BB Curve :: 8520 Suddenly Hangs Giving A White Screen / When I Restart It / Screen Remains White

Aug 6, 2012

My Blackberry 8520 curve suddenly hangs giving a white screen and when i restart it - the screen remains white. After i put it into charge - then only a successful start is done. So the only solution as of now i have - is whenever my blackberry hangs - i need to remove the battery - insert it again - and immediately put it into charging via USB/Electric-Power. Even if i re-insert the battery - the white screen comes - unless and until i put it into charging Earlier i was guessing - my battery was weak.

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BB Curve :: 8520 - The Screen Suddenly Turns White And Switches Off?

Dec 15, 2011

I am using blackberry curve 8520 and recently i am experiencing problems...the screen suddenly turns white and switches off and only when i connect it to the charger it switches back on...

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Nokia :: 5800 - Restart Phone With Memory Card Inserted - Just Hangs On White Screen

Feb 19, 2010

I've been having a problem with my memory card recently.

If I restart my phone with the memory card inserted, my phone just hangs on the Nokia white screen and does nothing, but upon removal of the card it starts up fine...

After the phone starts up, I usually re-insert said memory card and everything works fine untill now, after inserting the card, my phone jams up and won't respond to button presses or screen touches....

I've removed the faulty memory card from the phone and done a chkdisk on it, with Windows doing all the repairs to the corrupted files and reinserted it but it still jams the phone up whenever I insert it....

Did a hard reset on my phone and reinserted my card and now it's stuck at a dialogue box thats says : Installing

Are there any ways that I could get it working again without loosing important data on the memory card?

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BB Curve :: 8900 Went White Screen Suddenly?

Sep 18, 2011

My Curve 8900 went white screen suddenly. Phone still works, but nothing visible on screen. I did a wipe and reload of application software to the latest version using Desktop Mgr to no avail.

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BB Curve :: Screen Suddenly Went White & Unresponsive?

Dec 29, 2011

I went online to FB and as I was backing out of it, the screen on my Blackberry went white. It would not shut down or anything. I did a hard reboot, but all that comes up is that white screen. I went to AT&T where we do most of our business, to no avail.

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BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Blank White Screen And Constant Reboot - Replaced Screen But No Luck

May 7, 2010

I understand lots of people have had the same problem, but I just cannot find a solution which works for my Blackberry 8520!It has a white screen showing nothing, it boots once you put the battery in, and the only way to power it off is to take out the battery, I think it also keeps rebooting.I have replaced the screen - still white screen.I have re-installed the OS - still white screen

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BB Bold :: 9650 Just Keeps Giving A White Screen?

Mar 14, 2012

my blackberry bold 9650 just keeps giving me the a white screen i take out the battery and its the same thing. i connected it to the desktop manager and it wont pick up its saying i should retry or update and when i click update it starts and then i get a booting rom error

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BB Tour 9630 :: Browser Stopped Working Screen Remains White Loading?

Feb 18, 2010

My browser stopped working - every time i try to go to a website, the browser screen remains white and says "loading" on the bar at the bottom, although the bar does not fill up. All of my other internet programs are working, email, apps, etc.

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BB Curve :: When Got A White Sceen Have Tried Pulling The Battery But It Just Goes Straight Back To The White Screen?

May 30, 2012

3 days ago i was using my phone like normal when i got a white sceen, ive tried pulling the battery but it just goes straight back to the white screen. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix this? Bear in mind i cant connect to Blackberry Software Desktop because for some reason it wont recognise my device, i want to state the phone hasnt been dropped and hasnt been near any water, it just randonly went white.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Screen Is All White?

Jul 25, 2011

I've had my BB for 8 months. I did not really do anything special to my phone except turn it on and hide it from my 14 month old. When I retrieved it, the screen is all white. I can not do anything with it. I am able to receive calls on it and I hear that I receive messages on it but I can not see anything! I can not do anything either, not even turn it off....I'm desperate! I've tried soft booting and even a hard boot, but agian nothing is working.

