Samsung :: New Firmware Update For The Innov8?

Mar 4, 2009

I want to know when samsung is going to make a new firmware avaible to download for the innov8 i8510. I can't find a new firmware to download anywhere on the internet. I know there has been on released in 2009 because my friends i8510 has it! All the ones I can find are from months ago.


Samsung :: I8510 INNOV8 Update - Devices Don't Support Native Language

Sep 12, 2008

i'm planing on getting the Samsung INNOV8, and i was wondering if there is an arabic language pack for it? i don't want to type in arabic, but i want to receive aarbic text messages which is not a buncha squares(same goes or Omnia)

one of Samsung mistakes in the middle east is that they release all their phones in english(arabic text coems up as scribles when received) first, then a month later(if w're lucky) we get an arabic version! now can you can tell me how they're supposed to sell their products when their devices don't support the native language? it's like releasing a Nokia phone in japan with french menus only, and a month or two later they release the japanese language pack!!!!! how is that supposed to work if you want to cater to the market instantly? all Nokia phones here come in English, Arabic, Farsi, French, Russian and German. they have at least 3-4 language packs pre-installed!

i want to get the INNOV8 so badly, but the lack of arabic support is irritating me, they said it should be available in a month! month? MONTH? why not now? also where can i find the Samsung software updater? or can only be done at the Samsung dealer? and last, do all Nokia N95 application for example such as emTube and Profimail work on the i8510 INNOV8?

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Samsung :: Where To Buy Innov8

Sep 13, 2008

im just curious if anyone in Canada has this phone right now? and where did you buy it? Cause ive been itching to get it for awhile now!

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Samsung :: Innov8 - Where To Get Ringtones?

Nov 26, 2008

Can someone upload or place a link for the Innov8 stock ringtones? I cant find them anywhere.

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Samsung :: At&t Mms Settings For 18510 Or Innov8

Oct 15, 2008

I've been looking all over the internet for these settings and i could not find them then i ran across these. And this [url] This worked for me give it a try. oh yeah on your i8510 its says destinations that is their term for access points.

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Samsung :: Innov8 Expired Certificate

Dec 5, 2008

is there anyway of a workaround on this.. it seems like everything i download i always get a expired certificate.

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Samsung :: Innov8 - Touchscreen Capability

Dec 13, 2008

I was just wondering i heard this phone is half touchscreen when it comes to the menu is that true or there is no touchscreen capability?

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Samsung :: Innov8 I8510 Toolbox

Dec 20, 2008

Here are some tools I have collected for the Innov8.
Use at your own risk!



IMEI Config.

SSDN Config.

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Samsung :: Innov8 Get Gmail To Work

Jan 14, 2009

How do i get gmail to work on my samsung innov8?. have tmobile web2go currently.

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Samsung :: Innov8 - Vibration Alert More Than Once?

Jan 25, 2009

when you get a text message isn't it suppose to vibrate more then once on the Invv08.

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Samsung :: Innov8 - No Compatibility With All Service Networks?

Oct 13, 2008

I ordered a Samsung Innov8 from its advertised as:

"Boundless Connectivity
Enjoy superfast downloads and wireless connectivity with HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth and EDGE".

"Network Technology
Quad Band:Yes
GSM:Yes, 850/900/1800/1900
Compatible with:AT&T-Cingular, T-Mobile, Fido, Rogers and other GSM Carriers Worldwide"

One might thing this means it will function on Rogers 3g but as I just found out from them it does in fact not. They told me I was not eligible for a refund or credit because the phone works but if it does not work on 3G I'm at a loss to see how they can make such a statement. It would seem I'm screwed because I in good faith purchase a phone with the specifications listed on their website but they don't tell you it doesn't work on Rogers 3G even though they list Rogers network and even though they advertise one of the phones functions as HSDPA! This is outrageous!!! Should you choose to do business with them your are quite literally asking to be screwed over because they don't send you your warranty card and they don't provide a phone that performs as advertised their position is "the phone works" so you cant get an exchange or refund but how can this be true if the phone doesn't work on 3G like their website says? I'm very disappointing and would warn you all to be very wary of their shallow return/exchange period and their deceptive advertising. I learned the hard way, hopefully those reading this wont have to suffer a large financial loss to find out.

