Sony Ericsson :: K800i - Where To Download SEMC USB Flash Drivers?

Feb 19, 2010

Where to download SEMC USB Flash K800i drivers and plz tell me how to install them. I want to connect XS++ to my phone.


Sony Ericsson :: K800i SEMC USB Flash X64 Driver

Nov 10, 2008

I have got Vista x64 on my system. However, I cannot find the SEMC USB flash driver for this OS from anywhere. I want to use Far and now I cannot. If you have it, please share it. I have no car, no job, no money and no home. I have no past, no present and no future. All I have is a family with my father, my mother and my sister. That is all I value most.

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Sony Ericsson :: How To Get SEMC Flash Driver Installed?

Nov 4, 2008

How to get the SEMC Flash Driver, when connecting my phone it asks to install SEMC Flash Driver.

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Sony Ericsson :: A2/DB3150 - Mod - A2uploader - SEMC Flash Driver

Nov 27, 2008

I cannot get my computer detect my phone (K850i) in flash mode. It goes into mass storage mode. I know that a lot of people suffer from the same issue. I tried the same on my friend's laptop and it worked with great ease! I am sure the drivers are installed properly on my system. Is this a computer usb chipset problem?

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Sony Ericsson :: Best Drivers For Modding My K800i?

Jun 5, 2010

I'll be buying a 2nd Hand/Pre owned k800i this coming June 10,2010 and would have to know your ideas on what drivers are okay. I've been searching about these drivers, I did find some great drivers from modders like number 1 and more. but, my concern is, I still don't know the specs of the phone i'll be getting since the owner barely uses the phone and has no idea about modding. I'll post additional info once I get the phone. I would like to improve the camera (for pictures), video (can we upgrade it to QVGA instead? and 35fps if its good), i also would like to change the UI to mimic the k810i's and lastly the sound driver so that it would be louder. If there's anything better to modd for my phone, would really appreciate.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - Installing New Acoustic Drivers

Jan 9, 2008

Recently I bought a new K800i. I upgraded the firmware to the most recent one: R8BA024 CID52. I been looking for a good guide that can show and explain in simple words how to change those drivers (To Peter's HiFi Ver2), but I just can't find any.

I know that I'm not the first one asking and I've already searched the site for answers but every single time I get directed to the same topics and sites. If someone would be nice enough to write step by step and maybe help others who'll seek the same answer as I am.

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Sony Ericsson :: Number1 Acoustic Drivers For K800i?

Feb 13, 2008

OK, someone please tell me where I can find this monster thread that has the Number1 acoustic drivers for the k800i. It's about 40 pages long and I've searched everywhere for it.... For some odd reason I can't find it in my bookmarks anywhere ...I'm positive it's on this forum, but can only find the camdriver thread...

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i CID53 Changing Cam Drivers

Dec 17, 2008

As can be seen here, I have CID53 Which I read in some other forum, cant be patched or modded with free tools I am just very new to this entire "flashing and modding" thing. I only want to change the cam drivers.Im sorta afraid I might "kill" my phone, so I was wondering if anyone can give me a good tutorial for doing so.I still am trying my way around some of the applications that would probably be involved like Far Manager & Jdflasher Can anyone help me out on this one?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i / K810i - Modded Camera Drivers

Jul 31, 2007

Here you can find Modded Cam driver for K800i / K810i.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - Orange MAIN / Firmware And Drivers

Nov 12, 2008

Does anyone have it for download ASAP please?

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Sony Ericsson :: How To Flash SE K800i?

Sep 27, 2008

My sony ericsson k800i did not opens. How can I flash it?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - Flash

Apr 22, 2009

How to flash my k800i.

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Sony Ericsson :: Can't Flash SE K800i?

Nov 30, 2009

I got sony ericsson k800i which was working but call end button was not working so i opened the phone and cleaned all the dust.. after closing it switched on.. when i inserted sim and tried to switch ON ... it doesnt switch on but a red light shows on side... so i tried to flash the phone using SE lite.. after pressing the key button "C" it doesnt detect the phone ... is there any way to bring my phone into live...

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Sony Ericsson :: Looking For 64bit USB Flash Drivers Db3150?

