Nokia Nseries :: Want The Anna Themed Widgets And Layout

Feb 10, 2012

I know there's a few, but wondering in all how many there are. If there's enough demand, maybe they would release one?

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Nokia Nseries :: Shortcut Bar With Less Than 4 Widgets?

Aug 14, 2011

Is it possible to have a shortcut bar with less than 4 widgets, is there a blank/empty icon possibility ? I searched around but haven't found and solution so far.

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Nokia Nseries :: Belle - Has Widgets But Only In One Size?

Feb 9, 2012

Nokia Symbian belle is supposed to come with different size widgets (eg. big clock and small clock) but mine just came with one size on my N8?

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Nokia Nseries :: Belle N8 No Resizeable Widgets And NFC?

Feb 8, 2012

on review of Belle from nokia early ,it was told that n8 belle will have NFC and resizeable widgets, but after i update to belle, i cant find any of those. so when will nokia give them out ?

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Nokia Nseries :: What Is The Difference In Widgets Vs Shortcuts

Oct 31, 2012

On the 700 what is the difference in Widgets vs Shortcuts? One just seems to be smaller.

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Nokia Nseries :: Will There Be 'Anna' For N97?

Nov 20, 2011

Since i have a N97 (from about one week) i have a problem that most of the people complain about aaaand there is NO solution to it..i'm with the firmware v 22.0.110 and it wants me to update it to the same firmware (the one i have v 22.0.110) which is pretty much useless.It's a RM-505 type soooo it can't be upgraded more.I've tried it all hard reset, reinstall etc nothing works.

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Nokia Nseries :: How To Uninstall Anna

Oct 16, 2011

- It now takes several seconds to respond to key presses so every feature of the phone is running at a delay.

- SMS messages aren't being received in "real time" and I need to periodically turn the phone on and off again to receive them.

- "Messaging" itself has the largest delay and key-presses are at about a ten second response delay and if for example you select to mark today's messages as "read" then "processing" appears at the bottom of the screen. No matter how long you leave it "processing" it never completes, crashes and closes messaging.

- Having never previously locked up my N8 now does this at least twice a day when trying to answer a call - the touchscreen does not respond to me and the call rings out and eventually goes to voicemail. I run my own business and these are potential customers who my N8 is refusing to answer calls from.

- My N8 will now no longer pair with my bluetooth headset - which it has done for the past year. It's not the headset because I can pair and use it with both my desktop and netbook computers.

- Programs keep crashing and exiting on their own (e.g. Opera browser)

- Other previously working programs now will not start/open/launch at all. (Blackballer - app for rejecting certain callers).

- Other installed programs that have been set to "auto start" now do not auto start and must be launched manually.

I have not installed any "new" software since updating to Anna and all aspects of the phone were working normally before I updated. (I've found the WiFi connectivity temperamental but haven't had the need to used it since updating to Anna).I am presently syncing and backing up my phone using the Ovi suite but I would like to restore my phone to how it was before the Anna update but I'm not really sure which of the options I should choose (factory settings?)I have a class 10 memory card which contains several GB's worth mp3's and camera images - I have opted out of backing up the memory card on Ovi suite. I have installed paid-for apps installed via the Ovi store and I would (of course!) prefer not to lose them in any reset/restore procedure.In a nutshell I do not want to lose my mp3's, camera images (stored on memory card) nor do I want to lose my sms messages or installed paid-for applications.

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Nokia Nseries :: Update N8 To Anna On OSX?

Sep 20, 2011

I've recently had a notification on my N8 with a software upgrade. I run OSX and was wondering what is the best way to upgrade firmware without windows?

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Nokia Nseries :: Pre-Anna Theme For N8

Oct 1, 2011

I'm looking for a theme that replaces the Anna style icons from my N8 and replaces them with how it used to look.Ovi told me that there was an update available for my N8 with improved features so I downloaded and installed it. What it didn't tell me was that it would replace all of my icons with something that makes it look like a kids toy. I don't want pretty rounded icons that all look virtually the same but in different colours, I want standard icons. I want a picture of a spanner for settings, I want a picture of a calculator for calculator, I want a picture of a calendar for calendar and so on.Is there a downloadable theme that replaces these childish looking icons for the original ones? The N8 is a telephone, not something made by Fisher-Price......

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Nokia Nseries :: All RSS Feed Widgets Missing After Belle Update?

Feb 8, 2012

Well like most I have updated to belle on my N8 today. Unlike some others, my update went pretty smooth over all. One thing I have noticed is all RSS feed widgets are no longer available to be added to the home screen.

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Nokia Nseries :: Installing Widgets/shortcuts To The Home-screen?

Feb 7, 2012

Just updated to Belle this morning & having a problem installing widgets/shortcuts to the home-screen. It worked at 1st but now it stalls & the little circle just keeps spinning forever & does not do anything.

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Nokia Nseries :: Call Not Allowed- N8 Anna?

Jul 31, 2012

Recently I went on trip and set my phone to Offline - but allowed wifi connections.I did buy a microSD card. I tried removing it - same issue.Upon my return back to my home and native land - I could not make out going calls.Anyhow - now I can't make out going calls. I can send and receive txts. My data plan works. I can receive calls.I checked my call restrictions and tried check status and it said request was denied. I never set up any restrictions or passwords.I have rebooted several times. Tried the holding for 8 seconds and waiting for the 3 buzzes - no dice.

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Nokia Nseries :: Can't Install New Symbian ANNA

Aug 22, 2011

I still canīt install new Symbian ANNA, my Ovi Suite and N8 still writte "No updates available". I tried every option, which is avaible for update, but answer is still the same :"No updates availeble"

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Nokia Nseries :: N8: 2 After Upgrade To Symbian Anna?

