Galaxy S6 Edge :: Slow Buffering Speed For Streaming Video From Android To TV

Nov 7, 2015

I'm trying to stream video from my Galaxy S6 through my a Roku and the buffering speed is terrible even at a lower speed movie. I have 50 Gig download speed from my IP so tests nit my issue.

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Xperia Z2 :: Android 4.4.4 - Slow Video Streaming

Dec 11, 2014

I have a Z2, I was able to stream videos to my mobile on youtube and other sites normally. After upgrading to the latest android 4.4.4 video streaming became very slow.
I tried pinging my phone from a desktop pc and the latency is very high and sometimes it times out.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Opening Photo/video Gallery Is Always Lagging In Speed/Very Slow

May 28, 2012

I have around 250 photos and 15 videos in my gallery. Whenever I try to open my gallery its very slow, it takes almost 20 seconds to open up.

I have 2.3.6 Android version, and I have installed MX Video Player to view the video files.

how to avoid this launching Gallery performance issue

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Video Playback Goes Into Slow Motion After Few Seconds?

Jul 21, 2015

Any video I play it starts fine then after a few seconds goes into slow motion but he sound still plays in real time.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Watch HD Video On Android Phone

Oct 17, 2015

Which app can I use to watch HD movie on Android, in particular on Galaxy S6 Edge, through the Chrome browser?

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Cure Slow Video Streaming

Jan 4, 2011

Does anyone no how I can cure slow video streaming, on sites like sky news and bbc it takes an age to load and only plays the first few seconds.

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LG G4 :: Possible To Shoot Slow Speed Video?

Aug 2, 2015

So is it possible to shoot slow speed video with the G4? I don't see an option to do this in the default camera app, so I'm wondering if another app can do this or is the hardware just not able to do it?

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LG G4 :: Video Recorded In Slow Motion Playback In Standard Speed

Aug 28, 2015

What has happened to my slo Mo?? I can record video and it says slo Mo but when I go to watch it is just standard speed. Same with previously saved slow motion videos.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Slow Internet Speed When Connected Via 3G Running ICS?

Jun 17, 2012

Any good app to speed up Internet access on Galaxy S2 running ICS. Wifi connection is fine, it's when I am connected via 3G that speed drops and applications such as facebook takes a long time to open and sometimes I encounter timeout errors. For a phone with such a fast processor this is a little bit disappointing. My question therefore is there an app that can run in the background to speed the 3g connection up?

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BB Curve 8520 / 8530 :: Radio Streaming And Video Streaming On Browser

Jun 16, 2010

OK I'm totally a newbie with BlackBerry and this is my second post on here.I live here in the US but I'm Brazilian and am going crazy over the world cup.I want really badly to stream live radio via the browser on BB but it won't work because it needs a Flash Plug In for one station and a Windows Media Player for another.Is there anyway that we can stream live video and radio outside Sprint TV?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Video Recording - Video Codec Is Currently Being Used By Other Applications

Dec 16, 2015

I have a Galaxy S6 edge on T-Mobile and juts noticed this morning that whenever I attempt to record a video I get a warning stating "The video codec is currently being used by other applications..."

Is it possible to determine which application has it in use? I've closed all running applications which didn't resolve the problem. Restarted the phone without starting any other applications before the camera and that failed. I'm not seeing any information about this issue in the couple of searches I've done so far but wonder if it's an isolated issue or something common.

Short of a Factory Reset, which I'm not fully opposed to doing, is there a potential solution?

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Galaxy S6 :: Can't Play Live News Streaming YouTube Video?

Sep 18, 2015

I've been trying to play a live news(Atlanta TV station) streaming YouTube video on my S6.

It would play on the YouTube app on the S6. I've tried everything I can think of, including restoring the entire phone twice.

The same video can be played just fine on my old Note 2, Note 4, Galaxy Tab S tablet, as well as my Macbook Pro.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Messages App Freezing / Slow

May 31, 2015

I got the Edge a month ago. I transferred across from an iPhone - using the Smart Switch app to transfer all of my data across as well.

Since the transfer, the messaging app freezes, becomes unresponsive or is incredibly slow (especially in text threads with a lot of messages in this). This means that the keyboard freezes, words/letters won't appear for a while after they have been typed, sometimes the keyboard doesn't appear at all, and the messages thread takes a long time to update.

What can I do about this? How can I stop my messages app freezing so often? I really enjoy the edge, but the fact that I can't message properly (or that it freezes/is so slow) is ruining the phone for me.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Does Stock Messaging Run So Slow After The New Update

Dec 2, 2015

Updated my S6 Edge(5.1.1) a couple of days ago...messaging is slow on the keys and sending lags when typing. Also when playing a song with headphones/bluetooth connection the song skips..not sure how to fix this?

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Nokia Applications :: Video Buffering - Unable To Connect To Server / Not Enough Bandwidth

Jun 5, 2012

Video buffering problem. Fed-up with this message."unable to connect to server, not enough bandwidth".

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Android Phone Always Locking Up?

