BB Curve :: Get An Error Code Come Up When Trying To Sync Calendar Code Is 0x80040fb3

May 15, 2012

I get an error code come up when trying to syn my calender code is 0x80040fb3.

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BB Curve :: Error Code - 0x80040fb3. Check Documentation

Jan 16, 2010

I continue to get the error message listed in the subject each time I try to sync me device with my computer. I tried uninstalling all of my Blackberry software, then re-installing and I still contine to get the error message (which makes me thing it is an issue with my phone).

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BB Curve 8300 :: Error Code - 0x80040fb3 - Check Documentation

Jan 16, 2010

I continue to get the error message listed in the subject each time I try to sync me device with my computer. I tried uninstalling all of my Blackberry software, then re-installing and I still contine to get the error message (which makes me thing it is an issue with my phone).

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BB Pearl :: Error Code 0x80040fb3

Oct 6, 2011

I need help resolving this error code. Error code 0x80040fb3 I have tried to delete email address from my calander but I have too many to go through them all.

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BB Storm :: "Error Encounter. Error Code - 0x80040fb3"?

Dec 22, 2010

There appears to be no fix for this problem. RIM suggests the issue relates to email2 and/or email3 entry's with no content in the email field for the Outlook Contacts. This has been thoroughly checked and I confirmed this was not the case (also confirmed no East Asian characters).The problem is definitely in the newest version of the Device operating system. When I rolled back to the old operating system, the problem goes away.I can not believe RIM has no contact capability within the Support website for people with problems! Very user unfriendly. They are begging for customers to switch to iPhone.

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Nokia :: N73 - When I Enter The Master Code It Says Code Error

Feb 8, 2010

My N73 worked correctly until 3 week ago,suddenly i see when i press button 2, it write 7 ! and continue whit 887734... !then i reset it by code " *#7370# " but problem not solved !i tried 3rd time but the problem was existing yet !Then I opened the keypad and clean it, and restarted again,it worked and all of keys was correct. i set a lock code, and it was working true,until yesterday. Since yesterday, it didn't work , I get my IMEI to a site, and it gives me a ten digit code that calls master code, and said if I enter this code instead of my forgotten code ( I didn't forget it,it didn't work) it will accept by phone. But when I enter the master code it says "code error" too. I tried to hardware reset , but when i hold 3,* & green buttons and turn it on, phone asks me "continue using the phone in offline mode? " (it asks since when i tried to enter deference codes for several times), and i should to answer this and press other keys instead of these 3 buttons, so it didn't work too, I opened it key pad and clean again,but it couldn't help.

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BB Tour :: Sync Error Code 0x83860028

Jan 8, 2011

During hard wire sync to desktop Outlook, I'm now receiving Intellisync error code 0x83860028 (never happened before now), and it aborts the synchronization. Can't find reference to this code anywhere, and don't know what's causing it (it stops after reviewing all Outlook contact records). The error occurs on two separate BB's with different contact lists.

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IPhone ::4s Sync Error Code 1156

Apr 30, 2012

When I try to sync my 4s to itunes I get an error code 1156 a as I cannot get any songs, video or pics.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold :: Sync Error Code Check Documentation

Jan 7, 2012

Just tried to sync my blackberry with outlook and got the following error code 0x0043ac9. It worked fine the other day... does anyone know what this means and how do I fix it so I can sync again?I have a US Cellular Blackberry Bold 9650 OS 6 With 220.2 MB of free space Did a battery pull fix your issue? NoA week or so ago I added: I Speech Translator and Photo Editor Ultimate Both of these were Compliments of Blackberry

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BB Torch :: Error Code 0x80040057 When Trying To Sync Organization

Aug 11, 2011

I use Thunderbird as my desktop e-msil software and want to transfer my address book to the Torch contact file. I transferred the address book toa csv file but get this error when doing the organizer sync. I went through all the settings in the desktop software

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Nokia :: Error Code 0x80044403 When Trying PC Suite Sync Over Bluetooth

