Galaxy S5 :: Why Won't Phone Work After Lollipop Upgrade

Jul 23, 2015

My S5 did the lollipop upgrade just over a week ago and there have been nothing but issues since. I did a full factory reset and the phone worked fine for 3 days than I powered it down as I was at a bridge game and when I turned it back on it was worse than ever. Did another factory reset and now it won't load any apps at all. It will sometimes read my SD card and at other times it won't. Short of replacing the phone, what is going on with this update and how did it take a phone I loved and turn it into a useless hunk of electronic junk.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Are Contacts On Phone Different Colors After Lollipop Upgrade

Feb 21, 2015

Why are the contacts on my Samsung Galaxy s5 different colors after the Lollipop upgrade? I can see no reason why they are different colors. I would like to know what each color represents and if you can change the colors.

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Xperia Z2 :: Screen Mirroring Doesn't Work After Lollipop Upgrade

Oct 30, 2014

With Android 4.4.4 my xperia Z2 screen mirroring was successfull with Samsung Smart TV.Now after Lollipop upgrade when I try screen mirroring I obtain an error message "Mirroring error. The output device doesn't support HDCP...."

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Xperia Z3 :: Lollipop Upgrade / Mobile Data Doesn't Work

Apr 15, 2015

I upgraded to lollipop today, all fine except my mobile data doesn't work.Tried turning off and on, switching to airplane mode and back, and changing mobile operator and back, still not working.

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Galaxy S5 :: APK Exception After Lollipop Upgrade

Jan 30, 2015

I've just upgraded to lollipop and everytime I get a notification I get a little window saying apk exception? What that means?

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Galaxy S5 :: Receiving SMS And MMS But Not Sending After Lollipop Upgrade

Mar 22, 2015

I have a Verizon galaxy S5. No problems, perfect phone. I upgraded to lollipop when it came out, and I love it! But, I reverted to KitKat for a day and a half a few days ago, and now a problem has arisen. I can receive SMS and MMS, can make calls, and can use mobile data. BUT! I can't send SMS or MMS messages (for ANY number). It just loads for a while and says sending failed. I flashed back to KitKat, and now it works fine!!! I tried again to update to Lollipop three different ways: Odin, over-the-air, and through Kies, and all three methods are causing this error. Why is this happening, and can I fix it? Every time I downgrade to KitKat it works just fine. I like lollipop and need texting for my daily life! I also got an error (one time) where I couldn't turn on my WiFi antenna. I have tried every possible method of data reset, initialization, battery/sim pull, and every kind of cache wipe possible.

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Galaxy S5 :: Backup With Kies Before Lollipop Upgrade

Feb 14, 2015

Before I upgrade to lollipop, I want to make a backup. How to use Kies to do that.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5

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Galaxy S5 :: Sound / Notification Management With Lollipop Upgrade

Mar 3, 2015

I'm super confused regarding the new way sounds, vibration, muting, and notifications are handled in Lollipop.

For instance, I just found out that to get LED notifications, I have to have vibration or sound turned on. No LED notifications on mute/silent? Are they serious? There seems to be no way to get a notification now without having my phone vibrating or making noise on my desk at work, which means I'm either annoying my coworkers or not getting notifications. It seemed that if I want to disable vibration and still get LED alerts, I need to go into every app and disable it there, which is totally counterintuitive—I used to be able to control this by pressing the volume button on the side of the phone.

Not only that, but I currently have vibration turned on so that I can get LED alerts, and I unchecked vibration in Hangouts for both Hangouts messages and SMS messages, and it's still vibrating.Is there any way at all to get LED notifications without vibration?

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop Upgrade Killed All Apps From SD Card?

Mar 28, 2015

Not sure how to go about fixing this, but ALL the apps I had "moved to SD Card" are now toast.

App manager lists the entries as filenames, the icons are semitransparent generic android icons, it tries but fails to load the apps and google play says its not installed.

The data is all on the SD card so i'd like them all back, it seems the OS (when it updated) simply forgot them when it optimized my apps for lollipop.

I HAVE to move apps to the SD card cuz these phones come with next to no built in storage. What a screwup.

I manually updated google play services and restarted the phone four times. I had to uninstall a chat app and it took fifteen minutes. After that fourth restart, all my apps appear to have been reinstated.

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Galaxy S5 :: IHeart Pausing Frequently After Lollipop Upgrade

Feb 14, 2015

Listening to iHeart radio/podcasts has become very frustrating ever since lollipop upgrade because it is frequently pausing play on it's own. It happens to me both on cellular and strong Wi-Fi connections. When it happens, I can simply hit play button again to restart playing but it's getting real old real fast having the constant interruptions. I also opened a problem case with iHeart directly.

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop Upgrade - Whatsapp Floating Popup Keeps Showing Up

Apr 10, 2015

Since Lollipop update to 5.0 on my S5 Galaxy, whatsapp floating popup keeps showing up when i am using the phone (not unlocked) , no matter if i put on whatsapp config to do not show popup it always appears, it´s kinda annoying since when it is up, u cant hide it, or u click it, or u wait..

