BB Torch :: Won't Stay Locked?

Apr 30, 2011

Am having a problem locking my screen with the screenlock.I put it on then in less than a minuet my screen is opened again.Is there something I could do other than send it back to my provider.When I've called someone or they me, I tend to put it on screenlock so other apps are not activated unlass needed.

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BB Curve :: 9360 Won't Stay Locked?

Jun 24, 2012

I've had my BlackBerry for about a month and it's locked fine by pressing the little black lock button at the top until today. Today, I press the button to lock the phone, it locks for about 5 seconds and then unlocks itself. It's done it all day. Do you think the button is broken already?

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BB Curve :: 8520 Will Not Stay Locked After Update?

Jul 9, 2012

Updated my phone to v5 and now it will not stay locked. Every time I lock and put phone in pouch it unlocks.

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BB Pearl :: 9100 Won't Lock, Or Stay Locked

Sep 8, 2011

My Blackberry , also wont go into sleep mode, this kills the battery

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BB Torch :: Screen Will Not Stay Off

Sep 28, 2010

Everytime i have my torch outside of the holster the screen will never turn off, even if i press the lock button, the screen will go off and then back on in less than a second. this is becoming quite annoying and is draining my battery

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BB Torch :: It Cannot Stay Turned On

Jun 24, 2011

I've had my BB Torch for about 3-4 months. Today I came home and was talking on the phone. Everything seemed ok. Then I tried making a phone call and it kept hanging up. Was able to finally make the call. Then the battery went on red and asked to be recharged. I plugged it in. It turned itself off while lights on the green and red buttons on the front of the phone were flickering. Still doing it every time it reboots. It's not turning on. Took the battery out. Rebooted a few times and it turned itself off again. It says to stop turning it off to press any key, but it's not working. Then it stayed on for a couple of seconds and it said that it's in safe mode. Tried to press the reset option, but it turned itself off again. Took the battery out again for 5 minutes. Put it back in. It rebooted. Stayed on for a couple of minutes. Tried to update the software, but it turned itself off again. Still not turning back on. It was really hot outside today and I was sweating. Figured that maybe it got wet, but I looked at it and nothing looks to be damaged.

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BB Torch :: 9800 Won't Stay Connected To Wireless Network

Jan 1, 2012

I am having severe problems with my bb torch 9800, it wont stay connected to the wireless network for any length of time before I have to register it again, this is happening daily now realised it was doing this when i try and send information over my wifi and it would connect to it but would not send any data, and comes up with a message stating I am not connected to the wireless network. As said before the way I could get it to work temporary is by going to, options, device, advanced system settings, host routing table, and the pressing the bb key and selecting register now. This has only started happening since updating my torch.

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BB Torch :: 9810 Front Button Back Lights Stay On

Aug 2, 2012

I have a 9810, and the Call and BB menu button backlights are always on. I've tried numerous battery pulls, reinstalled the OS, repaired the OS, changed my backlight settings. Security wipe and re install. I don't know what caused it. Nothing had been installed on the phone for the past couple months, and it only started 3 days ago. Screen Lock does nothing.

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BB Torch 9800 Smartphone :: Wallpaper Wont Stay On Home Screen After Battery Pull

Aug 23, 2010

I am really starting to get annoyed with this phone!!My wallpaper will not stay onto my home screen after a battery pull or a software reset!!! I don't get it! This is not new in terms of programming! What is the problem?? Is there a fix for this or am I stuck setting my wallpaper everytime i reset my phone?? C'mon RIM! This is a ridiculous problem that should of been fix before bringing the phone out! same thing for the 5 - 10 sec freeze after you enter your security password to unlock the phone! As well as the slow processing of cpu for certain activities! I'm sticking with this phone for now but i do not have a great feeling for this phone seriously!

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BB Torch :: Get Locked Out Forgotten Pas?

