Samsung :: Sgh-a877 / Installing Games Via USB

Jul 3, 2009

can anyone tell me how to install games to my a877 via usb?

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Samsung :: Installing Games On D900

Oct 25, 2007

Have read every thread how to install the java games but I have a little prob I cant use the java uploader program. What should I do?And when I upload a jad file anto try to run it , it say's that it;s an unsupported file.My firmware ver: d900dxga2. I really want some games on my phone.

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Samsung :: Installing Games On G800

Jan 4, 2008

Something I stumbled on the net, I take no credit for this, Guide for a U700 But Tried and TESTED BY ME.

First you need the “Qualcomm USB” drivers and “BitPim”. Prepare the USB cable, but dont put it in!

BitPim: [url]

a. Unpack the drivers to a folder (exp. Desktop), but don’t install it!
b. Install BitPim.

1. You must entering follow code: *#0523#
2. [9] common >> [6] USB Configuration >> [2] Qualcomm USB[*]
--> Qualcomm USB Configured.
Plz Reconnect the Cable.0

3. Now put the USB cable in the phone and Pc.
--> Windows found a new hardware.
Install the hardware manual and chose the Qualcommdriver folder.
Now go to the Hardware manger ->Modems->Qualcomm, you must know the port number.

4. Open “BitPim” and configure the software for your u700.

Phone type: Other CDMA phone
Com port: *look at step 5*(you can Browse, but chose the right one!)

And press “OK”

5. Start “BitPim”, go to the menu “View” and active “View Filesystem”.

6. Klick on “Filesystem” (left in BitPim).
Now can you see a blue folder, open the folder (press on “+”).
--> … retrieving

7. Now put the games (jar and jad files) in the follow folder “Games” (Media->Games).

8. Disconnect the USB cable from the phone.

9. Leave the Qualcomm menu and entering this code in your u700: *#6984125*#
Now are you in “Admin setting” menu.

a. Select the menu [4] Internals (Master Key: *#9072641*#)
b. Chose the menu [7] Storage settings
c. Update media database, Update Java DB and Create AX Dat File.

That it’s! (You can leave “Admin setting”.)

Important: DON’T delete the games with the mobile phone, you must delete the games with “BitPim”.

Original desciption in german by "DerRichter",, translation by tariq_ch

I know a few people have been asking for this

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Samsung :: Installing Games On A SGH J210

Aug 9, 2008

How to install games on a samsung SGH j210

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Samsung :: G600 Installing Java Games

Nov 7, 2007

I am a new samsung user and having loads of problems with this phone, I hate it to be honest, but i cant install java games. I copy the .jar and .jad files to my other folder and try and install from there, I think I have found 3 games what work, the others just come back with the error "downloaded JAR are invalid". I have tried the same files in a SE with no problem at all so its not the games being faulty. Am I doing something wrong, can somebody please help.

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Samsung :: D900 Installing Java Games?

Feb 2, 2008

OK this is my first time on any forum so excuse any mistakes please.I've just recently bought a D900 and have tried to install games by putting the jar or jad files into "other files" folder, but they keep showing as unrecogniased file! I've look around on this forum and some phones have an unlock code for java games to be installed like this, does any one have one for the d900?

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Samsung :: Beat - SGH-t539 - Installing Games Via USB

Mar 25, 2008

I'm starting to think I'm the only person on the planet that's had a problem with this, or even tried it, but I have dozens of free games I want to install on my phone, and they won't show up in the menu! I've tried putting them on the card, and internal memory, but nothing. It's a Samsung Beat (T539) I have no interest is paying $5 a pop to try out crappy games when there's free games everywhere. I've scoured the net, and called both T-Mobile and Samsung, and they seem baffled by my intent NOT to DL the games thru the websites.

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Samsung :: Sgh J700 / Installing Games Larger Than 300KB

Oct 15, 2008

does anyone have any tips and tricks for the j700? I realize its a relatively new phone , but i wanna know if there's any way u could install games larger than 300kb's or any mods or flashes to get past that? Help would really be appreciated.

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Samsung :: Installing Java Games Using Link / Freeform

Jun 6, 2010

I downloaded some java games from mobile9, and have created the .jad file from the .jar file. I don't know how to now install these onto the phone (Samsung Link/Freeform SCH-R351).

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Samsung :: T629 Java Error Invalid Format For Installing Games

Oct 29, 2007

every 176x220 game I try to install tells me "java error. invalid format". I understand there is a small list of games that are compatible with this phone but even those are not working. Chessmaster for instance, installs correctly but every time i try to play it says "error" and fails to load. Am I doing something wrong?? Like trying to install a bad resolution for this phone?? I'm using the .jad and activation code to install everything. the only thing I HAVE gotten to work is a copy of 300 the mobile game and it was 240x320 i think it was so it was way too large for my screen.

