BB Bold 9700 :: Native Task App Not On Phone

May 21, 2010

i updated my bold recently and when i did the task app and memo pad was taken off my phone and i have looked everywhere and went into the At&t store but they weren't able to do anything and i'm on a mac with no access to a pc. I have OS 5.0 and i have done a battery pull after i restored it with the task app selected and it still didn't work.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Crackberry Forums / Native Browser

Mar 16, 2010

I love the native browser except for how it displays forums. The text is microscopic no matter which text size I set it at. I do know that I have to pull the battery for a text change to update (.405 software), but even that doesn't seem to change the forum's font size while other sites like ESPN and Facebook are affected.

The Opera cursor is way too laggy for me but that broswer displays the forums great and the BerryBlab app is way too slow for loading the forums and threads.I this an issue with my OS? How do you guys view the forums in native browser?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Can't Find Task / Memos Folder

Apr 15, 2010

On my Clients brand new Blackberry Bold 9700 I can not find the task/memo folders. This bb is on BES and everything else is synced. I have talked to AT&T and they have not idea were it could be. I have also wiped the device clean and restarted the BES setup and that did nothing. Does anyone have any ideas.?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Updating Firmware But Stuck On Task 12 Of 12

Apr 30, 2010

Got my bold 9700 a month ago and finally decided to update to the latest firmware using the desktop manager.

Everything was going all fine and dandy but it is currently stuck on task 12 of 12 (restore device data) and hasnt moved for 3 hrs now...I don't want to unplug the device as it says unplugging may render some data unusable!

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BB Bold 9700 :: Backup And Restoring / Freezing On Final Task

Mar 30, 2010

I am currently doing a backup and restore on my Windows 7 Laptop (see other thread i started for reason.The tasks have been running fine, until the restoring process/task where it is currently on Task 12/12. However, the task seems to have not made any further progress after approximately 55% of the overall restore process, and 80% of Database: BBGroups. there is no option to cancel (its greyed out) and the yellow bar at the top is telling me not to disconnect the device as the device/data may become unusable if disconnected before the process finishes.

The overall process was quick (approx 15 minutes) until the above it's taken over an hour now and it doesnt seem like it will ever finish.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Screen Blacks Out During Performing A Task On Handset

Jan 1, 2010

hey, do you guys ever get a blank screen while performing a task on ur BB, supposingly texting someone or surfing the web? my BB9700 will have a blank screen from time to time and i'm worried it'll get worst in the future. is it an OS problem?

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BB Bold :: Native Email On Wi-Fi Only?

Apr 23, 2011

I recently got rid of my data plan. Is there any way that I can still receive email natively via WIFI only?

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Motorola Triumph :: Remove ALL Bookmarks In The Native Phone Broswer?

Oct 28, 2011

I know how to remove ONE bookmark at a time. But, I have over 50 bookmarks instead of removing them one by one. Is there a feature I can wipe out all them at one step?

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BB Bold 9700 :: 9700 After Charging The Phone Many Applications Disappeared

Sep 2, 2010

So I have owned a Black Bold 9700 for a while now and about 2 months ago I switched to a White 9700. I would always get at least one day out of my battery in my black 9700. And I was with my white 9700 as well until about 2 weeks ago.I rarely talk on my phone but I am a heavy user with BBM, text and email and a bit with Facebook which I know uses a lot of battery... I have about 90 contacts on BBM and use it constantly everyday -- chatting with 4 to 5 ppl at a time constantly. However, I'm lucky if my battery lasts from 11am until 5pm anymore. I have tried about 3 different batteries and they all have the same issue. I just upgraded my software from .743 to .862 last night.

And I switched over to a brand new OEM battery 2 days ago. I charged my phone overnight and powered it on at 11am and now at 2:14pm I'm sitting at 75% battery life.I don't have many apps on my phone besides Facebook and Weather Eye. The only apps I ever have running everyday are the ones that have to be running constantly (BBM, Phone, Browser, Messages). I rarely even browse the internet and I don't have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. However, I am always running on 3G.

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Galaxy S5 :: Finding Task Bar Icon On Phone?

