Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking Via IMEI / Code Generator

Sep 27, 2008

I just received 2 mails from topsony, saying they unlock all kinds of Sony Ericsson with any kind of CID, unlock via IMEI, for 25 euros. Can anybody put hands on these? It says u don't need cable, only the IMEI. It should be like an IMEI generator.
ckeck it out.

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Sony Ericsson :: W850i - Code Can Be Generated Based On IMEI?

Mar 22, 2008

I have a W850 which is locked to Orange. How do I get the code to unlock the phone from Orange. Is there a website where the code will be generated based on the IMEI or how do I proceed with this. I searched for it on their webpage but found none information that I could utilize.

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BB (RIM) :: Unlocking Of Rogers BB 8310 / IMEI Code Unavailable

Nov 25, 2008

I was recently trying to unlock my brother's Curve 8310, it's locked to rogers. I found a guy to unlock it on craigslist but he couldn't find a code and the same happened with a ebay seller(with 16000 positive feedbacks) by giving them the IMEI.The ebay seller told me "The only alternative we have to unlock your phone is through our manufacturer method which will cost an additional $25 and it will take about 4-7 days before we receive your code". My brother is going overseas on Dec 9th so time is crucial. Are there any other sites which offer this service? I'm a bit nervous about paying an additional $25 outside of ebay. What if no code is available and i get yanked around dealing with the refund. I intially payed ~18 CAD via paypal.

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Sony Ericsson :: Z200 - Need Unlocking Code?

Apr 23, 2008

I need the code for my Sony Ericsson Z200.

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Sony Ericsson :: W810i / Does This Unlocking Code Work?

Feb 18, 2010

I saw an advert here on Esato and wondered if anybody used it and does it really work? its been a while since i messed wiv phones so thought i better post this and ask instead of just jumping into something without the help of u peeps first.I have a w810i locked and branded by's the URL:

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Sony Ericsson :: T330 - Free Unlocking Code To Use Phone With Other SIM Card

Feb 23, 2009

How can I get a free unlocking code for a Sony Ericson T330 mobile phone? It is now on T-Mobile. But I'd like to be able to use it with any SIM card.

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Sony Ericsson :: Menu Hook Generator

Mar 4, 2009

Sony Ericsson Menu Hook Generator, renamed now from Editor to Generator, now at Version 3.5
--- The app does not install onto your PC
--- Now added various pop-up/error messages etc.
--- Now only 30kb's
--- Now added image support
--- Added "PNG" and "Text" button
--- Added and deleted some error messages
V3.5 (in progress)
--- Bugs fixed
--- Now alerts you if there is an update for the software and gives you a download link
Download link:
Remember to name RIGHT_SOFTKEY_HOOK[ This Message was edited by: lukechris on 2009-03-07 12:35 ]T610 > K700i > W800i > W810i > K750 > K790 > K800 > K810 > iPhone 8gb > W595 > C902 > W995 > W960 > Samsung S8000 Jt > iPhone 3gs 16gb > Satio > HTC HD2 > HTC Desire (running 2.2 Froyo.)

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 Layout Generator / Editor

Dec 21, 2008

stuck pixel for following detailed info!SELE - Sony Ericsson Layouts Editor
This application allows you to generate your own layouts files for your SE with an easy-to-use UI.
A2 Media Now Playing
A2/DB2020 Main Layout
"Important notice: I, the creator of this program, does not allow it to be uploaded to other hosts than my own FTP, if you wish to share this program on other forums/sites, use the links provided below. You do not have to link to Esato if you do not wish so. Just remember to add a "Mr. Thunderbird". The links may NOT be modified in any way. Thank you for your understanding."
Download SELE v0.2.2: Here
Download SELE v0.1.1[For A2 media modding]: Here
Applications needs .NET Framework!
SELE Changelog
+Initial release.
+Modules included: MLE v0.6 & MPLE v0.1.
+Updated MPLE to v0.1.1
+Updated MLE to v0.7 , MPLE not included in this version.
+Updated MLE to v0.7.1
+Updated MLE to v0.7.2
+Initial release; Only supports time, date & alarm.
+Fixed bug that wouldn't save changes.
+Fixed X1,X2,Y1,Y2 calculation; should work with all DB2020/DB3150 phones.
+Added timer & operator.
+Added scrollbars ON/OFF.
+Added log.
+Added some statusbar pictures, not movable for now.
+Changed the UI.
+Fixed triple/doube/quad spacing bug.
+Added option for entering custom values [does not work with statusbar items]
+Added option for moving around the statusbar items; cannot be seen outside the upper panel in preview for now.
+Improved log.
+Improved code; went from 1100 lines to 400.
+Fixed bug if some of the values was same; they would remain the same (X1 and X2 would always remain same even if changing X2 to something else).
-Disabled scrollbars ON/OFF.
+Added options.
+Fixed generate bug when no file loaded.
+New improved code! Re-written from scratch, length = 1434 lines total, C#.
+New improved UI with a lot more options and better looks.
+New improved log with more colors in it.
+Added support for changing and previewing fonts, note that it is only tested a couple of times and some font sizes will not work.
+Added support for changing the preview size to 176x220 and other options.
+Added undo/redo/reload layout functions. Undo/redo only supports undoing/redoing one step!
+Added ALL panels. Including Operator lines 1,2,3,4,5 | Notes 1,2,3,4 and Large clock.
+Added eventhandlers for location textboxes. While editing the X1/X2/Y1/Y2/W/H value you can hit "Enter" instead of moving your mouse. This is also enabled in the labels section in the Fonts dialog.
+Added a nice drop-down list, so you can select the "box" and get it back in the preview in case you moved it out.
+Added highlightning.
+Added support for changing the labels.
+Added labels to the statusrow items 1-6.
+Enabled option to remove all scrollbars.
+Changed resizer module; hold the mouse at the edge of a panel to resize. No boxes now!
+Changed .exe icon and added a .dll.
+Fixed signal/battery/charger bug.
+Fixed bug when a panel would blink in the corner when clicking at it.
-Removed old options dialog at it was useless.
-Removed support for other DPI than 96. (It should still work though)
+Fixed bug when SELE did not remove scrollbars.
+Added a better error message when it fails at loading startup.
+(hopefully)Fixed unknown bug which Hitman had
+Added Russian language (more languages can be requested if user gives me all names for the controls
+Added about box
+Minor UI changes[/quote]
+Initial release. Able to load/save A2 media layouts.
+Fixed transparent panels.
K800 photos[ This Message was edited by: Goldmen on 2010-01-25 09:46 ]K800 -> C901K800 photos / C901 photos