Jan 4, 2010

I am having problems syncing a Nokia E71 with a PC running Vista.The two sync just fine via USB cable.And I appear to have successfully paired them via Bluetooth.However, when I try to sync over Bluetooth, I get
- two requests on the E71 to accept a connection from the PC - both of which I accept
- a long wait - around 2-3 minutes
- another request on the E71 to accept a connection from the PC, which I also accept
- another 1-2 minute wait
- a message appearing on the PC saying "The connection between the PC and the phone failed, error code 0x80044403.I can get both the PC and the E71 to transfer files with other devices over Bluetooth.And I can see the E71 as a Bluetooth device from Windows Explorer on the PC. Though when I double-click on it, I can't browse the content.The PC is running Vista Service Pack 1.The Bluetooth hardware is an HP integrated modeul with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless, manufactured by Broadcom.The Driver date is 19/06/2007 and the Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator.The E71 is running the -400 firmware, freshly updated.

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Lumia 1520 :: Manual Email Sync Fail Error Code

Dec 27, 2014

as the title says, i have this issue where i cannot manually sync email, HOWEVWE everything works normal as it should. Push mail, contact sync,everything else is not a problem. The prob is basically manual sync, and on top of the email app, it says that the last time it was updated was 2 months ago (this is when it first started, i installed cyan using nokia recovery tool)

I have turned off message backup, tried to find verification email, no solution.

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BB Curve :: Error Code PVM 102?

Oct 5, 2010

I downloaded an update of an app last night that needed to restart my 8350. On the restart, the error screen with "JVM Error 102" came up and the start up will not continue. I removed the battery and did the reset, but it still stops before it loads up. I have the unit backed up, but I cannot access the phone because of the error screen. Can't see the phone from the BlackBerry desktop on the computer to install my restore / back up!

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BB Curve 83xx :: 507 Error Code?

Jan 1, 2010

This is a 8330m i had but havent used in forever. i had it password locked but forget the password at the time. so it resetted itself and i didnt bother with it after that. now it showed up a 513 error so i used JL_cmder and wiped it. now it has a 507 error and i tried to use DM4.6 to install 4.5.175 OS and it keeps saying "no software is available for this device" when i try to manually locate the loader.exe file i click it and says "no additional applications designed for this device were found." the vendor.exe file has been deleted and all other OS were deleted. DM doesnt say connected but when i click apploader the PIN shows up. I tried to do the OS install without the battery and it wouldnt work. i tried the "how to recover a dead blackberry" and it sort of gets to the beginning but when it locates the blackberry, the blackberry shuts off and doesnt turn back on.

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BB Curve 8900 :: Error Code MM 5

Feb 15, 2010

i recently unblocked my blackberry 8900 handset to enable the wide range of networks available however when i now put my 02 sim card into the handset it shws the network as o2:uk and also pick up full signal bars but it will not let me call outwards or recieve any calls and it will not let me send or recieve any texts either. i then tried to call 112 (emergency call) and it flashed up again call failed! Phone not allowed MM#5 can you tell me what this means and if there is any solution? by the way im from the uk but i suppose all blackberrys have the same error codes

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BB Curve :: App Error Code 523 On Start Up

Mar 31, 2012

I've got the app error code coming up on my phone when I start up but all advise at the moment says to connect to the desktop manager but I cant as the phone wont turn on due to the error code!

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BB Curve :: 9930 Error Code 285?

Jan 23, 2012

Had an interupted download from Desktop Services at the weekend and my phone has been "frozen" since with a screen message "app error 285 - reset". have tried reconnecting to Desktop Services to no avail - always connecting never connected.

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BB Curve :: Error Code 0x8004ffff

Nov 19, 2010

When synchronizing my Blackberry Curve 8530, the "error code 0x8004ffff" appears. All of the contacts on my BB Curve are gone.I had synched the BB Curve with MS Outlook 2010. I have up to date software for the desktop and device. Earlier I had followed instructions to deal with error code 0x80040fb3. The sync had been interrupted by empty email 1 and not empty email 2. The instructions fixed the sync and the error code went away.Now "error code 0x8004ffff" appears. I wonder if the BB Curve is looking for an address file "default" while the Outlook contact file has another name? Only I do not know how to find out the Outlook contact file name.How do I get my contacts to sync with the BB Curve again?

