Sony Ericsson :: K800 / GDFS Damaged?

Jun 19, 2009

Have anyone any GDFS for my k800?

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Sony Ericsson :: W890i Need A Gdfs Backup

Feb 1, 2009

i need a gdfs backup or rip for a if anyone has a w890i can they packup it and give it me please.also if theres a website that provides them please can u tell me.

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Sony Ericsson :: W800 - IMEI Name Does Not Match GDFS Name

Aug 5, 2007


Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:W800 GDFS:K750)
19:57:34| ...using IMEI name
19:57:34| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
19:57:35| PHONE INFO
19:57:35| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
19:57:35| DBID: db2010
19:57:35| OTP CID: 49
19:57:35| EROM CID: 49
19:57:35| EROM color: Red
19:57:35| IMEI: 35967200xxxxxx
19:57:35| Phone: W800
19:57:35| Operator: EUROPE_2
19:57:35| CDA: CDA102337/10 R5A
19:57:35| Firmware: R1CA021
19:57:35| EROM: n/a
19:57:35| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The phone is being recognized as w800 with K750 firmware

I can upload Main fw and FS fw without any errors but when i try to finalize it it asks me for breakin firmware (15:57:46| Cannot open breakinfirmK750_R1DB001.bin)

15:57:37| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
15:57:46| Baseband ID: 8040
15:57:46| Hardware Platform: db2010 Marita compact
15:57:46| Protocol Version: 3.1
15:57:46| +++ Phone has restarted successfully...
15:57:46| Sending loadersdb2010_cid49red_flash_r2a003.bin...
15:57:46| This is a FLASH loader
15:57:46| Cannot open breakinfirmK750_R1DB001.bin
15:57:46| Your firmware doesn't exists in out library.You'll need to reflash your mainfirmware.Done flashing
15:57:46| ++ Disconnecting phone...
15:57:46| ++ You may now unplug your phone.
15:57:46| ++ Flashing was successful
15:57:48| Disconnected... Unplug the phone
15:58:10| Attempting to open the interface...
15:58:10| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I tried many diffrent FW's older new different region, and even cid 49 modified W800 firmware, no matter what i try it doesn't change the current state of the FW, is my phone dead?

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Sony Ericsson :: Unlocking Phone Via Editing GDFS

Dec 9, 2008

I have read that the phone lock (permanent solution) is in the phone's GDFS, so I have backed up my GDFS and have made a safe copy of the original! Now I am opening it with WinHex (the only thing that will open a .bin file) and am looking to unlock to any phone.
Help me if you can!

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Sony Ericsson :: Gdfs Backup Of W200 Cid53

Mar 2, 2009

Is it possible and how? I tried setool and xs++ but dont support cid53, is it possible with far and how? I've to do it before change firmware.

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Sony Ericsson :: K810i - Not Detected By Computer - GDFS

Sep 2, 2009

My phone suddenly died and then when i turn it on, all i get is a red blinking light at the side or about 6 times. I tried to charge it but still got the same blinking light. So i turned to the net, and found out that my erom is busted... At the Setool, when i identiy my k810, all i get is "CSloader refused to start GDFS services,error is:29"... is my gdfs busted also? I havent been able to backup my gdfs... NOw, i cant connect my phone to the computer when i press C or 2+5...

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Sony Ericsson :: Backup Gdfs On K850i Cid53

Jan 24, 2010

today i brought k850i branded (o2) unlocked phone. now i need to mod it (camera,acoustic, etc..) before mod, i need to backup gdfs because few years ago i killed my k750i forever. please tell me are there any free way to backup gdfs on db3150 cid53 phone?

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Sony Ericsson :: GDFS Script On DB2020 CID53 Phone

May 19, 2009

Can we write GDFS script on CID53 phone using Far Manager? I really want to use the battery fix script on my CID53 phone cause YES it gives significantly increasing stand by time. We even can reset the phone total call time with GDFS script.

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Sony Ericsson :: W580i - Original Firmware In GDFS Backup

Jan 1, 2008

I just did an flash on my W580i was wondering if I backed up GDFS would the Original firmware that came with the phone be in this backup? If not can anyone provide me the default rogers firmware for this phone as I would need it encase the phone brakes during warranty period.

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Sony Ericsson :: K770 I - Phone Dead / How To Restore GDFS Backup?