May 25, 2015

How do I find the task bar icon on a galaxy s5 I hold down the home key and it goes to google so that's not it. I need to get to it to delete stuff.

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BB Bold :: 9780 - How To Transfer Task List

Nov 19, 2011

I have just received a new Blackberyy Bold 9780 - how do I transfer the tasks from my old blackberyy over to the new one?

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BB Bold :: Synchronize With The Outlook Task List?

Jun 10, 2010

I am hoping that there is a to do list that will synchronize with the Outlook Task list. Is there an app that does this?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Keeps Switching Between Handset And Headset Whilst On Phone

Mar 24, 2010

Every time Iam on phone it keeps switching between handset and headset auto and very fast so it keeps cutting every second I installed new bbm .65 everythink working fine then I mistakely downloaded .57 cancelled it when I rebooted phone no bbm, so I reinstalled .65 bbm and it was really laggy and slow so I reinstalled it again and now that is happening to my phone?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Contact Pictures Don't Sync With Phone - Phone Contacts Remain Blank

Apr 4, 2010

I've just gotten a Bold 9700 and noticed that even though I have the option to sync the profile pictures of my friends with my contacts profiles on the phone, the pictures for my phone contacts remain blank. The Facebook profiles are linked to my contacts and sometimes will show the Facebook profile picture but after a while the picture reverts to a blank icon again. I've also unselected the option to sync and re-enabled the option to update Blackberry contacts with my Facebook contacts to try and force the pictures to update but no success.

I was thinking that it might also be because of a conflict wiyth other apps trying to update the contact pictures seeing as I originally imported all my contatcs from my Gmail account but I am unable to figure out which other apps, if any, are updating contact pics and thereby turn them off.

Blackberry contacts linked to a LinkedIn profile show their LinkedIn profile pics correctly though and other than that I only have BB Messenger, GTalk, Windows Live Messenger and Facebook that are linked to my Blackberry contacts.Any ideas on how I can get my contacts' pictures to sync correctly with Facebook?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Resets When Receiving Phone Call

Apr 20, 2010

This issue has been happning for a while, but for the last week or so it has been happening more frequently. A phone call arrives and sends the phone into a reset, similar to what QuickPull would do. No open apps, no error message, it just resets.I have searched a bit, but have not found anyone posting a similar issue so far. I run the stock T-Mobile OS, and a few extra RIM and 3rd party apps.

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BB Bold 9700 :: When Receive Phone Call / Phone Only Rings Once

Jul 8, 2010

I am a new owner of a Blackberry Bold.When I receive a phone call, the phone only rings once and if I don't answer within 4 or 5 seconds I get a "missed call message". I've explored chanding ring tones accessed from the "Loud" icon without success.How do I get the phone to ring for longer like normal mobiles or landlines?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Not Synching With Gmail - Deleting Email On Web Doesn't Delete On Phone And Vice Versa

May 14, 2010

I use gmail and when I delete an email on the web, it doesn't delete on my BB. The same goes for when I open an email on the web, it doesn't show 'read' on my BB. Interestingly though, if I delete or read an email on my BB, the action is reciprocated on the web.And finally, if I send myself an email (either from the web or my BB), it appears on the web but not on my BB.

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BB Bold 9650 :: Split Phone Picture With Bold 9700

Apr 5, 2010

I often hear many people complaining or wanting to have the Bold 9650 look like the Bold 9700. I found this picture of the Tour 2 9650 splitting with the 9700 Bold to show the differences between of the Bold 9650 if it stays the same without changes, this is what the difference would be compared to the Bold you can see, the only difference if the Bold 9650 stays the same as we see here when the final release comes, is that the Bold 9650 has a somewhat larger bezel VS the 9700 Bold. Other then that, you can see from the pic, nothing else is different on the face of the phones in looks.just thought it was pretty interesting(left side is the 9650, right side is the 9700.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Does Not Work As A Phone - There Is No Phone Icon

Jan 8, 2012

I have just updated my 9700 Bold to 6.0 and now it does not work as a phone? there is no phone icon, it isn't hidden either. I ring the phone from a landline and nothing? completely useless..I have pulled the battery to no avail...

