BB Curve :: Cannot See Sms On Menu And Cannot Send Or Receive Sms

May 20, 2012

my sms icon disappeared a wk ago.i went into advanced settings and the host routing table asked that i register.i did! sti i cannot see sms on menu and cannot send sms or receive sms.

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BB Curve :: 8520 BBM Won't Send / Receive - Cannot See Contact Pictures In Menu

Oct 29, 2011

Even before the 'big crash' my daughters BBM didn't work. I have tried all the resets there are even uninstalled it, re-installed it etc. When I first got the phone 18 months ago it worked fine. Now wont send, wont receive, can't see anyone's pictures in the menu's. Got wi-fi, got credit, on Curve 8520

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BB Curve :: Missing Menu Option To Receive Via Bluetooth?

Aug 18, 2011

I am unable to receive videos via Bluetooth because when I go Media >>>> Media Type >>>> Options, I don't see the "Receive via Bluetooth option. My Bluetooth is turned on and our phones are paired, but the menu option is missing on my phone.What could be wrong, and how can I fix it, will doing a factory reset to reset the phone back to v5 and then reinstalling 6 OS fix this problem.

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BB Curve :: Forwarding Email - No Send Option In Full Menu

Oct 26, 2012

I am receiving emails just fine. When trying to forward, I merely hit the blackberry key and forward comes up with other options. I scroll to forward and then it wants the email address I want to forward to. After entering the email address, no matter which key I hit, Blackberry key or scroll button, I only get two choices...."Save Draft" and "Full Menu". I then click on Full Menu and there is no option to "send."

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BB Curve 83xx :: Cannot Send Or Receive MMS?

Aug 24, 2010

Problem: Boost branded 8330 not sending or receiving MMS. When I attempt to send MMS the message appears to attempt to send but ultimately fails and displays a red x next to the message.What is working: Everything else. Internet is working fine, I can send pics via email.Steps taken to attempt to fix during 6 calls to Boost customer care: The reps I spoke with had me provision the phone again, pull the battery out while the phone was on. Deleted the Transport and Client MMS service books and provisioned. Steps I have taken: Checked for service book updates, and registered the host routing table. Countless battery pulls. I searched the forums and couldn't find any other threads addressing MMS problems with Boost branded 8330's specifically. Tried sending smaller pics. My phone does display 1XEV, and under service books I have MMS Client & MMS Transport (when I look at the MMS Transport, the gateway IP shows all zeros). I've had users on almost all other carriers try to send me MMS.I've checked MMS options and message reception is enabled.

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BB Curve :: Delays Send And Receive?

Sep 20, 2012

Does anyone have any suggestions my bbm has suddenly stopped working instantly to now only sending andreceiving a few hours later. I do t receive any bbm pictures sent. This has happened quite suddenly since Monday! I have credit.Msettings phone settings have changed..especially comparing settings on the phone. The phone is an unlocked phone with a Vodafone sim.

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BB Curve :: BBM Can Receive Messages But Cannot Send Any

Oct 26, 2010

My BBM can receive messages but cannot send any, i have tried everything to fix it like resetting the phone, updating the bbm software, sending a registration message again.

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BB Curve :: Will Send Emails But Will Not Receive

Aug 24, 2011

My blackbery will send emails but will not receive them. It worked fine for about 6 months, but now there are problems. Have tried setting up email account again, pulling battery, and sending service books.

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BB Curve :: Can Send But Not Receive Messages

May 18, 2011

Yesterday I removed the bb enterprise server from my bb so that I will no longer receive my company email. I still have my personal email setup on the bb and can send, but am not receiving messages. what I can do to get them? all of my push settings are enabled.

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BB Curve :: Can Send Email But Not Receive

Jun 19, 2011

I got my blackberry curve 9300 and this morning received a message to let me know I am registered. I have registered my email address, (hotmail) and can send emails no problem. So far so good, except when I get a reply I get nothing on the blackberry but the replies are all in my hotmail inbox on my laptop. I have called geeks (carphone warehouse) and gurus at O2 and I have followed all their instructions. I managed to receive 1 email from my husband and then nothing since.

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BB Curve :: Can't Send Or Receive Emails

Mar 9, 2011

So I've had my Curve 9300 for about a week, and until now it has been able to receive emails (at least those sent to me gmail account) absolutely fine. As of yesterday 1am, the 30 or so emails sent to my gmail haven't appeared on my Blackberry. If I try to send a message I get the standard 'packet error' message. I've googled for various solutions, but they all seem directed at users with older blackberries, so I haven't been able to use them.

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BB Curve :: Can't Send Or Receive Pic While Traveling?

Jun 11, 2011

I am traveling in Alaska and haven't been able to send or receive a picture message.Calls & texts work fine. We have tried taking the battery out & rebooting and that did not work. Is there a setting that might be preventing the MMS while roaming?

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BB Curve :: Can't Send / Receive Email

Apr 22, 2011

I just bought a Curve 9300 today. After updating my device from 5.0 to 6.0, getting all my apps up and running, i tried to send out an email and i got a red X. I went into email settings and sent the service books and that was no good. I reinstalled my O.S. and repeated the same process, and still no luck. My service providers technical support chat is closed right now and reopens tomorrow, so i'm on the support forum here to try to get some help from you guys. Can't send / receive email

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BB Curve :: Cannot Send Emails But Can Receive

Apr 11, 2010

I just bought a blackberry Curve, 8530. I had my email set up at the store and even got my blackberry registration email. However, I go to compose an email, and my phone tells me that "no message services are configured". That would be fine, if my email was not already set up, according to my blackberry. I tried going through the whole process again, and then it tells me that my email is already set up. But, it says I can only save a draft, not send, when I'm done.