Nov 8, 2008

looking for 64bit USB Flash drivers (Db3150). EDIT: is there a 64bit version of A2 UPLOADER ? it gives my friend a 32 bit application error. [ This Message was edited by: Silencer23 on 2008-11-08 12:39 ]

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i - Flash Routes / Where To Put Cam Drivers?

Sep 22, 2009

May anyone tell me flash routes for my K850i. I have A2 uploader, but I don't know where to put the cam driver and its language file and also display driver and lastly the bass sound driver.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i How Run Flash Themes

Jan 17, 2009

I have XS++ and i want to run flash themes on ma k800i

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i Whats This Next To Flash?

Mar 29, 2009

whats this, next to the flash ? k800i photos: k800i stuff:

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Sony Ericsson :: Flash Themes On K800i?

May 23, 2007

I got a K800i from my girlfriend for my birthday yesterday. I'm happy. I want to change the menu styling and use a flash theme. Can anyone please tell me how to do so? I went through GOOGLE but couldn't find anything. I went through the forum but nothing here either. I looked on SE-NSE but unfortunately I couldn't get a hold of something for the K800 over there either.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i Enabled To Using Flash Wallpaper

Sep 21, 2008

it's enabled to using Flash wallpaper in k800i? can someone tell me the way?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - How To Install Flash Menus?

Nov 5, 2008

Can anyone tell me how can I install flash menus on k800i. I know how to and I can do it with xs++ but the problem is k800i doesn't support flash. So how can we make k800i a flash phone?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i / Camera Flash Is Out Of Order?

Oct 5, 2008

SE k800i camera flash has recently stopped working, its been a good while since ive been on here. Could someone please tell me the list of directions for the phone test feature where i can test the phones screen, camera etc in the special mode.

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Sony Ericsson :: W810i Getting Flash Menus Via PhXS / Update USB Drivers?

Jan 3, 2007

Ok, since there's been alotta controversy in getting these flash files to work, I figured I'd go through the trouble of walking everyone through how to add flash themes to their phones (this is based on the w810i, but will work on other phones depending on the phone and the flash menu). All thanks for this tutorial goes to tawong for helping me figure all of this out, and to hypoh for originally posting these themes. The only thanks I need is for having enough time to sit down and type this up for everyone

1.) their phones (this is based on the w810i, but will work on other phones depending on the phone and the flash menu). All thanks for this tutorial goes to tawong for helping me figure all of this out, and to hypoh for originally posting these themes. The only thanks I need is for having enough time to sit down and type this up for everyone
1.) CHARGE YOUR PHONE! Even with a full battery, there are "chances" that your battery may die before it finishes flashing due to longer bruteforcing times (bruteforcing = trying to crack passwords by trying extreme amounts of combinations, or sometimes a set dictionary, in just a few seconds. This can be quick if the password is one of the first words selected, or longer if it's a tougher password to crack).
2.) Take out your SIMS card along with your memory card (May not be needed, but it's always a smart idea because glitches DO happen. Also, make sure you have a bit of space on your phone left, you won't need more than 5-10 MB to get by safely, so no worries). Then download THIS . This .rar file is just a little pack of everything you're going to need to put these themes on, including a few extras.
3.) Time for the trickier part. We need to update your USB drivers. If you've already previously updated them to flash them earlier w/ PhoneXS, then just skip this step. If you're still new to PhoneSX, then you will MOST LIKELY need to do this, though your USB drivers MAY be up to date. To start, open the FlashThemes.rar file that I've supplied everyone with just above and open up the USBFlashdriver folder, and drag/drop these two items into your "my documents" folder. They will just be their temporarily, don't worry. Now double click the Phone-XS V2 exe file and whenever it select "USB" for that's how you're going to send the files to your phone. Here's the tricky part though. Click "Start" and the log that shows up should tell you take battery out.. hold C.. blah blah. Just make sure your phone is turned off, you took your SIMS card out, and you took your memory card out as well. Then before connecting your phone to your computer via the USB cable, hold the "C" button ON YOUR PHONE! (not keyboard) and connect it to the USB, still holding the C button. Now to install the USB drivers, right-click "My Computer" and click the "hardware" tab, followed by the "device manager" button. Down the list a bit, there should be an option that says "Other Devices" and it will say something like "unknown device" or "USB device". Whatever it is, if you don't have the USB driver.. it's unrecognized. I'm not POSITIVE what it says because I've gone through with it already, but in any case, rightclick it and click "Install (or update) Drivers". A window will come up asking if you want to install the driver automatically or manual (find the folder yourself). Check the second option (manually) and whenever it click the "Find directory manually" option, and where it has the "Browse" box.. simply tell it to browse under your "My Documents" folder. It should start and finish installing the drivers, and you're done w/ the hardest part of the tutorial. Now you can delete those files you dropped into your "My Documents" folder if need be.
4.) Now you will most likely have to exit out of Phone-XS, and re-run it again. This time through, do the whole same process above, except instead, as soon as you connect it (Make sure it's still off and you're holding down the "C" button while hooking it up), it should show up abuncha different actions on the log. Once finished, you'll know it's done. It only takes about 5 seconds or so..
5.) Once there, it's time for you're decision on what all you want to upload. If you look back at the FlashThemes.rar directory, there will be 2 folders labeled "files_to_upload" and "Flash (Only Themes)". If you want the themes, and also an enhanced camera driver, along with the acoustic files that REALLY increased the volume of your phone (speakerphone and headset and all), then you won't have to do anything as far as modding files go. Also, the acoustic files don't sacrifice quality, so don't worry about that. The only reason that there quality may seem an issue is if you turn it up all the way, and that's because then my phone is louder than my TV, and such small speakers aren't meant for that kind of volume. If you keep the volume about half notch though, it's as good as a fully-volumed phone that DOESN'T have these acoustic files, and the same quality.