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BB Curve :: It Keeps Coming Up With Error Code 523

Mar 21, 2012

M phone keeps coming up with error code 523, i have taken the battery out several times, also i cant get my pc to recognize the phone.

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BB Curve :: It Keeps Coming Up Error Code 523?

Apr 30, 2012

my phone keeps coming up error code 523 on it and i cant get onto my phone it keeps shutting down?

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BB Curve :: MEP Unlock Code Error?

Jul 27, 2011

My friend recently got a BB curve 8520, which was locked by a MEP code, so he went and purchased an unlock code and when he entered the code it gave an error that the MEP code has been entered 10 times already. So what should he do?

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BB Curve :: Error Code 80003

Feb 10, 2012

I had a query yesterday where my phone after being returned did not have Word Mole - I was given advice as to how to get this game back. I followed the instructions and the game is back, but so is the error 80003. this error is when trying to access BB aps. So i am back where i started. Would taking Word mole off the phone remove the error? Or how do i get rid of the error.

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BB Curve :: Error Code 0x8004005?

Jul 22, 2011

I have BB 8900. No email on it. No data plan on it. I synch with desktop PC for get Outlook contacts and calendar. Am running ver of the BB Desktop Software.At the office I am getting "error code 0x8004005" when I synch. After clearing the error, the synch routine continues to run but the phone does not update the calendar and contacts.However, on my home computer I can synch and it works just fine. Any suggestions on how to get the synch to work at both locations? It used to a few month ago.

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BB Bold :: Getting Error 0x80040fb3 When Trying To Sync Phone?

Feb 1, 2012

I'm getting this error 0x80040fb3 when I'm trying to sync my phone with my computer.

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BB Curve 8900 :: Error Code 0x8386006e

Aug 13, 2010

I have tried to sync my curve 8900 with my outlook (2007) but at the end of the sync I receive a message saying:

Error encountered. Error code - 0x8386006e. Check documentation.

I am trying to sync the Calendar, Memo Pad, Address Book and Tasks.

Can find any info on this online!

So I changed my memory card to a 4GB card but problem has not been rectified.

When I remove the tasks from the sync I do not get the error but my tasks are not synchronised.

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BB Curve :: Facebook App - Code Error 2406

Nov 24, 2011

Its High Time Since Im Trying With This Issue, And None Of The Forum's Solution Has Worked Out For Me. Whenever I Try To Login Facebook Through Facebook App For Blackberry, I Get A Message Stating " We Were Unable To Log You In. (2406).Not Only With My Device, But I Get The Same Error When I Try Login Facebook Through Any Of The Blackberry Device.

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BB Curve :: Cannot Access Internet - Error Code 50

May 7, 2012

whenever I want to go online using my bb, I get the following error:

error code 50

I already tried to register on the HRT editor...

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BB Curve :: Error Code - 0x8004fd22 During Intellisync

Nov 27, 2010

error code - 0x8004fd22 during intellisync. Everything was fine last week, now it's not. All works except the calendar. i got it to go from the puter to the phone, but it won't work the other way.

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BB Storm :: 9550 Address Book Sync Error 0X80040FB3

Dec 13, 2010

I have a Blackberry Storm 2 in which I loaded another Gmail address, sometime there after I tried to sync my storm with my laptop and received an error a quarter of the way through the sync of my contacts. When I received this error I checked my contacts on my device and they were all gone! I have since spent about 6 hours doing a clean install of my desktop software and device software all of which has yielded no results. I am still receiving the same error.

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BB Curve 8500 :: Error Code 0x80040057 Check Documentation

Aug 26, 2010

New to BB world - had TREO for long time. Having difficult time w/ calender sync from Outlook.

Aforementioned error code continues to pop up even after reinstallation of BB Desktop Software and uprgrade to v.6.0.1. Anyone else experience this error? Otherwise, BB a very intuitive and elegant device.

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Lumia 1020 :: Phone Rejecting The Code When Enter It In Pin Code Box

Feb 5, 2014

I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 that is rejecting the code when I enter it in the pin code box but the mayor problem is that the attempts are not wasting. It does go lower than the 9th attempt. I already tried rebooting it and factory resetting it and the phone it goes back to the 10th attempts and again it doesn't go any lower the the 9th attempt.

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