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Samsung :: Tether Impression A877 (at&t) With A Mac

Apr 28, 2009

Does anyone have any hints on how I can tether my Samsung Impression (A877) with my Mac? I've tried everything possible, but can't seem to get the two to be friends. Why can't Samsung create a program for Macs already?

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Samsung :: A707 - A877 Take Same Car Charger?

May 31, 2009

Do the Samsung A707 and A877 take the same car charger?

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Samsung :: Impression SGH-A877 - Connect To The 3G Network

Aug 19, 2010

My Impression has been stuck on the Edge network for 3 or 4 days now, no matter where I go. It used to be connected to the 3G+ network. I use AT&T. I looked at my wife's phone to see if her phone was stuck on the Edge network, and it isn't. She is connected to 3G. I spoke, or chatted with AT&T, and they told me it could be the phone, since my wife's phone is fine. She wanted me to put my SIM card into my wife's phone and then see if it connects to 3G. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to get it to connect to the 3G network again.

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Samsung :: A877 Impression - Not Recognizing My Online AIM Friends

Oct 23, 2009

I just got the phone today. <1 minute of talk time on it. Haven't had much time to read the manual yet (about to go to bed actually), but I got both of my AIM setup on it, but it doesn't recognize hardly any of my online friends. Whats the deal with this?

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Samsung :: Impression A877 Software Or Firmware Fixes?

Jun 4, 2010

I would like some software or firmware fixes for the following issues on the Impression. I have the MultiLoader_V.562 & TKFE softwares and the original Samsung USB cable. I have read that some may not be possible on the website, but maybe there are more experienced programmers in this forum. I'm hoping the latter is the case! Here are the items I would like seeing solved, in no particular order:

1) Text bug, whereas the text stalls in the "Outbox" and the phone must be power-cycled to return to normal.
2) a) Slider qwerty has slow-response time in regards to letters pressed;
b) Pressing space bar twice creates a period;
c) Certain letters (mainly A, E, & N) aren't accepted if pressed quickly.
3) Possibility to install firmware found in SPTbox format (with the .crz file type)
4) Possibility to install another OS, such as Windows or Android.

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Samsung :: Unbranded A877 I Wanted To Pickup Something Like The LG GR500/Xenon

Apr 19, 2009

My phone recently just quit on me and I wanted to pickup something like the LG GR500/Xenon or Samsung A877, the A877 has that new screen so I was interested in getting that but it appears to be only available through AT&T? Is there an unbranded version available?

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Samsung :: Impression A877 - Way To Bypass Or Master Clear To Unlock

May 30, 2009

My friend is selling me a samsung impression for $50! I said I'll take it, but when I went to use it, it had a user passcode on it, so the phone is useless. Is there a way to bypass that or even master clear it on the lock screen? I don't want the information, just to be able to use the phone.

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Samsung :: Impression SGH-A877 / Unable To Send Texts Randomly

Jun 7, 2009

I am now on my second impression and it does the same thing. At least once to twice a day it just randomly stops sending texts messages. It will get stuck on sending and keep asking to retry. I have to turn the phone off and once it powers back up I can send the message. I am losing my patience with this phone as its my second one and its doing the same damn thing.DOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA HOW TO FIX THIS OR WHERE I SHOULD GO FROM HERE?

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Samsung :: SGH-A877 Impression How To Unlock Without Calling AT&T Customer Service

Sep 24, 2009

I just recently bought the Samsung SGH-A877 (Impression) From AT&T. sthere any way to unlock this phone without calling the AT&T customer service. I know the AT&T customer service wail make you wait for 3 hr's plus and the codes they will be given will not work.Is there a way? i need the unlock code.. please help.. i will appreciate it very much.

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LG :: Installing Games On Chocolate

Mar 16, 2007

im using bitpim and I can *** ringtones ,pictures,etc but I dont know where to install the games.Which file to I have to create so games show up.I know I have to use the fielsystem to install files on to the phone and I think the games have to go under the brew extenstion just dont where.

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Motorola :: Having Trouble Installing Games On V3x

Oct 22, 2006

I am having trouble installing games on my v3x. I found a guide that said that the phone had to be accessed like a usb drive, but when I plug the usb cable in, though it shows a removable drive, when I click on it it says to insert a disk into that drive, and so won't open. I also tried transferring the files via bluetooth from a friend's laptop, but that didn't work.

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Motorola :: Installing Programs / Games On V3c

Mar 7, 2007

I have a V3c Razr along with a USB cable and Motorola Phone Tools. I was wondering where I can download programs and games for my phone. Also, I'd like to know how to install them.