Sep 27, 2011

my blackberry torch stopped working a few months ago and eventually because i need it for my company i gave up and just ran out to buy a curve to keep me going. when i got in tonight i switched it on and it seems to be functioning reasonably well again. however i have one problem because i havent used it since april i have completely forgotten my password

i am about to lock the phone on my next attempt, i spoke to vodaphone and they advised me to come on here for support but i cant find that section? i dont mind it all the data on the phone has to go missing but the woman at vodaphone made out it would kill the device completely?

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BB Torch :: Locked Up And Asking For Password

May 18, 2011

I purchased my phone yesterday and already it locked up and it is asking for a password of which I have no idea. I have pulled the battery twice but it is still locked.

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BB Torch :: Screen Is Locked?

Feb 10, 2012

i am a new cell phone user (read that as non-technical) and somehow my screen locked and is asking me for a password. I don't have a password! How can I unlock my screen and prevent it from happening again?

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BB Torch :: 9800 Locked By Sasktel?

May 22, 2011

I have a Blackberry Torch that is within the warranty period that I outright purchased from Sasktel. I would like to be able to use it with another service provider for the summer as I am back home in Manitoba. Sasktel does not work here for 4G devices only cdma. Sasktel has locked the device and refuses to provide the unlock code as per sasktel policy. This is what I was told when I contacted Sasktel for the "network MEP".Can they do this? Can Blackberry unlock my device for me? I do not understand how I can be forced to use only sasktel as a provider, that does not even work here so it is not an option, when I own this device. I currently own a $700 paperweight as sasktel will not allow me to unlock my phone so I can use it on the MTS network.

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BB Torch :: 9800 When Sliding Gets Locked?

Nov 4, 2011

When the slide is opened in blackberry torch 9800 the device gets locked,then I have to press the unlock key twice to open and even when the device is in unlocked closed state and slided to open state the device gets locked,then again I have to press the unlock key at the top both these stages when the device gets locked no other keys work and the display goes black only after unlocking it the display comes back...

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BB Torch :: Emails Account Are Locked?

Jan 22, 2012

My 3 emails account are locked by Cambodia after I used it during my visit. I just noticed that after coming back to Indonesia and consulted with Mentari Indosat, my provider in Indonesia. How to unlock it?

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BB Torch :: 9860 Turn Off Even If It Is Locked

May 14, 2012

When my 9860 torch is locked, the hanging off button is the only one which keep running.So if you press it for few seconds the phone wil will be stopped?How can i do to lock it ?

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BB Torch :: Slow On Internet And Get Locked Up Often

Dec 30, 2011

Anyone else with the 9810 Torch find it slow and get locked up often?

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BB Torch 9800 :: Way To Keep Phone Locked In Pocket

Aug 10, 2010

I went to the store yesterday to play with the torch. I like it a lot and will probably upgrade from my 9000. however, I dont like the lock (rather, the unlock) and the sales guy said he didn't know of an answer for me.

in short, you lock it by hitting the button on the top left. no worries. however, to unlock, you either open the slider or hit the lock button again. this is not a very "positive" way of unlocking, if you ask me. its quick and easy, but not a very good way to keep the phone locked in your pocket or whatever. I can easily see me bumping the unlock button when the phone's in my pocket and dialing or browsing or any number of functions from touch enable home screen. I dont think the slide is likely to open in a cargo pocket, but the button could definetely get pushed. for those of yall that have had one for a while, am I missing something? is there a way to "override" this and make it so it only unlocks when you manually do something?

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BB Torch :: The App-World Icon Is Locked And Can't Get It To Unlock

Jul 19, 2011

The App World Icon is locked and I can't get it to unlock. What do I do?

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BB Torch :: Can't Get "suretype" To Stay On

May 9, 2012

When I am texting or sending a BBM I have to reset my touch screen to "suretype" every time. I have a torch 9800 and prefer to use a reduced keyboard in portrait and suretype is much easier to use.

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BB Torch 9800 :: How To Reset Thumbnails Locked OEM Wallpapers?

Aug 17, 2010

The thumbnails in the locked OEM wallpapers in my device memory is all messed up. Any ideas how I can reset the thumbnails? I can't find the thumbsdb file in the folder.

