Samsung :: Hard Reset For Sch-r451c

Dec 15, 2009

Phone: Sch-r451c
Mood: frustrated

Alright well i just got straight talk, bought the service three days ago. Everything was going fine i was making calls, using the internet, and sending a **** load of text messages. well today i came home to find that i wasn't receiving any calls. so i came home and started to make a phone call. the phone displays calling..... i cant hear any ringing the screen disappears. it doesnít say anything. it doesnít say call failed, nothing. so i try agian. and now i get call failed. i have full bars. ok so i try txt messaging, txt failed to send. ok now i go driving thinking maybe its the cell phone tower near my place same thing. i have full bars but cant make any calls i ask my friend to call my phone. nothing it doesnít ring. so by this time i call customer service. i spend 45 mins to do the basic b.s. they have to do by reading off a piece of paper. Pull out your battery let the phone sit for 1min and then put the battery back in (start the phone still cant call) do a phone reset even asked the guy to reactivate my account. Nothing he keeps asking me to call the activation line *22890 well it doesnít work because the phone isnít ringing. so I tell the guy it not ringing still and i guess he gave up because he hung up on me. I call back get a different guy. Told the guy i just went thru everything and nothing worked. He tells me to return the phone and get another one. well Wal-Mart doesnít even have this phone in stock i check the three that are around me. i ask can you send me anther phone because i think this is bs that i have to return the phone and call you when iam at Wal-Mart to transfer everything over. i ask the guy for a complete full refund including the 45 dollar unlimited card that is not refundable. he then goes on to tell me wait one sec while i write you a ticket for level two support so they can hard reset your phone. he then tells me its going to take 48 hours to hard reset my phone. He gives me a ticket number and says call back in 48 hours.
So anyways

Basically does anyone know how to hard reset this phone? i think it bs just to get me off the line how is he going to reset a phone that canít even make a connection to the tower. I donít have the usb cable is there a key combination I can type or press to get this thing to hard reset. I did go thru the hidden menus that are posted and did not see anything.

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Samsung :: St-R451C / Factory Reset

Nov 5, 2009

Is there a way to factory reset this phone before I put it on Craigs list? I went through the "setting" tab but, I didn't see anything

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Samsung :: R451C - How To Reset To Clear Info?

Apr 21, 2010

I'm selling my R451C and want to clear all info from it. I can't find anything in the manual or online so far.

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Samsung :: Way To Reset IE Without A Hard Reset?

May 18, 2008

Is there a way to reset your IE without a hard reset? Somehow, I have lost the browser button functionality (no backbutton or favorites). Not only do they not work, the bar at the bottom is completely blank.A hard reset would take me about 5 or 6 hours of re-moding (is that even a word, lol).

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Samsung :: I780 - Hard Reset?

Feb 29, 2008

Please anyone knows how to hard reset the phone but with a combination of keys, I install pocket plus and I cant reset from the touch screen because didn't work.

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Samsung :: I900 Hard Reset

Jan 8, 2009

Can not do a Hard Reset.
1. I just tried to Soft Reset my omnia I900 after I removed a program.
2. The phone started up with the Samsung Omnia screen then played the tune and went to the SAMSUNG screen.
3. Then I only get a Trackpad arrow and nothing else except some pixel dots.
I even removed the battery, SD card and SIM card after each Soft/hard Reset separately.I tried to do a hard reset using these instructions:How to perform a Hard Reset using the hard keys:if you encounter some problems & after several attempts still no improvement, try the Hard Reset to return to factory settings. Back up your stuff first before the Hard Reset if you choose to reformat your Storage***
1.Press soft reset hole beside the power button.
2.Press Call and Cancel Button together when you see the Samsung Omnia on the screen.
3.Reset Screen appear with "Are you sure you want to format? Format or Cancel".This hard reset does not erase the 8/16GB memory. To reset everything, use the software hard reset > Settings/System/Hard Reset.There is also option to format the storage card.I assume the Call button is the Talk/speaker phone key on the bottom left and the Cancel button is the End/Device lock key on the bottom right.if that is correct, nothing happens such as the Reset Screen appearing with 'Are you sure you want to format?'

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Samsung :: Blackjack - Trying For Hard Reset?

