Xperia Mini/pro :: ST15i / ICS - Possible To Install Flash Player For Better Browsing

Jun 1, 2012

Will I install Flash Player on my phone or not? Is ICS has a build-in Flash Player or I still need to get flash player for better browsing?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Flash St15a Rom To St15i

Jun 5, 2012

I have an xperia st15i with ICS 4.0.4 build 4.1.B.0.431 but in my country Colombia this phone doesn't work with the 3g netwotk on my mobile network operator, Can i flash an st15a ROM to my st15i phone? will this change 3g bands?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Install Malayalam Font In St15i?

Oct 3, 2011

Is there any way to install Malayalam font in st15i.In Applications like facebook I really miss Malayalam font.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Use Clockwordmode On St15i To Install Custom Rom Like CM10 JB?

Jul 14, 2012

I have rooted my phone alreasy and its on stock ROM & kernel. Now I want to use CM10 JB for ny device for that I should have to use clockword but it doesn't support my device. While the threadd for installing the JB is telling that I have to install it for to be ble to use the JB. But I have downloaded the adb shell for CWM and install it on device through laptop and then downloaded the ROM manger form the play store, Rom manger is finding the CWM but it says that it soen't support my device. I can't backup current kernel and ROM. I just want to know how can I use it on my device to use custom ROM.

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Xperia X10 :: Can't Install Cookies And Flash Player

Sep 7, 2010

Can't install cookies and flash player ,says can't have them on this phone even though I have had them before?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Why "Temple Run" Unable To Install/search From ST15i

Feb 13, 2012

I am unable to search for this famous game "Temple Run" on android market hence unable to install. Why is this not supported on my phone Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i yet ?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Download Adobe Flash Player ?

Aug 24, 2011

Download adobe flash player

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Flash Player Not Working After 4.0.4 Update?

Oct 18, 2012

Before software update flash player was working in my Xperia mini pro SK17I, but after update it was disabled and tried to install through markets is not available.Since abode stops supporting android. I have downloaded the abode flash player 10.3 apk and installed in my phone. Now also i am not able to watch online videos

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Nokia Nseries :: Install Flash Player In 97?

Feb 4, 2012

how can install flash player in n97 because many future not supported when run internet through my nokia n97 I try to download flash player from many sites like nokia solution

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Motorola Xoom :: Install Flash Player 10.3?

May 18, 2011

I have Flash Player 10.2 presently, with version 3.1 update. Do I need to go to adobi to download the update and download manually? It normally is pushed to my PC as it is released. Do I wait for 10.3 to be pushed to my Xoom? I just purchased last thursday. I am new to android.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: ST15i/a 2.3.4 Update 4.0.2.A.0.62?

Sep 8, 2011

Xperia Mini ST15i/a 2.3.4 update 4.0.2.A.0.62Special thanx to the XDA Forum, Jozinek, ajzak

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Nokia :: 5233 Need Flash Player And Procedure How To Install

Aug 8, 2010

Need a FLASH Player for Nokia 5233 and also give a procedure to install it.

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Nokia Applications :: Adobe Flash Player Install?

Dec 25, 2010

can i install adove flash player to nokia n97? How can i get?

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Install Flash Player On Phone?

Mar 31, 2010

anyonme knw how i can install flash player on the 9700 so i can watch you tube and iplayer.also on the 9700 when i try going on iplayer i get a message saying that im not from the uk which i am and im on a uk based network orange is there anything i can adjust so iplayer recognises that my ip adress is from uk

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Xperia Mini/pro :: ST15i Keyboard Front End

Jun 12, 2012

Changed the keyboard front end on my ST15i, how can I revert to the factory settings?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: St15i Is Always Vibrating When Typing?

Mar 28, 2012

after fixing the back/menu keys problem and updating my xperia by them in service center, now my problem is, when i touch the keys in message, or typing, it vibrate. Even when i typing in the browser, search, phone number, etc. it vibrate.

I tried all the options in sound settings, I tried all the options in the vibrate, but still the same.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: ST15i - Reboots After Upgrading To ICS 4.0.4?

Jul 4, 2012

My Xperia Mini reboots itself after being upgraded to ICS 4.0.4.I have already carried out the software repair as suggested in the previous threads using Update Service as well as PC Companion, however the problem still persists.The reboot frequency is not same, sometimes it works for 14 hours and sometimes for 3 hrs or so.