IF YOU DON'T WANT THE CAM DRIVERS AND THE ACOUSTIC DRIVERS, RATHER ONLY THE THEMES, then delete the "files_to_upload" folder and rename the "Flash (Only Themes) folder to "files_to_upload".. for that's what PhoneXS will upload.
6.) Once you have your preferences situated and the right name on the right folder, contine back to the PhoneXS application, and towards the bottom, click the FSX button, and it should open up a new screen. This is the easy part, from here, all you have to worry about doing is simply clicking the "Start FSX" and let PhoneSX do the rest! Keep in mind though, this can take JUST as much time as flashing, only without the problems having your phone not work if interrupted, so it's completely safe.
7.) Once uploading the flash files (adn other drivers if you wanted them), turn your phone back on and hook it up to your computer. Now just open up the "PHONE" directory (I use phone because I prefer putting major files like songs/videos on my cards) and open the "themes" folder. Just drag/drop all of the themes that are in "FlashThemes.rar/Themes" folder into the "themes" folder in your phone, and next time you turn your phone on, you SHOULD have working new working themes! If you have any problems, feel free to drop a few on these forums or PM me. Once again, I'm just the guy who wrote this forum, all thanks should be given to tawong for helping me do all of this, and hypho for uploading the themes. I hope this helps you guys..

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i / Where Is Flash Light Sensor In Camera?

Aug 16, 2006

I noticed in my k800i that when u shoot outdoors, camera flash doesnot work but when u shoot indoors, then flash works. Any idea where is the flash light sensor present in the phone?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i Updated Firmware Flash Not Working

Feb 7, 2008

I updated the firmware on my K800i and now the flash dont work on the camera, any ideas why,

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - Unable To Flash To K810 Firmware

Mar 13, 2009

I just brought a K800i half year. Because k800i is a nice phone, but while I flash to k810i firmware, it became screen flashing.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - Computer Not Identifying Flash Port

Apr 20, 2009

My computer is not identifying flash port of my k800i after upgrading it to k810i.My mobile is turning on and it is also connecting to phone mode as well filetransfer successfully,but not connecting to flashport..............

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - Themes With Clock / SWF Flash File

Oct 12, 2009

I've noticed that K800i does not receive clock themes for sometime but I keep wondering, not until I extracted a clock theme and found out that there is a flash file(swf) file inside so is there any upgrade that will correct this?