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Samsung :: Sgh-t229 - Code Generator - Calculator

Apr 25, 2010

Currently im looking for a code generator/calculator that will work with samsung sgh-t229 to remove simlock. or if someone already has one ill send imei if you can get meh the code.

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IPhone :: Unlocking 4s By Imei?

Jun 13, 2012

how I can unlock iphone by imei?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Unlocking And Activating 4s By IMEI?

Jun 25, 2012

My Cousin sent me an iphone 4s from england network 3 . now he said that he have requested to Unlock Iphone Through IMEI . The managment said ok we will unlock in 48 hours and we'ill send u a confirmtn msg but they didnt . then he called them again and they said we want 48 more hours and even after that no msg was sent to my cousin. i m living in oman(middle east) . now i want to know that the iphone will be unlocked when i will insert sim and do the activation step and then they will send that msg for what im waiting or i should wait for the msg then iphone will b unlocked ? ?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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Sony Ericsson :: W700i - Tracing Through IMEI Number

Jul 3, 2010

My W700i has been stolen. Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to trace the phone through the IMEI number?

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Sony Ericsson :: W800 - IMEI Name Does Not Match GDFS Name

Aug 5, 2007


Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:W800 GDFS:K750)
19:57:34| ...using IMEI name
19:57:34| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
19:57:35| PHONE INFO
19:57:35| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
19:57:35| DBID: db2010
19:57:35| OTP CID: 49
19:57:35| EROM CID: 49
19:57:35| EROM color: Red
19:57:35| IMEI: 35967200xxxxxx
19:57:35| Phone: W800
19:57:35| Operator: EUROPE_2
19:57:35| CDA: CDA102337/10 R5A
19:57:35| Firmware: R1CA021
19:57:35| EROM: n/a
19:57:35| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The phone is being recognized as w800 with K750 firmware

I can upload Main fw and FS fw without any errors but when i try to finalize it it asks me for breakin firmware (15:57:46| Cannot open breakinfirmK750_R1DB001.bin)

15:57:37| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
15:57:46| Baseband ID: 8040
15:57:46| Hardware Platform: db2010 Marita compact
15:57:46| Protocol Version: 3.1
15:57:46| +++ Phone has restarted successfully...
15:57:46| Sending loadersdb2010_cid49red_flash_r2a003.bin...
15:57:46| This is a FLASH loader
15:57:46| Cannot open breakinfirmK750_R1DB001.bin
15:57:46| Your firmware doesn't exists in out library.You'll need to reflash your mainfirmware.Done flashing
15:57:46| ++ Disconnecting phone...
15:57:46| ++ You may now unplug your phone.
15:57:46| ++ Flashing was successful
15:57:48| Disconnected... Unplug the phone
15:58:10| Attempting to open the interface...
15:58:10| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I tried many diffrent FW's older new different region, and even cid 49 modified W800 firmware, no matter what i try it doesn't change the current state of the FW, is my phone dead?

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Sony Ericsson :: W580i - How To Get IMEI Number With No SIM Card?

Jun 13, 2008

I have a friends w580i locked to rogers. I want to use it on fido but I don't have a rogers SIM card and it keeps asking me to insert a correct SIM card. Any work arounds?