Feb 28, 2009

I'm trying to perform a hard reset on my BJ. I searched and came up with pressing up on the D-pad while powering on. Is this correct? I've done that and it's just sitting there on the Windows Mobile start-up screen, it's been at least 10 minutes?

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Samsung :: I616 - Hard Reset

Jul 9, 2009


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Samsung :: SGH-C327 - Hard Reset Method

Aug 16, 2007

How to hard reset the Samsung SGH-C327?My screen is not working and my ringer has gone silent so I was wondering if you can merely input a code to reset it?

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Samsung :: I607 Blackjack Hard Reset

Sep 8, 2007

i607 Blackjack on AT&T network. I have unlocked the phone and installed and uninstalled many apps. I have also altered the menu structure to get rid of all of the annoying 'pay-to-use' AT&T links. I want to return to the way the phone was when I got it, unlock it, and install only the apps I really use. Will a hard reset (do not really remember how to do it), take me back to the beginning? Will anything? If not, how would you go about really cleaning up the system. everything works perfectly, it is just a clean up effort.

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Samsung :: Blackjack II / Hard Reset Required

Feb 20, 2008

Anyone know how to do a hard reset of the BlackjackII?I installed some software to allow me to receive Chinese characters in my SMS and now the phone locks up when it boots (won't accept any user input). I can still connect to it through active sync though.Any help would be VERY much appreciated. I'm in a foreign country and totally screwed without my mobile.

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Samsung :: Sgh-X830 How Can I Make A Hard Reset?

May 13, 2008

How can I make a Hard Reset on my Samsung sgh-X830?

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Samsung :: SCH-u540 / Hard Reset Required

Jan 20, 2009

How do I do a hard reset on my sch-u540? I would like to give it to someone and I want to erase everything on it.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Hard Reset And Calculator App Is Gone?

Oct 29, 2011

had to do a hard reset and calculator app is gone , how do i get it back ?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Backing Up Before Doing A Hard Reset

Jan 24, 2013

I am not very well versed in computerspeak , and have never had to back up anything on my phone. I am having no luck in diagnosing a problem with my bluetooth(won't turn on) , Samsung has suggested doing a Hard re set ,in hopes of fixing the problem. I would like to back up ALL of my data , contacts , apps , texts , etc. , but have no idea on how to go about it. I did a search here and became even more confused ! Will I be backing up to a pc , if so will I need a physical connection , will I backup with KIEs , and again , how is this done , and what , if any apps should I get to make my life easier , by the way after this , I want to update the OS as I am using gingerbread.

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Samsung :: Hard Reset Blackjack - No Phone Service

Jul 28, 2007

I had to hard reset my blackjack because it was locked up and there was no other option. Once the reset finished I restarted the phone and now I have no phone service. The homescreen says 'phone off'. I went into settings, phone, and my number is not even listed. It's not reading the sim card any longer. I put the sim card into my old RAZR thinking maybe I damaged it, but it works fine in my RAZR. Is there something I have to reset on my blackjack to get my phone service back and for it to start reading the sim card again since I did a hard reset?

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Samsung :: D900 / Hard Reset / No Manual Entry

Nov 8, 2007

How do i do a HARD RESET on a D900?there is no manual entry on this... just about resetting software settings... (ie settings menu & option 9)

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Samsung :: Delv - Hard Reset - Download Navigation

Jun 15, 2009

My friend has a used Samsung Delve and wants to download navigation, my cast weather, nutsie etc but cant because they have been previously downloaded and deleted. I figured if I could hard reset the phone it would clear this history that is preventing these trial apps. Im not sure how to hard reset this phone and also not sure if that is the best thing to do to fix this problem.

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Samsung :: R800 - Is Hard Reset Button Hidden On Delve?

Aug 12, 2009

Is there a hard reset button hidden on the delve? I have read that there is supposed to be a button under the battery cover, but this phone does not have one that I can find. The phone has lost its calibration for the virtual keypads, calibration works everywhere else fine but the dialer and keyboards are way off.

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Samsung :: Blackjack II - After Hard Reset No Option For Outlook Notes Syncing

Dec 28, 2007

I was able to sync my Outlook notes with BJ II through Activesync. But after doing a hard reset, I don't get that option anymore. I am wondering if I have missed a step. Please note that I did not use any 3rd party program.