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Motorola Droid X :: Phone Is NOT Running Any Type Of Automatic / Interval Task Killer / Virus Scanner

Oct 25, 2011

Have a Droid X which will randomly drain its battery in an hour or two due to the com. motorola.blur.service.main consuming 100% of the CPU.I am unable to determine any trigger for this event.On most occasions my only warning of this occurring is that the phone will become very hot due to the CPU load.This event will typically occur every day or every other day.This behavior has occurred with all versions of Gingerbread.It behaved properly on Froyo and Eclair.The first occurrence of this behavior coincided with the original Gingerbread update.Phone is and always has been running a complete stock OS (not rooted).The phone is in perfect condition with no physical damage of any kind.

The process in question and coincidental rapid loss of battery capacity has been verified via SystemPanel.This phone is NOT running any type of automatic/interval task killer, virus scanner, or any other snake-oil type battery improvement software.(SystemPanel is not an automatic task killer, it is simply recording per-process CPU consumption/battery drain at 15 minute intervals).The phone is used almost exclusively for business-related tasks, i.e., as a phone, for email, calendaring, and occasional web browsing.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Why Does Phone Keep Asking Me To

Jun 28, 2010

USe Gmal on my bb 9700.

about twice a day i get a message to say my emails arnt being sent through becuase i have to update my password....why on earth is it doing this? its doing my head in.

do sort it i simply go to setup, log in and type my gmail password in and it sorts itself out.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Downloading OS From Phone?

Jun 20, 2010

Is there a way I can download the os just from my phone ?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Downloading OS Just From Phone?

Jun 18, 2010

Is there a way I can download the os just from the phone ?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Can Set Up UMA On Unbranded Phone

Sep 16, 2010

I have an unbranded blackberry bold 9700, i have connected to wifi at home, and can browse the internet, but for some reason, i do not have uma. I live in an area with no network connection, and the reason for purchasing the blackberry bold 9700, was to have full network connection, via wifi, to make and recieve phone calls and txts. Is there a way of having UMA on my phone? would i be able to download something to set it up? something from orange?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Keeps Disconnecting

Feb 14, 2010

My telephone keeps disconnecting after about 20-25 seconds of phone time.It happens 90% of the time. Doesn't matter who I'm talking to or where I am.I have tried restoring the operating system from the unofficial releases to the current bell .423 release.I have tried full format. I have even had the store exchange for a new phone (just today). Still the same problem. Calling Bell they told me to send it in for repair (which is why I got the store to exchange).The only constant now seems to be the SIM card. Could the SIM card be causing this problem? Anyone have any ideas? I've also gotten some messages on reboots unable to connect to rim_blackberry_phone app. This seems like it could be related too, no??

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Not Registering

Jan 28, 2010

hey i just got this 9700 and when i put in my simcard i dont get the blackberry email telling me my phone is registered i tryed changing my devise and i tryed sendinng the service books and i also tryed reloding the fw nothing seems to work.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Won't Lock

May 19, 2010

I'm running .656 on my 9700 and the phone won't lock while my music is playing is there anything I can do to change that?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Cannot Use Phone For Voice

Jan 28, 2010

I could use the phone to talk yesterday, today it sounds like clicking in the background and can't hear the other party. The call says connected. Email is ok, SMS ok, Internet service ok, BBM ok, just the voice doesn't work.v5.0.0.442 (Platform the software using BB Desktop. Service provider says phone is probably failed.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Can't Setup Phone

May 5, 2010

i am new to blackberry and purchased a 9700 bold online. i can not set it up. att cant help me either can anyone tell me or direct me to where i can find out how to set it up for att internet services?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Photos From Phone To PC?

Feb 21, 2010

I'm a Blackberry newbie.My family just took a great vacation to Disney and I used my BB Bold 9700 to take some fantastic photos. My question is: Is it possible to transfer those photos to my PC somehow? If so, can you please share the secret with me? I can't figure it out.

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BB Bold :: Cannot Unlock Phone 9700

Oct 1, 2012

I put a lock on my phone because of my son but it is appalling that the phone is not accepting the password. I have tried it 7 times and I have 3 chance remaining.

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