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Sony Ericsson :: Hazel / How To Install Adobe Flash Player?

Aug 19, 2010

I have a sony ericsson hazel, when i go to watch few videos using wifi connection, few videos cant be opened and it says download adobe flash player! From where should i download adobe flash player for my mobile!

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Got St15i Ics Update Even Though SI Number Is Not In The List

Jun 15, 2012

im from philippines i just updated my phone even though my SI number is not on the list 1248 - 9964

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Xperia Mini/pro :: St15i Still No Update Si#1248-8683?

Jun 28, 2012

My questions are:Is still the rolling out of ICS for xperia mini(st15i) still on going?For si# 1248-8683 st15i, although I bought this unlock and not tied to a network/operator from my country Philippines, if this si# 1248-8683 is locked to a network/operator to other countries, since there is still no update for ICS with this si#.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: ST15i Camera Shutter Bug On GB .62 Firmware

Sep 30, 2011

camera shutter sound tends to permanently off when I switch to silent modeand get out of it. The only remedy for me is reset settings the phone

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Brand New ST15i Flickering Screen?

Dec 7, 2011

is there anythign that can be done to stop the screen flickering or is this a manufacturing fault. only had it a few days and not noticed it until this morning (updated software last night to lates version as instructed by SE) please help - is there anything that can be done to put it right or does it need to be sent back to where I bought it from?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: (ST15i) USB Tethering Fails After ICS Update?

Dec 19, 2011

I got ICS update to my Xperia Mini 2days back. I found the USB tethering is not working when i connect it with my laptop. I use my phone to browse internet me to fix it. BTW portable WiFi hotspot is working perfectly.Also there is another small problem, which is when i play a video in gallery, i see gray coloured field under the video, which suppose to be black..I should also say that the video displying quality has been slightly reduced after the update, even the BRAVIA engine is turned on...videos which played in superb quality, now display like low quality videos.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: How To Unlock Screen Lock In St15i

Mar 22, 2012

i just forget my pin how to res how to unlock screen lock in st15i

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Change The Camera Glass Of St15i's

Jun 21, 2012

Is there any possibility to change the camera glass of my Xperia Mini St15i's. It has got some scratches like the pictures r not that clear.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: St15i Is Not Detecting Any Device Via Wifi

May 3, 2012

my xperia mini st15i is not detecting any device via wifi. The wifi works when i switch it on hotspot mode and it is detected by other devices also but when i simply switch on the wifi to access internet from any wireless server neither it detects the other network nor its network is detected by other.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: List Of Games That Is Working On ICS For St15i?

Jun 15, 2012

give me a list of games that is working on ICS for st15i?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Can't Restore Camera Shutter Sound ST15i?

Sep 30, 2011

I just bought this phone 2 days ago from sony xperia here in the philippines. I can't seem to restore my camera shutter sound. I have my ringtone, media and alarm volumes to max. I'm not in silent mode either and the camera shutter sound settings in camera is set to 1 or 2 or 3

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Brand New St15i W/ No ICS Update N Touchscreen When Plugged?

Jul 11, 2012

Is there any official solution to my newly bought xperia mini st15i? Its brand new but when i plugged to charge or to connect to pc, suddenly the touchscreen become abnormal or unstable. How can I fix this? and when i see my SI 1246-7912 and found out that theres no available ICS update for this device even if i connected and try update using latest PC Companion still no update..

Is there any safe or official fix for these problem with my new st15i?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: ST15i: Menu And Back Keys Activate Themselves?

May 26, 2012

I just bought my XPERIA ST15i last May 15, 2012. Well, the phone with me now went through a series of replacement on the day I bought it. With the first store, I had it replaced TWICE on that SAME DAY because of the issue of it, XPERIA ST15i, activating its home and back keys by itself. For the third replacement because of the same issue, it ended with a refund. So I went to another store to buy another one, and luckily, that malfunction doesn't manifest anymore. Now, after about 2 weeks, that malfunction started to have its episodes again. The menu and back keys are now activating themselves whenever I'm using an app, or just the browser.

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Xperia Mini/pro :: St15i Shows Poor Camera Quality?

Feb 15, 2012

My xperia mini(st15i) shows poor camera quality problems.5MP images are looks like 1MP image.

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