BB Bold :: 9780 Keypad Unlocks Itself And Screen Turns On

Nov 28, 2011

I keypad lock my bold 9780 phone and the screen goes dark, as it should, and the keys are locked. Then after about 30 seconds the phone unlocks itself and the screen turns on.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Screen Turns White

Sep 3, 2012

So this problem started about 2 weeks ago. If I press in the bottom right corner of my screen and the end button, it will turn the whole thing white. But once I press the lock/unlock key, it locks and then I unlock it and its fine again. Its not a year old yet but I bought if off ebay so I'm not sure if its covered under warranty(though the listing said it said it was).


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BB Bold :: 9780 Screen Turns White And Stripes Blank?

Oct 3, 2011

My BB bold 9780 screen turns white and stripes blank.Can't make and receive calls.The whole home page turns blank.I did the basic things like:Remove the battery and SIM card.Wipe off my device. Nothing works.

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BB Curve :: Keypad Unlocks When Pouched?

Dec 17, 2011

I press the A key and get a message "Keypad is locked. Press the Mute button to unlock". The keypad remains locked, even in my pocket. However, I recently purchased a leather pouch to protect the phone and as soon as I start to push the phone into the case it unlocks. I have removed the battery and done a reboot to no avail. Paid £20 so don't want to abandon it yet.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Keypad Randomly Unlocks?

Feb 9, 2011

My wife has just started using a Curve 8520 and has had it for less than 1 month. In the past few days, they phone has started unlocking itself randomly. She's using the 'A' button to lock the keypad at which point the screen goes off (as I believe it should) and then after a minute or so, it unlocks itself and the screen comes back on.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Turns Off Itself Now And Then?

Dec 20, 2010

my BB9780 turns off automatically randomly whenever I pick a call, click on some icon...I then have to remove the battery and start again, which takes a very good amount of timeCarrier - Bharti AirtelBlackBerry® 9780smartphone (3G, Wi-Fi)6.0 Bundle 863 (v6.0.0.285, Platform Bands 1,2,5,6Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.6.5Branding Version: Edition Configuration: CLDC-1.1Micro Edition Profile: MIDP-2.1Micro Edition JTWI Version: 1.0Micro Edition Media Version: 1.1Micro Edition PIM Version: 1.0Micro Edition File Version: 1.0Micro Edition Bluetooth Version: 1.1Micro Edition Location Version: 1.0.1Micro Edition Security and Trust Services (APDU) Version: 1.0WLAN Version: © 1997-2010Research In Motion Limited.All rights reserved.

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BB :: Bold 9780 Track Pad And KeyPad Not Responding

Jul 3, 2012

My BB Bold 9780's key pad and track pad is not responding. I have a doubt that this might be coz of sweat as these days it too hot in Delhi, India.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Turns Off Randomly?

Sep 9, 2010

My Blackberry bold 9780 keeps turning off randomly when the battery reaches under 50%. I brought a new battery, but still the same problem still happens. I cannot update the phone as the charging port in my phone has broke?

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BB Bold :: 9780 Automatically Turns Off At 20% Battery?

May 21, 2012

I am using my Bold from past 11 months....but from last 3 days its getting turned off automatically at 20% battery. I dont understand how all of a sudden this is happening.

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BB Bold :: 9780 - Received Text SMS Turns To Green And Not Readable

Aug 30, 2010

I have got blackberry bold 9780, received (not draft) SMS text after while turn to green icon and they are not readable.

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IPhone :: My Phone Turns On, Turns Off, Turns Back On Then Off And When I Get To The Lock Screen It Says Low Battery But On The Top Which Has The Percent Bar Says 100%

Jun 18, 2012

My Iphone (white) turns on then off then on then off then on then off! Finaly when I eventually get to the lock screen it says: conect to power but I charged it last night and the percent bar (top right) says 100% . Now it says to charge with itunes? What am I supposed to do!

iPhone 4, I don't know what the problem is?

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HTC One M7 :: Screen Unlocks During Bluetooth Calls

May 22, 2013

I'm experiencing an issue with my screen unlocking during Bluetooth calls. I keep my HTC One in my pocket and when a Bluetooth call is initiated from my Bluetooth kit in my car, the screen unlocks and stays on. When the call is finished the screen stays on and I'm having an issue with "buttons" being pressed and starting texts, dialing people, etc.

I've also found that if I lock the phone after the call is initiated, the phone is again unlocked when the call is ended. I'm using one of the built-in lockscreens without a passcode. Is this how the phone is supposed to function? If so, any workarounds or apps to resolve this?