I owned a pearl before this, but never used many of the features. I would like to be able to use more of them on this phone. I am a bit of an electrical gimp.

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BB Curve :: Can't Send But CAN Receive Bbm Messages

Jun 3, 2012

I recently purchased the blackberry curve 9320 around 3 days ago, everything was working perfectly this morning until i woke up and tried replying to a bbm message. When i sent the message, it just came up with the tick but no D or R. I am still able to receive messages but the person I send the message too doesn't.Im seeing people talk about the host routing table in which i've already re registed and also resent my service books.

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BB Curve :: Email Will Not Send Or Receive

May 14, 2011

My 8330 started acting up last night. Through my email I sent 5 to the same email address. I received the check mark stating they were sent successfully. 20 mins later or so my phone notifies me of a new email however there is not a new email, but now a red X in the email that just had the check mark. This happened multiple times. I tried resending the email and composing a new email and all scenarios were the same. Also, I was sent 4 emails last night from this same email address, none of which I received. I did 2 soft and 2 hard restarts throughout the course of the night nothing has changed. Does anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it? I had this happen one other time, and I was to the point of smashing my phone. Email through my phone is the only way I have contact with certain people so this feature is VERY important to me.

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BB Curve :: Receive Email But I Can't Send

Oct 2, 2012

All of a sudden can no longer send emails from any of my email addresses, in fact there is no send option in the drop down

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BB Curve :: Can't Send And Receive MMS Messages

Sep 30, 2012

Before I had my package, I was on my blackberry to mobicarte and when is mobicarte can not send mms, it is the rule. So I took a package, which includes sending SMS but also MMS. Except that my blackberry does not mail and do not receive.

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BB Curve :: Cannot Receive Or Send Sms Or Mms Messages

Oct 17, 2011

The app for my messages is gone I cannot receive or send sms or mms messages. The app is no longer on my menu however I can see I have a sms when I go to my homescreen as the icon is up in the left hand corner. How can I get them back?

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BB Curve :: 9790 Cannot Send Or Receive Mms

Nov 30, 2012

I've had my new bb 9790 for 2 months and cannot send or receive mms. I'm on contract with virgin mobile . Their help desk reply was to download latest s/w. This I've done but that changed nothing. When trying to open mms thro' link message says "unable to find the requested server"

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BB Curve :: Unable To Send/receive MMS?

Oct 3, 2011

I have the Curve 3G and am unable to send/receive MMS.I figure it's because of the default settings but I cannot find the MMS settings anywhere. Normally it is right under the options menu but when I go to my options, all it has are: Sounds and Ring Tones, Networks and Connections, Display, Typing and Input, Device, Call Management, Security, Accessibility, and Third Party Applications.I have tried to find the MMS settings under these but cannot.

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BB Curve :: BBM Can Receive But Cannot Send Reply

Oct 10, 2012

My BBM can receive but cannot reply or send to all friend contact in BBM, when I sent that BBM show the "X" red colour. What I have to do if like that. I already uninstall My BBM then I rebooted my set and reinstall it back. Still same.

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BB Curve :: Can Receive MMS Pic Messages But Cannot Send Them

Feb 28, 2011

I can receive MMS pic messages, but I cannot send them... whether I take the pic myself and try to send it or whether I receive a pic and try to forward it, it will not send either way! I've had the problem of not being able to send or receive MMS messages in the past, and I took out my battery without shutting my phone off and that seemed to do the trick, but I tried that this time and it didn't work!

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BB Curve :: Can Send But Cannot Receive Sms Messages

Sep 15, 2012

I can send but cannot receive my sms messages. I have tried taking the battery out, deleting apps, changing the theme and removing photos to give more memory but none of these have worked.

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BB Curve :: Can Send But Not Receive E Mails?

May 11, 2011

can send but not receive e mails?

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BB Curve :: Can Send Emails But Not Receive Them

Mar 12, 2012

I can send emails but not receive them and it would appear that all my settings are correct. I have been in contact with Virgin Mobile technical department on numerous occasions and although the latest advice was to do a security wipe I was reluctant to do so hoping that there would be a more simple way to rectify the problem.

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BB Curve :: Can't Receive Or Send Emails

Jan 10, 2012

I recently replaced my blackberry 8250 with a blackberry 9350. Before doing so I transferred all my emails onto my new phone. But now when I try to send a message theres a red X and it says 'Transaction error-failure at service'...I haven't received anything either since I switched phones

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BB Curve :: Cant Send Or Receive Any Messages?

Aug 1, 2012

my phone told me that i had run out of internet, but when it ran out. my BBM stopped working? i cant send or recieve any messages and i dont know why?

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BB Curve :: Cannot Send But Receive After Changing AOL

Jul 30, 2010

Needed to change AOL password. Able to receive emails but cannot send! Can send from other email accounts on BB.

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BB Curve :: Cannot Send/receive Emails

Jul 28, 2012

Last night my battery went dead on my phone. I charged it overnight and this morning I can not send or receive emails. I can send and receive text but not email. Can't go online for anything. Manage connections shows a check in Mobile Network and a green check after my provider name. It also shows a check and WI Fi on and in the box at the end of that is a dash. Bluetooth is off. When I click services statuses under Blackberry internet Services it shows NOT Connected. I'm not sure how to turn this on.

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BB Curve :: Cannot Send Or Receive SMS Messages

Nov 14, 2011

I added a second email account to my Blackberry. However now I cannot send or receive SMS messages. I called the service provider and they were no help. I have checked and the service centre number is correct. I don't know what else to do.

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