Samsung Galaxy S II :: Why Do Games Need This Permissions

Sep 29, 2011

for example a game called speedx 3d full&free one of the permissions it requires are phone calls / read phone status and id 'allows an application to access phone features of device. Applications with this permission can determin phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active,the number that the call is connected to ect.why would a game need to know my phone number and phone serial, am i just being paranoid?

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Smart Switch Not Working - Allow Permissions On Connected Device

Feb 24, 2016

I have smart switch installed on my pc with windows 10 and i try to backup data from my g920f running latest 6.0.1.

Smart Switch is stuck at "To complete the backup using Smart Switch you need to temporarily allow some permissions. Allow the permissions on the connected device"... There's no prompt on my phone.

I tried all kinds of reconnecting, restarting but still this dialogue.

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Samsung :: Vice Permissions Hack

Jun 13, 2010

I have the samsung vice, and am able to download and install all applications properly, but when it comes to accessing the sd card, the phone won't let opera mobile do it. It says restricted api. But it is possible, I have another samsung and the same signed version on mini on it, I can download things right onto the card. So i'm asking if there is a way I can make the phone let java applications have full access to the phone no matter what. This would also let mgmaps use the gps chip.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Games Freeze If Turn On The Sound?

Jul 3, 2011

I found many games include: greedy pigs, catoon defense 2, battle heart, etc ... (I purchased from android market) will randomly freeze during the game play if I turn on the sound! However, if I turn off the sound (I mean turn off the sound option in game, not mute the media volume), then all games runs without any problem.

Not every game will have this problem. For example, angry birds, finding difference, air attack, etc... No problem at all. It looks to me that most of defence games and real time strategy games are in this case. It's just the game itself freezed, not the whole system. I can still use "home" to go back to the main screen then kill the game app.

I'm using vodafone version s2 and already updated to the lastest firmware.

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Samsung :: Downloaded Java Games / Games Cell Folder Through USB

Feb 9, 2010

I just bought a Samsung Impact (T794) without a data plan. Is there a way to copy downloaded Java games into the Games Cell Folder through the USB?Whenever I try, I can only copy it to the other folders on the phone or Mini-SD card and the phone will not recognize/run the program in Java.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Cancel Google Permissions

Dec 14, 2015

I just gave Google permission to access my contacts in order to use the Google voice feature to send texts. However, when I read the list of things that Google now has access to, I decided I want to cancel those permissions (directly call phone numbers, edit text messages, modify my contacts, read my contacts, etc). Is there any way to do this?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Override SD Card Permissions On 5.0

Jun 30, 2015

I realize that the new 5.0 update restricts third party apps from writing to the SD card. However, mine is not writing to the card even with apps that came installed on the phone, Camera, My Files, etc. Furthermore, when I try to backup files on my computer, it gives me an error message halfway through. Is there a way I can override the write permissions so I can go back to using my SD card? I like Samsung's concern for my privacy and security, but I'd prefer if they left that part up to me and let me use my SD card because, at the moment, it's useless.

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Samsung :: Help With Java Games On Propel

Jan 28, 2010

I am trying to install java games to my Propel. I think that I will need the master key to do this. I can get to administrative menu, just don't know master key to go further.

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Samsung :: Tocco Lite Games Not Working

Jan 20, 2010

I have bought a Tocco lite a few days ago and I want to download some games from the Internet and install it in my phone but unfortunately when I download a game and transfer it to my phone it says ''unsupported file type.Waiting for some support from you.

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Samsung :: Downloaded Some Games And Apps / Not Sure How To Sucessfully Get Them

Jan 29, 2010

i recently bought a Mythic, i really enjoy it EXCEPT the fact that Samsung and ATT decided to stick their noses in the air and make it so that 3rd party apps arent able to be used(for the most part).I downloaded some games and apps(most are JAR) and am not sure how to sucessfully get them onto my phone and get them to run. i just coppied a JAR file to my MicroSD and of course "unsupported file format".Is there a way to get around this?

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Samsung :: How To Transfer Applications And Games Into Rogue

Feb 4, 2010

i want to download some games/apps, but i don't want to pay monthly subscription. How do i transfer apps and games that i downloaded into Rogue? And how do i also tranfer my MP4 file videos? I have usb drive, but i don't know how to do it unless using bitpim, but bitpim does not support rogue yet

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Samsung :: R451C - Putting Games On The Device?