Is there any way to get over this? i´ve tried look for some another ways, but no specific way for galaxy S5.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Upgrade To 5.0 / Lollipop - Why Won't Phone Boot Up Now

Nov 19, 2014

I did the 5.0 / lollipop upgrade and now everytime I turn the phone on it goes to google screen, then a bunch of colorful balls float around, then it says android for one second and shuts down. What can I do?

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop OS Upgrade - Restoring All Apps And Data After Factory Reset?

Apr 6, 2015

Verizon Samsung S5 with Kit Kat and want to update to the latest Lollipop. The question is about restoring all the apps and data after a factory reset after the upgrade.

1. I have moved a lot of programs to the SD card- do I need to move them back to Device Memory?
2. If I sign in with my Google account after the Factory Reset after the OS upgrade, will all the apps automatically be restored/installed?
3. I have the Google backup set automatically and restore automatically- will the data and settings be restored as the apps are restored once I log into my Google account?
4. What about all my internet email accounts (Comcast, GMail, etc.)- will they automatically be restored for the messages that are on the S5 and automatically connected to the accounts or do I have to reset these up again?
5. The S5 is also my work email, which is an Exchange Server- will the Factory Reset mean that my IT dept. needs to reestablish the connection between the S5 and the Exchange Server or will that happen automatically (if emails are part of the automatic restore?)
6. I have Keis 3 installed on my computer- should I use this as a backup and restore instead of relying on the automatic Google backup and restore?

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Galaxy S5 :: Text Notifications Not Appearing On Lock Screen After Lollipop Upgrade

Mar 13, 2015

I no longer see a "card" for my text notifications on my lock screen after the lollipop upgrade on my Galaxy S5.

I get the status "notification bar" (see attached screenshot), but I want the "card" (like the "New voice mail" card in the screenshot) to appear on my lock screen - I don't want to have to tap the "notification bar" for the rest of my notifications. Hopefully I'm just missing a setting, and this is not the expected behavior....

Here's what I've tried (and what my settings are):

1) Lock Screen/Screen Lock is set to swipe.
2) Sounds and Notification/While Locked is set to "Show All Content".
3) Applications/Messages/Notifications/Preview Message is checked.
4) Applications/ApplicationManager/Messages -> Show notifications is checked.
5) I have cleared the cache for Messages Application.
6) I have done a cache partition wipe.

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Galaxy S5 :: After Lollipop - Recent Apps And Home Button Sometimes Don't Work

Mar 1, 2015

I'm an unhappy victim of the great Lollipop Update. Now without warning the Recent Apps button and the Home button just stop responding periodically. Like I'll be in a phone call and want to take a picture or look something up and pressing Home or Recent Apps does nothing. If I restart the phone then they work as expected even when in a call. Eventually though, they just stop working.

I've been reading about others having bad luck with Lollipop. So I thought I'd just go back to 4.4.4 because everything worked then. So far, I've downloaded Kies3 and done a complete backup. I decided to try a factory reset to see if that would make Lollipop behave. Nope. Within 20 minutes the buttons stopped again. It's not always in calls, it's just that I can't restart the phone when in a call to make it work and that is not usable.

So, before I go regrade back to 4.4.4 - why the buttons just quit every so often and maybe how to fix it?

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Galaxy S6 :: AOSP Android Lollipop On Phone

Jun 3, 2015

why isn't released a AOSP ROM yet? Are there any problems/locks/closed sources.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Clear Clipboard On Phone With Lollipop

Mar 14, 2015

I'm on Verizon with my S5 and just updated to Lollipop. I was able to clear my clipboard on KitKat 4.4.4 by taping my phone icon then long press on the open space on the phone. I had the options to clear the whole clipboard or just the items you wanted. So how do you now clear the clipboard on Lollipop? Tried the way I always did it (as stated above) and nothing shows up.

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop Slow And Phone Seems To Overheat

Feb 6, 2015

I updated to Lollipop 2 days ago and ever since my phone seems to be constantly hot to touch and everything keeps crashing or running really slow and sluggish. I have had the phone actually freeze several times in last two days.

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Galaxy S5 :: Only Have One Notification Sound With Lollipop On Phone?

Mar 19, 2015

I got the lollipop upgrade and now only have one notification sound, the whistle. And I can't figure out how to get my other notifications to work. They play in the notification menu and I can select them as default but they won't work when I get an actual notification. Ringtones work fine why won't my notifications?

