Eseries / Communicators :: E5 New Firmware 042.014?

Feb 11, 2011

Last night I found new firmware E5: 042,014 15-dec-2010, custom version 042.014.c00.01 type RM-632.I changed the phone 2 times and the third I was replacing the motherboard nokia-care because he had a flaw in network management. Happens that when I am in a place with little network coverage, hold the phone in my hand, I lose the network.I'm testing the new firmware to see if there are improvements.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E75 Firmware Update Is Not Possible

Aug 9, 2010

i want to update my nokia e75 via usb cable. actual firmware is 110.48.125 new firmware is 202.12.01

i tried it with *#0000#
look for updates
connection failed...

i have tried it even over ovi suite and nokia pc suite. firmware is downloaded to my pc. but during installation, i get following report; installation failed, check usb cable ....

if i transfer videos or pictures over ovi suite or nokia pc suite, i don"t have any problems. it"s working perfekt without breaking

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Eseries / Communicators :: Latest Firmware For The E72-1?

Feb 25, 2011

What is the latest firmware version for the E72-1 in Australia?

Product code is 0586213
My firmware is 051.018

The web site in Australia says 052.005 but it won't download for me.My product code is the Australian code so why can't I update?

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E52 Firmware 051.018 Bug?

Sep 29, 2010

This firmware have fixed very bugs. But one bug added with its new feature: when you have a new SMS or missed call, it appears the name and number of caller. But in right to left languages such as Arabic and Persian, it appears the name from left to right and is not readable.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E7 Firmware Won't Update

May 16, 2011

I'm still using PR 1.0 SW 013.016, because it tells me that my device is up to date.

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Eseries / Communicators :: How To Update E72 From Firmware 051.018 To 052.005

Mar 4, 2011

I've been using my e72 for more than a year and had regular update of firmware from time to time. But recently i found it from the website that there are new firmware release on october and i try to update but it always stated that my software are the latest and there were no new updates for my phone. I had double checked that the software I'm using in 051.018 and I had checked the website saying the latest current firmware for e72 is 052.005 which came out on October, 2 months after the release of 051.018.

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Eseries / Communicators :: More E5 Bug After Firmware Updating?

Sep 13, 2011

I don't know if this bug has been reported, but after successfully installing the latest firmware for my E5, I cannot get rid of the "WLAN scanning off" homescreen application on my screen yes, I have tried the following: menu --> settings--> general -->personalization -->standby mode --> homescreen applications --> unchecked the WLAN option (there's Calendar,WLAN, AIEMailPlugin and Contact Bar) . But the absurd "WLAN Scanning off" is still displayed out there in my screen This only occurs to the Contact Bar standby mode, no problems with Active/Vertical/horizontal/etc mode

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Eseries / Communicators :: E52 Firmware 051.018 Freezing?

Dec 29, 2010

Ovi Suite proposed to me the firmware upgrade from 031.??? to 051.018 release. After upgrade, my new E52 is freezing completely 1-3 times per day now !!! There is not possible to turn-off the phone. I have to pick out the battery, put the battery in and start the phone again! Firmware re-installing has no effect.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E71 Firmware Reinstall?

Feb 4, 2012

I have been having some 'memory leak' problems with my Nokia e71 recently so took the opportunity just now to attempt to reinstall the firmware via the Nokia Software Updater programme on my PC.It got so far (presumably to the point where it had deleted the previous version and was about to start installing the new copy) when the computer flashed up a message saying that the USB connection had been lost and that I should turn off and then on the phone again and then reconnect the USB cable to finish the job.Problem is, the phone is in a blank screen state due to being halfway through the reinstall and no amount of pressing any button turns it off, on, into any kind of useable mode and that means at the moment that I am a) without a phone, b) uncontactable and c) hugely annoyed.Putting the USB into my other computer (or indeed, restarting the initial one) doesn't do anything because with the phone to all intents and purposes 'off', neither PC detects

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Eseries / Communicators :: E71 Firmware Software Updater?

Apr 9, 2010

My E71 is 300.21.012 18-06-2009 RM-346 Nokia E71-1(350.02).Upon using Nokia software Updater its says firmware up to date and no new firmware available.But i know new version 400.21.013 is out there.How can i update.Does anyone have similar issues.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72: Downgrade Firmware To V031.023?