Dec 7, 2015

Almost every day my phone is very slow to respond, hangs (like Windows XP used to do), the screen won't stay on long enough for me to swipe my security pattern, etc. It's very aggravating and had been for the last two phones (HTC DNA, Samsung S6 Edge) and in very close to jumping ship to either Apple or Microsoft (ugh, I shudder at the thought).

What can I do to find out what is affecting my phone or is this something I can expect from an Android phone on the Verizon network?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Different Android Icons Across Two Identical Phones?

Sep 13, 2015

We have two identical Galaxy S6 Edge and the default icons (i.e. messages, email, gallery etc.) look completely different. Mine is the standard icons and the other has smaller more "bubbly" looking icons. I've tried searching for a fix on the web but nothing has worked so far. I've seen you should be able to edit icons by long holding them down but this doesn't work.

I have screenshots of both...

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Galaxy S6 :: Default Android Email App Slow To Pull Content

Nov 28, 2015

Galaxy s6 user and noticing massive delays in android mail with mail loading and syncing. The app itself just seems to take forever to get new content!

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BB Curve :: Internet On The 9360 Is Extremely Slow And The Download Speed Is Extremely Slow?

May 27, 2012

my internet on the 9360 is extremely slow and the download speed is extremely slow?

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Galaxy S5 :: Why No Slow Motion Video On Phone

Apr 29, 2014

I like to use this feature along with Coaches Eye app to analyze my golf swing. I should have probably researched this a bit better but at least I'm in Sprint's 14 day window of returns.Pick up an HTC One M8 which has SloMo or wait for the next thing?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: File Transfer Keeps Giving No Android Device Found Message

Aug 1, 2015

I have been using my Galaxy s6 to connect to my iMac for about a month. Recently every time I plug it in , it keeps giving me an "No android device found message" I have been doing a lot of researching and they where saying something about enabling MTP , but I couldn't even find that on my phone. The android version I am using is 5.0.2.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: All Home Screen And Apps Icons Disappeared After Android 5.1.1 Update

Jul 12, 2015

after installing the Android 5.1.1 update on my Galaxy S6 edge almost all home screen icons have disappeared, even the bottom ones like phone, contacts and messages.The apps icons in the app drawer have also completely disappeared. The apps are still there and working, but I can only access them when I get a new notification.I have tried rebooting several times, and clearing the Touchwiz launcher data, but nothing changes.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Saving Zoomed In Video?

Jun 27, 2015

I recorded by son's school concert with my Stock verizon S6 edge video camera. and realized that i could zoom in on the video to make my son look closer. My question is , is there any way to save the zoomed in video. I want to share it but i would rather have the video i share to by close ups on my son..

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Galaxy S6 :: Slow Motion Video Recording Quality Low

Jul 26, 2015

When I'm at camera and I turn on slow motion when I start recording the quality looks abit off, not blurry though. I'm wondering if that's normal? when I'm taking pictures, etc it looks very good but when I'm at Slow motion quality is a bit off.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Failing To Play Video And Audio

Apr 28, 2015

I have a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which is using android lollipop 5.0.2 and suffer from the following problems.

Video problem: I could not watch any video in my device. In Facebook application and got this error “failed to play video an unknown error has occurred". YouTube app. got this error "there was a problem while playing touch to retry". Gallery video even if it has been recorded by the camera earlier.

Audio problem: I’m not able to play any music, got this error “sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file." and this file is the "Over the Horizon" song which came with the device. When i go to the settings to change the ringtone I am not hearing any sound for all them. I did not put the phone in silent mode but no sound for any received calls, notifications or SMS.

I tried everything i know to solve this issue, I done all of the following but it does not works: Clear the cache memory. Uninstall all the application from the device. Factory reset. Update software.

The only thing work with me is to restart the device but it will not solve the problem permanently, it will happen again after few hours.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Won't Slow Motion Play When Video Transferred To Laptop

May 5, 2015

I have a Samsung S6 32gb. I have a slow motion video on my phone taken from my phone, transferred the video to my laptop but won't play slow motion only normal speed.

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Sony Ericsson :: Video How Can I Use Video Streaming?

Oct 15, 2010

how can i use video streaming in vivaz ? is it posible? i saw this option on that , but i dont know how can use it.

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Video Streaming, TV Out, S-video Out?

Nov 4, 2010

I have X10 mini pro and was wondering if there is any way to take video out of the screen to stream it over projector either by bluetooth or micro USB support. Also any chances of netflix access through the existing browser?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Pictures Showing Up As Video In Text On Phone

Aug 30, 2015

When users send me pictures, my S6 edge chooses to play them as videos, so i have to wait for the picture to pop up, and when it does its super tiny. Any settings I can use to fix this?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Doesn't Send Photos Or Video Via Text Message

Dec 2, 2015

When I try to send multiple photos with my new s6 edge it will only load one of the pics to be sent via txt. When I try to send a video it says it has to resize video so I allow it to do so. But then when I send the video it is half the length and very blurry.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Video Playback On Windows Computer Not Correct Orientation

Dec 18, 2015

My phone has no problems recording video and the auto rotate function seems to work fine as well. However, if I take a video in portrait mode on my phone, transfer it to my windows 7 computer and play it, it plays in landscape mode (sideways). I've tried VLC player and windows media player and they both play portrait taken videos in landscape.

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