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Samsung :: T509 Hard Reset Or Master Clear / Sync With Outlook

Jun 5, 2008

I tried the search queries, but it didnt bring any results back. I just acquired a t509 while my Blackberry Curve is out for repair. How do I do a master clear or a hard reset? Basically, I want it barebone stock out of the box. The guy I got it from has way too much information on it and I want to make sure I clear it all out. Also, what do I need to sync it with my Outlook account.

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Samsung :: Omnia Hard-reset Phone / WiFi Wasn't Working Properly

Dec 16, 2008

I just purchased an Omnia through Verizon a week ago. they set up my email account in store, since then I had to hard-reset my phone because the WiFi wasn't working properly. well, ever since then I am getting those gibberish "OZ Mail" text messages. What I've read on the internet is that I am getting these texts because my first account wasn't deactivated. so now I get these texts, then the email notification. I don't know what I can do to uninstall something since I really don't have anything that isn't factory default on the phone anyway. so confused. these texts are really annoying.

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Samsung :: I760 - Managed Phone To Work On Local Network / After Hard Reset It Stopped Working

Dec 18, 2009

I got my I760 a couple weeks ago and after a lot of struggling. I managed to make it work on my local network. At first when I dialed a number it made this strange sound and hanged up the call after 3 seconds, no text messages or incoming call at all. Then I just left to rest (I guess that's all I did) and on the next morning it was working just fine, incoming and outgoing calls, texts, everything. So I had the magnificent idea of having a hard reset. Now my phone wont work at all, same problem as before, the only difference is that now when I call to it, the phone rings but then hangs after a second even if try to pick it up. Its WM 6.1, its not on flight mode cause of the signal, I am on a covered area, it connects to WiFi just fine, I just ran out of ideas.

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Nokia Nseries :: Difference Between Hard Reset And Soft Reset?

Nov 22, 2012

What is the difference between Hard reset and Soft reset - for Nokia 5230?

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Nokia Lumia :: Hard Reset To Reset First Hotmail Account?

Jul 1, 2012

if i do a hard full reset will that reset eveything including the first hotmail live account i put in on the first day of activation because im not living in the same country anymore and want to start a new zune/marketplace account to buy apps i have no problem with hard reset IF It will work?

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HTC :: 6800 Way To Reset Phone Without Doing Hard Reset?

Jan 12, 2009

Is there any way to reset the phone without doing a hard reset? Two days ago my speaker in the earpiece went out. Last night the phone decided that the screen would not work with the phone closed. I assumed it was probably a side effect of some program I've downloaded, so I deleted everything I've downloaded to the phone, cleared all internet files and all cookies, but it's still not working.

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Samsung :: SCH-R451c - Wallpapers

Nov 6, 2009

Just picked up this nice little slide phone at Wal-Mart, Straight Talk as the provider. As I sit here customizing it, I notice that the built-in wallpaper automatically resizes depending on what orientation i have the screen (keyboard out or in). I have been unable to duplicate this behavior with any wallpaper I've sent over to the phone, unfortunately. Other than that, very nice, clear, capable phone

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Samsung :: Sch-r451c / How To Use As Modem?

Nov 28, 2009

I was told I need to download software to do it but where is the software?

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Samsung :: Sch-R451C Pictures To Pc

Dec 22, 2009

i just got my phone a few days ago in witch i ammased 56 pictures i took the card out put it in the lil adapter thing stuck it in my laptop and all i can see is a walpaper i put on there. i would like to put my pictures on my computer can somone please help me with this ?

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Samsung :: R451C Do I Need Any Other Hardware

Dec 26, 2009

Bought my granddaughter the R451C. Am also getting her a MicroSD card. Do I need any other hardware to allow her to download MP3's onto her computer and then transfer to her phone?

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Samsung :: SCH-R451C - Ringtones

Feb 4, 2010

I was wondering how come when i add a song to my micro sd card and then add it to my phone and use the song as a ringtone it is not very loud. I cant seem to find a song that is loud they are all softer. Where and how can i get a song louder to use as a ringtone that will beable to hear....what i want is to know why the songs or not very loud i want a ringtone that is loud and u can hear over tv or if ur a casino and can still hear it.

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