Jul 21, 2011

I have to downgrade my firmware from v054.005 to v031.023 Does anyone know a methode to downgrade the firmware? (I know, officially a downgrade is not supported) But for compatibility reasons I have to do.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72 Firmware 071.004 - Disconnected During Update

Jul 8, 2011

Did anybody try to update the new firmware 071.004 for E72? I tried to do that, but in the middle of the update process, it said that the internet was disconnected or check the firewall. And because of that, now my E72 won't boot up at all. Practically it is unusable now.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72 Firmware Update Not Downloading?

Oct 19, 2011

When I try to update the E72 firmware to latest version 071.004 through SW update in Control Panel it takes too long showing "Processing" and does not show download progress bar. Other updates such as Maps & Email have downloaded & installed fine.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E72 Firmware Is Not Updating?

Jul 18, 2011

okia recently released new firmware for nokia e72 but my firmware is still not updating and still is 052.005 while new firmware is 071.004... its not updating using both pc and OTA... and gives msg "no update available"

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E52 Firmware 054.003 Bugs

Mar 31, 2011

I am a software engineer and My E52's software ver. is 054.003 and there are some problems with my e521. My e52 get hot during voice call as well as when i m using it as a modem after upgrade which was not in 052.0032. Graphical smilies r not supported in sms in my e52 but supported in my 7230 and 2626 both r s40 series3. Message sender name not updatedafter changing contact namefor example if there is a msg. from mr. A and i changed that contact name to mr. B then the inbox msg. sender name not changed to mr. B and remains mr. A that must be updated to mr. B.But it is updated in my 7230 and 2626..

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Eseries / Communicators :: E6 Firmware Version Mismatch?

Jan 31, 2012

the E6 tells me firmware version is 021.014, and Nokia Suite (the latest...well I hope ;-)) tells me it's up to date.the Nokia website tells me that the latest firmware version is 022.014 and that I should use Nokia Suite to update the firmware if I wished to do so...

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Eseries / Communicators :: E6 - Dead After New Firmware (025.007) Upgrade

Oct 15, 2011

My Nokia E6-00 is now dead, screen doesn't power up and Ovi Suite / PC doesn't regognize it. I upgraded Ovi suite to 3.90 prior installing this new firmware for the phone, during the firmware upgrade there was a error. It didn't connect to the phone anymore. Even if I did what the Ovi Suite suggested, battery off, usb cord back to the phone, battery back and then power on - still the upgrade wouldn't continue. I tried at least twice.

Situation is so that the phone haven't a firmware at all? Is the only way to get my phone working again, by going to a Nokia Care Point and let them flash it?

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Eseries / Communicators :: E52 Keeps On Freezing After Updating To Firmware 054.003?

Mar 11, 2011

Two days ago i update my phone with the 054.003 firmware using the build in updater and since then the phone keeps on freezing...Generally it happens when the phone goes to screensaver mode, i just can't get to unlock it one time out of two... But sometimes it just freezes as i'm using it. I've tried to reset the phone completely, even doing a hard reset, nothing works.It really looks like the update has messed my phone up...

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Eseries / Communicators :: The Latest Firmware Update For The E6?

Aug 24, 2011

I have an E6 with 021.014 firmware but I keep seeing discussions relating to v 022 for an E6.What is the latest firmware update for the E6?

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72 Upgraded To Latest Firmware

Aug 19, 2010

I recently upgraded the firmware (as suggested by Nokia) on my E72. The firmware version is 031.023. Every thing seems to be working fine except for the message alert tone. Ever since the upgrade was made, there's no more alert whenever a new SMS comes in. It's causing too much hassle since I have to look at my phone every so often.I've tried reinstalling the firmware but the same problem occurs.I've tried changing the alert tones but to no avail.All other alerts except for the SMS works.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E52 Change From German To Chinese Firmware?

Feb 8, 2011

I have a brand new plain E52 with a German firmware (or maybe with a German language pack?). I would like to use the built-in dictionary in order to translate from and to Chinese.Or, more generally, I'd like to read Chinese text, e.g. on web sites.However, the phone is unable to display Chinese characters; all I see are little rectangles instead of the characters.I assume there is a Chinese firmware somewhere. Can I replace the original firmware by a Chinese version? If so, how do I do it?Is there another way to display/write Chinese characters?

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Eseries / Communicators :: E66 Unrepairable Dead After Firmware Update?

