Samsung :: Switched From NAM 1 To NAM2 / Phone Restarted And Need Lock Code For Initial Programming

Aug 13, 2008

I was playing around with settings on my phone and switched it from NAM 1 to NAM 2. It restarted the phone and now it says initial programing needed and I need a lock code.Can someone please help me switch it back!

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Samsung :: Initial Programming Needed

Jun 4, 2007

suddenly my phone just displays "Initial Programming Needed" and i cant do anything about it.
help on what to do? and if u suggest something about nam1, whatever that is, how to program it to that?

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Samsung :: Rogue (SCH-U960) - NAM2 Lockout / Convert HEX To Decimal Number And Last 4 Digits Are Unlock Code

Sep 29, 2009

So the story begins that I've just switched from Att to Verizon because well I hate Att. Regardless I've never been on a CDMA network and I am never seen anything called a NAM before. Keep in mind I've had nothing but SIM Cards for the past 5 years. So I'm playing around with my settings and low and behold I come across NAM Select on my Samsung Rogue (SCH-U960) and have no idea what it is. Being the inquisitive person I am I switch it to the only other option available "NAM 2", (and of course previously I had changed the phone to lock itself upon rebooting/starting) Immediately the phone resets itself, thinking nothing of it. Here's the fun part.

So I called Verizon. Ok, yeah so they were at least nice to me while I was keeping composure, but that didn't last long, I could detect incompetence. Two and an half hour later: I've been put on hold to tech support where they run me through the book-fed codes such as "0000" "1234" and etc, to include the last four of the phone number (Yet when selecting NAM2, the phone is not programmed to use that code). Long story short I get mad at the dumb tech guy and hang up the phone because he's telling me that I'm going to have to send my phone in Under Warranty. I knew better.

This is how you fix your phone: Your first step is going to be to find a Hash Calculator such as HashCalc. Step 2 is simply to ensure that you calculate the SHA-1 for the MEID HEX number located on the back of your phone under the battery. When doing this ensure that you are inputting the data as HEX data. Take the last _6_ characters from this calculated sha-1 sum. You will use this to find your unlock code by adding 80 in front of those to get something that looks like 80XXXXXX. This number you will enter into the Windows Calculator (OR any scientific calculator that can convert HEX to DEC) As stated from here you enter this 7 digit hex code into the calculator and select the DEC radio button afterward. It will convert the number to decimal format. Use the last 4 of this number to unlock your phone. This is your unlock code. I was so shocked that this information was not on this forum that I had to add it myself. I did not discover this myself but rather paraphrased from another website. (I'd site the website but I've lost the address). Hopefully from here no one else will waste their time with such a busted tech support like Verizon's. Go download a hash calc verizon.

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Motorola :: W385 Needs Initial Programming

Jan 22, 2010

My W385 went through a rough patch. Anyway, I flashed the firmware to it (it was displaying "init usb_bootloader" prior to the flash). Now it displays "needs initial programming" after it boots. My local Verizon "Store" said it could not be restored.

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LG :: Initial Programming Needed Bypass On VX9100?

Jun 19, 2008

i just got an LG-VX9100 and the people at the verizon store told me that the system would not allow me to program my phone until the current billing period is over due to current billing plan changes. Is there anyway i can bypass this? I mean i already bought the new phone and I have it in my hand, i just want to switch the service over from my old phone to my new one.

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LG :: VX8800 How To Bypass Initial Programming Needed?

Mar 16, 2009

VX8800:Is access via USB affected by the "Initial programming needed"? I am not a Verizon subscriber and cannot get the phone programmed.All drivers were installed and up-to-date; however I get "USB Device was not recognized by Windows", and, naturally, BitPim and QMAT cannot access the device (ComPort errors).Is there a way of accessing a filesystem on the phone?

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Samsung :: U520 - Codes Needed For Switching The Phone From Nam2 To Nam1

Dec 21, 2007

Ok, so, I read most of the rules, and I understood the "no codes" thing, but does that apply to the codes you need to switch your phone from nam2 to nam1? You see, I did that, being the bright genius I am, and now locked my smart self out of my phone. It's Samsung U520. I've tried a bunch of them, like 0000, 1111, 1234, and the last four digits of my phone number, to no avail.

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Samsung :: M540 - Cricket Store Transferred Number - Code For Programming

Nov 2, 2009

I bought a use Samsung model 8PH-M540 Rant and the guy at the Cricket store transfered my number but doesn't have the code for programming. He tried ##000000# no go and *228 no go?

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Samsung :: SGH-U900 / Phone Lock Code

Jun 18, 2009

I have a Samsung SGH-U900 that I havenít used for over a year. My main phone, an iPhone, has gone back into repair, again! So I decided to use the Samsung, but I had forgotten the sim lock code and the phone lock code.Now I have managed to guess the sim lock code so thatís ok, but I canít remember the phone lock, I donít want to unlock my phone to all networks, I just wanna get back into it. Does anyone please know how to bypass the phone lock so I can get back into it and start using it.My local phone shop said they can do it for a fee but there might be a risk that I loose all my stored photos, texts, contacts etc, but I wanna know if there is a way to bypass the phone lock without the risk of wiping the phone clean.