Feb 9, 2010

Is there a way to get games on my Samsung R451C? I got this phone thinking that I could put games on it. It states under the stats that I can have games.

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Samsung :: How Do I Install Java Games - A885

Aug 3, 2010

How would I install java games on a Samsung Advance (A885) ? I dragged some jar and jad files to the microsd card but when I pressed on them in the phone, it said it was an invalid file type.

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Samsung :: Downloading T401G Games - Unable To Open

Feb 15, 2010

I have tried to download games to my Samsung T401g by using the website Umnet and choosing games that are suppose to be meant for my particular phone, but I am unable to open the games once they are on the phone. I would like to know if anyone knows how to do this and would they mind sharing step by step instructions with me. I have been successful in downloading videos, music, ringtones, and wallpaper. I would really like to download a few games.

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Samsung :: Installing Java Games Using Link / Freeform

Jun 6, 2010

I downloaded some java games from mobile9, and have created the .jad file from the .jar file. I don't know how to now install these onto the phone (Samsung Link/Freeform SCH-R351).

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Samsung :: IMPACT Games Apps Using Data Cable

Jun 22, 2010

i (987456321) have been unable to put games on my Samsung impact T746 (also called a Samsung highlight T749) since i have got it. i have looked around and tried all the methods and they did not work (for me anyway) so after mixing in things i heard around the interwebs i found out how to make it work for me. i put together a little tutorial on what i did and how i made it work. this is probably a total repeat of what someone else has said, but it might save someone some time and effort (and a trip to the store because they did something wrong, like me)
1. get the .jar for your game
2. use jadgen to make a .jad to go with that .jar file
3. plug your Samsung Impact into your computer
4. run samsung pc studio
5. open task manager and under process's delete ************ (i can not remember the name of the file, i will update when i can) this will make pc studio able to find the phone
6. now go back to pc studio and try to find phone, when you find your phone close pc studio
7. open tkfileexplorer (v2.2 works for me)
8. click settings>com>default, a COM* should appear in the Port spot
9. click ok, now connect to phone
10. on the bottom half to go exe>Java>Games
11. make a new folder (should be your games name) and put the jad and jar in there
12. repeat 11 for as many games/apps you have.
13. disconnect and unplug your phone.
14. go onto your Impact and touch "phone"
15. dial "*#6984125*#" you should be taken to a menu
16. click internals and type in *#9072641*# and hit ok
17. If clicking ok does not work (seems unresponsive to your clicks) turn your phone in the horizontal texting position and then try clicking ok
18. click storage settings, then update java DB
19. wait for it to finish then exit and go to your game folder, have fun
i give credits to myself for writing this and i give credit to *will insert peoples names here when i find out who helped me and how*

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Samsung :: Corby S3653 - Some Games Cannot Be Installed Because Of Large File Size

Jan 26, 2010

I got a Corby recently, I am trying to install games but its getting installed in my phone memory. some of them are not getting installed only coz of large file size, I can't find any setting for that how to install it in memory card, also the SMS limit shows 500 but as its crossing 173 its saying delete some messages memory full. May I know why is this happening is there any way where the messages can store in memory card or the storage limit can increase.

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Samsung :: SGH A886 - Transferred Games From PC To Phone / Cannot Run Unsupported File Format

Aug 22, 2010

I got a Samsung Forever (SGH-A886) and I would like to be able to put games on it that I have DLed onto my computer.problem is that rogers and there infinite wisdom have fixed it so that you cant do this. I transfer the game to the phone, fine but when I try to run it it tells me that its an "unsuported file format". Now I know this is because the phone has been locked so that you have to DL stuff directly to the phone but I don't have a data plan and would really like to be able to put these games and such onto my phone from my computer.

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Samsung :: Corby TXT B3210 Compatible Size And Format Of Games And Themes / Wallpaper

Feb 7, 2010

What is the compatible size and format of Games and Themes/Wallpaper for the Samsung Corby TXT? I cannot find any games for these model, even the Samsung website does not have anything for this.

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BB Curve :: How To Set Permissions

Aug 27, 2012

I have downloaded various apps from blackberry app world e.g. screen muncher and have tried to set my permissions but each time i have tried allow is not an option I am not sure how to turn off promt or what to do to get my apps to work?

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Xperia PLAY :: Make System File Games As Regular Games?