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Samsung :: I8510 Innov8 / Need Info About Battery Life

Nov 18, 2008

I'm thinking of getting this mobile phone however I want an honest opinion about the battery life is it another N95 / N96 with crap battery life?I heard that it was a great phone but im a bit wary of the comments on battery life.

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Samsung :: Innov8 / I8510 Perfect Compatibility With T-Mobile

Jan 11, 2009

I've been searching for days online and on here, to find out if anyone has had perfect compatibility with T-Mobile USA with their Innov8? I'm really close to buy one, is there anything I should know..What phone did you use to base your T-Mobile configuration on it for MMS, SMS (should be automatic right?), WAP, etc.

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Samsung :: Innov8 Usb Connectors Have Broken Apart / Impossible To Charge Phone

Mar 8, 2010

i have a samsung innov8..have had it for over a year now. the usb connectors have broken apart now, and it is impossible to charge the phone. does anybody here know of anywhere i can either get it fixed or where i can order/find another USB?

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Samsung :: Buying The Samsung INNOV8

Mar 4, 2009

thinking about buying the samsung innov8 any suggestions? any warnings? also where can i purchase this phone from?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Samsung-apps Camera Firmware Update Available?

May 15, 2011

Just updated via Samsung Apps the camera firmware to a CDE11 or something version. Took 4 minutes to update and flash this firmware. I wonder what exactly it changed in the camera firmware? Hopefully improved things or bug fixes.I will test a few videos and see if the bitrate has changed or not.

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Samsung :: Update - U600 - Firmware

May 15, 2007

Is there any way to update my Samsung U600 firmware, if there is an update available?

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Samsung :: D900 - How To Update Firmware?

Oct 12, 2007

Does anyone know which D900 firmware will let me use a 2gb memory card? And where can I download this and how can I install it to my phone?

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Samsung :: Firmware Update For G600

Apr 19, 2008

I have the samsung g600 version G600ABGL1, i want to know if you can get an update so you can have custom sms tones, because the samsung ones are annoying.

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Samsung :: SGH L288 - Firmware Update For 3G?

Oct 10, 2008

I need a firmware update for a new L288 3G mobile. Unfortunately local service and providers have no firmware for this model, since it is only sold in Asia.

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Samsung :: SGH-U600 Firmware Update

Oct 18, 2008

I was given a "unlocked" Samsung SGH-U600 phone by a friend. My carrier here in the USA is AT&T (Cingular). I have been using the phone for 2+ months and was experiencing some random "dropped calls" and "fade-outs".

As this phone is NOT sold or used by any carrier in the USA, I decided to see if maybe getting a "newer" firmware might fix the problem.

Looking at: as reference, the original revision that I had on this phone was:

U600BOGI1 (T-Mobile carrier code with a September 2007 rev. 1)

I then decided to "flash" this phone with OptiFlash to the "newest" version, which I could find:

U600XXGK2 ("Generic Western European" code with November 2007 rev. 2)

The flash went all okay, but when I restarted the phone, it would not accept any SIM cards. I tried 3 different cards, but I would still get an "Insert SIM card" message upon turning the phone on. However, when I tried to do the test codes on the phone, all was okay. And the diag code confirmed that the new firmware was indeed correctly flashed.

I then decided to "flash" the phone again to this revision:

U600BOGD4 (T-Mobile carried code with April 2007 rev 4.)

and now it is working again normally. I don't know if my problems have been fixed, as I have had this newer firmware for only 6 hours.

So, my question is this: Why would an UNLOCKED phone not work with that November 2007 revision? I assume that there is something still something in that phone which only allows it to work with a T-mobile related firmware. There are number of "T-mobile" only related options in this (& original) firmware (like Web'n'Walk , T-zones), and I would not mind loosing them since I use AT&T.

I am also wondering if the current firmware that I am using now from April 2007 revision 4 is "better" then what I had originally, which was September 2007 revision 1?

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Samsung :: S7350 / Firmware Update Available

Feb 17, 2009

The phone is out, and there is new firmware already!,16.0.html

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Update The Firmware

Jan 25, 2013

S 2 firmware I'm looking for some help i have just had my phone replaced after it was stolen. I'm wanting to updated the firmware with Kies but it says.your current device's firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies.

current firmware version: PDA:LPJ / PHONE:LPJ / CSC:LPJ (XXX)

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Firmware Update To 2.3.5?