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BB Curve :: My 8520 Has A White Screen

Jun 15, 2012

I have done a complete reset on the pc and taken the battery out and i still cant get it to work

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BB :: White Screen On My Curve 8520

Sep 17, 2011

My BB Curve 8520 is 3 weeks old and yesterday morning it just turned blank white with a black line in the middle of the white screen. I can receivecalls and messages but can't view them. It goes blank after it goes idle. But after sometime the home screen appears and when it goes idle, it disappears again.

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BB Curve :: 8520's Screen Goes White?

Apr 20, 2012

I am using a BB Curve 8520 Smartphone (EDGE WIFI) v5.0.0.681.From almost a month now i am facing a problem whenever i m using my phn for more than 5mins in a stretch.Even while browsing internet or during call the screen jst blurs and goes totally white and then i have to take d battery out nd reinsert it and it will try to restart for a min or so nd again go sompletely white midway.The only way the phn restarts is by reinserting the battery while being attached to the charger.Although it doesnt have battery issues as when the phone starts again the battery indications are correct and doesnt show a drained out battery.I upgraded software frm BB website and also tried deleting all the new apps that i had downloaded but still the problem wont go.The phn works perfect and doesnt freeze even once when constantly connected to the charger.But practically thats not possible

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BB Curve :: 8520 Screen Goes White

Nov 12, 2012

i've had my phone for about 2 years now and last week my screen made white lines until it got fully white so i rebooted my phone and it rebooted half way then my screen just when black and didn"t work anymore.So the next day i did a software update on my 8520 and it worked perfectly fine then a few days ago my phone is doing the same thing and it will only work when i have my charger on.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Just Is A White Screen And Does Nothing?

Oct 22, 2012

Its a curve 8520 I have had it for 1 yr and a half and it wont work let me do anything. I haven't ever dropped

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BB Curve :: 8520 White Screen Of Death

Oct 9, 2012

So I have a Blackberry Curve 8520, Recently it has been fading into a white screen whether im listening to music, searching images, browsing the web, in a phone call etc. then it will not fully load up after I take the battery out and put it back in so I attach a charger which gets it to work every time.I went into the Orange shop and asked what this may be, they said to do updates on the phone, which there are no updates to do.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Keeps Freezing And Going To White Screen

Jun 10, 2011

I recently had my curve replaced after the trackpad stopped working. Now my new curve keeps freezing when I'm on the internet, the screen will get white lines across it which gradually get bigger until the whole screen is white. A reboot doesn't work unless the phone is plugged into the charger and the problem never happens when the phone is on charge.I've tried changing the browser settings so JavaScript isn't enabled, I've also reinstalled the software and finally decided to wipe my blackberry and restored it to the file i had saved from my old curve and I'm still getting the same problem.

I'm not sure whether it's linked to the battery as it also happens when making a call if the battery is low and when I reboot my curve after it's gone to a white screen the battery has usually dropped a few bars (usually from full to 2 bars)

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BB Curve :: 8520 Screen Turns White, Then Off?

Jun 4, 2011

For the past few weeks, everytime I get on the internet or listen to the media player, the screen turns white and then shuts down the phone. Once this happens, I can't turn the phone back on. I've tried taking the battery out and replacing it and it still does not turn back on. It only turns back on once it's been plugged into a charger and then shows that the battery is dead. I don't carry a charger in my back pocket and can't always plug one in if I do carry it. This is very frustrating!! 80% of the time, the battery is fully charged when the screen goes out so it's draining the battery when it does this. Is anyone else having this problem?

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BB Curve :: 8520 White Screen With Clock?

Jan 1, 2012

My wife wanted to sell her BB curve 8520 for a BB upgrade Phone and so to delete all data I did a memory wipe. the phone never started after the wipe and got stuck on the white screen with a small clock in the stays on for a few min ...goes blank and starts again with the white screen....this keep on repeating on and on!!..I tried to use a method given in other treads by re intalling the software but I cant even connect the BB to my PC via USB (DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED)...I even tried different computers and different USB port and different WIndows (Win 7 and XP) still no luck!

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BB Curve :: 8520 Has A White Screen, Then Keeps Rebooting?