Oct 27, 2009

Yesterday I try flash my phone (K770i) using phone XS++ 3.1 before that I already backup my GDFS after flash. I turn on my phone one message display. Please insert correct SIM card. I try solved and found my phone still locked (maybe). At the same time. I try to load new GDFS get from topsony web. My mistake already load completed. My phone dead. I try connect my phone using XS. Nothing happen. FAR manager also cannot. Only Setool can detect my phone but don't. How to use to restore my backup GDFS.

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Sony Ericsson :: Latest Firmware/Unbranded Or Cingular GDFS For T637?

Aug 7, 2005

I recently bought a Terminator Dongle to re-flash my AT&T T637 with an unbranded or Cingular GDFS but the GDFS files that I received with the Terminator Dongle does not work.

Does anyone have or know where I can download either an unbranded or Cingular GDFS for the T637?
I've searched the forum as well as google but can't seem to locate one anywhere.

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Sony Ericsson :: W810i - Loader GDFS Startup Failed / Phone Not Turning On

Apr 13, 2009

My W810i won't turn on after I modded it. I clicked flash plugged in my phone and held c everything was fine then it gave me this:
loader startup: executed
loader filesystem startup: executed
wrong response, break.
loader GDFS startup failed, that is fatal
Elapsed:238 secs.
Abort all operations.
phone pre-boot failed,possible RECOVERY needed.
Elapsed:5 secs."

Wrong response, break.
Loader GDFS startup failed, that is fatal
What does that even mean? Fatal? So I clicked stop and unplugged my phone and now it won't turn on!

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Sony Ericsson :: S500i - Cannot Open Phone Communication Port / Trying To Restore GDFS

May 13, 2009

I am having problems with my S500i. I have the flash drivers installed but when I try to connect it, it gives me the "Cannot open phone Communication Port". This hasn't happened before but when I hold the C and plug in the USB, the light on the side will go red for a second and nothing happens. I'm trying to restore my GDFS because my phone won't even turn on right now.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 - No Light

Aug 7, 2006

I just got k800 on 3g but i found out that mine dont have a light :S why is that? its got a flash but the flash dnt stay on? is somthing worng with my k800i?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 To K810 Kit On CNN.CN

Jan 14, 2008

When it comes to wanting to convert my k800 to a k810. I just like the look of the k810 alot more. Occasionally I get bored enough to find myself browsing CNN.CN. I went under k810i and found a K800 to K810 conversion kit!

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 - Firmware

Jan 24, 2008

I have downloaded a K800_R8BA024(europe) ... and a K800_R1JG001(main generic) and i was wondering what do i do from here...i dont know how to update my phone....could someone give me some simple steps to update my phone firmware ( through USB)

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Sony Ericsson :: K800? Cant Send Sms

Oct 1, 2008

has anyone had any prblem sending sms text messeges from the since sunday at 10pm all my sms' iv beed trying to seend just go straight to my outbox and wont send, its so frustrating now its defo not the sim as that works fine for sending them in other 02 phones, iv not changed any setiings as far as i know, and can send pic msgs and recieve sms' fine from everyone else hopefully i get this solved quick, the phone is only three weeks old and my bf accidently chucked away the box and receipt thinking it was from my old sony phone, so i rly dont wanna be stuck with this phone now

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 / Unlocking Sim

Dec 15, 2008

My k800 was locked to 3 when i have tried to unlock the 3 network which i think i have done ,now my phone turns on and then i get the enter the correct sim ,i was just trying to unlock the sim so i can use any network, can anyone give me some advice on where i went wrong.starts up ok i enter the unlock code then it says enter correct sim.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 - Virus

Dec 23, 2008

I have a sonyericsson k800i phone. It is a product of 3. it has been affected by a virus as a result muting the sound. i dont understand the process for flashing. i have heard of seus, k800i firmware but i dont know what they are.

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 How To Unlock?

Jan 7, 2009

friends what should i do to unlock my k800i. want to use a different sim

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 - Simlock CID 53

Apr 2, 2009

After I Had updated my K800 via SEUS it is been locked(simlock) So is there any chance to unlock it?

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Sony Ericsson :: K790 - K800 - LCD Take Off

Nov 6, 2006

Can anyone explain. I'm just sitting here staring at it. How do I properly take it off? This is very different from other models

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 - Mods

May 25, 2007

I just got a K800 but I don't know what to do to it to make it stand out?

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Sony Ericsson :: Mod K800 Into K810?

Jun 30, 2007

Is the k800 and the K810 built the same on the inside? Can we mod the K800 into a K810?

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Sony Ericsson :: Debranding K800?