Nov 8, 2011

I updated my Firmware using Kies and everything seemed to have gone smoothly until i started using the phone. I now have the following issues;

1 Pink spot on camera that wasnt there before

2 My phonebook keeps crashing and my buddy widgets for the phonebook also resets

3 SMS crashes as well

I thought it was suppost to be a fix. If i had known this would happen i wouldnt have upgraded the firmware!

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Samsung :: U600 Firmware Update Review

Jun 14, 2007

Alright folks My phone had the UK firmware.and I flashed it today to the Hong Kong firmware so that i could use the korean language. To my surprise there are a lot more new features than i expected.
To my dismay my games are gone.I will post a brief list of new features now and then more in depth later.
1.) Under the language a new feature appears. "Fussy pinyin pairs"
2.) Under dialing display there is no more "theme" feature.and the styles are gone
3.) Under keypad tone...there is now beep, woman, girl xylophone.
You don't have to have the dialiing in normal to select a different sound.
4.) Under light settings there is now a "flash lamp" setting. Where you can change time from 0, 15, 30 1min, 3min.
5.) Also the Edge logo is gone but appears only when a connection is made. So far this is all that i have found.
When I find more I will update this thread.By the way I am in Dallas, Tx on T-mobile and so far so good.

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Samsung :: U600 - Unable To Update The Firmware

Jul 31, 2007

Just got a U600 on Orange (in UK) and the firmware is absolutely terrible! They've stuck their own menu on it! The only thing they've left intact is the Samsung logo on the front (they were kind enough to put their own logo on the back). I need firmware to flash it to the firmware Samsung intended. Where is it available? And do I need a special cable or can I use the one that came with the phone?

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Samsung :: SCH-u740 Verizon Firmware Update

Jan 8, 2008

Verzion has a new SW version out. And this is confirmed from the Fort Wayne, IN Jefferson Point VZW store. The new software is V. u740.AF25. I have this update on mine and my wifes u740's. The update also didnt whipe the phone cleam of all data unlike my V3c update did. It appers to be mainly a performance update with nothing obviously new to the features list, but dont quote me on it. Its seam to have stoped the random restart issue i was having.

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Samsung :: Most Recent Update Version Of Firmware?

Aug 13, 2008

just out of curiosity what is the most recent up to date version of firmware? and what is the download number? also would this have anything to do with me not being able to receive text messages from users of other carriers such as AT&T ( i am using verizon)? because i broke my old LG about a week ago and got the Alias as my replacement and just recently i've noticed i have not been getting my text messages on time or not at all. this only applies though when it is being sent from a non-verizon user. i dont know what to do. is it my phone?

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Samsung :: M540 / Firmware Update Via USB Cable?

Dec 26, 2008

I Need To Do A Firmware Update Via USB Cable Because The Phone Is Disconnected With Sprint And It Is Going To Be Metroflashed. I Would Like To Do The Firmware Update So That I Can Have My Own Ringtones Instead Of The Crappy Ones.

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Samsung :: OMNIA I900 Firmware Update

Jan 5, 2009

I live inthe u.s. and was where i could get the newest firmware update for omnia, i have the DXHG2 version currently and seem to have trouble finding the latest one. If u can please help

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Samsung :: BI29 / Firmware Update On Glyde

Feb 3, 2009

I'm trying to update my brothers glyde. He has it on metropcs so going to Verizon for the update is not an option. Is there anywhere I can download this update and install it myself?

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Samsung :: Update Instinct Firmware Outside Sprint

Feb 24, 2009

Is there a way I can get all the updates to my samsung instinct withouth being in Sprint or in the US. I brought an Insitnct to Mexico and many things do not work. For example email. I can not configure it because it asks for my phone number and I dont have a sprint phone numer. Also I can not get the other updates. I have tried also to download oepra mini but there is an error.

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Samsung :: Blackjack M6200 - Sms App - Firmware Update

Dec 12, 2009

I'm currently in Korea and im using the Samsung Blackjack Ultra Messaging m6200.