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Galaxy S5 :: Need To Root Phone To Install Lollipop ROM

Jun 27, 2015

I had recently bought Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (Software Version: G900HXXU1ANCJ) but from the second day itself I am facing bootloop issue in the same. It works fine for sometime and then somehow it goes into the bootloop and I tried to hard reset the phone using recovery mode a couple of times and delete the data but again it gives me the same problem after a day or so. I want to flash the rom in the same. Which rom should I flash in the same and some instructions and the link to download the rom. Also do I need to root my phone to install the rom, I have enabled the USB Debugging from developer option, wouldn't that be suffice.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Rid Of Flipboard On Phone After Lollipop Update

May 15, 2015

I got the Lollipop update last night and my only complaint - thus far - is that *&$^%&% Flipboard has reappeared and I can't delete it,. The icon is on my Apps tray and if I grab it like I'd do with anything else there's no trashcan icon.

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop 5.0 Update - Now Cannot Unlock Phone With Pattern?

Feb 5, 2015

So I just got the Lollipop update this morning and I setup a pattern lock instead of my fingerprint, was working just fine. I was doing some things around the house with using Google Music All Access to listen to music, went to switch music and I cannot get into my phone, doesn't even register that I'm trying to put in a pattern.

This is not good, can't even get in my phone to call anyone. Nothing is recognizing my touch.

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Galaxy S5 :: Lollipop - Answering Call And Phone Hangs Up

Apr 24, 2015

Got a Samsung Galaxy S5 . It worked great with kit Kat 4.4

When I did the upgrade to Lollipop and got a new sims card and gave the phone to the wife.

When a incoming call comes in and you answer the phone, 9 out of 10 times it hangs up as soon as you answer the phone.

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Galaxy S5 :: Alarm Will Not Sound With Phone On Silent Since Lollipop

Feb 22, 2015

The next day, after installing Lollipop 5.0, my alarm did not sound. It went off, but since I keep my phone on silent, it made no noise. It's never done this. I've always left my phone on silent through the night, and my alarm has always went off, nice and loud, waking me up. Not so, since installing Lollypop 5.0. I've smile some experimenting and it works fine in vibrate, so this will have to suffice until a fix is found. I did speak to a Samsung rep at Best Buy yesterday and he told me that they are pulling Lollypop 5.0 and coming out with 5.0.1

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Is Not Making Calls After Lollipop Update

Apr 7, 2015

Occasionally when I attempt to make a phone call from either a contact, missed call, or the keypad the screen will flash like its attempting to call but it just goes straight back to whatever screen I had up. It doesn't even say call ended or call lost. Sometimes I have to click call 3-4 times before it goes through.I just cleared my cache and will see if it continues?

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Update A Rooted Phone From Lollipop To Marshmallow

Feb 21, 2016

I got this phone as a gift, an SM-G920F. And it already has SuperSU in it when I got it. Which means it's already rooted if I'm not mistaken. I'm liking the phone and hoping to know more about it.

Anyway I discovered that you can only change the media volume with the rockers when a video or music is playing. And it defaults to ringtone otherwise. Same thing happens when the media pauses in the middle of playback. But I never change my ringtone volume. It's either on, off, or vibrate.

So I browsed the web for fixes. And found this app called Rocker Locker. I tried it but it was a huge battery drain, so it wasn't a permanent fix. I also found out that this behavior was changed in Marshmallow. Having the rockers change media volume by default.

Tried to check for OTA updates. But it said something about phone being modified. Which was lucky, because I've also read not to take OTA updates while rooted.

Long story short. How do I update from Lollipop to Marshmallow in a rooted phone?

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Galaxy S5 :: Factory Reset Lollipop Then Restore Phone Data?

Apr 6, 2015

I am another dissatisfied user who just upgraded from 4.4 to lollipop. I am having problems with the autowiz prompt coming up often like other users, how to back up this configuration before i do a factory reset. If I backup with kids, will I lose anything we. I recover the backup onto a fresh lollipop system?

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Galaxy S5 :: Encrypted Phone Requires De-encryption For Lollipop Update?

Apr 6, 2015

I've been told by a few users that once the Lollipop update was released on Rogers for the Galaxy S5, they have been prompted to de-encrypt their devices.if there is any way to circumvent this 'requirement'.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Change Unlock Effect On Phone Running Lollipop

Jun 23, 2015

I just got my S5 today, upgraded from my three and half year old S2 Skyrocket, However, it seems to have some weird default "unlock effect" where these stupid bubbles of colors appear wherever you touch or swipe on the lockscreen. I've searched around for how to get rid of it, but everything I've found says go to the Lock Screen settings menu and change the "unlock effect." But the lock screen settings menu on my phone doesn't have that option. I tried searching in the settings for "unlock effect" and it comes up with a result, but when I click it, it just takes me to the lock screen settings--which as I said has no option for unlock effects.Did they remove the ability to change/remove the lockscreen effect in 5.0 or am I just completely missing something?

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Galaxy S5 :: Screen Reversed Since Lollipop Update As Looking Phone In Mirror

Feb 7, 2015

So after the update everything is appearing backwards on my screen. It's like looking at my phone in a mirror. Even my beautiful widgets clock is reading backwards...

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Stop The Request To Update To Lollipop From Showing On Phone Constantly

May 24, 2015

How do you stop the request to update to Lollipop on phone and make it go away?

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