is there a way to disable the notification banners on samsung galaxy s5 with android lollipop and replace it with the old icons?

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Galaxy S6 :: Disable Google Now Card Notification

May 4, 2015

I would still like to see the cards in Google now.. But I don't want these notifications.. Never had them appear before...

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Galaxy S6 :: Disable Today Forecast Notification?

Apr 12, 2015

Does everyone get this Accuweather notification every morning? How do I turn it off?

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Galaxy S5 :: No Way To Disable Update Notification Without Root?

Feb 6, 2015

Started receiving the update notification yesterday but I am very happy with my phone as is. It's up-to-date up until this update and I'm the kind of person where I feel "if it aint broke don't fix it". I rather hate design changes especially. Anyhow, in the past the only way I knew for disabling the update was to root the phone and use an app to disable the AT&T update app. Are there any other non-root options?

This is the one thing I wish they'd follow from the iPhone. Create an update notification area in settings and let it stay there. I don't need a nag screen every few phone unlocks. At least it's not as bad as when I had a Droid 2. With that thing literally I'd be prompted each and every screen unlock. Think I'm only getting it once or twice a day with my S5.

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Galaxy S5 :: Disable Service Update Notification?

Nov 18, 2015

How to disable a service update notification? Using an S5 on T-mobile lollipop 5.0. I dont want to switch as I have no issues. I keep getting the notifications for updates that i do not want.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Disable Low Battery Notification?

Oct 7, 2011

-how can i disable low battery notification? its just stupid, i know when battery is empty.

-i made a folder and put applications in it. how can i rearrange the applications in the folder?

-i have a poor connection to the wireless router with wifi. how can i change that? can i change the range of the router to get a better connection?

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Galaxy S6 :: Do Not Disturb Mode Disable Led Notification

Jul 31, 2015

Does "Do Not Disturb mode" disable led notifications? Because on my S6 that is not happening

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Galaxy S6 :: Disable Wireless Charging Sound?

May 30, 2015

Ping pong... Ping pong. All night! Only way to disable is to turn notification volume to 0 which I cannot do as I am on call via an app. Do not disturb doesn't work either.

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Galaxy S6 :: Disable Camera Shutter Sound?

Jul 4, 2015

Had a S4 a got my new S6 today. Tried the same "hack" to disable the Camera Shutter Sound like i did with my S4:

download Root Browser
navigate to

open others.xml with RB Editor
adding new line

BEFORE </FeatureSet>

Save and restart Phone.

Open Camera - Settings - last line there you can find the ShutterSound!

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Galaxy S6 :: Any Way To Disable Charge Complete Sound?

May 14, 2015

I have my phone charging on my Qi charger on my bedside table overnight. Tasker sets it to "Do Not Disturb" (Priority) mode automatically. That's good...I don't get any email/txt/etc alerts sent to me at night.

However, it seems like with wireless charging the phone charges to 100% and then emits a tone and the screen comes on. Since it's wireless, the Qi pad "disconnects" and the phone starts to slowly drain battery again. At some point (I haven't figured it out yet), the pad or phone decides to charge again to "top up". This then causes a repeat of the tone & screen-on event.

It sounds trivial, but it's waking me up multiple times a night - every night.

Is there any setting (maybe even with Xposed, if that does not require root) to disable the notification of "charging complete"???

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Disable Vibration And Sound In Messaging App

Apr 16, 2014

How to disable vibration and sound in messaging app?

When you unclick the vibrate option in notification settings in the stock messaging app, it won't vibrate when you receive a text if you set your phone to vibrate mode.

I don't want my phone to vibrate and make a sound with volume on when receiving texts, but there doesn't seem to be a way to have it vibrate only when in vibrate mode and make a sound when in sound mode without vibration.

Other apps like groupme allow you to separate vibration and sound mode, but can't in the stock messaging app...

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Galaxy S6 :: Receiving TWO Text Notification Sounds?

Aug 17, 2015

I am using a standard Galaxy S6, just downloaded the update yesterday with Verizon. Ever since then whenever I get a text message I have been getting my standard text ringtone as well as my default notification sound.Not sure at all how to go about fixing this. Looked in settings but to no avail. Tried resetting phone but didn't do anything.I found out through some trial and error that the thing causing the text notification ringtone and the default notification to both ring is having vibration turned on for texts. Turned it off and the problem is resolved.

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Galaxy S6 :: Disable Email Notifications In Notification Panel?

Dec 17, 2015

On my Galaxy S6 everytime I get a new email there is an email icon just below the notification panel. is there any way to turn this off? I already recieve a sound, and a pop up of the email, and there is an indicator of new email on my email icon on the home screen, so I don't need yet another notification.

Same situation with text messages. I would just like to disable the notifications that appear below the notification panel.

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Galaxy S6 :: Can Disable Charged Wake / Notification Noise?