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Samsung :: SGH-T509 Phone Lock Code

Aug 9, 2009

I just bought a phone on ebay and it is already unlocked therefore accepting any simcard, however when you turn ON the phone, the first thing it asks is for the "phone lock" code.

I have found many forums that say use 00000000 or some other code that resets it back to zeroes, but none of them work. Some other forums say insert an invalid simcard, but it already accepts ALL simcards. You can't enter * and # signs either.

I'm guessing that password was what the previous owner had on it. He told me that it was zeroes and if that doesn't work then send it back... Is there a way to hard reset the phone or firmware?

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Samsung :: SGH A707 - How To Bypass Phone Lock Code?

Aug 30, 2007

My brother has this phone and he is not able to get pass the Phone lock code because a friend of his mess around the phone and change the phone lock code and cannot remember it. Is there anyway to find the code?

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Samsung :: SCH R450 Phone Lock Code Reset?

Aug 26, 2009

How do I reset unlock code? my samsung SCH-R450 is locked don't remember lock code what can I do to access my phone?

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Samsung :: A777 Unknown Phone Lock Code

Dec 3, 2009

bought a used samsung sgh-a777 slider phone from ebay. the seller neglected to do a master reset and does not know the phone lock code when it was sold to me. i basically got a full refund but told to keep the phone. so now i have a free phone that i cant use.does anybody know any methods to accessing the hidden menus or doing a master reset? i dont have a usb cable so i cant sync it up to a PC and play with it. any ideas??? my only other option is to call samsung support tomorrow.

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Samsung :: Gravity 2 / Phone Lock Code For Unlocking

Dec 16, 2009

so one of my friends was playing with the Samsung Gravity 2 and put on a phone lock and now every time I turn the phone on it asks for a PHONE LOCK code.No one seems to remember there a way to over-ride it?

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Samsung :: SCH 8580 - Clear The Phone And Reset To Factory Settings - Remove Lock Code

Jun 22, 2007

Just sorting out some boxes and I found my old Clearnet/Telus SCH 8580. Thought I maybe able to give it away, who knows? If not it will go to a recycle box. Anyhow I wanted to clear the phone and reset to factory settings but the phone asks for a lock code! I dont remember ever using a code, if I did I obviously have erased from my own memory.Maybe there was a default code I used? Does any one have any idea or option to remove lock code.

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Sony Ericsson :: Aino - How To Lock SIM When Phone Switched On?

Oct 5, 2010

My first phone from Sony Ericsson was Aino. I like it but I have problem with lock the access. I want lock every thing by number but that not happen with Aino! I know I can lock the SIM when Aino switch on. By the way when I using my Aino How can I lock it ?

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Sony Ericsson :: SE W995 Security / Lock Your Phone While Its Switched On?

Jan 10, 2010

Well I just recently purchased a Sony Ericsson W995. I think its fantastic but I don't think the security is all that great. I know you have a pin code and a phone lock code (For when you are switching the phone on), but is their anything to lock your phone with while its switched on (Like a code to input to unlock your phone?).

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Nokia :: N85 - Firmware 20.175 Phone Constantly Asks For Lock Code - Entering Code Reads Error Message

May 14, 2009

As with a few people I have been having a couple of issues with my N85. Rebooting, Connection Errors, etc.Rang Nokia today to check to see if they had any solutions to the problem of the rebooting while charging and while on-hold thought I would check my firmware and got an update.

One very small problem I have found though is that my phone keeps asking for my lock code, and when I enter the code 12345 (I have not changed it) I get a message that COde has been entered 5 times and will unblock in 5 mins. THe phone still works fine however so not sure what is going on there.

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Samsung :: T429 Phone Restarted By Itself / Insert Sim Card Phone Got Frozee And Reset

May 30, 2008

i have tmobile samsung t429 one day my phone restarted by itself..after that when i turn on my phone..first screen tmobile logo comes up right after that screen it appear samsung sgh t429..and that page phone got freez and restart and phone keep doing that samething over and over again but when i do not insert sim card phone is working fine.but when i insert sim card phone got frozee and reset.

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Samsung :: I730 Upgrade On Phone I See Flash Programming

May 29, 2008

i just downloading the upgrade wm5 from Verizon i do the upgrade process with activsync 4.5 it suddenly stop at 54 % and on the phone i see ''flash programming' so i decide to unplug the phone , as i read someone done this before with 49 % of the upgrade. anyway now i try to boot up the phone and i see the mits logo and that's all , so can i recover my phone with a program to erase memory or to complete the process. for now activesync can't see my phone.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5230 Forgot Lock Code Or Security Lock Code?

Oct 6, 2010

forgot my Lock Code or security lock code for nokia 5230Even i cant Reset or Hard reset it fault code 12345 is not working either...

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LG :: AX380 Service Programming Code

Apr 5, 2008

So I bought an AX380 (Wave) phone on ebay. New in box and all. The only problem is they changed the Service Code from "000000". So I'm wondering if there is any way to figure out what they may have changed the code too. The seller isn't any help as far as telling me what the code is at this point.