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Motorola :: Need Help Installing Java Games

Sep 2, 2007

I'm kind of new to this but I tried some guides that were posted up here and I can't figure it out. I got P2ktools and ***** right ow, I got the usb cable and I know how to add ringtones using *****. But when it comes to Java Games I have no Idea. I got a i870 motorola and I can use any help to upload games to my phone.

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LG :: UX 830 File System / Installing Games

Apr 14, 2009

I was wondering if anyone had any info on how to install games on to a ux 830 phone or similar. I saw that its possible to edit parts of the phone through the file system on this forum, such as fonts or splash screens. I was wondering if anyone has used the file system to install games. I have a LG ux830 from USCC and i dont have the easy edge plan purchased. When I go into easy edge, i can see the "tone room" application, it doesnt work but i believe this is where games are located when purchased from easy edge, if anyone could confirm this that would be great. So i believe if you purchase more games they would show up in the file system in this area. However i cant seem to find where the "tone room" is stored in the file system.

If anyone has a screenshot of their file system location of games on a UX 830 or similar phone that would be great or if they know where the folder of easy edge apps are stored under the file system or if they have any further knowledge on how to get games onto the phone it would be greatly appreciated.

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HTC Desire Z :: Installing Hd Games To Sd Card

Jan 6, 2013

I have a HTC desire sv almost same specs as x the problem I'm facing is I'm unable to install hd games since the phone storage has only 800mb. space.i have gone to settings>apps and checked for the option to move to sd card but there are only 2 options available move to phone and move to internal.I cannot play game's like max payne.since the cache is too big for the phone memory.

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Nokia :: 5530 - Installing Games Programs

Sep 1, 2009

I have a problem installing games programs and everything else. The phone prepares the instalation to one point and stops . That happens every time i try to install something.

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Motorola :: Moto E815 Installing Games?

May 31, 2007

So I know this is prob an old phone to you all by now and there are probably lots of threads about this and trust me iv looked at them all. But none of them are working for me. I keep reading one person posting a solution and like 10 people posting "AWESOME IT WORKS NOW" and well it doesnt work for me nothing does and i am wondering why??? so heres some info and hopefully someone can help.i need games bad.

I live in Canada
Service provider is MTS (All Stream)
Phone: Motorola E815
Problem: Need games and nothing works
What have i tryed?: PST (cannot connect to my phone) have tryed many other apps with no success. I do get the modem in device manager and as of now have Motorola phone tools working.. but thats it.

Also... I do believe my phone uses Java not BREW because someone on here (i believe it was an old post) gave a link to a site with games where you go to it from your phone and download it right to it ( from your phone and go to games and select the game you want. Then it gives you the option of service provider. #1 Sprint, #2 ATT, T-Mobile, Cingular. Only #1 works (Sprint) so what does this mean>? does sprint use java or something else, because then thats probably what my phone uses.

ALSO how does one set up a site to have games on it so people can download?? because in theory couldnt i just set up a site. Add the games and then visit the site from my phone and then hit the download link? Well I have tryed and no luck i got some kind of an error. Is there a special way to set the download link up so it goes to the right spot on the phone?? This would be the best way if someone could help..

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LG :: Installing Games On Vx8550 Chocolate With Bitpim

Nov 28, 2008

I have the program bitpim and have found the folder containing my other games. I'm wondering how to install .jar and .jad files onto the phone. They are game files. I'm totally lost though because my other games are composed of .sig and .mod files as well as others that vary. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I just want to install these programs.

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Nokia :: X6 / Froze At Startup After Installing Apps / Games From Ovi

Apr 9, 2010

i have just installed some apps/games from the ovi store. and after i restarted the phone it stayed on the (blue letters) NOKIA logo. no matter how many times i have removed/reinserted the battery it will always stay on the above mentioned logo.anything i could do beside from resetting the device with the 3 buttons sequence?should i take it directly to a Nokia care point to check it?i have two years warranty, is it possible to provide me with a new phone?Do you want to get all the firmware updates for your phone? Get a SIM-free one!It's so easy!

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Sony Ericsson :: Installing Free Games On Mobile?

Oct 18, 2007

Just one question regarding the games, what I wanted to know is when the (free) games have been installed onto your mobile are there any charges to say a contract phone or are they 100% free to play? Because some games require Internet access and will obviously cost a fair bit of cash if played for a long time.

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Motorola Droid 3 :: Installing Games - Cannot Load / Out Of Memory Error?

Jul 16, 2011

I have tried to install 2 different games: Fieldrunners & Need for Speed Shift and I get the error can't load since out of memory? I don't have that many games (8-10?) and have plenty of memory. This is much less than I had installed on my HTC TB & Droid X and had no issues.

Under App downloaded tab have 731mb used, 1.3G free
Under all tab, 725 mb used, 1.3g free
Under media area 1.6g used, 9.8g free
Under running tab, have 233 mb used, 121mb free

I have a 32g SD card installed as well.

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