Jan 9, 2012

Last week, we upgraded my Nokia N8 to Symbian Anna.Now, I experienced one large and one smaller problem:1. Large problem: When connecting the phone (via USB cable) to my notebook (Suse Linux 11.2), it is no longer recognized as a mass storage drive (USB stick), but only the camera is recognized (pptp protocol), i.e., the notebook asks, if I want to copy the photos, but does not find access to all other files. (Before upgrading, this problem did not exist!)

2. Smaller problem: When taking photos, one can add a description (under "details").This works, but not as good as before: the number of characters for the description is drastically reduced. and what is worse: all older descriptions have been truncated and are hardly of any use any more.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Anna Has No Split Screen?

Aug 18, 2011

Ok. so now i was so happy that anna came out then when i updated (Via OTA don't know if that matters since the update went perfectly) .. and no split screen? I'm using singapore FW which has chinese character.. maybe the chinese FW doesn't support split screen? not even in english writing language mode?

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Cannot Connect To PC Via Bluetooth After Anna

Sep 27, 2011

After upgrading to Symbian Anna, my N8 cannot pair to my laptop via bluetooth. This same phone could pair with the laptop earlier. My E6-00 can connect to the same laptop without any hassles via Bluetooth.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Run Slow After Anna Upgrade

Oct 16, 2011

After Anna upgrade, the operation of my phone (N8) run slower generally. I am not sure I can specify few, for example, openning Photos, taking picture, working with worksheet, etc.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Anna Update & Texts?

Sep 1, 2011

Since I installed the new Anna updates today through OVI Suite I have not been able to send any texts. They stay in my outbox and keeps updating with 'resend at ......' I have gone back and restored factory settings bit no joy.

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Nokia Nseries :: Skype On N8 With Symbian Anna Os

Oct 6, 2011

I tried to instal skype on my n8, but i received the follow message: "skype isn't available for you phone"!

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Menu No Folders Like On Anna

Feb 9, 2012

what happened when u enter menu every "Thing" is in menu now why is it not like on Anna that u have things sorted in folders any solution for that?what is wrong when u enter in messages u have only last messages no Inbox sent etc?

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 / Anna - How To Set Up Microsoft SSTP VPN

Nov 4, 2011

Are there some examples out there how to set this up? For example, a Microsoft SSTP VPN? I have N8 Anna. I have Mobile VPN and also Mobile Intranet but clueless since there is no User Guide.

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Nokia Nseries :: That Symbian Anna Be Available For 5233?

Oct 12, 2011

Would in coming time, should we expect that symbian anna be available for 5233?

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Nokia Nseries :: Latest Anna Version For N8

Nov 15, 2011

Everywhere on the web it says that the Anna version is 025.007I live in the U.S. And my phone is still 024.001 and I tried every single way to do the software update but it still shows no recent updates.Can anyone help me know what's the problem here.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Anna Frequent Hanging?

Nov 26, 2012

My N8 just freezes often and it is extremely frustrationg. I usually happens during sending txt and using Whatsapp. It just freezes. I click the right side slider to lock it - nothing happens sometimes. Then about a minute later, it catches up - all my clicks go off.

I suspect Whatsapp. I uninstalled it - seems to be better. So I reinstalled it. Same issue. Hanging starts again. After phone reboots - same thing.

I really love Whatsapp. I uninstalled it, and re dowloaded it from the site. Same issue. But things were fine about 6 months ago.

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Nokia Nseries :: Can Suite Re-install The Anna On N8

Dec 2, 2012

I've looked, and so far, all I've found is an update that will installe Belle. I tried that once, and now my system pops up "System Error" every time I turn it on, so I don't want to try installing Belle again, in case something worse happens.

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Nokia Nseries :: Complete OS Crash After Anna Upgrade N8

Feb 1, 2012

I've now been told by Nokia support chat, that I was supposed to 'monitor' the download, and later the installation of upgrades, when I called and explained that my phone is DEAD AS A DOORNAIL, stuck on the Nokia screen, no life, no hard reset, nothing helps. She failed to explain to me how exactly is it that one 'monitors' a download. Watch the bar? Anyway, stay away from the upgrade the system keeps telling you to do. I've had my $500 phone for 13 months and I'm told I have to pay to have it repaired, cause I'm out of warranty. BTW, if any of you have a suggestion, I'm all ears!

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Nokia Nseries :: Get Email Widget For Symbian Anna?

Apr 19, 2012

How can I get the Email Widget for Symbian Anna?

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Nokia Nseries :: Data Log Missing In Log After Anna Update?

Aug 30, 2011

I have noticed data log (3G packet data and Wifi data) logging has gone missing after I have updated to Anna in my N8.Has anybody noticed this? This is useful to check how much data traffic has been used by the phone if you have a limited data plan. I use a small data plan because when I am at home I have my ADSL with wifi, which can be used with my N8.Further I have noticed the closing of applications that are Exit after using is very slow and sometimes stay active after the Exit

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Nokia Nseries :: Does Anna Supports MoziLLa FireFox

Sep 25, 2011

I want to know if Symbian's aNNa supports Firefox...and i have made my Mind to Buy nokia 500 in da um coming month..

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Nokia Nseries :: Downgrade Symbian Belle To Anna N8?

Feb 18, 2012

How can i downgrading my N8 belle to previous symbian Aana

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Nokia Nseries :: Class Of MicroSD Card For Anna N8?

Jul 21, 2012

I want more memory for my N8 and am thinking of a 32gb micro sd card. I would like to use it for backups, and recording video. Class 10 is good for video I have heard, but do I really need it. I am thinking of SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC Card Plus Adapter (SDSDQUA-032G-U46A).

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