Dec 15, 2011

Is there a way I can make some of the pre-loaded games like Crash Bandicoot or Star Battalion and just make them like regular games so I can move them to an SD card and get get them off my phone?

I don't really want to delete them, as I like them, I just don't want them to be part of my phone if possible.

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HTC One M7 :: Are Facebook App Permissions Safe

Mar 26, 2014

How many of you have the facebook app installed an working on your htc one or android device? I was going to use it but it has LOTS of permissions it needs access to from your calls,texts,changing things on your phone an alot more! How safe is it to use know all the things it has access to? To me its uncalled for because it doesnt need all those things.

Heres a list-read your texts,draw over others apps,add or modify calender events and send email to guests without owners knowledge,phone calls, record audio.

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LG V10 :: How To Change Administrative Permissions

Dec 28, 2015

When I try to make it where there is no lock screen...the part with none is greyed out. How do I change that?

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BB Pearl :: How To Set Permissions 8110

Jun 15, 2011

I need to know how to set 'application _default_ permissions' and apply to all on the 8110 pearl.

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Galaxy S5 :: Games Are Downloading Automatically

Dec 26, 2014

I have played some games in the past and (way back SGS4 days) and i deleted them on my S4, not installed them on my S5. What is happening is some games are automatically downloading without any notice. How to disable it? Google Account Sync App Data is already disabled.

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LG G4 :: Access Lock And Resetting App Permissions

Sep 2, 2015

We've discussed before that Keep Awake and Location are the primary permissions to block with Access Lock. There are quite a few apps that have those permissions active that simply do not need them. Why does ES File Explorer need to know my Location for what it does?As a group we've worked through a lot of the whittling down for battery saving and smooth use of the G4 over the past few months. I'm now circling back to some things to see if I can't tighten things up even more.

So, what are some of the other permsissions we should perhaps disable by default (unless they are very obviously needed)? What does the WiFi Change (or Bluetooth Change) permission do? Or, more to the point, what potentially happens if I disable that permission?I figure there aren't a lot of things beyond Keep Awake and Location that are big battery eaters, but what say ye?

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IPhone :: Forgot Permissions Passcode

May 5, 2012

how do i unlock permissions passcode on iphone 4 io 4.x.x or io 5.x.x?

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Samsung :: Link - Changing Phone Display / Free Games For The Phone

Jun 2, 2010

I have a Samsung link but I don't like the display. I want it to look like a Samsung free form display. Does anyone know how to do that? Also, I wanted to know if I can put free games on it also.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Bootloop From Root App Permissions

Aug 30, 2015

I'm not really and expert on flashing stuff on Android. I was pretty comfy not rooting my phone for more than a year. TBH, I didn't really need it, because I was not a power user, but I've recently installed a root app called King User (King Root, etc.). It made things easy for the very few apps I could not use without root permission. However, when I received the latest OTA (5.1.1. security update) I had to disable root authorization in order to install it. So I disabled it using the app's built in authorization setting.

The OTA update failed and gave me the error with the opened up android and the red exclamation mark. So I thought that the app messed something up. Disabling in house did nothing. Uninstalling it did nothing. So I decided to replace it with SuperSU using this guide: [URL] .... After SuperSU deleted KingUser and updated itself the phone remained stuck inside a bootloop. So I figured this replacement process messed up permissions.

My bootloader is locked and I have no custom recovery (because like I said, I just needed temporary root access for a couple of apps and wanted to avoid the hassle). When I enter Recovery mode in default fastboot it gives me the "No command" error (probably because of SuperSU permission).

Now I don't even know if the phone is rooted or not. USB debugging was not enabled last time the phone was on and now I think I'm stuck in this point where nothing works without something else. Doing a full recovery now would probably be asking for a lot, but right now, I would be happy if I could just do a factory reset or something...

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Motorola :: VA76r Possible To Change Application Permissions?

Jan 14, 2010

I'm struggling trying to figure out how or if it is possible to change the application permissions on the Motorola VA76r. I use the GMail app, and each time I press refresh it asks me for permission, and gives instructions on how to change them however when I try to change them I'm unable to. The only options I have are to ask, or not allow access at all, the rest are greyed out.

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BB Curve :: Application Permissions Block Has Frozen?

Feb 14, 2012

After downloading a free app from blackberry app world, a message has appeared saying 'The application blOC2 is attempting to access phone information. I cannot use my phone at all, none of the buttons or cursor r moving, just this message on the screen at all times.

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