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Motorola :: V3a Service Programming Code

Feb 18, 2009

im useing QPST and im learning as i go. I see i can use it to add SPC's to my phone. I have a razr V3a wich is alltel and useless in my area. I have another V3a wich is a local carrier and well here is what i need to know. Is there a way to use QPST or another app and get the SPC .HEX file off it to use on the alltel?

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Motorola :: Need Code To Get Into Programming On W315 From Altell

Oct 13, 2006

Need code to get into programming on the w315 from altell..not same as older moto's, i want to program nam2, anyone help?

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LG :: Programming Over-ride / Lock Release?

Oct 25, 2009

I am a wholesaler/distributor and recently purchased a large quantity of LG VX8500 Chocolate phones which were all supposed to be PTG. Most were fine, but there were a few in the lot that have passwords and therefore are locked. Obviously 100% of these weren't tested by the supplier as promised. Short of going to a Verizon store, is there any override to reset the phone to factory spec? I am not a thief, crackhead, etc, and I didn't steal a phone out of someone's pocket, LOL. Though I'm sure that most crackheads are probably not as articulate in their request, I imagine they would need this information as well. If anyone is knowledgeable enough to address this, and would prefer to PM me, rather than posting, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I am left with un-sellable inventory.

Please note, these were purchased legitimately from bulk suppliers who deal directly with surplus corporate environments, as well as direct through Verizon overstock. They were obtained through all proper channels and I have documentation to substantiate this if desired.

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Samsung :: SCH A950 Lock Code / Called Verizon / Unable To Help And Referred To Samsung

Apr 27, 2006

Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. I have a Samsung SCH a950 with Verizon serviced. I was discussing the NAM1 and NAM2 function with someone, and looked it up in my settings. I switched to NAM2 to see if there was any pre-programmed info. The phone turned off, then turned back on (reset), went into roaming mode, and displayed a screen that says initial programming needed. When I push OK it prompts to enter unlock code asking for 4 digits, just as it would normally if the phone was locked. Here is the problem, my code doesn't work, I tried the last for digits of the phone number thinking that it had reverted to default, didn't work. I tried 1234, 0000, 5555, etc. and so on. I couldn't find the code. I tried the last four of the ESN, and everything I could think of that the phone might revert to; still locked.

I called Verizon and they were unable to help and referred me to Samsung. Samsung told me it would have to be re-flashed w/ software, and told me that if I didn't want to do that, to contact Verizon tech services because they know the codes but regular customer support doesn't want to bother. I got ahold of tech support finaly after fighting with one Verizon rep who didn't want to transfer me. Tech support didn't have an answer and suggested I take it to a Verizon dealer to be re-flashed. I don't really want to do that because there is only one store in my area that has the software capability and from my experience the employees area incompetent with the exception of siging up people for new contracts. Also, the phone is working fine, my calender alarm went off at the right time, its receiving a signal, keeping time, etc. I'm just wondering if anyone has an idea for a lock code that I've over looked, or a work around to set it back to NAM1, or if there is a program such as BITPIM or something that I can do a work around or reset through my PC

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Samsung :: Lost 4-digit Security Lock Code For Samsung Restore SPH-M570 / SPH-M575?

Jul 19, 2011

I've lost the 4 digit user selected security lock code which is required to reset the phone.Virgin says Samsung should help recover the code and Samsung says Virgin should help recover the code.A while back, I found a code on the web that allowed me to go into a service menu which listed among other things the lock code. I can't find any information on how to get back into that menu.

By the way, yes, I tried the last 4 digits of the phone number, 0000, 9999, 1234.If anyone knows how to get into the service menu on this phone

The only codes I've found so far are:##786# which gets into an info menu but doesn't have the lock code.##33284# which requires a 6-digit security code which I don't know.

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Samsung :: Get Lock Code With Software

Sep 29, 2007

My friend played a joke on me where he set my lock code to something else then forgot it and i need to find out a way to learn what it is. Where i live there are no verizon stores. I have a samsung sch-u740. Does anyone know how i can get the lock code with software or is their a code to override it or something i can do to figure the lock code out.

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Samsung :: I8510 Pin Code Lock

Nov 7, 2008

I'm trying to turn ON the pin code. Anybody knows what happen if you fail all 3 attempts? I already failed 2 times and I don't know how to set it up. I'm probably going to leave it alone.

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Samsung :: 660 - Cannot Remember Lock Code / Way To Bypass

Dec 20, 2006

I am new to this phone thing and I have a question. I have a Samsung 660 the wife hooked up on pay as you go for the kids, put in a code to lock it and now can't remember the numbers to unlock. Is there anything I can do with this or do I have to pay the $50 to unlock.

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Samsung :: SGH E747 - Asks For SP Lock Code?

Jun 20, 2008

I got a code to unlock the phone remotely. It was unlocked with the following method:
#7465625*638*Unlock code#

It said it was unlocked, but whenever my brother turns on the phone, he is prompted to enter a code at the "SP LOCK" screen. It's not the same code as the unlock code. He said he got a code from someone, it's another * code, but the problem is: whenever you turn on the phone it asks for the code. Is there a way to get rid of this?

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