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BB Torch :: Custom Alerts While Device Is Password Locked?

Sep 12, 2011

Since upgrading to BlackBerry Torch device I am unable to configure custom alerts for a specific email address. The device is silent for all email except when email arrives from a specific address (for on-call support purposes) .The alerts are actually working for as long as device is not password locked. As soon as I lock the device, whenever the email arrives it remains silent. If I simply unlock the device the device will respond as expected. The devices uses 6.0 Bundle 2647 (v6.0.0.600, Platform on Bell Carrier network.

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BB Torch :: Ringtones For Contacts Won't Work If The Handset Is Locked?

Aug 16, 2011

Ringtones for my contacts won't work if the handset (Torch 9800) is locked; the default/everyone else ringtone is used instead. When the handset isn't locked it works ok.

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BB Torch :: Contact Pictures Don't Show When Phone Locked

Jan 17, 2012

The one thing I don't get is the picture contacts that I have don't show up when the phone is locked, (the caller ID and specific ring tone if used do), they do show up though if the phone is unlocked, so I'm confused. I know there is the caller ID issue that is resolved by un-ticking contacts in encryption which is what I have done otherwise the contact ID's wouldn't show up when locked. It's not the end of the world, but just a niggle that I would like to resolve.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Turn Torch Button Off When Keypad Locked?

Mar 25, 2011

I keep my phone in a leather flip case and when it's in my pocket, the torch button (space bar) key gets pressed causing the flash to come on.I don't know why this is as I always keep my phone locked and no other keys seem to work when it's locked.

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BB Torch :: Preview Text Messages When Received And The Screen Is Locked?

Sep 1, 2012

First time for me on this site and the first time for me with a Blackberry Torch (was and IPhone user) preview text messages when received and the screen is locked?

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BB Torch :: Upgrading 9800 - Locked Up At Loading Application Modules

Jun 17, 2012

Decided to update my Version 6 software it has locked up at loading application modules. I did not unplug it!

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BB Torch :: Unable To Change The Locked Speed-dial Codes?

Aug 9, 2011

I still am unable to change the locked speed-dial codes. Here are the steps I'm taking:

- press the green phone key, the phone dial pad appears;

- press the blackberry "menu" key, scroll down menu and select "view", then "speed dial list";

- highlight the "A" Lock Keypad, then press the "select" ball : result screen goes dark and have to hit unlock button; or alternatively, execute same steps, except press the "enter/return" on keyboard: result screen is locked.After reading the instructions; they mentioned pressing the "enter" symbol at the far right,I don't have an enter button as noted, what am I missing?

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IPhone :: Locked Phone Keeps Taking Pictures Of Locked Home Screen

Mar 30, 2012

my locked phone keeps taking pictures of locked home screen!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold :: Locked Out And After Password Reset Still Locked?

Feb 2, 2012

In linking to new Playbook, messed up and had to 'start again' with blackberry phone. Messed up also with my old password and after 10 tries it froze. I have gone through password reset process but still blocking me with the message: Your account has been locked. Please try again after the lockout period has expired or call customer service.Any suggestions other than a call to technical desk. I've been researching forums and seems to be the case that lock is indefinite. Incidentally, I didn't see the option after 10 tries to enter word 'blackberry' but it was late at night and frustration had kicked in. Possibly I missed that.

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BB Torch :: Lost Device Password - Device 9810 Locked

Sep 12, 2012

My daughter has bought today a new Torch 9810. She has entered a new device password. After a few hours she tried to enter her password, but she forgot her password.

After a read of some internet groups, the solution is simple, just type 10 times your password and the BB will restart. I know that all data will be removed, but that is no issue.

Unfortunately the BB will not restart after I retype for then times the wrong password After the reset it starting with a White screen, with a sort of document icon. Within this document icon, appear a lock and cross sign, beneath this icon there is a counter with is repeatedly showing from 0 till 100% and then start over again.

I've tried to disconnect the battery for at least 1 minute, Put in a different sim card, let it run for almost one hour, but nothing seems to work.

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