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Locks On One Screen - Unlocks On Another

Jun 22, 2015

Got a strange little problem where sporadically my phone seems to unlock to a different screen than what I locked it on.

For example if I have been scrolling down a web page and gone past an article but not clicked on it, locked my phone and then unlocked it a few minutes later and it has that article open like I have clicked it.

I know people may think I've clicked it by accident and then locked my phone but I can assure you this is not the case.

I am trying to track when it happens and it does appear to be mainly when I'm on the browser.

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Lumia 1520 :: Screen Unlocks Itself After Receiving Notification

Jul 26, 2014

When the screen is locked and i receive a notification from Whatsapp the lockscreen starts to go up and down as I'm swiping it, it DOESN'T happens every time, it's like 1/5.

Today it went further, it unlocked the screen and messed around by itself until stops at Skype, I'm really disappointed right now afraid of it get worse, this is a hardware problem?

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BB Bold :: Screen Goes Black But Lights On The Keypad?

Apr 19, 2012

The screen goes black after the backlight comes on but the light does not return. Everything is functioning like I get notifications, I receive calls and bbm's but the thing is I can't check them because the screen is black. There is static as well at the top but it it is black and blurry, sometimes I could see the name of the service provider as well as the battery icon.What would work sometimes is if I do a battery pull but that is rare. Also if I lock the screen then wait a while and then press any button between the end call and receive it would come back on. But that is becoming rare as well. The system on the phone is full functional but its the screen that stays black.Sometimes if I'm lucky it would go away and I would be able to use the screen. But when that happens I would have to constantly be pressing a button to keep the phone active so it does not go on backlight setting from inactivity. U can imagine how annoying that is huh?

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BB Bold :: 9900 Unlocks Itself When Receiving Email?

Sep 11, 2012

if my phone is locked , when i receive an email it unlocks itself, is there any settings i can change?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Screen Never Turns Off

Apr 6, 2010

I've gone into my settings and told it to turn off the backlight after 30 seconds, but for the past few days my phone has just ignored the settings and never ever turns off the backlight.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Which Supplier For Screen Protectors / LED Keypad ?

Aug 9, 2010

I am thinking about customizing my 9700 when I am able to afford it. Though if I do, I won't get a case gor it cause then you wouldn't be able to see it. At the very least, I would like some good screen protectors and a different colored LED keypad. Which supplier should I look at for these parts? I have read some bad stories about TrueSupplier so I am quite leary about them.

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BB Bold :: 9930 Unlocks Whenever Power Cable Connected

Aug 27, 2012

I have recently upgraded from a 9650 to a 9930. Everything is fine except that when I have the device locked (via the new, inconveniently placed lock button) and plug in a power cable the phone unlocks. How do I disable this? Maybe I am the only one who is annoyed by this but what is the point of a button that locks the phone until you unlock it if other things can unlock it. It wouldn't be a problem if not for the touchscreen which I always seem to be pressing at the time I plug it in.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Red Led Turns Off Screen Always Black?

Apr 3, 2010

When i plug in my BB 9000 without the battery it has a red led, but when i put the battery in to charge the flash on the camera turns on and the red led turns off the screen is always black and off is there a fix for this? i dont mind deleting everything on this phone.

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BB Bold :: Screen Randomly Turns White?

Mar 8, 2010

Your carrier: AT&T Model info and OS version (Go to Settings, then Options, then about): Bold 9000 v4.6.0.304

Apps and free space File free before and after a battery remove/replace. (Go to Settings, then Options, then status): 46791728 Bytes before and 4721816 Bytes after Did a battery pull fix your issue?: No (What fixes it is plugging the phone into the charger after starting the restart process) Apps installed and their version if possible.(Go to Settings, then Options, then applications)eesmic v 1.3.28, BB 4.6 Core Apps v 4.6, BB 4.6 System Software v 4.6, BB App World v, BB Attachment Service v 4.6.0, BB Maps v 4.6.0, BB MDS Runtime v, BB MDS Default Launcher v, BB Messenger v 4.6.0, BB S/MIME Support Package v 4.6.0, BB Visual Voice Mail v, Brickbreaker 4.6.0, Browser v 4.6.0, Documents to Go v 1.001.145, DOD Root Certificates v 4.6.0, Email Setup Application v 4.6.0, Engadget v 1.0.1, Enhanced Gmail(TM) Plug-in v, Facebook v 1.2.0, Help v 4.6.0, Kindle v, MemoPad v 4.6.0, Opera Mini v 4.2, Password Keeper v 4.6.0, Phone v 4.6.0, TTY Support v4.6.0, TagReaderBB v 2.1.75, Tasks v 4.6.0, Tetris v 4.41.37, WikiMobile v 1.33, Word Mole v 4.6.0