May 10, 2012

I have had my 8520 for about 18 months and it has worked fine. Recently, I downloaded an app from app world and then all strange things started to happen. (I am not sure if the problem is related). It would freeze with a white screen or just go black and if I try to reboot it will start up and then freeze again. at first It will only reboot properly if plugged into my desktop. I tried restoring the OS and that didnt help. Now, if it is plugged into the pc or wall charger it just keeps rebooting over and over. The phone works when it wants and sometimes it doesnt. It doesnt work for a whole day.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Has A Constant White Screen?

Nov 15, 2012

with my Blackberry 8520.It has a white screen on death everytime i turn it on, Although the alarm and everything will still go off as usaul so i know the phone is working. Ive tryed doing stuff with the software but im not sure im doing it all right due to me being a Iphone sorta person!

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BB Curve :: 8520 Screen Turns All White

Oct 17, 2012

I found out that my Curve 8520 screen turns all white. When I pulled the battery out, and put it back, things went ok; screen shows uploading but Never Finish and it turns all white again. I did this a few times but still not working.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Shows White Screen?

Apr 22, 2012

My curve 8520 suddenly just shows a white screen, currently whenever I go to Facebook mobile site. Then I need to plug it into the charger and it reboots before anything works again.

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BB Curve :: Sos 8520 White Screen And Power Off?

Jul 3, 2011

i have a curve 8520 and for some weeks now it shuts down every now and then.if i'm on the phone or in an app and generally use it,the screen gets all white.i cannot even turn power off with the button,so i remove the battery and place it again.but if i do not connect it to the pc or charger,again the screen gets white on the reboot.i don't know if you understand what's going on because

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BB Curve :: 8520 Red Light White Screen?

Jul 8, 2012

My Blackberry Curve 8520 has a red light for few seconds then the white screen for about 15 Seconds

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BB Curve :: White Screen After Replacing On 8520

Aug 14, 2012

I just replaced my screen on my 8520 and have checked the connections several times... keeps loading up as a white screen. Don't know what I did wrong... anyone have any clue? I know the screen works because I am took it from another one I had with a blown speaker.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Screen Just Goes White And Becomes Unusable

Aug 29, 2012

I have an 8520 and the phone screen just goes white and your it becomes unusable, it used to happen but now it does it on startup.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Had The White Screen Of Death?

Dec 12, 2011

my blacberry curve 8520 had the white screen of death, however when charge it the phone works normally but about 5 minutes after itake it of charge the white sreen comes back on

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BB Curve :: 8520 Is Displaying A White Screen Only?

Jul 28, 2012

Hi, My Blackberry curve is displaying a white screen only, can't see anything to navigate etc... Although if I ring my phone, the light inthe corner flashes but it doesn't actually ring...I can answer my phone & there is a perfect connection..I can also dial a number & call out on it. I can't text or access anything on my at all.

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BB Curve :: 8520 White Screen, PIN Unknown

Sep 16, 2012

I am trying to do up a free BlackBerry I got given for my friends son. I have put a new screen and keypad on it, but when I turn it on, it just turns on to a white screen, no matter what. After a bit of googling I found it referred to as a "white screen of death", and that I should install the latest Desktop Software and OS, which I have done. I have followed the instructions (take out the battery, connect USB to computer, etc) but then it asks for the Unlock Pin. I have entered the PIN off the side of the box, which it did not accept. I am wondering where else I might find the Unlock Pin? Also, is this the best way of getting rid of the white screen and getting the phone back to working order. I've got it all looking nice before I give it to the kid, now I just need it to work! The former owner said they did a system restore before they gave it to me, and i'm not worried about wiping out any/all existing information, as the phone is going to someone else

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BB Curve :: 8520 Complete White Screen Of Death?

Jan 10, 2012

Phone has white screen of death ive tried all i can think of to fix, soft reset ,hard rest, power off battery out then put back in then hold return untill phone restores itself completly to get onto the safe mode settings but just will not work i have tried a new screen same thing on that so put the old one back on i have reinstalled the os system ive tried updates you name just cant get rid of the wsod

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