May 4, 2015

I use a wireless charging dock in my car along with connecting my phone via bluetooth to the entertainment system. I've encountered an annoying issue when playing media.. here's the simplest way I can put my scenario:

1. Place phone on wireless charger and starting playing music
2. Phone becomes 100% charged and emits a screen wake + notification noise telling me so
3. Wireless charging stops because the phone is fully charged
4. With music playing, the battery drains to less than 100%, which engages the wireless charging
5. Repeat from step 2

This loop happens over and over endlessly. The charged notification makes an audible noise like every 3-4 minutes which is super annoying while I'm listening to music.

Is there a way for me to disable the audible noise that occurs when I place my phone on a charger or when the phone becomes fully charged? Is there a way to keep the wireless charging "active" so my charge doesn't dip while on the dock?

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Galaxy S5 :: Receiving Deleted Old Emails As Unread?

May 13, 2015

I have change my handset from S3 to S5 since then experiencing this problem. Though I have set 25 emails to be downloaded, the old emails that I have read or deleted are coming back and back as unread.

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Galaxy S5 :: Disable Annoying Unlock Screen Sound

Aug 26, 2015

When I unlock my Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F, Android 5.0, kernel 3.4.0-4854135) a metallic sound can be heard. It's not the ordinary sound that can be disabled/enabled in Sounds and notifications -> Other -> Screen lock sound. I've tried to check and uncheck that option, which adds a "clicking" sound (not a one that I want), so that option seems to be working.

Extremely annoying that the unlocking sound cannot be removed anywhere in the phones Settings.Also, when I'm talking to someone on the phone, sometimes a watery, notification type of sound can be heard, but when looking at the phones display, nothing has happened that one should be notified about.

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Galaxy S5 :: Disable Wireless Charging Notification Sounds On Device

May 24, 2014

Any way to disable the wireless charging sound without rooting or silencing all notifications? This is pretty annoying not being able to turn it off. The first notification when I place the phone on the charger I'm fine with. It's the ones throughout the night that wake me. I've read when it's up to charge and trickling back down, or getting hot and pausing charges is why this happens. The only solution I found is rooting, which I rather not do until Knox isn't tripped.

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Galaxy S5 :: Sound Not Working On Making Or Receiving Calls

Jul 20, 2015

I just received a new S5 on a warranty issue from Verizon. Same battery, SIM, and SD card as old phone. When I make or receive a call i have absolutely no sound. If I turn on speakerphone all sound returns. If I turn it off, no sounds and the person on the other end sometimes gets a high-pitched ringing. Could it be a headphone jack issue?

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Add A New Notification Sound

Aug 26, 2015

How can I add to message notification sounds? I don't like any on the phone so would like to personalise my message alert tone.

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Galaxy S5 :: SMS Notification Sound Gone After 4.4.4 Update

Sep 29, 2014

I tried to avoid the 4.4.4 update with a vengeance, but VZW forced it despite my saying NO< NO< NO....

A few things changed for the better, but for me, the SMS Notification Sound is gone.

The LED lights up, but no notification sounds period.

I had restarted the phone several times for other reasons, so that ought to be taken care of.

I decided to go through a complete reconfiguration of the phone's default settings for every notification sound thinking that maybe, just maybe they needed to be "pushed again" to "fix it". Kind of like VZW nullifying our Voice Mail and not telling us that it will go away.

None of that made it give me the Chirp Sound when a message came in. Okay, just maybe after a new configuration has been done, it does not take effect until you Restart the Phone??

Couldn't be.But it was............ I did a restart once again AFTER having gone thru the configuration settings, and now the birds are chirping again when I get an SMS.

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Galaxy S5 :: No Sound Notification For Alarm

Apr 29, 2014

The alarm does not sound on my s5.

It's the generic clock.

It works if I set an alarm one minute away but normal work alarm does not.

I've tried deleting data and cache but no luck.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: No Sound Alert When Receiving A Call In Normal Mode?

Jun 18, 2011

the incoming call alert is not working.... no sound comes during an incoming call I checked and the phone is not in silent or vibration mode. the ringtone works when i select one but no sound durinh an incoming call.

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Galaxy S5 :: Mailbox Archiving - No Notification For New Emails

Mar 30, 2015

All of a sudden, my emails, MAILBOX, are not going into my inbox. They go to an archive folder with no notification. I had this problem several months ago. But I don't remember how I solved the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop 5.0

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Galaxy S6 :: Sync Notification Sound Levels

Apr 24, 2015

Any way to make sure all notifications stay in sync sound and vibrate wise? I have always just used the volume keys but with the settings icon allowing you to change different volumes for different notifications it is causing problems.

I think the ability to change individual notifications is a solid option, I would also like a way to change them in sync. There are time where I think I have silenced the phone and a certain notification still has sound. I guess a widget could work but I usually like to only use the keys.

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Galaxy S6 :: Cannot Change Twitter Notification Sound?

Jun 29, 2015

Every time I try to change the notification sound for Twitter it goes right back to the phone default notification sound. I have had this problem since the day I got the Galaxy S6.

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