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Sony Ericsson :: K790a - K800i - Flash - Firmware Just Blinks White On Lcd And Does Nothing

Feb 12, 2008

I'm trying to fix a buddy's phone, when he handed it to me it had no reception whatsoever. right away i noticed K800 icons and it struck me as strange. it is a Rogers K790a however it was flashed with K800i firmware. i tried flashing with setool2 & wotan but when i flash it to the K790 firmware it just blinks white on the lcd and does nothing. if i flash it back to k800 firmware with setool2 the phone works and functions but no reception whatsoever... its not hardware related unless its the actual mainboard, because i tested other k790 components and no diff. tried SEUS and says it does not need an update wont let me do anything more. tried writing the GDFS file with setool2 but it fails giving me an error. tried holding 2 & 5 with wotan and that also fails. i'm trying to figure out how i can get the proper GDFS file on there for a K790 and then flash the corresponding firmware, at least i think this is what i need to do. i know how to use basic FAR stuff enough that i could modify my k550/w610 menus acoustics etc but no clue.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - Any Other Way To Download Web Contents?

Jul 19, 2006

For some reason the SE website server has been down for the last 3 days. I've been trying to log in to the fun & downloads to get some more tones-images-themes but have received an error message, from the phone and my browser. Is there any other way I can download the K800i content?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i Where Can I Download Animated Themes

Aug 14, 2007

where can i download animated themes such as the equalizer one for my k800i?} i translated it but i cant download anything from the page

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Sony Ericsson :: SEMC Installation Is Needed

Dec 5, 2009

In Connecting the Phone, when I am about to release the c-button, an error message appears: WdlfCoInstaller01007.dll on SEMC Flash Installation is Needed. How do I fix this?

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Sony Ericsson :: K770i / T650 - Download Cam Drivers / Enhanced Features

Jan 15, 2008

Number1 4.7 FINAL
-fix exposure delay,
-reduce & fix sharpness,
-fix compression,
-improve video to 20-25fps


Number1 4.6 features,
-bigger buffers,
-doc mode redone for sharper pictures,
-less compression with bigger file sizes
increase and fix sharpness all modes,
21fps video,
longer night shutter
added colour saturation.
retry compression -1 instead of -15,
improved delay to stop over exposure.


increase jpeg retries,
increase day fps range( reduces blurry shots)
increase compression retry -4.
twilight landscape has higher shutter speed for clear noiseless pictures,
compression fixed.


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Sony Ericsson :: K800i Where Can I Download Free Games And Themes?

Dec 24, 2008

i've tried googling but all of the results arent free. now, where could i possibly download a free of charge?

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Sony Ericsson :: K750i / SEMC Tool Totally Cannot Detect Phone?

Jan 23, 2006

I have 1 EMPTY BOARD k750i which is totally dead boot. When the 1st time i try to test the boot, SEMC Tool still can detect the phone, once the phone has detected, i unplug the cable because just want to test the boot, see whether the phone can be revive or not. Now my problem is, SEMC Tool totally cannot detect the phone, when i select the flash file and click flash, software wont detect it and show 'Unknown Phone. Try Recover Phone 1st. Then i try on "Recover Phone", SEMC Tools show "Phone Recover Done, now can flash the phone,but result also same, unable to start the flashing process. I try on KZF_v1.8b with crack UFS_HWK, software will detect the boot, but only show the M CU ID, without the CID number. KZF also prompt to recover phone 1st, but cant be done, always result failed with recover function. Is it any solution to revive this kind of phone ? Or maybe need put some power voltage the flash the phone ?
I am using UFSx, k750i cable with dummy battery attach to the cable.I also try with SEMC Tool Empty Board function, also cannot flash the phone, i really have no idea how to repair this phone.

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Sony Ericsson :: Download Road Sync Flash Pane?

Jul 21, 2010

What do you do next after you downloaded and installed Road Sync flapping? How do you get it to display on the front panel?

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: PC Freezes At SEMC Flash Device Found During Upgrade

Aug 31, 2012

I am trying to upgrade my Neo V to ICS android (4.0.2.a.0.62). While having the PCC on to latest version, and connect the mobile , software will identify it with no issues. I have been connecting both with MTP and MSC modes. The update starts, downloads from internet and prepares the laptop with no issue. When the sequence gives command to mobile to shutdown and start for the update then, I can hear the sound of reconnection, the led is green, on pc it find a new hardware (SEMC flash) and then freezes. I have tried with USB debug active and not with no difference.