Feb 18, 2011

I have (or better to say "had") a Nokia E66 and Nokia Software updater just completely and unrepairable (said by official service) destroyed my E66 few days after warranty ended. It is unbelievable! I was successfully using it every day until the software update. Software Updater wrote that cell phone is disconnected and I must reconnect it. I have done it many times but every time it failed. So I took cell phone to official service and they told me that they cannot flash it and only way to repair it is to replace mainboard. How is that possible? It worked very fine until software action! So I am supposed to throw my E66 to trash and buy another cell phone? Well, if yes, then not Nokia again. I want to own cell phone which is able to flash phone software without destroying whole phone!

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Eseries / Communicators :: E7 Changes Time And Date Unexpectedly To Firmware?

May 26, 2011

There are three E7's in my company, two of which have now experienced odd time & date changes. First it was only one, with a Firmware version of 13.something, repeating every now and then. Now also my E7 (firmware 014.002) did the same, the time and date changing today afernoon to be March 1st, 2011 at 15:20, even though in reality it is May 26th, 2011 at 17:58.

Oddly enough, the firmware date is 2011-03-01. Does the phone somehow resort to the time of the firmware release?

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Eseries / Communicators :: E90 Firmware Update Via Ovi/Software Updater?

Mar 7, 2011

I've used the Nokia Communicator since the 9000i, these phones take a beating and keeps on ticking. I dug forth my old Nokia e90 after my iPhone fetish disappated. However, I've never updated the firmware of my e90 and thanks to the Ovi software, I can't even though I want to.I've tried on three seperate machines and they all give me the exact same error message in both the Ovi suite and the Software Updater. (See attachments.)The three machines I tested it on are all Windows 7 32bits. I've been googling like a mad man and I see several others have had this issue with their phones. I've also tried every trick in the book (remove expired root certificates, disable firewall, restart twice, disable antivirus etc.) to absolutely NO avail.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Firmware Update E6 Doesn't Work?

Aug 15, 2011

I tried to update the firmware of my E6 from V21 to V22. But I get the error 12017. I reinstalled OVI suite, and restarted my phone but no luck.

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Eseries / Communicators :: No Firmware Update Options On Nokia E6-00

Oct 29, 2011

My Nokia E6-00 is currently running firmware v. 021.014 (011-05-26, RM-609), which was on the device when first purchased (SIM free, unlocked). I understand from the Nokia web-site and elsewhere that there has been at least one subsequent fimware update (currently v. 22.014) with minor bug fixes. However, I don't get offered any such updates, either OTA using the E6's SW updater, or alternativeky via Nokia OVI suite (v. 3.1..1.90) on a Windows7 PC.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E72 Firmware/software Update?

Dec 23, 2012

I am having problems in opening the Gallery contend: sound, pictures, soon as I try to open it, it stays as opening and after an hour of "opening", I have to remove the battery.I did twice hard reset. Formatted the memory card, and twice reinstalled the firmware 053.001 using Nokia software updater, still having the same problem. Firmware version is 053.001, E72-1, RM530. I cannot update to any recent firmware, it says that the phone is up to date.I do not understand the way this update works, some gets it some not. I think that any firmware is, or must be and improvement of the function of the phone for all I would like to update to the latest one, or at least the 081.003 which I have on different E72 and works well enough.

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Eseries / Communicators :: GPRS Not Working After Firmware Upgrade To 500-21-009

Jul 25, 2010

I recently upgraded the firmware of my Nokia E71 to the latest version i.e. 500-21-009. I followed the instructions in Nokia site and took complete backup before upgrading and restored entire stuff after upgrade. Now, though my settings are intact as it was before upgrade and my operator (Airtel) also confirmed that my GPRS subscription is active, I can not connect to Web nor can check my emails. Whenever I attempt to browse, it gives an error message saying - 'Connection Not available'! In fact, I checked inserting my CIM card to another Nokia phone and could browse Internet with same GPRS settings as in E71.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E72-1 051.018 Firmware Make Camera Not Functional

Feb 11, 2011

My phone camera is not working after updating firmware of E72-1 from 032.010 to 051.018. I've try 2 reinstall it and make a hard reset but it still not working.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Enable AMR-WB Codec On Generic Firmware Of It?

Dec 20, 2012

How can I enable AMR-WB codec on the generic firmware of the phone? V101. I had it enabled on the orange branded version of the firmware.(v.81).

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Eseries / Communicators :: After Update E63 Firmware - Can't Type And See Chinese

Nov 22, 2012

After update E63 firmware . My phone can't type Chinese and can't see Chinese.What's wrong with my phone?

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