Nokia Applications :: E72 Show Update Error?

Jan 2, 2013

i don't know why my mobile said update error when i try nimbus Skype messenger install

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Nokia Applications :: X6-16GB Does Not Show Folder?

Jul 11, 2012

My friends mobile X6-16GB does not show folder such like, image, videos, data, install file etc when a new folder is made. When we transfer file to the mobile the folder atomatically disappear. After formating the memory all folder appear. When we capture photo the photo is shown in gallery and not it filexplorer.

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BB Torch :: Cannot Update Any Of Applications - Password Error

Sep 21, 2011

My blackberry cant update any of its applications when I type in my password and error message comes up. I reset my password but it still doesn't work.

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Nokia Applications :: Home Screen Only Show Waiting?

Jan 25, 2012

I just wanna how can i restore my social application?? I think its been corrupted because in my phone home screen only show waiting??

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Nokia Applications :: Conflicting Application. Show Items - C2-03

Apr 24, 2012

i have a c2-03.

1 - with it go to the internet whitout any problem. but i update c2-03 in two dayes ago. at this time when i want go to internet . see this massage."conflicting application. show items?"

2 - in addition "access point " in my c2-03 active when i format by this code. -*#7370# but i cant used nimbuzz or other massenger program & maps & chat and other.

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BB Storm :: Applications Do Not Show Up On The Desktop Manager Applications List?

Feb 1, 2011

The following applicatoins do not show up on the desktop manager applications list, or in the applications list in the setup options on the phone itself. How can I remove the items from the phone if it is not giving the option to do so? Apps that I did not install to the phone, but are listed in my applications folder (actual folder, not in setup options) on the phone itself.

NFL Mobile

Apps that I personally installed on the phone and then uninstalled them from the phone itself. They still show on the phone. If I click on the app, it takes me to the install screen & gives me the options "I agree / I do not agree".

Social Beat
You Tube
Visual Voicemail

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Nokia Applications :: Didn't Show Remaining Balance And Incoming Call

Oct 5, 2012

i have nokia lumia 610 and it doesnt show remaing balance after call ended my old was able to show this old phone was nokia 500and also i not able to get incoming call even when i have full network signal and my call are getting disconnect after sometime i am out of home network i told service provide company this problem

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Nokia Online Services :: Nokia C3 - "Conflicting Applications Show Items, Yes Or No?"

May 17, 2011

Nokia C3 - Ovi Store "Conflicting applications Show items, yes or no?""yes" it shows blank page as in all white I just encountered this problem after i installed the latest software for nokia c3 which is version 08.63...all of my application is from ovi i really need the ovi store application, plus i already restart the phone and also tried the restore function...

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Nokia Nseries :: N 500 Show ''system Error''?

Apr 30, 2012

my phone is nokia n 500,when i press the menu key it's show ''system error'' what should i do?

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Nokia Applications :: E71 Certificate Error?

Mar 9, 2012

I have spent a few days trying to google a solution, including a few quite complicated (for me) attempts from the developers site but to no avail.I have been trying to install a few simple applications onto my E71, namely the Quick reboot app here ( or this reboot app( I try to install I get the error "certificate error contact the application supplier"I have tried a soft & hard reset. I have set my phone to accept all, not just signed apps, I am running the most up to date software on the phone, according to OVI Suite. I have even tried signing a version of the app myself from info on the developers site.There must be a simple answer to this, people are developing simple apps for Symbian phones, how can we use these?

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Nokia Applications :: Keep Getting An Error Saying Can't Connect

Apr 13, 2011

Has anyone purchased Vlingo Plus lately? I've tried on my E71 and I keep getting an error saying I can't connect, operation failed, try again later. My connections all seem to be fine and I've tried both wifi and through my provider. Same result each time even after reinstalling the app a couple of times.

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Nokia Applications :: Unable To Install Error E63

Dec 31, 2010

Nokia e63.I was able to download n use apps for 2 days and phone restarted and the apps dissappeared. Now whn i try downloading them again eg ebuddy, apps frm ovi then after download, its says unable to install. It does for all software downloads. I tried soft n hard reset tried changing dates while downloading ,tried changing options on phone like software installation to ON and onlin ceertificat check to OFF but it doesnt help.

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Nokia Applications :: Camera Not Responding Error

Oct 27, 2012

I have been getting Camera Not Responding Error. I have tried everything like restarting,reset n clear ,using Dev Mode , Flashing it with new firmware, it seems to me as a hardware problem. But I havent dropped it or anything.

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Nokia Applications :: Error Code 805a01f7?

Nov 17, 2012

Every time i try to access the marketplace, it comes up with this error code, saying that marketplace isn't available at the moment

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Nokia Applications :: C5-00 Error: Application Expired?

Apr 1, 2012

I've a nokia C5-00. 2 days back it has a problem, due to which, it start connecting to the internet, and drain my prepaid account. I try to fix it by factory reset but to no avail so i hard reset my phone. After that phone working fine but when i open the "Quran" application, it gives an Application Expired error. All other application are working fine. I downloaded this application from nokia store it was free back then.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5630 Music Search Show Error

Jan 5, 2012

When I open Music Search it shows this messege:"Unable to open Music search while voice commands are being updated. Try again Later."