I have tried with Unknown sources (under application) active and not with no difference. I tried the same in windows safe mode with the same result. I tried the Update service also and anytime I connect (press and hold menu or back key and then plug) freezes always. I removed any antivirus on mobile with no result. On PC when connected I can see on the device manager that the usb drivers are Microsoft ones. I have downloaded the Android SDK tools (including usb drivers) but as long as the process stucks on the Found new hardware, I cannot proceed further. I am running on WinXP Pro.

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Sony Ericsson :: W660i I Want To Make Flash Themes And Flash Files

Oct 3, 2008

i want to make flash themes and flash files for my w660i.where can i download this Flash Lite?can anyone help me? i converted my own vids into flash (.swf) but to no avail, i cant play them in my phone.i have Macromedia Flash 8, but i dont know how to save it to play in my phone.

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Sony Ericsson :: Camera Drivers V3 / S3 Rev.1

Dec 22, 2007

- The more flexible driver. Without being supermode driver, it has 10 extra modes to suit all light conditions.
- BugFree
- Awesome clear Twilight landscape mode
- Flash photos with freaking smooth noise
- Quick Auto focus
- It's possible to do macro pics in all scenes (except in landscapes of course)

- Pay attention to special modes explained below
- Flash is forced so you must disable it in most daylight situations (not RER)
- Use Auto + flash RER as the all-round auto mode

Special Flash Modes (only applied if flash fires)

Auto scene:
1) Flash AUTO: Daylight flash special mode I. Forced flash. For use in portraits at daylight. (1/6400s, Xenon ISO 250).
2) Flash AUTO + MACRO: Daylight flash special mode II. Forced flash. For use in portraits or macros at daylight. (1/6400s, Xenon ISO 100).
3) Flash RER: Party mode I. Flash not forced. (1/30s, Xenon ISO 320)
4) Flash RER + MACRO. Non-document macro mode. Flash not forced. (1/30s, Xenon ISO 100)

Twilight portrait scene:
1) Flash AUTO: Slow flash sync mode I (1s, Xenon ISO 160). You can use it for macros too.
2) Flash RER: Party mode II. Flash not forced. (1/8s, Xenon ISO 320)

Portrait scene:
1) Flash AUTO: Slow flash sync mode II (2s, Xenon ISO 100). You can use it for macros too.
2) Flash RER: Party mode III. Flash not forced. (1/2s, Xenon ISO 250)

Twilight landscape scene: (2s, ISO 100) (max. values). TIP: Reducing EV will reduce exposure time automatically, so you can play with it.

Special Non Flash Modes

Auto scene:
1) Flash OFF: Indoor special mode I. (1/7.5s, ISO 320 fixed). Do not use in high light (i.e. daylight landscapes)

Twilight portrait scene:
1) Flash OFF: Indoor special mode II. (1/4s, ISO 250 fixed). Do not use in high light (i.e. daylight landscapes)

Withan™ Camera Driver V3
- Added another indoor mode. Now there's 2 indoor special modes implemented in property 14, applied only when flash set to OFF. It's a real-time switching (like colour/contrast settings for flash).
- Reduced RER flash pics colour from 04 to 03.

- Changed colour values (default is 09, flash is 03)
- Removed all whitebalance auto-settings
- Twilight landscape scene with more colour (07) and sharpness (04). Also with 2 sec exposure.
- Reduced viewfinder fps to 12 for better focusing and less noise keeping quick auto-focus.
- Video is 12 fps -> no BestPic bug
- Default JPEG settings (90%) -> no more crashes, invisible to human eye
- Improved contrast settings in flash pics to make noise less visible

Withan™ Camera Driver V3 Rev.1 download:[....]_Rev1SEK790K800K810byJoma.html

Withan™ Camera Driver S3
- S3 is a variant of Withan™ V3 with no colour gain implemented

Withan™ Camera Driver S3 Rev.1 download:[....]_Rev1SEK790K800K810byJoma.html

Old Ultimate releases
- Changed Indoor special mode.
- Reduced Twilight landscape ISO to 160.