Occasionally the phone's screen will turn white. What I've noticed as that it typically happens after the phone shuts itself off. I don't know how it turns off, and it doesn't happen often, but occasionally I'll pull my phone out of my pocket and find that it's completely off. When I turn it back on it will boot all the way to the home screen without issues and then the screen will fade to white and stay that way. Pulling the battery does not fix the issue. All it does is kill the battery more than having the screen being all white and full power. Most recently it happened while I was navigating the Store in the Amazon Kindle program. Looking around I've seen conversations stating that the screen's going bad (which I doubt), the OS needs to be reinstalled (which I attempted through the Desktop Manager and I think I did it how I'm supposed to without wiping it with a 3rd party program), or that the phone is defective. My dad got the phone in November of 2008, and I got it when he decided to get an iPhone.

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BB Bold :: 9650 Screen Turns Off Randomly?

Sep 30, 2010

My screen, despite the backlight timer settings, turns off at random times, sometimes when im in the middle of texting. WTF is goin on!? I literally got this phone yesterday. An upgrade from the worst phone i've ever had the misfortune of having, the first bb storm to come out,

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Nokia :: 5800XM Screen Turns On For 30 Seconds And Then Turns Off

Jan 10, 2010

Over the last 3 days ive noticed my phone using a lot more battery than it usually does, i can usually get upto 2 days battery usage when its used frequently, but it has been getting less than a day over the last 3 days.

I turned the phone off with the power button and tried to turn it on again, The instant i press the power button the screen turns on (stays black but becomes a dark grey with the backlight) for about 30 seconds, but nothing else happens, the screen turns off after those 30 seconds and its back to square 1.I have tried turning it on again without a sim card, or memory card, or both and still the same result

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BB :: Bold 9780 Screen Goes White

Apr 27, 2012

My Bold 9780 screen goes white and i tried rebooting. It works after that but in day 5 to 6 times it repeats

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BB Bold :: 9780 Screen Has Gone White

Dec 2, 2012

Screen has gone white. Was gradual over couple days now does not work at all.

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BB Bold :: White Screen On 9780?

Sep 1, 2011

I recently went to press the unlock button on my blackberry and noticed that the screen had gone all white, it has no hourglass or error number on it, just a white screen which fades to and from black as i unlock/lock my phone.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Screen Gone White?

Apr 9, 2012

My screen has gone white and it didn't drop or get wet, it just went white but I can still receive calls and messages.

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BB Bold :: 9780 White Screen?

Nov 19, 2011

I have a blackberry bold 9780, on o2.Last night i took it out of pouch to go and make a phone call and the screen went white, i locked the phone and then unlocked it a few times and it went and worked perfectly fine after that.After making my phone call i then put my phone back in the pouch and left it for an hour i went to use it again and it did the same white screen but it didnt go back to normal.. After looking on the internet i see it could be a software problem, so i plugged my phone into my computer and tried to update it... After a slight difficulty i did this and it did work for about 2 minutes...It then went white again after wiping the hand held and re loading the OS its still not working.

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BB Bold :: 9000 - Screen Turns White While Charging?

Jun 1, 2012

I own a blackberry 9000, while charging through mains or through USB, the screen turns white and nothing happens,

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BB Bold :: 9780 Just Shows Up A White Screen

Nov 6, 2012

months ago my new BB 9780 showed a white screen up when i ended a phone call. my device working properly right now without any problem even it goes to lock mode and when i press the lock button it's goes on again. the main problem is that sceen is just white white and white. i have tried to disassemble the device for 2 times and screen works great for minustes each time i assembled it back, but the problem begins in a while and screen goes white again.

enclosed that there is no one who knows about fixing BB in my country! and as you see from my bad english i'm not living in a blackberry-supported country

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BB Bold :: A White Screen Keeps Showing On 9780?

Oct 9, 2011

my bold 9780 keeps showing a white screen. i kept trying to reboot it but whenever the blackberry reboot screen came up it changed to a blank white screen and wouldnt move from there. i took it into a o2 shop & they said to update the software so i did that but still the white screen shows. although it doesnt show now when i am trying to reboot my phone it still shows it while im using my phone and i have to do a battery pull before it will leave the white screen. i can still recieve messages while the white screen is there but i cant see the screen to read them.

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