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Applications :: Nokia 701 - Youversion Bible Java Error

Sep 28, 2012

I get this error - java.lang.NullPointerException: null(0:10005) when using Youversion Bible.

Is there something missing on my Nokia 701?

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Nokia Applications :: Mobile VPN Installation Error On N8 Anna?

Oct 24, 2011

I have tried several times to download and install teh Nokia Mobile VPN from the Nokia (OVI) store but the installation always fail. I have an N8 running Anna. I'm not sure where to start with getting this to work.

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Nokia Applications :: Asha201 Mail App Java Error

Sep 18, 2012

The mail application on my Asha 201 started showing me a java error message a few days ago. I had three accounts on it (two Yahoo! and a Gmai). When I start the app, it reaches the menu displaying the accounts, then shows the error message in 5 seconds. It says something like java/lang/IllegalArgumentException.

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Nokia Applications :: Get An Error "certificate Not On Phone Or SIM

Mar 14, 2011

Many people perhaps knows about a popular application named BlueFTP by Medieval. When i try to install it after downloading it from the official website, on my phone, i get an error "certificate not on phone or SIM". However, it works fine if i download it's unofficial built from various forums (e.g mobile9).

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Nokia Applications :: Store Does Not Show "My Stuff" Tab?

Apr 11, 2012

I have a Nokia c6-01 with Symbian Belle and my store version is 3.22.054.When I try to go to last tab the following message shows up after a few seconds: "There was a problem opeining this page. It could be a lost connection or a slow network. Ckeck your connection or try again later."I am on wi-fi network and programs install just fine, so I don't think the slow network or lost connection is relevant.

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Nokia Applications :: Application Error - Opera And OVI Share Not Opening On X3

Dec 2, 2011

Opera, Nokia browser and Ovi share are not opening the answer is Application Error, then I press details it the result is: Java/Lang/ClassNotFoundException:a! Its a Nokia X3, the slide one not touch screen.

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Nokia Applications :: E72 - Invalid Jar File Error On Any Download From OVI Store

Aug 21, 2010

I'm trying to download a few freebie games (Yetisports/Penguin thingy 2 etc.). Whichever download I choose on my phone, and I get to the installer, it tells me that the Jar file is invalid. This is a joke from Nokia, forcing you to download their OVI files through your phone.

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Nokia Applications :: Memory Full Error While Playing Video In N8?

Jun 18, 2012

I am getting memory full error while playing movie..... it plays for abt 5 minutes & then the error message pops up and the application shuts down.....I have checked C:, D: & E: & they have enough free space

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Nokia :: 5130 Xpress Music - Applications Access / Out Of Memory Error

Feb 8, 2010

I'm using a Nokia 5130c-2 v 6.93 and I'm frequently facing a problem is "out of memory error" while using some games or applications. I had got 22 MB free in phone memory and 100 MB in memory card. I don't think any mobile game uses that much memory so what might be the reason??

Second thing is while trying to use some 3rd party application/software when I tries to access Application Access> Data Access> Read User Data> then I'm able to access only 2 options out of 4 available. One is 'Ask every time' and another is 'not allowed'. How I can add that particular application for 'always allowed' or 'ask first time only' access.

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Nokia Applications :: 5800 XM Gallery System Error (-28) / Some Items Duplicated

Mar 20, 2011

Every time I open my gallery an error pops up "Gallery: System Error (-28)" and some items in the gallery duplicating. Phone Model: 5800 XM.

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Nokia Applications :: Nokia 500 Cannot Receive Microsoft Apps After Belle Update

Feb 19, 2012

Nokia 500 cannot receive Microsoft apps after the belle update

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Nokia Applications :: Installed Internet Radio - Error Occurred / Widget Removed

Feb 22, 2011

I installed internet radio on my N8 through Ovi store without any problems but when I try to add the internet radio widget to my home screen I get the message "Error occurred. Widget removed". The app runs fine only the widget is not working. I have tried to re-install but that didn't work. Running PR 1.1 on my N8.

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Nokia Applications :: E72 OVI Application Update?

Jan 3, 2011

I'm struggling to update my E72's OVI application. It downloads the install file but the install fails. I also cannot uninstall the application.I have updated the phone's software and my phone is on version 051.018.C00.01, which is the current version, according to OVI Suite.

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BB Torch :: Error 602 And Even After Reset And Removing Battery It Continues To Show Error

Apr 9, 2012

i have purchased a BB Torch 9860 just about 9 days back and it suddenly showed me an error 602 and ever after reset and removing battery, the device continues to show error.

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Nokia Applications :: C3 Nokia Browser Update Failure?

Oct 14, 2011

Just received a notice that there was an update for the Nokia Browser available. Clicked OK to download and install , the broswer won't start because of " Class Notound...Java.." error message.

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