It looks like Samsung installed its own SMS app and its not using the windows mobile one. I don't like this because the SMS settings in WM5's OS do not have priority over Samsung's app and they are very limited...

The SMS audio notification is VERY LOW and can barely be heard, even in a quiet room...there is no option to raise the volume

is there a way to change the SMS app? Is there a firmware update for this unit? I can't read korean, so i have no idea how to navigate the Korean Samsung support page and its not listed on the American one...

If i reinstall WM5 (US Version), can i still use the Korean keys on my phone?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Firmware KG2 Update Keeps Failing

Sep 22, 2011

PC is running Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 (64bit version) I have Kies version is, The upgrade starts ok and runs until the phone displays 'Downloading...' at which point I get the message 'PC failed to recognise the mobile phone.' and says to disconnect phone, remove battery, restart phone and try again. This i have done several times but the same thing happens every time.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Failed During Firmware Update?

Oct 7, 2011

I accepted doing it, so it backed-up some of my data and started the installation. The progress bar remained at 0% for more than 40 minutes and I became suspicious that it was not working. I tried interrupting with the cancel button and that didn't work, so the only way was to remove the cable (yes there were warnings not to do it... still I assumed that this scenario would have been foreseen). Kies woke up with the interruption and asked if I wanted to do an emergency firmware recovery, I said yes and proceeded with it. It gave me some instructions to switch off the phone, replace battery, and remove the cable. I switched the phone off and on again and there appeared a symbol representing the loss of connection to the PC, so I re-connected. The recovery started fine, but half way through it, it failed due to a problem on the phone. Since then the phone is dead. It won't start anymore.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Camera Firmware Update?

Oct 20, 2011

trying to find out what this camera update actually does. My camera worked perfectly well but when I was on the Samsung Apps I noticed the camera firmware update which I downloaded. ow I have a little icon on my application folder and just wonder if this is a genuine app? and if so why is it not uploaded when I look for a software update on the phone or via Kies. Strange thats it is in the Samsung Apps?Can I remove this app by uninstalling or has it been flashed to the ROM?When I loaded it it took 4 mins and I had to reboot the phone when I did this it cam

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Software Update ..firmware?

Nov 21, 2011

I'm new but am trying to update my phones software I click onto settings and update it updates has me do a reboot Then asks me to do another update It's a Galaxy S2 unbranded unlocked It says its Andriod 2.3.3 Kernel2.6.35.7-19I9100XWKE7-CL215725root@dell103#2nd when i do *#1234# i get PDA I 900XWKE7Phone I9100XXKE4CSCI9000XEUKDIBuild 1810 Wed 19May KST2001Any ideas whats happening

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Samsung :: Clock / Theme Error After Firmware Update

May 15, 2007

This sounds trivial but it's driving me absolutely insane. I just upgraded to the XEFk2 firmware and now on my main screen I have two clocks instead of one. Initially before I did the update I had one large clock on the top right with roman numerals for every quarter hour, now after I flashed the phone I have a duplicate clock. This one is on the top left and is smaller with no roman numerals. I'm using the "uGo" theme and I'm in the US so I get the green pasture "field", but this two clock thing is annoying because I have to look at it all the time. Anybody else had this issue or know how to fix it? I like the uGo themese and don't want to stop using them, there has to be a way to fix it.

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Samsung :: G600 - Flash Cable - Update Firmware

May 14, 2008

I've been making my computers since 1998 but two days ago, ive got my first cell phone (10 years diff. phew.......) so i want to remove the branding from my g600 among other things. So i thought to update firmware.

So here is the question.

What is flash cable?
Is it the data cable that can recharge the cell phone?
Is is the data cable that can also recharge but is not the same as some other recharging data cable?
How can i identify a data cable to be a flash or a simple data cable?

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Samsung :: U900 Soul / Firmware Update Links

Dec 11, 2008

You will not believe it, but there is a new Firmware out! I just received it from my Russian brothers.This is the newest release on the Russian hand sets (Yes there is English support).I just flashed and its perfect, Yet again even louder ringer and crisper mp4 recording.You have you're pick here though:U90U is the gray (Standard modle) U90F is the (Rose Modle) Adds one more profile, (Rose), one new ringtone,and some female oriented games.Also received a new multiloader (haven't tried it yet) Here they are!

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