Jan 5, 2008

I need my k800 debranded and i have the setool...i have looked on topseru site site and cant seem to find the right files.i know i need a main a fs and cda files but i dont seem to see them on there.if anyone can paste the links. i think i need these files = R1ED001 EUROPE_2 files (Main+FS) with "CDA102511/2 - EUROPE_2 - Generic United Kingdom

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Sony Ericsson :: K800i Flashing Stuck GDFS Backup / Restore Stuck

Oct 11, 2008

I cannot start up my K800i, can just get a white screen, so I try to flash it: Flashing was stuck every time in the middle, after I've heard a "hardware found" sound in XP: On the status bar of XS++ ---
[Sending flashblock [a different number every time]/460, Address= blah blah blah Size = blah...]
12:55:50| TURN OFF PHONE!
12:55:50| Hold 'C' button on phone and connect phone NOW.
12:55:50| You have 30 seconds...
12:55:55| Baseband ID: 9900
12:55:55| Protocol Version: 3.1
12:55:55| Phone name detected!
12:55:55| Profiling SEMC phone...
12:55:55| Platform: DB2020
12:55:55| OTP CID: 49
12:55:55| EROM CID: 52
12:55:55| EROM Color: Red
12:55:55| IMEI: 35170801xxxxxx
12:55:55| Phone ID: K800
12:55:55| Region: HONG_KONG
12:55:55| CDA: CDA102511/85 R7A
12:55:55| Firmware Version: R1CF001
12:55:55| EROM: R3A011
12:55:55| Ready for operation!
12:56:21| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~
12:56:21| Custpack: EUROPE_4 (CDA102511/101) (K800)
12:56:21| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes
12:56:21| Allowed languages: en, da, fi, is, sv, no,
12:56:21| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
12:56:31| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~
12:56:31| Custpack: HONG_KONG (CDA102511/85) (K800)
12:56:31| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes
12:56:31| Allowed languages: en, zh,
12:56:31| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
12:56:41| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin...
12:56:41| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J
12:56:41| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
12:56:41| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin...
12:56:42| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0
12:56:42| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
12:56:42| Sending db2020_cid52red_flash_r2a005.bin...
12:56:42| Applet ID: 061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
12:56:42| This is a FLASH loader
12:56:42| Now flashing firmware main...
12:56:43| Flashing d:users sunhindocumentssony ericssonxs++k810_r8ba024_main_hong_kong_sm_red52.mbn
12:56:43| Header type: BABE
12:56:43| 460 flashblocks

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Sony Ericsson :: Replace Your Damaged Lenses

Jul 14, 2006

many of us are complaining with a damaged or scratched camera lens, arent't we? So here's a simple guide for noobs on how to replace the camera lens. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT claim any responsibility for any kind of damage caused to phones by mishandling. If you are not experienced enough in working with this stuff, do NOT try it yourself - you might end up damaging your fone's housing or worse, damaging the camera module.
"" - The Indian Railways' Fan Club Online!

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Sony Ericsson :: Damaged Keys On 580i

Jun 7, 2008

i have the 580i unlocked. The center circle button went out and doesn't work completely, as well as the 'c' clear button. The 'call' button and the 'back' goes in and out as well. Any suggestions? A friend of mine gave me the phone and its not from AT&T..what are my options?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 Menu Modding

Aug 19, 2007

I took the dive today and modified the file and uploaded some new icons.

I have gonfigured the Play Now menu to open Mini Commander, which is my most often used java app. The Internet Services menu has been reset to open Video Maniac (a java player that is better for watching videos than the inbuilt player). This is just a taste of the possible menu mods.

There are also different styles for example single row menus, tabbed menus and animated menus.

Here at se-nse they have a growing collection of icon sets and menus:

Method is the same as usual, install files and icons in /tpa/preset/system/menu. (use XS++ to install)


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Sony Ericsson ::K800 Sometimes Resets Automatically

Feb 10, 2008

With my k800 i get a white screen flash and then it immediately resets. This generally happens once a day when i use the phone. I have heard of k800s giving the white screen and no longer turning on but my one has reset hundreds of times and still works. I do not have a memory card.. Could it be a memory issue resetting when it can no longer cope? Unrelated question, aside from opera mini and the built in one, are there any more browsers available for the k800 or SE phone out there?

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Sony Ericsson :: K800 - K850 - Upgrading

Feb 10, 2008

Is upgrading k800 to k850 advisable? well one factor that i really like is the trackid menu...second is the A200 platform...5mp is no longer big deal for me...

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