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Sony Ericsson :: K850i Giving Back Different Phone In Same Box (IMEI)

Mar 4, 2008

I was wondering if any1 would know what would happen in this situation. Basically I bought k850i from my local phone shop, knowing that I would receive a cheaper version in about a weeks time. I did this so I would not be phoneless. Now, I figured once the new phone came I could return that to the local store and get a refund. It occurred to me they would scan the bar-code on the box, so I could put the new phone in the old box with all the accessories (New IMEI phone in Old IMEI box). However, I realised that the bar-code also seems to include IMEI information.My question is, does the local store do anything with these IMEI numbers? For example if I brought it back and they scanned it back in, would it tell GSM(etc) network that the phone was not in use? Or if some1 else bought that phone on a network or something, would they scan in the IMEI & register it somehow?
I don't want my phone getting blacklisted but it would be a lot easier to bring it back otherwise would have to ebay it.

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Sony Ericsson :: K850 Will Work With A Foreign Sim - IMEI Unlocked

Apr 20, 2008

Im actually travelling to HK soon and was just wondering if my K850 will work with a foreign sim if I have my IMEI unlocked.

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Sony Ericsson :: W810i - How To Regain My Stolen Mobile By Using IMEI Number?

Sep 1, 2010

16-07-2010. I lost my mobile(somebody stole it) when I was at coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India. I need my Phone back its IMEI no is 354623010830579. I need my Mobile back coz, My life is stuck in it. My friends, My job Details, My every thing is my phone. So kindly reply for this request.

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Sony Ericsson :: Want To Know About Unlocking?

Jun 30, 2009

I want to know few things about unlocking.
1. What unlocking does to your phone? i know it changes some code to 0000 , but what accually it does?
2. How to know, is my phone unlocked or not?
3. If i unlock my phone using Aerix, will warranty take it to repair for free then?

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking A Sony Ericsson W810i?

Nov 10, 2007

How do I go about unlocking a W810i for free? it just says insert correct SIM when i place mine in it!

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking D750i?

Apr 25, 2007

There does anybody know how to unlock a D750i free using FAR manager or FLASH or anything

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking SE S700?

Apr 7, 2008

Im not sure if unlocking questions are allowed on this site, so remove it if its not allowed. I have an old Sony Ericsson S700 which I still think is a lovely phoen and I would like to use it as my second phone, but Vodafone Ireland won't give me the unlock code unless I have spent a fortune in credit.

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Sony Ericsson :: W350i Unlocking - Where Can I Get This From?

Aug 15, 2008

Trying to save myself a trip to the local shop where they unlock for 5.I have a new W350i.I need to unlock.
Currently on Vodafone.I've searched and searched: and can't find any software or free services.Can some tell me where to look?I have found 2 scam website though that send you 'tips' on how to unlock.(The tips are things like: go to a shop where they unlock, or get some software to unlock etc - really useful if you happen to be a marshan and have never lived on Earth.)(I paid and then forced a refund.)

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 / Unlocking Sim

Dec 15, 2008

My k800 was locked to 3 when i have tried to unlock the 3 network which i think i have done ,now my phone turns on and then i get the enter the correct sim ,i was just trying to unlock the sim so i can use any network, can anyone give me some advice on where i went wrong.starts up ok i enter the unlock code then it says enter correct sim.

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Sony Ericsson :: W610i - CID 53 Unlocking

Apr 14, 2009

I have a W610i CID 53 DB2020. Is there a free unlocking solution available as yet? Da Vinci want 22 to unlock it.

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Sony Ericsson :: Benefits Of Unlocking

Mar 3, 2010

i don't understand what is the benefits of unlocking,so can anyone tell me?
what is unlocking?Unlock what? what changes after unlock?
currently most famous tools is Aerix unlocker....

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Sony Ericsson :: C510 How To Do Unlocking?

Sep 15, 2010

I have sony c510.i need to unlock it for patching. But i m unable to find suitable software for it. Current status of fone is CERT :"RED" CID 53 How do i change that to BROWN without any failure?

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Sony Ericsson :: Z310i - Unlocking

Dec 6, 2007

To unlock this phone? Sony Ericsson z310i?

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking W910 To Red One?

Apr 13, 2008

I baught this phone on ebay, the w910, its the red one, and its locked to ORANGE, i took it somwhere to unlock and they say they cant do it, does anyone know if it is possible at all to unlock this phone?

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking K550I?

Apr 23, 2008

I have got a sony ericsson K550I and its on orange but i would like to use 02 but its saying wrong sim card how can i unlock this.

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking W810i

Apr 28, 2008

How to unlock a w810i? i forgot the unlock code of the phone and i can't figure out how to get the code. i'll like to know if i flash the phone it will unlocked it.

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking My SE W300i?

Jun 30, 2008

If anyone could help unluck my Sony w300i please email me or post on here.

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