- Added two new modes and reorganized some for easier use. Read 'Special modes' info.

- New Daylight flash special mode. It has very high flash shutter speed.
- The 2 seconds slow sync mode has ISO 100 now.
- Removed contrast increase only in Auto flash special mode.
- Twilight landscape colour is reduced a little bit more.

- Auto mode + Red Eye Reduction flash is now the real Party mode with 1/30s exposure. When flash is setted to Auto, it is 1/250s for daylight flash pics (FF).
- Reduced colour in Twilight landscape mode to get less noisy pics at some situations like sunshine or sunrise.

- Auto mode + macro setted has xenon ISO 100 (thanks to Raiderski for the idea)
- Portrait has tungsten WB by default like Twilight portrait (but only applied when flash needed, on both). This is to reduce the yellow/red background introduced by long exposure in slow sync pics

- Standard and Withan versions have colour 01 in flash pics to compensate contrast 01 setting (VividColour remains the same)
- In Twilight landscape mode, sharpness is reduced to 02

- Fixed indoor special mode (now really 6 fps, before was 5)
- Flash RER not forced
- In all pics with flash contrast is increased 01
- Doc mode has sharpness 08

- Added indoor special mode to Portrait scene (6 fps shutter). Now we have a mode for less noisy indoor pics without flash, but with slower AF of course (with the help from Raiderski, thanks)

- Fixed compression, it will not crash anymore (I expect...)
- Auto mode flash pics have 1/80s exposure, so it still can be used for using flash at indoor/daylight to reduce noise. If 1/80 is too dark for you at night just use 1/2s slow sync mode and pic will be ok...

- Added full range auto focus (from macro to infinite) to Portrait, Twilight portrait, Sports, and Beach/Snow scenes.
What does it mean? It's not necessary to be in macro or document mode, simply focus the near object you want and voilŕ. The same for infinite objects.

- Added another slow sync mode. Resume:
1) Twilight portrait scene: Slow sync flash with 1/2s exposure, xenon ISO 250 (this mode reduces noise drastically)
2) Portrait scene: Slow sync flash with 2s exposure, xenon ISO 125
3) Use Auto mode for common flash pics (1/30s)

Tip: Slow flash sync mode is very useful for:
i) Making beautiful pics in movement using this technique
ii) Amplify a lot the background light on static flash pics

- Twilight portrait mode has Slow Flash Sync: 1/2s exposure time and xenon ISO 250
- All other flash pics have 1/30s exposure time and xenon ISO 320

- Fixed the "Document mode first pic with bad ISO" bug (forced flash implemented in another way)
- Added another flavour of the Ultimate Driver: Withan™ ("Where is tha' noise?"). In Withan™ colour is increased only on pics without flash. Also has 00 (Auto) mode in Twilight portrait, instead of 03 (Party).

- Redone JPEG compression with better ratios 4all resolutions
- Reduced exposure and contrast in DOC mode for better pics at nearer distance
- Twilight portrait and Twilight landscape have tungsten (incandescent) white balance by default (red filter), but anyway it can be changed through WB menu
- VividColour™ version has really insane colour now (0b)

- Unique Super Twilight landscape mode (1 second max exposure, ISO 200)
- Reduced sharpness slightly (06)
- 1/200 Flash shutter speed, 1/30 in Twilight portrait

- Better JPEG quality
- Now 1.5 fps shutter in Twilight landscape (more light)
- Revised and fixed code

- Flash ISO 320 in Auto mode
- Added AF led in Document mode
- VividColour™ version now with a little more colour (02), but noticeable!

- Sharpness to 08 (Max)
- Forced flash in Auto mode (reduces noise in some situations)
- Custom flash settings
- "100%" JPEG compression fix
- 18 fps video recording without bugs (you can use Zoom and BestPic)

Link to all versions:[....]1/f37e5996/sharing.html?rnd=64

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i - What Is RSS And How To Use It?

Aug 25, 2008

What does RSS on K800i mean? And how can I use it.

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Sony Ericsson :: PC Drivers For Mh100 Not Working?

Oct 28, 2010

I want to connect the mh100 headset to my computer but it doesn't work.. I have windows 7 64-bit. What to do?

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